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Opinionated video game talk show.






61: A Funeral For Mario

In this episode we talk about the new PlayStation VR controllers, the Switch pro rumors, and the internet's proclaimed death of Mario. We discuss if Nintendo's approach to Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a genius business decision, or a dirty trick.


60: Breath Of The Wild 2 is MIA And That’s Okay

In this episode we talk how I am okay with Breath of the Wild 2 being missing in action, as it quells some of my underlying concerns with the game. Nintendo did a great job with the original game, so they deserve credit for taking their time. We also talk about some Pokemon Legends as well.


59: The Worst Video Game Launches In History

With all the negative attention Cyberpunk 2077 has been receiving, we decided to take a look at other game launches from this past generation. In this episode, we recap some of the game launches, that didn't go so smoothly.


58: EA Sports Is Going Back To College Football

In this episode we talk about the new and exciting news that college football is coming back to EA's game lineup! The last college football game was NCAA 14 and that was back on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days. While NCAA won't be making a return in a traditional sense, we are still excited about this step in the right direct towards that.


57: A Massive Year For Star Wars

Welcome to Gamepinions episode 57: A Massive Year For Star Wars A lot has been happening in the world of Star Wars and ever since The Mandalorian season 2 ended, Dakota and I have been bitten by the Star Wars bug. In this episode we discuss various Star Wars topics, which include: Speculation on Massive Entertainment's new open world Star Wars game, my Bozzie Baranta PTSD , and a Hut RPG that will never be. If you like this episode, share it with everyone you have ever met in your life....


56: 2020 Game Of The Year Special

In this episode Dakota and I talk about our game of the year choices and we crown the 3rd Gamepinions' game of the year.


55: How Awesome Is The PS5?

In this episode, Dakota, the biggest PlayStation expert of his generation, goes into detail about his experiences with his new favorite toy. From the functionality, to the games, to the taste of this plastic beast, Dakota has it all covered for you. In addition to that, we also cover the sleazy PS5 scalpers that are ruining Christmas for everybody, in order to stuff their wallets.


54: Goodbye PlayStation 4, It’s Been Nice

In this episode, Dakota and I go over our favorite PS4 games! With PlayStation 5 out today, the PS4's reign of dominance has come to an end. Join us in sending it off into the sun set.


53: Last Of Us Part 2, Microsoft’s Next Gen Strategy, And The Return Of Filip Miucin.

Welcome to Gamepinions Episode 53! In this episode we talk about Dakota's experience with Last of Us 2, Microsoft's Strategy for next gen, and the surprising return of the exiled Filip Miucin. Thanks for listening in and share it with your freinds!


52: Nascar Heat 5 Sold Us On F1 2020

Welcome to Gamepinions Episode 52: Nascar Heat 5 Sold Us On F1 2020. In this episode Dakota and I talk about our brand new racing game, F1 2020. After Nascar Heat 5 turned out to be a completely repackaged variant of nascar Heat 4, we escorted our wallets to F1 2020. Was it the right choice? Listen to find out! Thanks so much for listening and as always, share this with your friends!


51: The Games Media, Smash Bros Community, And The Last Of Us 2

2020 has not been kind to anyone. This week I talk about all of the crazy things going on in gaming. Games media, select members of the Smash Bros community, and the Last of Us, have all been trending for all the wrong reasons. The Last of Us 2 is trending due to its developers and voice actors being the targets of death threats. The other two are much more complicated than that. I don't find these topics fun and look forward to going back to more light hearted content in the next episode. I...


50: 2020 Claims Mixer Too

2020 is turning out to be a really not so great year. At this point it has been easier to count what has gone right, instead of what has gone wrong. Unfortunately for Mixer streamers, Mixer is the most recent victim to 2020's wrath.


49: Lockerz: Enter The Matrix Scheme

Welcome to Gamepinions Episode 49! In this episode we reminisce about the mysterious website called "Lockerz". Much like our Justin TV episode, Lockerz is a website we look back fondly on, even though it may have been the shadiest website on the internet. If you have never heard about this website before, or if you want to join in our reminiscing, definitely give this a listen! Thanks for listening, hopefully the rain ambiance will make you feel relaxed (the wonders of recording in your...


48: PlayStation 5 Reveal Shows Gaming’s Bright Future.

Coming off the highly successful PlayStation 4, Sony needed to make a big splash at the PS5 reveal, in order to meet the high expectations that they set for themselves. Did they deliver? Find out our thoughts in this episode.


47: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Impressions.

In this episode I talk about my experience with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. I also touch upon Sony's decision to postpone the PS5: The Future of Gaming event. And I also talk about a couple of news stories.


46: Justin TV, The Land Before Twitch

For many people, when they think of livestreaming they think of twitch. But for some like me, we think of Twitch's predecessor. In this episode Dakota and I reminisce about the crude, quirky, Wild Wild West, of streaming platforms, know as Justin TV.


45: The Twitch Drama Train Is Getting Old.

Welcome to Gamepinions Episode 45! In this episode I talk about some of the gripes I have with Twitch, from somewhat of an outsider's perspective. While Gamepinions is a gaming podcast, I associate Twitch with gaming. The recent events on Twitch that seem to pop up every week has begun to annoy me, so I want to talk about them.


44: K-POP Community Crashes Stalk Market. Sony And Microsoft Are Killing The Hype.

In this episode we go over our frustrations with the Twitter Stalk Market. We also go over our opinions of Sony and Microsoft's approach to the PS5 and Series X reveals.


43: Animal Crossing Has Taken Over Everything

We are recording this inside of our brand new Animal Crossing studio on the island of Raftel. For the first time in a long time, I can say that this episode and future episodes, will be worth listening to on YouTube. The days of our YouTube videos being static images is no more. This time we are going to give you all something fun and interesting to look at.


Gamepinions Nascar Heat 4 Racing League: Week 6 Homestead-Miami, Week 7 Texas, and Week 8 Bristol.

In this episode we go over the three most recent weeks in our Nascar Heat 4 league. After dominating season up until this point, Dakota finds his dominance take a 2 week hiatus. Who has finally stepped up and claimed a win? A cpu car? Kim or Kalman perhaps? Listen to find out!