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A series of podcasts that explore video game news & debate topics that are relevant in today's gaming culture.

A series of podcasts that explore video game news & debate topics that are relevant in today's gaming culture.
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A series of podcasts that explore video game news & debate topics that are relevant in today's gaming culture.




GamerHeads Episode 89: MS and Sony Collaboration; Interview with Erin from NIS America

Roger is joined by Blue and Christian on this week's Gamerheads for an interview with Erin about what the future holds for NIS America and the crew discuss the recently announced partnership between Sony and Microsoft to tackle the presently uncertain future of video game streaming. The Gamerheads gang talk about the past week's news including Switch's surprising sales numbers in Japan, the Mario Maker 2 Direct, Detective Pikachu's rumored sequel, and more! Listen in for talk about games...


Controller Throwers Episode 102: The Final Episode

Well, we had a good run, but now it's time to say goodbye. We're ending the show after 2 1/2 years of providing gaming commentary. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support and love. We did it for you and we hope you enjoyed the show. We aren't going far, though. You can still check out our streams at, and join in our Discord chat at We'll see everyone there.


GamerHeads Episode 88: Why Can't They Make A Good Movie Based On A Game?

Roger, Blue, Mike and Christian are all back on this week's Gamerheads to talk about the games they could play forever, an eshop game going up with a code editor, Playstation's most recent State of Play announcements, and Tetris 99's new single player modes. They talk games including more Cook, Serve, Delicious 2, more Cuphead, more VA-11 HALL-A, Shakedown: Hawaii, and more! The crew also ponder over this week's hot topic: why can't they make a good video game movie? Be sure to subscribe...


GamerHeads Episode 87: Is 7 Out of 10 a Bad Score?

The full Gamerheads quartet is back with Roger, Blue, Mike and Christian to talk about their favorite Star Wars games in honor of May 4, contemplate Psyonix’s future in Epic’s clutches, and scramble to find nice things to say about that Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer. The crew also discuss whether or not a 7/10 is a bad review score, and there are final reviews reviews for Our World Is Ended, Galak Z: The Void, and Fade to Silence within. Be sure to subscribe to Gamerheads: iTunes...


Controller Throwers Episode 101: #BlameBrian

Brian couldn't make it this week, so we are joined by friend of the show, Skyler. This week we talk all about Nintendo's E3 showings, Borderlands 3's Twitch functionality, and Xbox's May Games with Gold. We also talk what we're playing and this week's releases. Sherry broods over Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain during our Retrospective, and we play everyone's favorite game - the NPD guessing game! Enjoy!


GamerHeads Episode 86: The Current State of the eShop

Roger is joined by Mike and Christian on this week’s Gamerheads to reminisce about their favorite Marvel games, malign the crunch culture of video game development, and to express their excitement (or, more accurately, Christian’s excitement) for the recently announced Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC. Listen in for reviews of Super Blood Hockey and The Lost King’s Lullaby, and listen through to the end for this week’s hot topic: has the eShop become a shovelware haven, and what impact will that have...


Controller Throwers Episode 100: Mortal Kombashians

We did it! 100 episodes! WOOHOO! This week we recap the news and what we were playing back in Episode 1. We also go over the sales milestone of the Nintendo Switch, as well as the game lineups in the Castlevania Collection and the Sega Genesis Mini. Finally, we go over the leaked DLC characters in Mortal Kombat 11 Kurt goes underground with Gauntlet in our Retrospective. We also talk what we're playing, new releases, and give all of YOU a well-deserved thanks. If it wasn't for the...


GamerHeads Episode 85: Our Analysis Of The Recent Console Announcements

On this week’s Gamerheads, Roger, Blue, Mike, and Christian analyze the recent console announcements from the Big 3, contemplate the clever video-game themed Carolina Panthers schedule announcement, and divulge their reactions to Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars Project. Listen in for an interview with Cory from Underbite Games, a review of Katana ZERO, and talk of Dreams Early Access, Gris, Nintendo Labo VR, Spider-Man, and more! Be sure to subscribe to Gamerheads: iTunes...


Controller Throwers Episode 99: Sony has a Problem with their Back End

We are one away from episode 100! This week, the Controller Throwers talk all about the PlayStation 5, The Xbox One S All Digital edition, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. They also cover Microsoft's E3 press event, Sony's changing of PSN IDs, and Capcom charging for cheat codes. Mike TKOs Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! in our Retrospective, and we also cover what we played and games releasing this week. You can find us on, on Twitter @tcthrowers, and on Twitch at...


GamerHeads Episode 84: Trivia!

On this week’s Gamerheads, the crew is joined by Phil Hoff as they play in a game of video game trivia, in honor of the world’s largest trivia contest, wwsp 90FM’s Trivia 5-0. There’s plenty of news as well, including Star Wars Pinball coming to the Switch and the fact that you can now change your PSN Name! Phil also provides his final thoughts on X-Morph: Defense for the Nintendo Switch. The crew also talks about what games they are currently playing. Be sure to subscribe to...


Controller Throwers Episode 98: Cardboard Headbands

This week, the gang talks about Nintendo re-entering the VR market with Labo VR, more rumors about Microsoft's future with the Xbox, Sony's removal of digital games from brick-and-mortar stores, and the popularity of the EVO fighting game tournament. We also talk about what we're playing as well as this week's releases. Sherry tags into X-Men vs. Street Fighter in our Retrospective, and Kurt finally admits his love for Labo! You can find us on, on Twitter...


GamerHeads Episode 83: Review of Quarter One of 2019

On this week’s Gamerheads, the full crew is back to look back on what’s already been the first quarter of 2019. Roger, Blue, Mike, and Christian discuss the winners, losers, surprises, and disappointments that have already provided us with a rollercoaster of emotions this year. There’s always news to talk about including Prince Harry’s video game biases, and the UK investigation of auto-renewals and other anti-consumer practices. Also listen in for reviews of Yoshi’s Crafted World and Hell...


Controller Throwers Episode 97: Mike's Man Bean Machine

It's a two-man show this week, as Mike is joined by GamerHeads Podcast host Roger. Topics for episode 97 include the Sega Genesis Mini, Borderlands 3, Best Buy leaks, and all the freebies we're getting this month for our various consoles. There's no Retrospective this week, but we still have new releases, what we played, and reminisce about the 90's. Oh, and Mike finds a way to make a strange Sega Genesis much, much stranger. Enjoy! You can find us on , on...


GamerHeads Episode 82: Do Digital Services Really Mean the End of Gaming?

Gamerheads is back with Roger, Blue, and Christian to talk about whether or not Stadia and digital game downloads will fundamentally alter the video game landscape as we know it. Listen in for discussions about the week’s gaming news including the rumored new Nintendo Switch models, the Sega Genesis Mini, and some of the announcements that came out of the flurry of reveals at PAX East. The crew also review Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and The Princess Guide. Be sure to subscribe to...


Controller Throwers Episode 96: C2E2 Recap

This week, the Controller Throwers talk all about "Directs." The Nintendo "nindies" Direct, Sony's State of Play, and Microsoft's ID@Xbox - we cover them all! We also go over VR, No Man's Sky, and the recent rumors about new Switch systems. We cover this week's releases, Brian breaks some blocks in Arkanoid, and we go over the blast we had at this year's C2E2 convention. Enjoy! You can find us on, on Twitter @tcthrowers, and on Twitch at If you...


Gamerheads Episode 81: A Look Back At The Past

Hey everyone - the cast of Gamerheads is off this week, but we're providing you with clips of some of our favorite episodes. We hope you enjoy! We'll be back next week with another brand new episode! Be sure to subscribe to Gamerheads: iTunes - Podbean If you have a question for the cast that you want read on the show - get ahold of us in the ways below: Send...


Controller Throwers Episode 95: Streets of Rage (With Swords)

This week, the Controller Throwers flip over Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. We also chat Castlevania, Castle Crashers, Bethesda's E3 plans, and Nintendo's next direct. Kurt gets funky with ToeJam & Earl during our retrospective. We also talk what we played, games releasing this week, and play another round of the NPD Guessing Game! You can find us on, on Twitter @tcthrowers, and on Twitch at If you have any questions or...


GamerHeads Episode 80: Will The New Google Console Succeed?

This week on Gamerheads, Roger, Mike, Blue, and Christian test their foresite by talking about Google’s soon-to-be revealed console, they contemplate whether or not there is such a thing as too much pizza, and Roger makes a plea to EA after reportedly paying Ninja $1 million for streaming Apex Legends for a day. The crew talk about what they’ve been playing this week which includes chasing Super Smash TV high scores, and Christian gives his final thoughts on Octopath Traveler after finishing...


Controller Throwers Episode 94: Is E3 Going Extinct?

This week, The Controller Throwers cover all that's going on in the games industry - from Nintendo's new Labo announcement and free copies of Crackdown 2, to Octopath Traveler and EA backing out of E3. We also talk this week's releases, what we're playing, and Mike takes one for the team by covering Superman 64 in our Retrospective. You can find us on, on Twitter @tcthrowers, and on Twitch at If you have any questions or comments, please email...


GamerHeads Episode 79: Our Top 5 Favorite Female Video Game Characters

This week on Gamerheads, Roger, Mike, and Christian each give their inevitably arbitrary top five female video game characters, talk about Anthem’s crashing woes, celebrate Mario discounts on the Nintendo Switch and more! Roger gives his final thoughts on the unabashedly Japanese Caligula Effect: Overdose and Christian gives his review of Advance Wa...I mean Wargroove. The crew also talk about the ridiculous number of games that they’re playing including Trials Rising, Octopath Traveler, and...