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Episode 108: Video Game Awards Predictions

In this episode, yes you guessed it, its that time of year where the console drones make their Video Game Awards Predictions. Joe covers the news and Miguel goes over next weeks release date. On the More You Know with Capn Willy, we find out if he picks a winner or not. We have some WTF's and Rando for this week. Sit back, hit play and Game on!


Episode 107: Red Dark Dead Battlefield Siders

In this Episode our main topic we talk about Darksiders 3 and Battlefield V. Joe covers the news and Miguel goes over next weeks release dates. Cap'n Willy Promotes his Gamertag Challenge and we end up extending the time to submit gamertags a few more weeks. We have Rando Sh!t and WTF's for the week. So Sit back hit play and Game on.


Episode 106: The Late One

In this Late episode find out what we are all up to this week. Joe covers this weeks news, and Miguel goes over what comes out next week. Capn Willy ask's us a few questions on the more you know he also reminds our listeners that we have one more week left to submit your gamertag creations, you could win a pretty sweet T-shirt from your favorite podcast. We have some WTF's this week and Rando Shit. Sit back hit play and Game On!


Episode 105: Shut Your Yappers

In this Episode Halloween is upon us so this is our Halloween Special. Our main topic is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. We are back, its been a few weeks but we are back in full flux this week for our Halloween special. Joe covers this weeks news and Miguel goes over next weeks release dates. This week on "The More You Know" Capn Willy has a few fun questions for us married guys and he challenges our listeners to help him create a Console Drone gamer tag. If you, the...


Episode 104: Video Game Madness

In this episode find out what we are all playing this week. We cover this weeks video gaming news and next weeks release dates. Our main topic we follow up from last weeks podcast on Forza Horizon 4 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. We have some WTF's and Rando shit about NFL, Microsoft X Cloud Service, and other fun stuff. We play some would you rather video game style on Capn Willy's segment "The More You Know". Sit back hit play and Game On.


Episode 103: The Battle of the Salty Joes

In this episode we cover this weeks video gaming news and next weeks release dates. Find out what we are all playing this week. On our main topic Joe talks about his experiences with Forza Horizon 4 and Assasins Creed Odyssey. We have some WTF and Rando Shit this week. Towards the end of this podcast Joe gets an email about his "Flawed Opinion" on Tom Brady by a listener named Joe. He responds with about 17 years worth of Tom Brady's Career. Joe explains why he thinks Tom is Not the GOAT....


Episode 102: Oops Did We Say That?!?

In This Episode the gang is back it starts out like usual and we find out about our weeks. We cover this weeks news and go over next weeks release dates. Just like we heard last week Capn Willy segment the more you know with Capn Willy we go over the members of the podcast Gamertag Origins. Then we go over our WTF's and Rando Shit for the week and it gets crazy. Game On!


Episode 101: A New....Boy!?!

Welcome Back To Console Drones Gamer Talk Podcast. We have entered into a brand new season of the show and Capn Willy has now joined our team, so listen in for his new Segment. For new listeners our show format goes as follows: -(What You Drinking and Playing) We find out about our weeks. Then we cover our news in gaming universe chosen by Joe - (Deuce's Weekly News). Then we find out how much money we could spend this week on video games as Miguel covers next weeks video game realese...


Episode 100: 5 Guys In Your Ear

This is our last episode for Season One, so we Celebrate our 100th Episode with our good buddies SP4RT4N and Capn Willy. We Talk About News, Next weeks Game releases, The NFL Season Begins so we talk NFL and Fantasy Football. We have some Great WTF stories and fun Rando Sh!T. Enjoy and game on


Episode 99: PC Master Race (ism)?

In this Episode Capn Willy joins us as we a talk about the Term "PC Master Race". Willy even looks up where the term originated from. Joe Covers two weeks of news, since our podcast was delayed a week during the "Joe's Computer Crisis" the struggle is real and it happened. Miguel covers next weeks release dates. We all have WTF's this week Capn has fire issues, Joe and Chris Have NFL new Rule issues, and Miguel well we all know what he has... So Tune In Sit back and Game On!


Episode 98: #Beasted

In this episode we discuss, No Man's Sky, Call of Duty Beta and other Rando topics. Tune in and enjoy!!!


Episode 97: Rants and Rando

In this episode we have News, WTFs,and Rando Topics. We touch on No Man's Sky and will have more next week. Tune in and Enjoy


Episode 96: Capn Strikes Again

Capn Willy joins us again and Prodigy has shitty internet. Apologies for the sub-par audio from Prodigy... In this episode we talk about things that should be removed from video games. We also have news, dates, WTF and Rando topics. Tune in and enjoy!


Episode 95: Demonik in New Orleans

In this episode Demonik visited New Orleans, Louisiana. We have Release Dates and Gaming News. Tune in and enjoy


Episode 94: Capn Willy's Adventures

In this episode, our friend Capn Willy aka Jon is joining us and talking about video games, movies and ammo box sizes. Tune in and enjoy! Oh and dont forget to stick around at the end for some unedited stuff.


Episode 93: After the E3 Dust Settles

Now that E3 is done, we get back to normal and discuss whats going on now in the gaming world. Battle Passes, Microsoft and Nintendo working together and Sony Fuck ups... Tune in and enjoy!!


Episode 92.5: Exclusive Content Trip to Laughlin, NV

(Warning) The first 25 mins and the last 35 mins are recorded in a vehicle driving to our destination so there is road noise during these times. This is our Special Exclusive Content from our Laughlin trip that we took during E3 weekend. So we saw EA during the ending portion of this recording and headed home to watch Microsoft and the and other 5 big wigs. Come hang out with us while we are on vacation in Laughlin, Nevada. We talk about a ton of Rando Sh!t, such as: Sports, Movies, gambling...


Episode 92: E3 2018 Recap

In this episode we talk all about E3. The good, the bad, and Sony... of course. Enjoy!!


Episode 91: E3 2018 Bold Predictions

In this episode we give our Bold Prediction for E3 as well as what we want to see. Tune in and Enjoy


Episode 90: Sue 'em!!!

In this weeks episode we talk about State of Decay 2 and Detroit Become Human. We also cover the trending topics of PUBG suing Fortnite... Tune in and Game On!!!!!