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Your source for Xbox shooters and esports news and opinionis! If it involves shooting bad guys, Tazzman and DaddyTrax got you covered! Drop into the firing range with us each week!

Your source for Xbox shooters and esports news and opinionis! If it involves shooting bad guys, Tazzman and DaddyTrax got you covered! Drop into the firing range with us each week!
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Your source for Xbox shooters and esports news and opinionis! If it involves shooting bad guys, Tazzman and DaddyTrax got you covered! Drop into the firing range with us each week!




Loot Box Laws, Rainbow 6 Siege Finals, Division 2 RAID & More!

Apologies for the garbled start of the show. Working the audio kinks out. We talk singing shows, apparently The Voice is amazing. Then we get into the topic of the week regarding US Lawmakers supporting legislation to ban loot boxes in games targeted towards kids. We then transfer to a recap of the Rainbow Six Siege Season 9 Finals in Milan with Team Empire and Evil Geniuses. We also talk the next operation reveal. Then we get to The Division 2's Raid and just how difficult it is on Xbox!...


Clancy Cast! Ghost Recon Reveal, Division 2 Update, Siege Pro League Finals preview, & More!

This week on the GUF podcast Tazz and Trax talk about Flat Earth, Beer tasting, and the difference between old, vintage, and ancient games. Then we get into the Ghost Recon Reveal and trailer and their impressions based on the reveal live stream. The Division 2's upcoming Title Update 3 and first 8 player raid but also removes some IMPOSSIBLE merits and replaces them with something a bit more achievable. The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League season 9 finals are this weekend! We take a look at the...


Splitgate Review, Fortnite Destroys Tilted, RUMORS: CoD and Gears 5!

On this weeks show we discuss the brand new Steam game Splitgate Arena Warfare. Is this Arena Shooter just what the doctor ordered for those burned out by battle royale? Or is this game almost a decade too late? We also discuss Epic deciding to take out Tilted Towers in the latest update and return the Drum Gun. And doing so right before another major World Cup event! CWL London has come and gone, and we discuss the winners of the event. We then end with RUMORS! Call of Duty's next title is...


Anthem Update, Respawn Support for Apex, Titanfall 3 Delayed, & More

This week we sink our teeth into some esports! Gears of War 4 has it's final LAN event and the winner won't be a surprise. Overwatch League's Dallas Fuel hosts the first weekend homestand with a HYPE Texas crowd. CWL London is this weekend and there's been more shakeups in the world of Call of Duty. Anthem gets an update, but it's not as hefty as the freelancers wanted. Apex Legends has updated fans on support, next season, and what to expect communication wise. Titanfall 3 gets a setback....


Xbox SADE, Halo TV Casts Chief, Fortnite Comp Bans, Firestorm Stories, & More!

This week we've got a full run down of stories to talk about. Starting this week with YOUR feedback regarding using YouTube to get thru a game & achievements. We do Double Taps and quickly talk Anthem, Gears of War, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Call of Duty. We then get into the latest from Xbox including the All Digital Xbox One S, rumors, and upcoming E3! Halo has cast it's Master Chief and we talk the rumors about Halo Infinite's "Battle Royale Experience." Fortnite has issued bans for...


World War Z Impressions, Halo TV Comments, NES Games will make you a Thousandaire!

This week we didn’t think we’d have much to discuss...but I guess we were wrong. Some current world events discussion. Halo TV Show comments regarding changing things in Halo lore. Halo outpost discovery prices and “is it worth it?” World War Z game based off the movie, based off the book, based off the cave painting is OUT! And we find out Trax DOES like Zombies 👍🏼. Tazzman is progressing thru The Division which leads to a conversation about using YouTube to help you find secrets in game,...


Firestorm is Awesome! Halo's got Millions, The Division, & More!

On this week's episode, not much in the news department. We review standings in esports for: Overwatch League, ESL Rainbow Six Siege, & Call of Duty World League. Tazz talks some Division 2 and how the "Endgame" is really the "Start game." Trax has been looking for a new main to replace Fortnite, and may have found it in the most unlikely place...Battlefield V's Firestorm Battle Royale! We talk how Fortnite steals everyone else's ideas, including respawning. Trax reviews why he hates...


Trax Hates Division, Kotaku Hates Bioware!

A couple of days late, but all for the better! Trax joins us from an undisclosed location that is actually disclosed a few times during the show. April fools day is passed and we both survived! We start out with some esports with Halo 3 4v4 UGC seeding for Dreamhack Dallas this weekend. Overwatch league standings, the Philadelphia Fusion's arena, and how are these guys making their money back? Rainbow 6 Seige standings and the "Rainbow is Magic" playlist is out. We also talk Black Ops 4,...


Stadia, Apple Arcade, Division doing well, Anthem Updates, Are class games skilled?

This week Tazz is all jacked up on BANG energy drink! And we find out he's a weakling for caffeine compared to Trax. Everyone is announcing Cloud/Subscription services for gaming including Google, Microsoft, and Apple. The Division 2 has been doing excellent in reviews and is setting the bar for what a game as a live service should look like. Anthem has a slew of updates coming and while some are welcome, others are a little more puzzling. Apex Legends new legend and battle pass is out, both...


The Division 2 Impressions, Fortnite, Anthem, Apex Legends, Halo & More

DaddyTrax returns this week and he brings his stream coach with him as the GUF's first guest! Little Tazz in the Olympics (sort of) and DaddyTrax continues towards Mixer partnership. Fortnite has some new-ish things in it this week, Anthem still struggles despite popular changes to loot, Apex Legends is getting it's Battle Pass but people aren't too thrilled with some of the cosmetics. Tazz talks The Division 2 and his first impressions. And then we squeeze some very minor Halo news in there...


Anthem is Sad :(, Halo Banhammer Strikes, Fortnite, Apex Legends, & More

This week Tazzman is flying solo as DaddyTrax had an accident in his pants and needed an adult diaper. Tazzman discusses his fear of packed movie theaters. Tazz has also finished the Anthem campaign and tells why he agrees with the reviews that it has a lot of potential, but overall just falls flat. Also the new Anthem update to prevent PS4 players from getting bricked. Halo updates for playlists as well as two prominent Halo content creaters getting massive bans for smurfing. Epic Games...


Bonnie Ross on IGN, The Divison 2 Beta, Anthem Issues, & More!

Welcome back to yet another episode of your favorite shooter podcast! This week we find out just how much time DaddyTrax spends on his phone, it's seriously scary! Tazzman professes his love of Rainbow 6 Siege and frustration over every game on his console needing an update when streaming! The guys then talk the excerpts of Bonnie Ross' interview on some other podcast that isn't Gaming Under Fire, and the need to continue to push more people of diverse backgrounds into gaming...and let's...


Xbox on Switch, Next Gen Rumors, HCS Grassroots, Anthem Review, Apex v Fortnite, & Bob Kraft loves $40 Handies (allegedly)

Episode one of the rebrand to Gaming Under Fire! Your podcast source for news and opinions on Xbox, shooters, and shooter esports! This week we talk a little bit about Xbox and Nintendo rumors. We also talk rumors of next gen Xbox announcement at E3 with Halo Infinite as a possible launch title. We then discuss the HCS Grassroots program and Tazz and Trax have different takes on what it should be for. Tazz does his Anthem review (poorly) and we debut the BETA of the GUF Rating System for...


Metro Exodus Thoughts, Crackdown 3 Impressions, Anthem Release Confusion (GRP 14)

Tazz returns from California, but no Queen "We Are the Champions" reception. We see what happens when Trax and Tazz go a week without the ability to play games or be plugged into the gaming news (it's hilarious). Metro Exodus is out, right up Tazz's alley he just needs to get around to it. Trax also missed his calling as an attorney. Discuss the Crackdown 3 reception and why people are bagging on this game so hard! We transition to Anthem's release and why it's so confusing. Worry of EA's...


10mil Apex Legends Players, The Division 2 BETA, Halo Outpost Discovery, & More

On this weeks episode we talk about Lift/Uber and being able to drive for both. Preparations for a big hockey weekend for Tazz. Fortnite streams. Tazz is an Apex Champion before DaddyTrax. Solo Kraken Killin' in Sea of Thieves. In depth discussion regarding the "so far" success of Apex Legends. Tazz's review of The Division 2 BETA as the resident Division expert. Also Halo Outpost Discovery, Crackdown 3, and more! Time Stamps Start: Intro and what we've been playing 25m 03s: Apex Legends...