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Geek Herring is the podcast talking about feminism in geek culture. Each week, we bring you geeky discussions and debates, news that matters to geek feminists, and interviews with inspirational folks in geek culture. Hosted by incorruptible women, Monika Rabensteiner and Amanda Sloan.

Geek Herring is the podcast talking about feminism in geek culture. Each week, we bring you geeky discussions and debates, news that matters to geek feminists, and interviews with inspirational folks in geek culture. Hosted by incorruptible women, Monika Rabensteiner and Amanda Sloan.


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Geek Herring is the podcast talking about feminism in geek culture. Each week, we bring you geeky discussions and debates, news that matters to geek feminists, and interviews with inspirational folks in geek culture. Hosted by incorruptible women, Monika Rabensteiner and Amanda Sloan.






Geek Discussion: Attending Mass Events as Women and Marginalised Genders

How do you stay safe at conventions? For women and people of marginalised genders, it's not as easy as just showing up. Listen to this episode for Twitchcon hype, our community's best convention safety tips, and more! With Twitchcon just around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to talk about safety at conventions. We talk about our own experiences with conventions and how we've maintained our safety, but most importantly, we polled our listeners and community for their best...


Geek Girl Reviews Heartstopper: Queer Joy & LGBTQIA+ Rep Done Right

Heartstopper just might be the very best show on Netflix right now... or in Moni's opinion, maybe ever! It follows a group of high school students who are all dealing with their queer identities in their own way. It's beautiful, candid, heartbreaking, and wonderful. This is the type of positive LGBTQIA+ representation that all shows need to have - and we WISH this was around when we were kids!! Have you watched it yet? Let's keep the Heartstopper joy going in our Discord...


Geek Girl Reviews Moon Knight: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Arab Superheroes, and Egyptian Iconography

Marvel's Moon Knight (available on Disney+) is over and we're in LOVE. Let's talk about Dissociative Identity Disorder, the Egyptian pantheon, and the introduction of Marvel's first Arab (and female!) superhero! Spoilers Ahead! We introduce just who the heck this relatively unknown superhero is, compliment Oscar Isaac on his incredible performance, and chat about the basic storyline of Moon Knight. We also HAVE to note that we're introduced to the very first Arab superhero, Layla as the...


Geek Interview: Inclusive Games Journalism with Ed Nightingale

It's no secret that we absolutely adore Ed Nightingale, so if there's one interview you listen to EVER, it's this one. We thought we loved Ed before, but this chat seals the deal. Ed's journalistic integrity is everything we need right now. An absolute breath of fresh air in what is such a toxic, male-dominated industry. Yes, we know Ed's a white man, but he's doing so much to uplift marginalised voices in the games industry. We need more Ed's! About Our Guest Ed Nightingale is a journalist...


Geek Girl Reviews Hysterical: #MeToo Era Comedy & Beyond

Disney+ has recently released the documentary Hysterical, released in 2021, and we knew we had to watch and review it. We think everyone should take a look at this documentary, that, from IMDb ( "is an honest and hilarious backstage pass into the lives of some of stand-up comedy's most boundary-breaking women, exploring the hard-fought journey to become the voices of their generation and their gender." Let's get critical about comedy...


Geek Girl in the News: Oscars Roundup, Backing Up Sam Maggs, and Meeting Viktor Hargreeves

We had a few different news stories we wanted to talk about, so we're bringing Geek Girl in the News back! Join us as we talk about the Oscars - no, not that event that everyone else is talking about, the achievements that ACTUALLY matter. We're also talking about the importance of crediting women for their work, especially when it comes to video games! Our favourite heroine, Sam Maggs, was recently left uncredited for her major role as Lead Writer in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. And we...


Geek Discussion: Is it still fun when it makes you RAGE cry!?

Let's talk about those games that are so hard they make you rage. They make you cry. They make you walk away in frustration. ARE THEY STILL FUN!? This conversation is brought to you by Amanda's obsession with Elden Ring, Moni's love/hate relationship with Celeste, and a wonderful suggestion from our fab community member, MrMillhill. We talk about: why we love to rage at games competition vs comparison vs spite the role of community when playing a hard game mentally vs physically challenging...


Geek Girl Reviews Turning Red: The Epitome of Early 00's Canadian Teen Girls

Have you seen Turning Red? It's Disney Pixar's latest release that follow a group of 13 year old girls in Toronto. Set in 2002. Peak boy band hype. One of the girls just so happens to be able to turn into a red panda. NBD. Let's get into all the awesome things this movie talks about: being dorky 13 year old girls, being YOURSELF, periods, shame, taboo, Chinese culture, vampire obsession, boy bands, Canadiana, teenage horniness, and so much more. What do you think about Turning Red? Let us...


Geek Discussion: A.D.I.D.A.B. (All Day I Dream About Boobs)

Let's talk about boobs! We love boobs (okay Amanda loves boobs). We're covering the new inclusive Adidas ad, Victoria Secret's disabled models, and the fantastic outcome to the US Women's Soccer Team lawsuit! Have you seen the latest Adidas ad ( It's full of boobs - beautiful, bare boobies that celebrate the fact that the beautiful breast comes in all shapes and sizes. Adidas is absolutely owning their inclusive marketing campaign and we...


Geeking Out About the Oscars

It's Oscars season! How did the nominations shape up? We run through each of the categories, talk about our favourites (and indeed, some of the only films we've even seen that were nominated - oops! Who said we were qualified to talk about these!?), go on a total tangent about our (Amanda's) love of Robert Pattinson, gush about Encanto (obvs), and get distracted by Amanda's biggest Oscar snub: Eternals! We referenced these articles: 2022 Oscar Nominations...


Geek Interview: The Gayest Witch on Twitch with Psyche

We're talking to the incredible Psyche, Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator, about embracing who she is, being the gayest witch on Twitch, and why showing up as your authentic self matters! About Psyche Psyche (She/Her) is shy, bi, and likes games that make you cry! She's a chaotic, bisexual Twitch variety streamer from Northern Ireland! Psyche formerly worked in the games industry for 8 years (including as a Project Manager for Riot Games) but now streams and creates content...


Geek Herring and Chill: We're BACK! Let's Catch Up!

OMG we're back!! What's been going on the last 6 months of our hiatus? Thanks for sticking with us while we take some real life time to process all the real life shit going on. We're catching up on all the amazing geeky shows and movies from the last 6 months! Loki! Wheel of Time! Lord of the Rings! Eternals! Book of Boba Fett! Hawkeye! The Boys! The Witcher! What If?! Encanto! Luca! Soul! Inside Out! THIS IS YOUR REMINDER, please listen to The Amazing Devil! Also let's talk diversity! And...


Geek Girl Reviews Shadow and Bone: Into the Grishaverse with Vicky Brewster

Shadow and Bone is the latest YA high fantasy show taking Netflix by storm. We're joined by Grishaverse addict Vicky Brewster to talk about what we loved - and didn't so much love - from our first foray into this universe. About Vicky Brewster Vicky Brewster is a freelance editor, founder of Books Outside the Box (a spooky and speculative book subscription service), founder of The Writing Haunt horror writing retreat, and a PhD student. She's wearing lots of fantastical hats and it's...


Geek Interview with The Sartorial Geek Clothing Creator: Jordan Dene Ellis!

What's it like starting and running a successful geek brand? We're joined by the incredible Jordan Dene Ellis, of Jordandene NYC and The Sartorial Geek podcast and magazine, to talk about how she's created her own successful geeky brands. About Jordan Dene Ellis Jordan Dene Ellis is the founder of Jordandene NYC and co-founder of The Sartorial Geek podcast and magazine. She's a badass geek who's created one awesome life for herself - by her own rules. We chat about all things geek in this...


Geek Discussion: Coming Out, Pride, and Identity

HAPPY PRIDE! We are so excited to celebrate Pride this month, not only because it's fucking PRIDE, it's also Moni's first pride as an out and proud asexual person! Welcome to the queer club, Moni! In this episode, we're talking alllll about Moni's coming out story and how she's perceived herself for all of her life. It's really fascinating to hear this from someone who realised their identity at 36 years of age. Congratulations, Moni, on figuring your shit out! We also talk about appearances...


Geek Girl in the News: May 2021

Geek Girl in the News looks at the awesome or not so awesome news that will make you go either: "YAY" or "OMG I can't believe that." The latest and greatest geek girl news from May 2021 covers Gen Z being badass, celebrity struggles with mental health, snowflake gamers and the male gaze, an update on the Rosario Dawson anti-trans lawsuit, and some good news from Twitch! We start by celebrating the incredibly talented Madisen Cordell who won an Amazon scholorship to pursue computer...


Geeking Out About Self Care

Self care. It's a hot topic right now, and not without good reason. It's an essential practice for our health - but as geeks, what's best for us? Let's face it. All those Insta posts about self care being baths, yoga, and meditation are bullshit. Like okay, Karen, if that's you, you do you. But that's not all self care is. Self care is any activity that lets your body and, maybe more importantly, your mind relax. This week, we're talking about the self care practices that we, as geeks,...


Geek Girl Reviews Surviving R. Kelly: What a Piece of Sh*t

Surviving R. Kelly is a documentary about the literal decades of abuse from the rapper - and the total lack of prosecution. This is our review of the 6-part documentary of horrors. Content Warning: This entire episode deals with sensitive topics. Sexual assault, abuse, pedophilia, child pornography, pornography, and more. Please protect yourselves, listeners. If these topics are too heavy for you right now, please check out another episode of Geek Herring After watching Surviving R. Kelly,...


Geeking Out About The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Your Current Most Important Watch

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is one of the most iconic and important watches of our modern times. Let's talk about why! ** THIS EPISODE IS FULL OF SPOILERS OF THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER SEASON 1 ** Please enjoy Amanda's super awesome and very incoherent explanation and summary of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. We don't want to put toooo too much in these shownotes, because spoilers, but to sum up: Defund the police. Support mental health, PTSD, and military vets. Black Lives...


Geek Girl in the News: eSports Gyms, NFTs, and Marvel Excitement

Geek Girl in the News looks at the awesome or not so awesome news that will make you go either: "YAY" or "OMG I can't believe that." The latest and greatest geek girl news from April 2021 covers the EFL's first female referee, Japan's first ever eSports gym, NFTs and the Disaster Girl meme, Sony's partnership with Discord, Disney+ announcement of Ironheart, Marvel's Phase 5 trailer drop (omg!), Ryan Reynolds demanding a bisexual Deadpool, and the revealed identity of Ratchet & Clank's femme...