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The Geek Insider podcast includes Geek Speak (GS) - conversational interviews with friends in entertainment, tech and comics; Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky (GCDF) - the wonderfully weird and freaky things; Clever Title Pending (CTP) - Pros in prose. Meet great authors & publishers. RECENTLY ADDED: Creativity in Progress (CiPWR) - It is just like the title says.


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The Geek Insider podcast includes Geek Speak (GS) - conversational interviews with friends in entertainment, tech and comics; Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky (GCDF) - the wonderfully weird and freaky things; Clever Title Pending (CTP) - Pros in prose. Meet great authors & publishers. RECENTLY ADDED: Creativity in Progress (CiPWR) - It is just like the title says.






GCDF | The Mandela Effect: Ed McMahon and Publisher‘s Clearing House

The Mandela Effect is one of the freaky and fascinating things where the collective mind remembers something one way while the reality is far different. On this episode, host Matthew Harris talks about Ed McMahon and the Publisher's Clearing House checks... Spoiler Alert! It never happened. || This episode is brought to you by - Use coupon code: geekinsider10 for a 10% discount on your purchases.


GS | Thomas Doherty and Bill Maus talk Nira X: REBORN | Feb 23, 2021

Tonight, we have two special guests from the comic book realm - Thomas Doherty, the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Comics and Bill Maus, artist. They've got an active Kickstarter happening right now for Nira X: REBORN issued # 2 - - - - - - - - - - - THE GEEK INSIDER PODCAST is on iHeartRadio, Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, and many of your favorite listening apps. Check Podbean for the latest episodes​​


GS | Yash Jain - Founder of Hero Trainer the Fitness for Gaming App | Jan 18, 2021

GEEK SPEAK with Yash Jain, the founder of fitness app, HERO TRAINER. It's a free mobile app on iOS and Android where users can earn rewards in dozens of games on all major consoles just for collecting steps. The app counts steps and translates into direct rewards for gamers, with the ultimate goal of encouraging bigger health and lifestyle changes. Check our article on Geek Insider at Subscribe and get notified when Geek...


GS | CYBIL LAKE, writer, director and actor of CENTRAL PARK DARK | January 8, 2021

GEEK SPEAK about the movie CENTRAL PARK DARK with writer, director and actor, Cybil Lake. It is about a one-night stand that turns into a never-ending nightmare. This mind-bending horror film follows 'Thomas' (Tom Sizemore), an alcoholic married doctor, who has a one-night stand with 'Anna' (Cybil Lake). CENTRAL PARK DARK is a 'Fatal Attraction meets Blair Witch Project set in Central Park'. Cybil recast Central Park as a darker place of unknown forces. The picturesque parts of the park...


Sunday Comics Brunch - Dec 27, 2020 - Ep 012

We sit down one last in 2020 and examine what happened this past year. This week we sit with Rob Andersin, Meredith Loughran, and C. Michael Lanning. Here's something cool that's happening. Comic Book School Presents the Creator Connection Panel 1 Anthology. It is a free 144-page anthology that will be available on December 29, 2020. Get ready to download your copy today at Let's shed the old year and look forward to...


GS | George Dawkins II and Rob Andersin Talk Comic Book School and the 8-Page Challenge | Dec 21, 2020

Today we are Geek Speaking with George Dawkins II and Ron Andersin about the 8-Page Challenge, the Comic Book School Anthology: Creator Connection: Panel 1, which was birthed from it and the creative process of what goes behind making a comic book. Follow Comic Book School at Creator Connection: Panel 1 is scheduled to be released on December 29, 2020. This is an anthology based on...


Sunday Comics Brunch - Dec 20, 2020 - Ep 011

Join Rob Andersin, Meredith Loughran, and C. Michael Lanning for Sunday Comics Brunch. We sit together for a casual chat just before Christmas. It's 2020. Yes, the year is almost behind us. Let's talk comics. Between Rob, C, and her husband, Meredith finally gave in and ordered Disney+ so they could watch the Mandalorian. You wore her down. What will she think about it? Stay tuned. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Comic Book School Anthology Coming December 29, 2020! Download 144-pages of goodness in...


Sunday Comics Brunch - Dec 13, 2020 - Ep 010

Welcome to Sunday Comics Brunch where we dine on comics, camaraderie, and enjoy our morning beverages. Today we're joined by hosts Rob Andersin and Meredith Loughran; their special guests, Chuck Pineau of Essence House; C. Michael Lanning of Silverline Comics and Terraform Comics; Erin Donnalley and Philip Burnette, both hailing from Comic Book School to talk about the #8pgchallenge from the Creator Connection: Panel 1 Anthology. Download your free copy of the anthology at...


GS | Jake Yocom-Piatt, Co-Founder and Project Lead of the DECRED Blockchain | Dec 10, 2020

JAKE YOCOM-PIATT A cryptocurrency pioneer who has been using, funding and directing the creation of open-source software for 10+ years joins us this evening for Geek Speak. Jake answers questions about DECRED, DCRDEX, the decentralized exchange, security, transparency, atomic swaps, and disincentivizing bad behavior on the blockchain. He also shares his thoughts on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency and where he see DECRED in a few years. Download your DECRED Wallet at...


GS | K3 Sisters Band, Kaylen, Kelsey, and Kristin of YouTube and TikTok | Dec 7, 2020

The K3 SISTERS BAND is a group of three Dallas-born sisters Kaylen, Kelsey, and Kristen who have struck it big on TikTok. They were recently selected to be part of TikTok's "Billion Dollar Creator Fund" because of their popularity, influence, and music. The K3 SISTERS BAND will be performing during The Wrap's Power Women Summit Closing Performance on December 10th alongside Grammy Award and Academy Award-winning musicians Annie Lennox and Melissa Etheridge! Geek Insider has been given...


GS | Jess Harnell, Lead Singer of Rock Sugar and VO Actor | Dec 7, 2020

Rock/Hollywood icon, Jess Harnell, who is the voice of hundreds of beloved Hollywood characters including the Steven Spielberg-produced '90s cartoon "Animaniacs" (new episodes just released on Hulu), and is returning with his legendary band Rock Sugar where he takes the hard rock music of the 80's and 90s and smashes them with timeless and current pop hits. Think Mötley Crüe covering Brittany Spears and you're getting warmer. Jess can be seen headlining major music festivals around the...


GS | Marc Bennett, Director of the animated short, The Tattooed Torah | Dec 6, 2020

Over the last three decades, the beloved children’s book by Marvell Ginsburg, “The Tattooed Torah,” has been a powerful resource for Holocaust education for children all over the world. The book recounts the true story of the rescue and restoration of a small Torah from Brno, Czechoslovakia, and teaches the Holocaust not only as a period of destruction but also as an opportunity for redemption. The adaptation of THE TATTOOED TORAH into an animated short film is a three-generational...


GS | Sean DN and the 8 Bit Shinobi Arcade Bar, gaming, and more | Dec 5, 2020

Let's sit down for a chat with Sean DN, otherwise known as 8-Bit Shinobi. He's got a pretty cool idea about an arcade that offers all types of levels of gaming. And he's a mixologist. I wonder what he's mixing today? Tune in! Check out Sean's IndieGoGo campaign at = = = = = = = = Hit the subscribe button and bell on the Geek Insider YouTube channel to get notifications when we go LIVE. then...


GS | Cody Renee Cameron and Serena Maffucci talk about GIRL LOST: A Hollywood Story (2020) | Dec 4, 2020

Join us for a special episode of Geek Speak with Cody Renee Cameron and Serena Maffucci, who both star in the film GIRL LOST: A HOLLYWOOD STORY (2020), written, directed and produced by Robin Bain. This movie touches on the difficult topic of sex trafficking, abuse and manipulation, and teen runaways. Cody and Serena have done an amazing job playing the heartless villains in a story carefully and honestly crafted by Robin Bain. This movie is available on Amazon Prime at...


GS | Tim English, author of John Lennon: 1980 Playlist | Dec 3, 2020

Timothy English is the author of the 2016 edition of Sounds Like Teen Spirit: Stolen Melodies, Ripped-off Riffs, and the Secret History of Rock 'n Roll. He now has the release of John Lennon: 1980 Playlist available on Amazon at Join co-anchors Matthew Harris and Meredith Loughran on Geek Speak. Come Geek Speak with us as we near the 40th anniversary of John Lennon's death. Hear about the songs that inspired John to write his own music and more insights. = = = =...


GS | Billy Tucci, creator of SHI & Deborah Tucci, social media and campaign manager | Nov 30, 2020

Shi is a multi-Eisner Award-nominated series that has sold more than 3 million comic books and has been printed in five languages. Billy Tucci has also worked on projects for DC Comics’ such as: “Batman,” “Harley Quinn,” “Flash Vs. Superman,” and” Sgt. Rock.” We had a great Geek Speak with Billy Tucci and his lovely wife and campaign manager, Deborah Tucci, on Monday, November 30, 2020. If you want to watch the video replay, head over to our YouTube Channel...


Sunday Comics Brunch - Nov 29, 2020 - Ep 008

Sunday Comics Brunch, ep 008, November 29, 2020. This show is in collaboration with ComiX News Wire and Geek Speak with your hosts : Rob Andersin and Meredith Loughran. Today, we had the pleasure of sitting with Pops Van Zant from Comic Related Madness Grab your favorite morning beverage, let's talk comics and what's in the comics-related headlines! Today we talked about: Effective marketing and how comics creators need to get out of their own...


CiPWR | A Reluctant Chosen One with Stan Thomas - Nov 25, 2020

We are joined this week by Stan Thomas, co-founder of Nerds With Melanin! This week we take one of Stan's characters and plugs them into one of our stories! And Ari does a FANTASTIC job of bringing this character to life! Be sure to check out Nerds with Melanin on Facebook! Ethan, Ari, and Nathan come together, roll some dice, and then create a story. And while we're at it, Ari creates character...


Sunday Comics Brunch - Nov 22, 2020 - Ep 007

Sunday Comics Brunch, ep 007, November 22, 2020. This show is in collaboration with ComiX News Wire and Geek Speak with your hosts : Rob Andersin and Meredith Loughran. They're inviting some friends for brunch to chat. Please welcome our special guests this week. With the planned break over because of election stuff and not a lot of comics news, Meredith mans the boards as Rob teases us with scenes from a real live comic con that he's attending! Sit back with C. Michael Lanning, Michael...


CiPWR | CiPtionary with Otis East - Nov 18, 2020

The CiP Network presents CiPtionary! (Ethan came up with the name, blame him.) This is the show where Ethan, Ari, Nate and a guest come together and each of us give Ari something to draw, and the rest of us guess it. Much like that game of a similar name. Otis East from Nerds with Melanin joins us again while we try something new! Join us! Be sure to check out Nerds with Melanin on Facebook! Ethan,...