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The Geek Shock Podcast covers the week in geek, including tv, movies, video games, comics, horror, sci-fi, and all things geek. Also check out the video show at!

The Geek Shock Podcast covers the week in geek, including tv, movies, video games, comics, horror, sci-fi, and all things geek. Also check out the video show at!


Las Vegas, NV


The Geek Shock Podcast covers the week in geek, including tv, movies, video games, comics, horror, sci-fi, and all things geek. Also check out the video show at!




Geek Shock #577 - Spatchcock and the House of Broken Pets

Deb and Barry join us to talk about their ordeal in Texas. We also talk about Monsteress, Snow Snails, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mythica, Board Game Arena, the ALL NEW Wizard of Oz, Face/Off 2, the ALL NEW Running Man, the ALL NEW True Lies, DC Comics revisits old movies, Bad Robot goes game, the Disneyland Extended Universe and Red Light/Green Light featuring: Deathless, The Final Girls Support Group, the Tina Powers Hour, The Poppy War, and Twisted Metal. So boil your water, it's time for a...


Geek Shock #576 - Surgery Boner

Professor Biggs joins us once again as we talk about what's right (and wrong) with Star Trek, Tenet, Daniel Craig, Dragon Lance, Eye Surgery, Exit and Unlock, Bards, The Stand finale, Gina Carano, Redwall goes Netflix, Dan Harmon's Greece show, Board Game Arena, Mercy Sparx, and Red Light/Green Light featuring: Clue, Sorority House Massacre, Stephen King's Sour Ground, and Burn. So get that needle away from my eye, it's time for a Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #575 - Underdead

Once more with Just Michael as we talk about Dimension 20: Crown of Candy, Mythica, Sonic The Hedgehog, Unlock games, The Stand, Picard, Starcrash, The Orville, Uno: The Movie, Space Dracula, WB and the Nemesis Patent, dueling Buck Rodgers, Stop the Stonks Stories, New-Gen, Blade gets a writer, Hal Holbrook, Christopher Plummer, Toho goes IDW and Red Light/Green Light featuring: Lightyears, Beacon 23, The Man Who Fell To Earth, and Quantum Leap. So get your Yachty, it's time for a Geek...


Geek Shock #574 - The Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of Hogwarts

Just Michael returns to us as we talk about Resident Alien, CinemaTyler, our favorite minor characters, The Stand, WandaVision, Wakanda+, Hogwarts Max, Dustin Diamond, Cloris Leachman, Gamestop Stocks, WW84 wins the Nielsens, Fangoria Studios, Sony makes its first Xbox game, the return of G4, Netflix gets more animated, Ubisoft gets some Star Wars, Board Games and Alzheimer's, Three Thousand Years of Longing, and Buckaroo Banzai Against The World Crime League.


Geek Shock #573 - Step-Warden

Captain Luddite joins us once again to discuss Winnie The Pooh's Cocaine Hippos, Spycraft, Fate: The Winx Saga, the Star Wars tabletop RPG, Squaring the Strange, Disenchanted, Pinball, Painting Miniatures, Paramount+, Wonka, Xbox live Gold shenanigans, The Tales of Dunk and Egg, another Batman breaks a record, Mira Furlan, and Red Light/Green Light featuring: Honor Harrington, Turner and Hooch, The Cleaners, and Moreau. So call the Minibar Ambassador, it's time for a Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #572 - She CAN Take Much More Captain

The glorious Captain Luddite returns to us as we talk about Running a Board Game Store, Saving the Pinball Hall of Fame, Lupin, Wandavision, Doom Patrol, Aladdin, Soul, Bloodshot, Cyberpunk 2077, Mushroom are to be eaten (not injected), The Toxic Avenger reboot, Bethesda brings us the Jones, John McTiernan returns, Peter Mark Richman, Siegfried Fischbacher, Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1, DnD goes TV, and Red Light/Green Light featuring: Thirst, Dirk Pitt, The Multivorce, and Warcross. Roll them...


Geek Shock #571 - Love Spite Love

There's too much that I keep to myself and I turn my back on my faith. It's like glass when we break. I wish no... I mean... ON THIS WEEK'S SHOW WE TALK ABOUT Sci-fi Films with incisive social/political themes, Snowpiercer, Bugs Life v. Seven Samurai, Doom Patrol, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Star Trek: Discovery, Transformers, History of Swear Words, Pinball, Minecraft, Quantum Teleportation, Gotham gets a new runner, Brad Venable, Michael Apted, John Richardson, Tanya Roberts, Julie...


Geek Shock #570 - Rokuriginal (Kommander Hates BBQ Edition)

Barry joins us this week as we talk about BBQ, Minecraft, Cobra Kai, Harley Quinn, BBQ, Venture Brothers, Twilight Zone, D&D Levels, Funko, Pinball, Roku gets Quibi, The future of DC Films, the Arecibo Observatory rumbles back to life, BBQ, Barbara Shelley, the Exorcist sequel, and Red Light/Green Light featuring: Transtemporal, Mimic, Sorcerers, and Fantasy Island. So rub your meat, it's time for Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #569 - Eat This Burger And Poop Black

This week we talk about WW84 (Spoilers start at 1:10:00). we also talk about how professor Biggs lost his job at Disneyland, Jupiter's Legacy, White Christmas, Midnight Sky, What's Up Doc, Colossus the Forbin Project, Disaster Movies of the 70's, the KFConsole, MGM looking to sell, Disneyland reboots a classic ride, and McDonald's Spam Oreo Sandwich. Make a wish, it's time for a Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #568 - Wrong Kermit

Professor Biggs returns as we talk about The Mandalorian Season 2 (Spoiler begin at 1:19:00). We also discuss Voyager v Babylon 5, Mank, Torgo's Clone Wars voyage continues, Opening Arguments, Space Force "Guardians", Cyberpunk 2077 woes, Disney stops paying writers, Marvel Studios: Legends, DC Infinite Frontier, David Giler, Doug Crane, Peter Lamont, Jeremy Bulloch, Alien comics from Marvel, Shymalan gets Old, and Priest of Bones. This is the way, the way to Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #567 - Kneel Before Jodd

Maple Leaf Matt returns and the gang is all back together as we talk about that MASSIVE Disney announcement, Archer, The Mandalorian, Will Farrell, Blood Bowl Season 2, Clone Wars, Congress adds a bill to make copyright strikes a felony, PlayStation 5 and Furious, Trump knows about aliens (or something), Molina returns as Octopus, Richard Corben, Hugh Keyes-Byrne, Chuck Yeager, The three console manufacturers unite, Plastic Woman, Super Nintendo World, and Barker gets his Hellraiser. So...


Geek Shock #566 - Brain Industry

Fact Check Andy returns as we talk about Bond n Blofeld, the original Gone in 60 Seconds, Lower Decks, The Flight Attendant, Citadel of the Fallen, Torgo's Pinball adventures, Titans, bad jobs, The Arecibo telescope goes down hard, Warner's HBO Max film rollout, and the even newer Red Light/Green Light (Now with YOUR pitches) including: Revelations, Demi-God, Island, and Soundtrack. Get you some Brain Industry, it's time for a Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #565 - Rusty Trombone

This week we start getting the hang of this remote recording thing as we talk about the ALL NEW Saved by the Bell, Area 15, Priest, Titans, The Good Place, Where Torgo's been, Whedon leaves The Nevers, Rohde leaves Disney, Gellar leaves Pokémon, The Star Wars Holiday Special gets a Special, Malcolm Marmorstein, Daria Nicolodi, David Prowse, Ben Bova, The Last of Us goes to HBO, Hunt For Atlantis, Jaws goes home, and Our Flag Means Death. So warm up the brass, it's time for a Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #564 - The Grand Experiment Begins

This week we implement extreme social distancing by recording over the internet and it WORKS... kinda... as we talk about how YOU can get involved with Red Light/Green Light, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Torgo's Pinball Challenges, the Fresh Prince reunion, Animaniacs, The Mandalorian, The Batman spinoff loses its showrunner, the next Transformers movie, The Pink Panther comes to The Pink Panther, a new Predator movie, Wonder Woman 1094 goes Max, Universal strikes a new deal with Cinemark,...


Geek Shock #563 - Red Ball

This week Professor Biggs and Fireball make friends as we talk about Star Trek Fleet Command, Con purchases, The Scorpion King, The Corridor Crew, D.B. Cooper, The Good Place, Paranormal Activity, Twitch launces DMCA attack on content creators, Wonder Girl, SpaceX TV show, Beyond Good & Evil, Kevin Smith's Green Hornet, Caster, The Kaiju Score, and the newly revamped RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT featuring The Adams Family, Where The Wild Things Are, Brainbox, I'm a Killer Maid, and Smokey And The...


Geek Shock #562 - Battlestar v. "V"

The gang comes back together as we talk about Kommander K's Battlestar Galactica pitch, Heavy Metal, Bob Ross, Spirit Halloween Stores, Torgo watches Event Horizon, Pinball FX3, GameStop asks employees to dance for more working hours, Netflix tries...TV, Sony reinstitutes pay-to-win in Call of Duty, Marie Javins heads DC comics, Bloodshot II, "Thanksgiving to the HBO Max", Elsa Raven, Geoffrey Palmer, Papergirls coming to Netflix, Oscar the Moonknight, Witcher spins off, Barker joins HBO's...


Geek Shock #561 - 80's Torgo v Rusty Soup

We're back! Partially. This week Master Torgo and 80's Jeff talk about Blood of Zeus, Watch Dogs: Legion, The Right Stuff, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Rusty Soup, the fall of Quibi, Leto's Joker returns, Netherlands fines EA for loot boxes, Battlestar Galactica: The Movie, Willow, Marge Champion, Sean Connery, James Randi, They Grey Man, GameMaster and Starcade. With 23.7% of the precincts in, it's time for a Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #560 - Polar Colon

Shiver me unders. This week we talk about Polar, Gloomhaven, Van Halen, Turbo Kid, Fantasy Island, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Minecraft in VR, Tabletopia, Shut Up & Sit Down, Tatiana not going green, DC cuts UCS, I Know What You Did Again Last Summer, Dexter tries to end again, Static Shock goes Jordan, Scream Fest 4: Control a Bolton For 10 Minutes, Barker's Nightbreed, Conchata Farrell, Lumberjaned goes Max, Eve Online still breaks records and Red Light/Green Light featuring: DeadEndia,...


Geek Shock #559 - Fluff The Appletax

This week we BBQ by mail as we talk about The Boys, Utopia, The Right Stuff, Corridor Crew, The Invisible Man, Space Mountain: The Movie, Nobody wants to play with The Avengers, The Sherlock-iverse, Epic v Apple v Law, Green Lantern tv series, Clark Middleton, and the all new Rashomon. Get fluffed, it's time for a Geek Shock!


Geek Shock #558 - Wilderness Girls

Knock Knock. This week we talk about The Boys, Tales From The Loop, The Manhattan Project, Minecraft Dungeons, Far Cry: New Dawn, My Bodyguard, Andy's Robocop rebuttal, Citadel of the Fallen, the OTHER great Tim Curry roles, Oh, The Places you Will Film, L.A. Comicon get stupid while Regal closes back up, Conan the Netflix Option, Jamie Foxx get re-electrified, and Imaro. Would you like some cookies, it's time for a Geek Shock!