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#46 – “Our Mortality Connects Us”: Positivity & Memento Mori: Being Mindful Of Death With Thom King

Our second podcast of 2019 continues Mike’s chat with the powerful Thom King, a serial entrepreneur, biohacker, CEO of Steviva but this time the chat is more on his life’s philosophies! In this chat Thom & Mike discuss mortality, spirituality, memento mori (being mindful of death), life changing events causing perspective shifts, what they think happens after death, patriotism, political polarisation, positivity and more! Last week Thom & Mike spoke about meditation & mindfulness,...


#45 – The Sweeteners Of Success: Stevia Over Sugar, Ketosis, Meditation & Biohacking With Thom King

Our first podcast of 2019 brings a chat with the powerful Thom King, a serial entrepreneur, bio-hacker, CEO of Steviva and generally nice guy! In this chat they delve into what being a “fifth generation entrepreneur” is, what a ketogenic diet is and why Thom sticks to it, bio-hacking, Stevia and other sweeteners, why keeping a journal and writing lists is a key ingredient to success, respecting our food and what percentage of food in the USA is wasted, meditation & mindfulness,...


#44 –Dreaming Of A White Moustache: Jolly Music, Lots Of Food & The Love & Hates Of Christmas With TJ & Bradley

This week, in the first GCC Christmas special, Mike talks to two of his favourite people (and past guests) TJ Cummings & Bradley Hobby! Their chat delves into a variety of subjects as they pop-up and disappear into the distance; these 3 talk about their loves & hates of the holiday season as well as a whole mess of other things - the short film Dark Dungeons, Mike’s different facial hair colours, their love of the Legend of Zelda franchise and more are all intertwined with Christmas...


#43 –A High-End Jumble Of Words: Animal’s Other Senses, Age Of Consent & Immortality With TJ Cummings

This week Mike talks with good friend & returning guest of the show; TJ Cummings! Last time she was on (Ep 2), they primarily discussed TJ’s travels around Asia but this time it’s a chat with a whole amalgamation of topics, flitting between several and having a laugh while doing so – this one is definitely for those wanting a fun chat that doesn’t touch on anything specific but has moments of clarity within! There are far too many topics to count in this episode, but a few things...


#42 Pt 2 – Creating Handmade Imperfections: Face Tattoos, Collaborations & The Delusions Of Homophobia With Junior Bernucci

This week Mike continues his chat with Junior of We The Lifers, an alternative apparel company whose goal is to keep people proud of being “alternative” and much more (discussed in this chat)! As well as the above, Junior & Mike continue their chat about face tattoos continues, as well as controversial & drug tattoos, the dangers of fame, the questioning of racist jokes and the ridiculousness of homophobia, the importance of collaborations, when Junior actually decided to create We The...


#42 Pt 1 – Who Or What Is A “Lifer”?: Alternative Lifestyle, Tattoos, Heavy Metal & Social Stigma With Junior Bernucci

This week Mike talks to Junior of We The Lifers, an alternative apparel company who’s goal is to keep people proud of being “alternative” and much more (discussed in this chat)! As well as the above, Junior discusses why he started We The Lifers, what a “lifer” actually is as well as many other topics surrounding an alternative lifestyle including heavy music and people’s issues with “screamo”, how the stigma surrounding tattoos & piercings has changed over the years, what the alternative...


#41 – How To Never Binge Again: Healthy Eating, Personal Pigs & The Power Of Advertising With Dr Glenn Livingston

This week Mike is joined by Dr Glenn Livingston, a veteran psychologist and was the long-time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm and has sold over 600,000 copies of his book “Never Binge Again”. Never Binge Again is the primary focus of this chat, where diet & exercise are discussed, along with the power of advertising in the food industry, how one can reprogram their own mind into eating better, how Glenn got into psychology & eating, the three brains; reptilian, mammalian &...


#40 Pt 2 – It’s Not About The Numbers: Freedom Of Speech, A Dirty One-Shot & Media Representation With Hedley Knights

This week, is part 2 of Mike’s chat with the powerful Hedley Knights, who as well as being the producer/sound engineer, he voices Jault for the podcast audio drama We Fix Space Junk and is a co-founder of Battlebird Productions. *For any new listeners, be aware of the explicit language within this release*. Part 2 hosts a much more varied discussion than part 1, as although the chat starts with Hedley speaking about audio dramas, the topic soon moves onto movies, followed by a whole range...


#40 Pt 1 – Producing “We Fix Space Junk”: Sound Engineering, Automnicon & “The Rock” Musical With Hedley Knights

This week, Mike is joined by the powerful Hedley Knights, who as well as being the producer/sound engineer, he voices Jault for the podcast audio drama We Fix Space Junk and is a co-founder of Battlebird Productions! In addition to discussing how WFSJ all began, the inspirations for it, bonus content and who the “Automnivoice” is, they discuss a whole mess of other things, so even if you’re not a fan of We Fix Space Junk, this is still an incredible listen! Hedley’s journey to becoming a...


#39 Pt 2 – Being Catfished On POF: Wedding DJs, Online Dating & Moving From North To South With Sophie Walls

This week continues Mike’s chat his friend Sophie, where they discuss the story of how Sophie was catfished, as well as a general discussion regarding online dating, they then discuss wedding DJs & their bad music choices (primarily referencing Mike’s mum’s recent wedding), followed by Sophie moving down from Hull to Southampton, movie franchises, animated shows from childhood and much more! In part 1, they spoke about their trip to Iceland & it’s many beautiful sights (including the...


#39 Pt 1 - Stop Making Excuses: Apple Vs Android, Moderation, Dealing With An Ex & Iceland With Sophie Walls

This week Mike is joined by his friend Sophie, where in this informal chat, they talk about their trip to Iceland & it’s many beautiful sights (including the Gullfoss waterfall), each of their smartphones including Apple & Android devices, how to deal with someone after a relationship, how Sophie & Mike met and more! As well as the above, relationships in general, moving away from home, moderation in all walks of life, the chore of weight-loss, Sophie’s Malta trip, dolphins & whales,...


#38 - How To Breathe: Respiration, Oxygen, Cells & Metabolism – Science But Simple 5 With Josh Murray

This week marks the return of our favourite scientist for the newest addition of “Science But Simple”! Respiration & breathing is yet another scientific topic that Mike knows nothing about, so Josh explains in an easy-to-digest way for him and all of you lovely listeners! As well as the above, Josh explains how metabolism works in general, speaks about how mammal lungs differ from fish gills, how plants respire and why they don’t “breathe”, how the body uses oxygen & glucose to power...


#37 - The Balance Of Technology & Nature: Bat-Netting, Feeling The Wild, Pandas & Wildlife Conservation With Alex Hart

Hello friendlings! After spending a weekend in Wales with one of his favourite people (Alex), Mike thought it best to release the episode recorded a few weeks back with that very person, where they discuss the importance of balancing nature within our lives, bat-netting, Alex’s new venture “Feel The Wild” and much more! As well as the above, Mike & Alex discusses foraging, wildlife conservation, their views on hunting (including trophy hunting), respecting nature and it’s delicate...


#36 Pt 2 – Use The Time You Have: Self-Reflection, Staying Motivated & People’s False Promises – With Brandon Taylor

After a delay due to Mike’s laptop dying, Mike returns with part 2 of his chat with Brandon Taylor! Brandon is a middleman/entrepreneur with a keen interest and knowledge on the more exclusive brands of the streetwear world, especially ones such as Supreme. In part 2 their chat continues with discussing helping people out & how fame affects people/friends taking advantage of you, how not always succeeding means that you can learn from mistakes to build your craft, along with how sometimes...


#36 Pt 1 - “Why Does Everyone Pretend?”: Supreme Streetwear, Hard Work & Being The Middleman With Brandon Taylor

This week Mike chats with Brandon Taylor! Brandon is a middleman/entrepreneur with a keen interest and knowledge on the more exclusive brands of the streetwear world, especially ones such as Supreme. Discussing a whole number of things (including their time at their shared secondary school), Mike & Brandon delve into the details of what Brandon does as a middleman, why so many brands have exclusive products & the value of them, as well as the importance of friends supporting you when...


#35 - Writing 40 Songs In Six Months - The Life Of A Musician: Playing Shows & Collaboration With Conner Cherland

This week Mike is joined by singer/songwriter Conner Cherland to celebrate & discuss Conner’s newest release “The Choices Of John Still”, as well as a look into how the process of songwriting & touring come together and more! Conner’s site - The Choices Of John Still EP is now available on Spotify & iTunes! As well as the above, Conner says who his dream collaborations would be with, along with how “The Rare Occasions” band helped Conner with his latest release. Conner then talks about...


#34 - Epilepsy Isn’t What You’d Expect: BBC Ouch, Music And Art, Podcasting & Medication With @RagbagFrank Burton

This week Mike is joined by fellow podcaster Frank, who shares the same last name as our glorious host (Burton)! They discuss Frank’s Ragbag Podcast and the freedom of podcasting, followed by their opinions on art & music, how Frank got into being an author and info about his book releases before discussing the bulk of the chat; Frank’s epilepsy (finished off by a discussion about mental illness & medication). Regarding epilepsy, Frank talks about some of the misconceptions surrounding it...


#33 - Animals Deserve More Respect: Conservation, Poaching & Trained Birds Of Prey With Belynda Telford

This week Mike is joined by Belynda and they discuss something Belynda is truly passionate about: the conservation of animals and her area of interest being birds of prey! Along with the above being mentioned, they discuss many other animal-related topics, such as Belynda’s time at Sparsholt college, her experience of working in Marwell Zoo, breeding programs for animals (especially endangered ones), how eco-systems need insects & about certain insects becoming endangered too, along with...


#32 - The Left Needs The Right: Brexit, Political Accountability & Minimum Wage With Dom Fullwood

This week, Dom is back, this time for a discussion about politics; especially discussing Brexit, the left & the right and how we must find balance between them, the “ideal world” and much more! As shown by the above, this week is much more of a political podcast than the standard and as Dom & Mike are from England, the political realms of England is what is primarily spoken about, however among this, minimum wage, hard work, communism, accountability, a sprinkling of American politics and...


#31 - MSN: Aggressive Messenger: “Tomboys”, Old Man Slippers & Pre -Facebook Internet With Dom Fullwood

This week’s chat is all over the place in all the right ways – there’s no specific genre or topic; just two dudes having a discussion about this, that & everything, including how apparently great it is to drive barefoot? Dom is the returning guest this week, with a conversation that doesn’t stop bouncing from subject to subject – listing everything would take far too long (and would be dull to read) but a few notable topics were language & the differences between UK-English and...