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#37 - The Balance Of Technology & Nature: Bat-Netting, Feeling The Wild, Pandas & Wildlife Conservation With Alex Hart

Hello friendlings! After spending a weekend in Wales with one of his favourite people (Alex), Mike thought it best to release the episode recorded a few weeks back with that very person, where they discuss the importance of balancing nature within our lives, bat-netting, Alex’s new venture “Feel The Wild” and much more! As well as the above, Mike & Alex discusses foraging, wildlife conservation, their views on hunting (including trophy hunting), respecting nature and it’s delicate...


#36 Pt 2 – Use The Time You Have: Self-Reflection, Staying Motivated & People’s False Promises – With Brandon Taylor

After a delay due to Mike’s laptop dying, Mike returns with part 2 of his chat with Brandon Taylor! Brandon is a middleman/entrepreneur with a keen interest and knowledge on the more exclusive brands of the streetwear world, especially ones such as Supreme. In part 2 their chat continues with discussing helping people out & how fame affects people/friends taking advantage of you, how not always succeeding means that you can learn from mistakes to build your craft, along with how sometimes...


“Why Does Everyone Pretend?”: Supreme Streetwear, Hard Work & Being The Middleman – GCC #36 Part 1 with Brandon Taylor

This week Mike chats with Brandon Taylor! Brandon is a middleman/entrepreneur with a keen interest and knowledge on the more exclusive brands of the streetwear world, especially ones such as Supreme. Discussing a whole number of things (including their time at their shared secondary school), Mike & Brandon delve into the details of what Brandon does as a middleman, why so many brands have exclusive products & the value of them, as well as the importance of friends supporting you when...


Writing 40 Songs In Six Months - The Life Of A Musician: Playing Shows & Collaboration - GCC #35 with Conner Cherland

This week Mike is joined by singer/songwriter Conner Cherland to celebrate & discuss Conner’s newest release “The Choices Of John Still”, as well as a look into how the process of songwriting & touring come together and more! Conner’s site - The Choices Of John Still EP is now available on Spotify & iTunes! As well as the above, Conner says who his dream collaborations would be with, along with how “The Rare Occasions” band helped Conner with his latest release. Conner then talks about the...


Epilepsy Isn’t What You’d Expect: BBC Ouch, Music And Art, Podcasting & Medication – GCC #34 w/ @RagbagFrank Burton

This week Mike is joined by fellow podcaster Frank, who shares the same last name as our glorious host (Burton)! They discuss Frank’s Ragbag Podcast and the freedom of podcasting, followed by their opinions on art & music, how Frank got into being an author and info about his book releases before discussing the bulk of the chat; Frank’s epilepsy (finished off by a discussion about mental illness & medication). Regarding epilepsy, Frank talks about some of the misconceptions surrounding it...


Animals Deserve More Respect: Conservation, Poaching & Trained Birds Of Prey – GCC #33 with Belynda Telford

This week Mike is joined by Belynda and they discuss something Belynda is truly passionate about: the conservation of animals and her area of interest being birds of prey! Along with the above being mentioned, they discuss many other animal-related topics, such as Belynda’s time at Sparsholt college, her experience of working in Marwell Zoo, breeding programs for animals (especially endangered ones), how eco-systems need insects & about certain insects becoming endangered too, along with...


The Left Needs The Right: Brexit, Political Accountability & Minimum Wage – GCC #32 with Dom Fullwood

This week, Dom is back, this time for a discussion about politics; especially discussing Brexit, the left & the right and how we must find balance between them, the “ideal world” and much more! As shown by the above, this week is much more of a political podcast than the standard and as Dom & Mike are from England, the political realms of England is what is primarily spoken about, however among this, minimum wage, hard work, communism, accountability, a sprinkling of American politics and...


MSN: Aggressive Messenger: “Tomboys”, Old Man Slippers & Pre -Facebook Internet – GCC #31 with Dom Fullwood

This week’s chat is all over the place in all the right ways – there’s no specific genre or topic; just two dudes having a discussion about this, that & everything, including how apparently great it is to drive barefoot? Dom is the returning guest this week, with a conversation that doesn’t stop bouncing from subject to subject – listing everything would take far too long (and would be dull to read) but a few notable topics were language & the differences between UK-English and...


Publishers Are Ruining Video Games: Pay-To-Win, Creative Control, Violence & Boob-Physics - GCC #30 Part 2 with Rhys Willis & Josh Murray

This week brings part 2 of Mike’s chat with Rhys & Josh regarding video games and this part is primarily about the current state of the industry and the politics involved. This chat continues on why Star Wars Battlefront 2 was such a disgrace to the gaming industry/community and how loot boxes, pre-orders, season passes & micro-transactions are so dangerous for the industry as a whole. After discussing this and including names such as EA & Ubisoft, they discuss the various “special...


When Video Games Were Simpler: Remembering Cheat Codes, Steam & Crash Bandicoot – GCC #30 Part 1 with Rhys Willis & Josh Murray

This week brings the return of Josh & Rhys and this time it’s a chat for the video gamers among you! In part 1 of their chat, they discuss a few random topics for the first few minutes before having a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about games such as Crash Bandicoot, Halo, Jak & Daxter, Devil May Cry & more – they then discuss cheat codes & Easter eggs and how they used to come in books with gaming magazines, rather than just online like nowadays. Following this, they delve into the...


Polari: The Secret Gay Language – Being Born Gay, Name Changes & Gender Identity In Sports: GCC #29 Part 2 with Steve Maidment

This week Mike continues his chat with his friend Steve Maidment, a homosexual man who opens up about his life, how the world has been changing and his opinions on the LGBTQ+ community! In this week’s release, Steve & Mike discuss whether someone is born gay or if there are other factors that can dictate sexuality, as well as discussing “Polari” – the “gay language” used when homosexuality was illegal, as well as Steve’s youth work with Breakout & City Reach. They then go off on a tangent...


“No One Would Choose This”: Growing Up Gay In The 80s & Coming Out Of The Closet – GCC #29 Part 1 With Steve Maidment

This week Mike talks with his friend Steve Maidment, a homosexual man who opens up about his life, how the world has been changing and his opinions on the LGBTQ+ community! In part 1 of this chat, Steve details what it was like growing up gay in the 80s and when/how he realised he wasn’t heterosexual (when at that time it wasn’t discussed at all), bullying & acceptance, Steve’s experiences in college and his coming out story to both his college friends and his parents and being worried...


Without Change, You’ll Go Extinct - Religion/Faith, Consciousness & Astonishing Animals: GCC #28 w/ Wayne Telford & Josh Murray

Amazing animals, religion & faith (along with street preaching), misconceptions of the velociraptor and so much more is discussed this week on Genuine Chit-Chat! Following on from last week’s return of our favourite palaeontologist/author Wayne Telford, along with Josh (the co-host of “Science, But Simple”), although this episode delves into different topical territory. Religion & faith are discussed, as well as morality of religion, Josh, Wayne & Mike then each discuss their views on...


How Far Is Too Far? - Hunting, Human Culling & Realistic Superpowers: GCC #27 With Wayne Telford & Josh Murray

This week marks the return of our favourite palaeontologist/author Wayne Telford, along with Josh (the co-host of “Science, But Simple”), discussing what superpowers would be the most ideal to use in a realistic (less vigilante-like) sense and which ones they think they’d get if they were a fictional character. As well as the above, a fairly detailed discussion on human culling & utilitarianism takes reigns halfway through the talk, mentioning Thanos’ idea of balance and how, or if, it...


Discussions With An Ex-Vegan - GCC #26 - DIY Festivals, Veganism, Alcohol & The War On Drugs w/ Steven B

This week Mike talks to Steven B, a friend of his who used to be a vegan. In the podcast Mike & Steven discuss festivals and why they think people should go to experience them at least once, as well as the “DIY” festival Mike will be attending next weekend. As well as this, they discuss drugs and their relationship with alcohol, as well as drug reform and America’s “War On Drugs” (including explaining in brief how the CIA got LSD/acid into the states), they then delve into the moral grey...


Climate Science, Weather, Seasons & Sea Turtles - GCC #25: Science, But Simple 4 w/ Josh Murray

Mike talks to Josh for another episode of the “Science, But Simple” mini-series and this week they talk about climate science and the ecology of our world! In more detail, they discuss what climate change/global warming actually if and how it affects the planet, along with earth’s tilt and how it creates the seasons and why places like Australia have summer while the UK has winter, as well as “race” & skin pigmentation and how melanin affects this. As well as the above, deforestation, the...


Remembering Dad - GCC #24: Father's Day Special: Our Journey Through The Passing Of Our Father, Stephen Burton w/ Rob Burton

This week’s release is an especially emotional & important release for me (Mike). Today marks Father’s Day in the UK, so I wanted to release something about my father, Stephen Burton, who passed away in May of 2013 of oesophageal cancer. This episode includes discussions of death of a family member and some details about their death, so please be warned of this sensitive content. I am joined by my brother Rob (who is 17 years older than me) and we discuss how Dad raised each of us and...


"One Heartbeat Every 2 Seconds" - GCC #23 Part 2 - Heart Block, Deceased Family, Universal Balance & Aliens w/ Jack Matthews

This week continues the chat Mike had with Jack, where Jack talks about what it’s like having the condition “heart block” and feeling your heart skipping beats, as well as many other things listed below! As well as the above, they discuss the technological revolution, climate change, animals & the differences between us and countries who eat animals we’d consider to be pets, veganism, fungi, consciousness, the universe, ancient civilisation, aliens and too many other topics to count! In...


"We Need To Go Back To Duelling" - GCC #23 Part 1: Scotland, Heart Conditions & Motorcycle Accidents w/ Jack Matthews

This week Mike talks to Jack about a whole matter of things, ranging from Scotland to science to hot air balloon duels! In their chat they discuss Scottish culture, the influence on music black culture has had, the numerous motorcycle accidents Jack has been involved in, the second amendment regarding gun ownership (in America), they talk about their dads (both of whom have passed away), the English language, Jack’s heart condition “Heart Block” and much more! In part 2 (released next...


“Maybe Something Needs To Change” - GCC #22 Pt 2: Creative Collaboration, Children & Navigating Self-Employment w/ Molly Scarborough

This week, Mike continues his chat with Molly, someone who has three different jobs, one of which being a “Creative Collaborator”, which is one of the many things they delve into! They also continued discussing the intelligence of children (which was touched upon at the end of part 1), unemployment & the “creative unemployment program”, putting on events for & by young people, productivity, being self-employed and loads more, including with a sprinkling of reminiscing about the chavs in...