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Remembering Dad - GCC #24: Father’s Day Special: Our Journey Through The Passing Of Our Father, Stephen Burton w/ Rob Burton

This week’s release is an especially emotional & important release for me (Mike). Today marks Father’s Day in the UK, so I wanted to release something about my father, Stephen Burton, who passed away in May of 2013 of oesophageal cancer. This episode includes discussions of death of a family member and some details about their death, so please be warned of this sensitive content. I am joined by my brother Rob (who is 17 years older than me) and we discuss how Dad raised each of us...


“One Heartbeat Every 2 Seconds” - GCC #23 Part 2 - Heart Block, Deceased Family, Universal Balance & Aliens w/ Jack Matthews

This week continues the chat Mike had with Jack, where Jack talks about what it’s like having the condition “heart block” and feeling your heart skipping beats, as well as many other things listed below! As well as the above, they discuss the technological revolution, climate change, animals & the differences between us and countries who eat animals we’d consider to be pets, veganism, fungi, consciousness, the universe, ancient civilisation, aliens and too many other topics to count! In...


“We Need To Go Back To Duelling” - GCC #23 Part 1: Scotland, Heart Conditions & Motorcycle Accidents w/ Jack Matthews

This week Mike talks to Jack about a whole matter of things, ranging from Scotland to science to hot air balloon duels! In their chat they discuss Scottish culture, the influence on music black culture has had, the numerous motorcycle accidents Jack has been involved in, the second amendment regarding gun ownership (in America), they talk about their dads (both of whom have passed away), the English language, Jack’s heart condition “Heart Block” and much more! In part 2 (released...


“Maybe Something Needs To Change” - GCC #22 Pt 2: Creative Collaboration, Children & Navigating Self-Employment w/ Molly Scarborough

This week, Mike continues his chat with Molly, someone who has three different jobs, one of which being a “Creative Collaborator”, which is one of the many things they delve into! They also continued discussing the intelligence of children (which was touched upon at the end of part 1), unemployment & the “creative unemployment program”, putting on events for & by young people, productivity, being self-employed and loads more, including with a sprinkling of reminiscing about the chavs in...


Figuring Out Your Path In Life - GCC #22 Part 1: Body Language, Healthy Failure, Education/University & Batmolly w/ Molly Scarborough

This week, Mike talks to Molly, someone who has three different jobs, one of which being a “Creative Collaborator”, which is one of the many things they delve into! As well as the above, LOTR & The Hobbit are briefly spoken about, followed by discussions of subjects including why Molly went to university & the education system in general, misconceptions with body language, people with power complexes and those who try to “live through” their children in unhealthy ways, as well as...


“It’s A Hard Industry To Get Into” - GCC #21 Part 2 - Difficulties Of Being In A Band, Plagiarism & Streaming Music w/ Ryan Payne

This week, Mike continues his chat with Ryan Payne: a musician who has been in numerous alternative bands as a guitarist and a vocalist, who Mike has known since school! They discuss some of the difficulties around being in a band, fluking their way through their passions, writing music, plagiarism and how Ryan unintentionally wrote & released a very similar-sounding song to a big alternative band. They also discuss Spotify and owning CDs, as well as the state of modern music (including...


“Tattoos: Skin Art Is No Big Deal” - GCC #21 Part 1 - Piercings, Screamo/Sung Vocals & Being In Various Metal Bands w/ Ryan Payne

This week, Mike talks to Ryan Payne, a musician who has been in numerous alternative bands as a guitarist and a vocalist, who Mike has known since school. In part 1 of their chat, they discuss tattoos, the stigma surrounding them, the pain of a long session and what tattoos they both have & want to get. Following this, they talk about superhero movies, “guilty pleasures” in music, piercings & face tattoos, the difference in vocal styles and what “unclean” vocals actually are and what...


“Homeless & Anxious: I Need Help” - GCC #20 Part 2: Mental Health, Compliments, Honesty & Support Networks

This week, continues Mike’s chat with Erin, a photographer he’s known since college and this part delves even deeper than last week’s! In part 2 of their chat, they explore ideas surrounding the homelessness crisis, including Erin’s interactions with some of the homeless and what can be done about it. As well as this, they discuss social media and its connection to mental illnesses, support networks, how people don’t seem to compliment one-another anymore, why babies die without proper...


“I Throw Myself In To Get Through it” – GCC #20 Part 1 – Anxiety, Photography & Individual Change/Community

This week, Mike talks with Erin, a photographer he’s known since college and although photography is where the discussion begins, it delves far deeper than anticipated! After discussing what Erin loves about taking photos and what started her intrigue, they then talk about Erin’s trips to France and her new love of snowboarding, followed by a look into anxiety & depression. Through talking about such mental illnesses, the conversation gets onto a wide variety of topics including parenting...


“You Need To Update Your Beliefs” – GCC #19 Part 2 – British & Polish Accents, Brexit, Religion In Government & Food

Want to hear a British guy & Polish girl discuss differences in their countries, their views on being patriotic to one’s country as well as the “separation of church & state” or lack thereof as well as numerous other topics? Well then be sure to check out part 2 of episode 19 of Genuine Chit-Chat! In this part, Mike & Justyna continue their discussion on multi-culturalism by talking about British & Polish politics as well as Brexit, as well as religion and how it affects government,...


“I Was Meant To Stay For 6 Months!” – GCC #19 Part 1 – Multi-Culturalism, Drug Reform & The Tea-Drinking Polish

Do you wonder about Polish culture, like hearing tired-sounding British dudes talking and really dig women with northern/eastern European accents? If you answered yes to any of those, then this week’s Genuine Chit-Chat is perfect for you! Mike & his friend Justyna talk about some of the differences between Polish & English culture, why Justyna came from Poland to England (which was over a year ago), multi-culturalism of Britain & Europe, as well as the political system, speaking other...


Debunking Misconceptions: Cancer, Big Pharma & GMOs – GCC #19 – Science, But Simple

Mike talks to Josh for another episode of the Science But Simple mini-series and this week they debunk scientific misconceptions! They delve into what cancer actually is, how it works and our treatments & why there isn’t a “cure-all” for cancer, followed by what “Big Pharma” is and the conspiracy around them somehow having the cure to diseases and holding them back, along with the method for testing & releasing new medicines for the public. They then finish off with what GMOs are...


“What Is Palaeontology?” – GCC #17 with Wayne Telford – Dinosaur Fossils, Climate Change, Giant Insects & Mass Extinction Events

What is Palaeontology (or Paleontology for you Americans)? How do we find fossils today and what do they help with? Did giant insects exist on earth, and if so, how? All of these questions and many more are answered in this week’s episode of Genuine Chit-Chat! Mike speaks with his Palaeontologist friend Wayne, where they also discuss dinosaurs, mass extinction events, some of the work Wayne has done at university (including going to sites discovering dinosaur remains with some flesh still...


“Be The Beacon Of Hope” – GCC #16 – with Wayne Telford – Changing The World With Ideas, Jekyll And Hyde & Inspiration

This week, Mike speaks with Wayne Telford, a palaeontologist who has written two novels surrounding 19th century London; A Light In The Mist, which follows a young Dr Jekyll while the second novel (Scarcrow) has a different protagonist surrounding similar events from another perspective. Although they discuss Wayne’s books, the creative process and what made Wayne decide to create these fantastic works, they delve deep into individualism and the idea of good vs evil, as well as life’s...


“Sex Is All About Communication” – GCC #15 Part 2 with Steph The Crab – Hobbies, Stigmas About Sex & Dude Where’s My Challenge

This week, Mike talks to the redheaded wonder “Steph The Crab”, about their passions and the amount of effort & commitment it takes to keep actively pursuing hobbies, they then delve into a fairly long discussion about sex, masturbation, stigmas surrounding sex (and talking about it), along with communication with partners, sexual confidence and even child development affecting sexuality (with a touch of Sigmund Freud’s ideas). They finish off by talking about Steph’s connections to the...


“Did You Call Him A Terrorist” – GCC #15 Part 1 with Steph The Crab – YouTube, Porn, Sex & Strange Stories From Work

This week, Mike talks to the redheaded wonder “Steph The Crab”, a YouTuber he’s known since school! In part 1, they get into what Steph does on YouTube and why she started it, some of the weird people they’ve encountered while working previous jobs, porn, sex & masturbation (including discussing if Louis Walsh fucked Donald Trump, so prudes beware!), reminiscing about their time at school, how bullying has affected them and much more! Stay tuned for part 2 which will be released next...


“Just Don’t Be A Dick” – GCC #14 – Transgender Identity, Gender Pronouns & Being Triggered

This week, Mike talks to Josh & Rhys about how society should deal with transgender identity in regards to gender pronouns and how far we should go, bringing up a few odd examples such as a 52 year old man claiming to identify as a young girl. Leading on from this, also brings discussion on the progressive-left & alt-right and how people can’t seem to meet in the middle with issues, caused by stubbornness & toxic tribalism, as well as societal pressures that many of us experience and how...


“Fleshlights In The Dishwasher” – GCC #13 Part 2 – Time Travel, Sex Robots & Darth Vader’s Cape

If you like hearing two friends having a laugh about a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing, be sure to give this week a listen! Mike & his guest Jonny, chat about all matter of things in part 2 of this tangential podcast, including Parks & Recreation, Star Wars, football (soccer), movies & the cinema, paradoxes, contactless card payments, The Office (UK & US) and too many other things to count! Part 1 was released last week and was about YouTubers & their inappropriate...


Life Lessons From The Prudish Punk – GCC #13 Part 1 – Clickbait, Censorship, Religion & Too Much Cereal

Mike & his guest Jonny, chat about all matter of things in part 1 of this tangential podcast, varying from YouTubers & their inappropriate videos & use of clickbait (Logan Paul for example), when is censorship for younger audiences necessary, sex education, earworms, religion, a lot of cereal and much, much more! If you like hearing two friends having a laugh about a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing, be sure to give this week a listen! In part 2 of this tangential...


How Does Gravity Work; The Moon, The Tides & The Sun – Science, But Simple – GCC #12

This week brings the next episode of the mini-series “Science But Simple”, where Mike & Josh talk about tides and how they’re affected by the moon, how the moon and orbits work, how the sun works/why it’s so hot, terminal velocity and more! The first episode of “Science But Simple” is episode #6 of the podcast and is all about how light bulbs work, energy & enthalpy. “Science But Simple” is mostly about explaining the fundamentals of things we see in our everyday lives in a way that is...