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Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!

Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!


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Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!




Girls Gone WoW - Show 480 What next for Sylvanas

So the Sylvanas cinematic has been a controversial thing in WoW over the past couple of weeks and we've got an expert here to dissect it with us: none other than Joe Perez from BlizzardWatch! Everyone had a lot to say on this topic but it's a fascinating, and obviously spoiler filled, episode! You can find Joe on Twitter @LodurZJ


Girls Gone WoW - Show 479 Getting ready for raiding

The new raid is here so we're taking some time to talk about getting ready to raid if you're a super casual raider! And regular guest (and SheNAnigans raid leader) Caz is here to help us do it! You can find Caz on our discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 478 THE PATCH HAS LANDED

The patch is finally here! How has 9.1 been for you so far? That's what we're asking our guest and the whole of our community on this weeks' show. Manny, the truest of villains, is back with us once again and we have a bunch of community input for you as well. And we're mostly happy! Unlike a bunch of the rest of the WoW community it seems... You can find Manny all over the place, but also on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 477 Writing for Wowhead with Renata

We have a super interesting show for you this week! Renata from Wowhead and World of Warcast is with us and we get a little peak behind the curtains to what it's like writing guides for the game. It's a great show, even if I do say so myself. You can find Renata on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 476 Happy Pride Everyone

We're talking all things Queer in this weeks show with the wonderful Celheals! We had a lovely chat about Queer representation in game and wider support for the community. You can find Cel @celheals just about everywhere.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 475 Gearing in Shadowlands

Well I think it's fair to say the GGW community has Opinions about gear! We had a bumper crop of input from listeners this week and new guest Kerukito to chat about it with. We still managed to bring it in only just over 2 hours though which I'm quite pleased about. You can find Kerukito on our Discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 474 Professions in Shadowlands

We're talking all things professions this week with Shantyman who's back with us again! The lull is hitting quite hard over at GGW and our groups have been a bit light on content this week but hopefully we can keep you in touch with the game even if you're not playing! You can find Shanty @ShantymanGaming on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 473 Starter accounts and cross region play

Marie is back in the guest spot once again this week and we're talking about stater accounts and how annoying it is to try and play with your friends in other regions. The GGW crew is very international and we would LOVE to be able to play on the same servers sometimes! You can find Marie on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 472 Raid Leading Roundtable

We have not one, not two but THREE wonderful guests this week! Caz, Shoryl & Cherry join us as the raid leaders for our NA SheNAnungans team to chat about raid leading casual teams in modern WoW. It's an interesting chat but it did get a bit lengthy! You can find them all on our Discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 471 Collecting all the things

It's Warcraft Radio all the way down this week as network colleague Manny joins us again to talk about collecting all the things in game. Pets, mounts, toys, transmog, achievements....there's a lot to choose from and we chat about all of it! You can find Manny on Twitter


Girls Gone WoW - Show 470 The Covenant Sytem

Tre is back with us this week and we're talking about the Covenant system as a whole. Seems like we're mostly in agreement that the anima grind is real (unless you're Manny?) but overall people had nice things to say. You can find Tre on Twitter


Girls Gone WoW - Show 469 Why do people play Wow Classic

This week we've found someone who knows about WoW Classic and is excited for The Burning Crusade! JaredRPG is with us and we had a great time talking about a part of the game we don't engage with. And we get the scoop on some news about another Warcraft Radio podcast.... You can find Jared @JaredRPG on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 468 Fun times in WoW

We're having a proper light-hearted week! Steven is with us and we're talking about all the fun and interesting things that have happened in game. Turns out there's loads! You can find Steven on our Discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 467 Dabbling in WoW

We're talking about the small stuff this week with Todd. What do you do when you're not running M+, raiding or doing hardcore PVP? Pet battling, collecting stuff, and chasing achievements seem high on the list! You can find Todd on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 466 Revendreth Covenant Campaign

Bayneeon is back with us once again and this time you can see him. Sort of. Discord was not our friend this week... But the sound was fine so you can hear all about what we think of the Revendreth Covenant Campaign! That's all the covenants wrapped up now so onto different things next week. You can find Bayneeon on our discord or on Twitter @bayneeon.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 465 Ardenweald Covenant Campaign

We're into our third Covenant Campaign this week and it's Ardenweald. Jarf is here to chat with us about it and as you might imagine this was a popular one with our communities! GAY UNICORNS FTW! You can find Jarf @GrandMasterJarf on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 464 Kyrian Covenant Campaign

We're back on our discussion of Covenant campaign stories this week with Joe Hogan from Geektitude joining us once again! It's the Kyrian story this week and overall most people seemed to enjoy it, even with some misigivings about the overall ethos of the zone. You can find Joe on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 463 Starting out in WoW

Back to lighter programming this week, as WickedKitten joins us to talk about starting out in WoW and listeners give her lots of hints and tips for enjoying the game. Seems like there is no one true way for playing WoW! You can find her @WickedKitten13 on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 462 - Moderating inclusive communities

Bit of a change of pace this week when Caz joins us to discuss how we moderate our community to be a safe space for marginalised people. It's a bit of a tough topic so please be prepared! Back to a lighter topic next week. You can find Caz on our discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 461 Creative arts in WoW

We have a new victim.,...I mean er, guest this week with streamer Talvi joining us to chat about her art and the ways the pandemic has inspired people to do creative things in WoW. It's a really interesting conversation about a very different side of the gaming life. You can find Talvi on twitter @TalviOnline or on Twitch.