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Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!

Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!


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Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!




Girls Gone WoW - Show 496 Staying motivated when ABK are evil

It's been a rough week, huh? We're here with Renata to get our rant-pants on and have a bit of a shout about all the things that have happened at ABK this week. Much love and solidarity to the team at Blizzard but please #FireBobbyKotick. You can find Renata on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 495 All About 9.2

We have news about 9.2! And Marie is here to chat with us about it! Lots of speculation about the next big content patch for Shadowlands on the show today and we're pretty excited! You can find Marie on our Discord or on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 494 The Patch is Here

It's patch week for WoW so we're sitting down with Bash and his big pile of kittens to chat about all the quality of life improvements that have turned up this week! You can find Bash on Twitch and Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 493 Spooky times in Azeroth

Happy Halloween! We're talking all things spooky and scary in game this week with regular guest Bayneeon. And there's a special Halloween story too! It's a great show, even if I do say so myself. You can find Bayneeon on our Discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 492 What makes a good boss encounter

We have lovely Korenwolf back with us once again and we're talking boss encounters. What makes a great mechanic? And what doesn't...? Raven has opinions. Sorry about that. You can find Korenwolf in our Discord


Girls Gone WoW - Show 491 What customisation options do you want to see

We have that one and only TruVillainManny back with us this week and we're talking customisations! What do you want to see? Characters, armour and transmog were all mentioned and lots more besides! You can find Manny all over the place, starting on Twitter


Girls Gone WoW - Show 490 How are we enjoying Korthia

TL:DR it's a solid 8 out of 10 from most of the hosts on this week's GGW! We have Shoryl back with us again this week and we had a lovely chat about all the questing and rares and stuff in Korthia. You can find Shoryl on our Discord or Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 489 Mental Health in a Toxic Environment

We're talking mental health this week with Bash & Pepper from Crits4Cats! It's a big topic so the show ran a bit long but we had some great input from listeners. Also Bash bought kittens!! You can find Bash on Twitter or Twitch.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 488 Music in Warcraft

We have RetPallyJil with us this week and we're chatting about music! Find out what music we really enjoy but also hear about performing at Blizzcon as part of the talent contest! You can find Jil's band, Hope Diamond, over on YouTube and you can follow Jil on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 487 Who did you miss in the Shadowlands

Cherry is back with us again this week and we're talking about all the characters from Azeroth who've popped up in Shadowlands. Who did you enjoy? Who do you expect to see later? Who would you like to see? We had a great chat! You can find Cherry on our discord and on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 486 Where next for Warcraft

Grab your tin foil hats and settle down because this week we're speculating about what's coming up for the next expansion or two! Will we be going back to Azeroth? Or does the universe beckon? Razerbug is with us for the first time in ages to try and work out what's coming up! You can find Razerbug on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 485 Quality of Life Changes

Marie is back for her quarterly visit and we're talking about the upcoming changes in 9.1.5 and what other quality of life changes we'd like to see in the game. Did someone mention player housing? You can find Marie on Twitter or on our Discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 484 Alts in Shadowlands

Some of us have our rant-pants on this week when Renata joins us once again and we're talking all things alts! Shadowlands isn't the most alt-friendly place in the world and it seems like everyone is sick of that Maw introduction, but we had a great chat about Blizzard could fix stuff and make everyone a bit happier. You can find Renata on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 483 Catching up with Rossi

We have Matt Rossi with us again which is always a highlight for us! We chatted to them all about the lore of 9.1 and what might be coming up in 9.2 and it was awesome and you should listen. You can find Rossi over at Blizzard Watch or on Twitter


Girls Gone WoW - Show 482 Story of the patch so far

Just the ladies this week as things have been a Bit Much for managing to arrange a guest, but it's a good show none the less. EJ & Raven delve into the story of 9.1, especially the resolution of the Night Warrior storyline which they both found very moving. Lots of community content and a simply *beautiful* tribute to Caprica from the Cassunda Chronicles.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 481 Where do we go from here

Unfortunately there's only really one topic we can talk about this week: what is going on at Blizzard? It's been a rough couple of weeks for the whole community and we try and organise our thoughts about the whole thing with regular guest Tre. You can find Tre on Twitter


Girls Gone WoW - Show 480 What next for Sylvanas

So the Sylvanas cinematic has been a controversial thing in WoW over the past couple of weeks and we've got an expert here to dissect it with us: none other than Joe Perez from BlizzardWatch! Everyone had a lot to say on this topic but it's a fascinating, and obviously spoiler filled, episode! You can find Joe on Twitter @LodurZJ


Girls Gone WoW - Show 479 Getting ready for raiding

The new raid is here so we're taking some time to talk about getting ready to raid if you're a super casual raider! And regular guest (and SheNAnigans raid leader) Caz is here to help us do it! You can find Caz on our discord.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 478 THE PATCH HAS LANDED

The patch is finally here! How has 9.1 been for you so far? That's what we're asking our guest and the whole of our community on this weeks' show. Manny, the truest of villains, is back with us once again and we have a bunch of community input for you as well. And we're mostly happy! Unlike a bunch of the rest of the WoW community it seems... You can find Manny all over the place, but also on Twitter.


Girls Gone WoW - Show 477 Writing for Wowhead with Renata

We have a super interesting show for you this week! Renata from Wowhead and World of Warcast is with us and we get a little peak behind the curtains to what it's like writing guides for the game. It's a great show, even if I do say so myself. You can find Renata on Twitter.