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Ep.90: Understanding Syria - Razan Ibraheem on refugees, direct provision and leaving family behind

Our host Niamh Maher is joined by Syrian journalist Razan Ibraheem on this week's episode of Girls With Goals. Razan tells us about growing up in Syria, how she made Ireland her home, the heartbreak of war and what we can do to help!


Ep.89: A Proud Home Comes To Visit - Joanne Mooney joins us for interior chats and set redesigns!

Niamh Maher is joined in studio this week by interior Instagrammer 'A Proud Home' also known as Joanne Mooney! Joanne has amassed a massive audience through her use of colour, enviable pictures and jealous inducing pom poms. With this in mind we invited her in to discuss how Irish people are slowly coming around to interior design, we discuss how to spruce up your rental AND she gives us some pointers for our own studio!


Ep.88: Shit Explosions and Royalty - Denise Curtin & Rebecca O'Keeffe on TV reboots and marriage

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by Her writer Denise Curtin and Beauty Editor Rebecca O'Keeffe. They're discussing our latest Love Island show 'I've Got A Text', the reaction from 'The Hills' reboot and what marrying a royal could ACTUALLY do to your life (someone on the panel may also have slid into a royal's DM's to get the ball rolling).


Ep.87: Pride and Unexpected Items - Will St Leger and Paul Ryder on protests and parties

It's Pride month and on this week's show our host Niamh Maher is joined by artist, activist and Grand Marshall of the Dublin Pride festival Will St Leger. Will and Niamh are joined by creative director, choreographer and friend of the show Paul Ryder, they're discussing what Pride means to them, rainbow capitalism, sexual health and that annoying voice at self-service checkouts!


Ep.86: The Business Of Fashion - Sonya Lennon on not being an eejit

On this week's episode our host Niamh Maher is back with entrepreneur, stylist and designer Sonya Lennon. They journey back through her thirty year career and talk about ambition, opportunity and dressing for success.


Ep.85 : Sleep, Stress and Social Media – Time to live your best life!

On this week's episode Louise Carroll is joined by Dr.Ciara Kelly and it's all about dealing with stress, how to utilise sleep which we ALL need and how we can use social media for good!


Ep. 84: Sustainable Beauty, Climate Change and Eco Daddies.

On this week's episode of Girls With Goals, Her's Beauty Editor, Rebecca O'Keeffe, sits down with Anna O'Rourke and Leanne Woodfull to chat about sustainable beauty, Ireland's climate emergency and our genuine obsession with David Attenborough, King of the Eco Daddies.


Ep.83 - James Charles, Love Island and spilling the TEA

Ep.83 - James Charles, Love Island and spilling the TEA by Her


Financial Abuse - The frightening reality

On this week's episode, brought to you by AIB, we're joined by the Director of Women's Aid Margaret Martin to discuss financial and economic abuse. We're also joined by an abuse victim who tells us her harrowing story in the hopes of shedding light on this frightening reality for women across Ireland.


Ep.82: Dresses, Nuggets and Moments - Eamonn McGill on red carpet takeovers

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by designer to the stars Eamonn McGill and fashion editor Olivia Hayes! There's a surprising amount of food talk at the beginning of this episode but then it's STRAIGHT down to business with serious fashion chat. Eamonn discusses what it feels like to see his creations walk down the carpet, how positivity is a RULE in his studio and how sometimes you just need a nugget to get you through!


Ep.81: Wyvern Lingo - Caoimhe, Karen and Saoirse join us to talk band beginnings and changing sounds

On this week's episode we're welcoming Wyvern Lingo to studio. Childhood friends growing up, we're chatting to these talented women about their changing sound (which actually hasn't changed as abruptly as everyone thinks), band culture, being labelled 'smug' and much more!


Ep.80: Colourful Pleasure - Aisling Keenan and Denise Curtin on freelancing and synesthesia

On this week's episode of Girls With Goals our host Niamh Maher is joined by freelance journalist Aisling Keenan and content creator with Her Denise Curtin. They're talking about the minefield that is freelance journalism and how to pick yourself up after a career setback. They also delve into the world of synesthesia and discuss Aisling's new sex and relationship podcast!


Ep.79: Guinness Punch Babes - Nadine Reid and Amy De Bhrún on history, confidence and passion

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by actor and writer Amy De Bhrún and Xposé's newest star Nadine Reid! They're talking about career progression, maintaining confidence and passion and the pressures placed on women in the entertainment industry. Nadine also shares with us her Jamaican upbringing in Birmingham and how Ireland has fast become her second home, while Amy talks us through her 'Line of Duty' role, the tough world of theatre production AND she shares an exclusive with...


Ep.78: Sustainability Queens - Keelin Moncrieff and Molly Parsons on anti-blogging, fashion and fame

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by YouTuber Keelin Moncrieff and podcaster Molly Parsons. They're tackling the online world and talking about 'making it' in the competitive creative market, they also discuss how we're being lied to on a daily basis by brands and what we can ALL do to understand and learn more about sustainability. Niamh is also joined by the founding director of Body&Soul Avril Stanley and music booker Jenny Wren.


Ep.77: Mother Knows Best - Niamh Maher and Rebecca O'Keeffe invite their mums in

We're dedicating this week's episode to the women who made us... literally. Niamh Maher and Rebecca O'Keeffe invite their mothers in to talk about everything from generation gaps to the second child 'myth'. We're also getting crucial dinner party advice, there may be a quiz and OF COURSE we've included some bloopers.


Ep.76: Big Dirty Office Chats - Michael Fry and Denise Curtin on fishy tea and microwaved coffee

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is dragging her colleagues in to spill the (fishy) tea on office shenanigans. It's not just OUR office though we put a call out to our listeners and the response was overwhelming! From constant emails to filthy kitchen habits we're naming and shaming (not really because GDPR) some of the worst culprits. Niamh also chats to fitness guru and businesswoman Orla Hopkins ahead of Hormonal Health Week.


Ep.75: Dancing Through Life - Holly Carpenter on life after modelling and building a business

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by former model and Irish beauty queen Holly Carpenter. They're discussing her model roots, building a business as a woman in Ireland, catfishing tinder profiles and much more. Niamh is also joined by sisters Evie and Eliza Ward of Nutshed, the healthy treat brand making SERIOUS waves in the raw food scene.


Ep.74: Hope And Perspective - Jayda McCann on living with cancer

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by Jayda McCann. Jayda is currently living with stage 4 sarcoma cancer and her entire world has changed in the last year. Unwilling to accept the doctors diagnosis (which turned out to be wrong), Jayda has flipped perspective on this terrifying disease and is ploughing ahead with hope, tenacity and unbelievable strength. An important listen for anyone who needs a reality check.


Ep.73: Flatulence, Body Dysmorphia And Sport - Maeve Madden and Greta Streimikyte

On this week's episode Niamh Maher interviews two awe-inspiring women. Author, blogger and model Maeve Madden joins us to discuss her battle with body dysmorphia, getting out of toxic relationships and farting up a storm! Irish Paralympian Greta Streimikyte also joins us in studio to talk about her childhood in Lithuania, representing Ireland on a world stage and growing up a triplet!


Ep.72: Dolly And Diamonds - Chupi, Denise Curtin and Rebecca O'Keeffe on some favourite things

On this week's episode we're exploring some of our ABSOLUTE favourite things. What are we reading? What are we listening to? What are we binge watching? We're finding it all out. Our presenter Niamh Maher is also joined by award winning jewellery designer Chupi to talk growing up with no electricity, home schooling, being born a romantic and more!