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Episode 207: Zogen Cross Tag

This week Kieran and Mike are joined by Ben again to talk about a bunch of board games they played together including Zogen, Space Base and Summoner’s Isle. Of course, we also discuss videogames. This week we discuss This Is The Police 2, Overcooked 2 and in the wake of Evo we jump into Tekken 7, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and more.


Episode 206: OctoPicross Traveller

This week Kieran and Mike are joined by Ben who brings updates on Simulators of Buses, Bikes, Space and Jurassic Parks (not all in the same game unfortunately.) Kieran tells us about Octopath Traveller and how nice his new TV is. While Professional Esports Gamer Mike tries to explain why Fortnite is the most popular game on the planet right now. We also discuss Fantasy Flight’s new “Unique Deck Game” Keyforge and just how difficult it is to play Pokken Tournament DX online.


Episode 205: Money Puzzle Nites

This week it’s just Kieran and Mike and they discuss Mike’s out of the blue obsession with Fortnite and Kieran’s long term obsession with Money Puzzle Exchanger.


Episode 204: Mario OctoTennis

Mike returns with news about board games from UKGE like Band Manager and Dice Fishing while Kieran dives into multiple new fighting games like Pocket Rumble, Blazblue Cross Tag and…Mario Tennis?


Episode 203: Crossing Continents

It’s E3! Well, it was E3 and Kieran and Paul are here to tell you about all the games that showed up at the press conferences this year and give their opinions on them. They also talk about some games that you can play right now like God of War, Mario Tennis, Fire Emblem Warriors and Red Scare!


GFG UK Games Expo 2018 Round up - Day 3

Our reporters out on the field Mike, Ben and Steven are back to tell you about their final day at UKGE 2018 and all the lovely board/card and role playing games they played there. Just a heads up, this podcast was recorded in a car driving back from the event so the audio is a little rough at spots.


GFG UK Games Expo 2018 Round up - Day 2

Mike, Ben and Steven are back for day two of the UK Games Expo. Today the guys spent a lot of time in the Play-test area trying out new ideas. Mike and Ben spent some time with Tomas from Free League and their recently announced board game version of Crusader Kings.


GFG UK Games Expo 2018 Round up - Day 1

Glitch Free Gaming are down in Birmingham at the 2018 UK Games Expo. After a slight hitch in trying to make it on time for the press event, Mike, Ben and Steven take in a few of the sights on Day 1. Mike buys a game from Oink before Ben and Mike speak with Sensible Object about their games that make use of Tech. Steven also hunts down an app that’s being demoed. The Ultimate Games Master is touting itself to be the perfect RPG companion.


Episode 202: Guests and Games

It’s another massive podcast this week as Paul is out and we replace him with Ben and Nathan for the week. We talk about far far too many games including but not limited to Yakuza 0, Battletech, Burnout Revenge, Superbeat Xonic, Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia and Minit.


Episode 201: Too Many Games

We took a little break after Episode 200 but we’re back with a brand new episode for you! It has been a while since we did a regular episode now so we have far far too many games to talk about both of the video and board variety!


Episode 200: What A Fiasco

We did it, we reached Episode 200! We never thought we’d make it this far and so to celebrate we’re doing something a little bit different. Join us as we play a game of Fiasco, a light role playing game. We take on the roles of three inhabitants of a dying space station, trying to escape as it collapses. One of us is a drunk, the other a hoarder and another a little bit paranoid. But as a strange black goo starts to spread through the station, maybe a little bit of paranoia is...


Episode 199: The Sea Sure Is Empty

This week Mike and Kieran discuss new releases like Kirby: Star Allies, Sea of Thieves, Northgard, Hardback and more!


Episode 197: The Road to Payback

This week, Mike travels the Steep road to the Olympic games, Paul steals some VHS players out the back of a truck in Need for Speed Payback and Kieran loses repeatedly online in Dragonball Fighterz (but hey, at least he tried?) Not to mention we also played a bunch of Board Games, so listen to us talk about Secrets, Flee, Rising Sun and more!


Episode 196: Dinosaurs Under The Rising Sun

Mike and Kieran join forces this week to invade Japan, only for a shocking betrayal to take place leaving one of them defeated…Also we played some Final Fantasy Dissidia, Rising Sun, Dinosaur Island and more! You can find more Glitch Free Gaming at Or on Youtube at


Game Of The Year 2017 Day 3

Day 3 is upon us and in it your usual hosts discuss 2017’s Best Story, Best Moment, Best Multiplayer and more!


Game Of The Year 2017 Day 2

2017 was so jam packed and there were just too many games to talk about but we tried our hardest! On Day 2 Kieran, Mike and Paul discuss the Best Soundtracks, Biggest Fuck Up, Best Mobile Games of the year and more!


Game Of The Year 2017 Day 1

We’re a bit late getting this all together but it’s finally time for Game Of The Year! For day one we discuss the Most Disappointing Game, Best ReRelease/Remake, Best New Character and more!


Episode 194: Billions Of Cardboard Assassins

Real life continues to be our enemy but we return again with more Glitch Free Gaming goodness. This week Paul talks more about how Assassin’s Creed Origins is going while Kieran talks about creating our Game of the Year videos and playing They Are Billions. Also we talk about Nintendo Labo and how cool it is.


Episode 193: Star Wars: The New Colossus

We’re going to be a bit on and off over December/January I’m afraid, so we might miss a week here and there but it’ll all be worth it in the end! This week Mike, Paul and Kieran reconvene to talk about what is quite frankly too many games. We’ve got Star Wars Battlefront 2, Wolfenstein The New Colossus, Jackbox Party Pack 4, Hidden Agenda, Cat Quest, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Gloomhaven….AND MORE…It’s a long one this...


Episode 191: Secret Bears vs Rabbid Babies

So, heads up on this one. I forgot to upload it a week or so ago when it was recorded. This is entirely my fault (Kieran here btw.) We’re on Hiatus for a few weeks as we have some overlapping holidays/real world nonsense getting in the way. The good thing being now that I’ve accidentally uploaded this podcast late, you only have another week or so to wait for a new episode This week we discuss Bears vs Babies and why it sucks, also better games like Secrets, Cuphead, Splatoon 2 and...