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Episode 4 – Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home can be different things to different people. In this episode, Naya speaks to Anna, a Southern European living in Scotland for five years, about how it feels to find a second home in another country. She talks about the beauty of everyday moments and how friends can help us make lemonade out of life's lemons. The post Episode 4 – Home Is Where the Heart Is appeared first on good.


Episode 3 – A Hatful of Questions

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of different situation. In this episode, we speak to three women about their workplace friendship, and how their bond helps, and sometimes hinders, their working practices, whilst also extolling the virtues of how important these friendships can be. The bonds we create as we weave … Continue reading "Episode 3 – A Hatful of Questions" The post Episode 3 – A Hatful of Questions appeared first on good.


Episode 2 – More Tomorrows than Yesterdays

What does it mean to grow up with someone? Usually, it’s something we say when we talk about the people who were our friends in our formative years, the childhood and teenage friends that helped shape our upbringing. Adam and Craig might be from different backgrounds, but their friendship has taught them a lot about … Continue reading "Episode 2 – More Tomorrows than Yesterdays" The post Episode 2 – More Tomorrows than Yesterdays appeared first on good.


Episode 1 – Old Haunts and Halcyon Days

This is episode one of good stories. Our host sat down with his friend, artist Gary Cairns, to talk about some of his friendships growing up in Dumfries. Everyone likes a good story. From those family members with the seemingly innate skill of injecting life into a party through a well told anecdote, to the … Continue reading "Episode 1 – Old Haunts and Halcyon Days" The post Episode 1 – Old Haunts and Halcyon Days appeared first on good.