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Cameron has never watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's about to change with the help of his faithful and hilarious companions, Marcy; the passionate fan, and Rob; who hasn't seen it since childhood. Join us as Cameron asks dumb questions, Marcy vehemently defends the ridiculous, and Rob seeks to reignite his lost nostalgia.

Cameron has never watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's about to change with the help of his faithful and hilarious companions, Marcy; the passionate fan, and Rob; who hasn't seen it since childhood. Join us as Cameron asks dumb questions, Marcy vehemently defends the ridiculous, and Rob seeks to reignite his lost nostalgia.
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Cameron has never watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's about to change with the help of his faithful and hilarious companions, Marcy; the passionate fan, and Rob; who hasn't seen it since childhood. Join us as Cameron asks dumb questions, Marcy vehemently defends the ridiculous, and Rob seeks to reignite his lost nostalgia.




034 - The Measure of a Man (Space Jag & Heart Strings)

You're out of order, this whole podcast is out of order! The gang passes judgement on "The Measure of a Man" and finds it guilty...of being the best episode of TNG yet! We all admit to leaking fluids, refuse to play poker with the members of the Enterprise crew, and wonder where Data's "slot" is located. Rob comes bearing gifts, Cameron practices his Trump impression, and Marcy wants you to count her heart strings. All this plus a captivating game of Order in the Space Court! Engage!


033 - A Matter of Honor (Phaser Ranges and Klingon Cuisine)

The Green Shirt crew falls in love with some down home Klingon cooking in "A Matter of Honor." Along the way they discover the alpha in the group, wonder if they're racist, and wonder why Picard has gone through so many transfers. Rob giggles at Cameron's new nickname, Marcy shares the Klingon sense of humor, and Cameron gets pissed off at the holodeck, even though it doesn't feature in this episode. Plus a scrumptious game of Spot-the-Gagh! All this and more on this week's episode of...


032 - Unnatural Selection (Shuttle Porn and Space Jargon)

Climb aboard the United Star Ship Greenshirt as we grow old watching "Unnatural Selection." We get excited over shuttle scenes, are disappointed with Bill's dad, and have a delightful conversation about how we'd like to die. Cameron comes up with a new nickname for Data, Mary wonders where the menses goes, and Rob quits. Plus an jovial game of "Down Home with Colm."


031 - The Schizoid Man (Douchebag Scientists and Bad-Ass Picard)

The crew has a fractured response to "The Schizoid Man." Join us as we list off the mad scientists of Star Trek, heap praise on a Vulcan, and try to determine Picard's theme song. Rob wants to sell you an apocalypse bucket, Cameron can't name a moon, and Marcy won't keep your secrets. Plus a mind bending body swapping quiz! All this and more in the latest episode of Green Shirt. Make it so!


030 - Loud as a Whisper (Danger Zone and Snack Cakes)

Rob, Cam, and Marcy make some noise as they watch 'Loud as a Whisper!" We share our inner voices, get excited about lasers, and finally find Rob's limit. Cameron targets womp rats with his calculator, Marcy becomes a "Piker," and Rob fails at charades. Plus a face-melting game of "Disintegrated, Melted, or Vaporized." Join us as we cut loose with Riva-the-Kenny-Loggins-Look-A-Like. Engage!


029 - The Outrageous Okana (Lovable Rogues and Space STDs)

Grab a table at the Green Shirt Chuckle Barn, order your two drink minimum, and enjoy an hour of swashbucklers and comics as the crew gets charmed by the Outrageous Okana! We share Star Trek jokes, mistake Lois Lane for the ship's computer, and get curious about wild elephants. Rob doesn't pay attention to the captain's log, Marcy laughs at replicator humor, and Cameron should have seen Bill Cosby coming. All this plus a laugh-track imbued game of "Arrr Ya Kidding Me?!" on this weeks...


028 - Elementary Dear Data (Daddy Piccard and Pie Men)

The Green Shirt crew joins the costume party of "Elementary Dear Data." The group takes pride in being horn in-ers, imagines beta versions of the holodeck, and debate their knowledge of Sherlock Holmes stories. Rob learns about orgies, Marcy wants more dicks and blood, and Cameron spots an upside-down Enterprise. The game is afoot in this week's episode of Green Shirt!


027 - Where Silence Has Lease (Shark Guys and Ordinary Holes)

Get lost in the maze of 'Where Silence Has Lease" with the Green Shirt crew! We crack the code of the Klingon murder ritual, untangle the web of the "Silverman-verse," and prefer propagation over death. Cameron visits Wesley's favorite website, Marcy accuses her co-hosts of being round-earthers, and Rob is impressed with Pulaski's enhancement skills. All this, plus an angelic game of "These go to A-Heaven" on this weeks episode of Green Shirt: Engage!


026 - The Child (Laser Plagues and Puppy Shuttles)

Join the continuing adventures of Green Shirt as we welcome aboard new co-host, Rob Campbell! This week we babysit the Season 2 premiere, "The Child". Cameron thinks he's discovered a gaping hole in Riker's lexicon, Marcy reveals her favorite movie (it features Wil Wheaton!), and Rob finds his new ringtone. Featuring a quick recap of season 1, you've got everything you need for a cosmic journey of laughs. Engage!


025 - The Neutral Zone (Chrono Castaways & Judgy McJudgersons)

In the final episode of season one, the gang finds out what it looks like to film a first draft in "The Neutral Zone." Between reflecting on what they've watched over the past six months, Alex admits to having friends who look worse than roadkill, Cameron wishes the Enterprise were a cruise ship, and Marcy gives the Federation some free covert intelligence advice. We also play a rousing game of 80's Pyramid. Never heard of Pyramid? Then you're younger than us. Engage!


024 - Conspiracy (Friends' Kidneys & Improv Parasites)

Join the Green Shirt Crew, along with co-conspirator, LIz, as we discuss childhood scars and friendship limits in "Conspiracy." Liz think she's identified the 24th century lolcat, Cameron can't stop seeing Mike Pence, Marcy wants to invite you over for a meal worm loaf, and Alex creates an abomination! Liz then tests our knowledge (and ickiness thresholds) with a quiz on parasites. Join us for the penultimate episode of season one. Engage!


023 - We'll Always Have Paris (Chronomancy & Data Dumps)

The gang travels the galaxy, from Paris to Jansenn (the famed diamond planet), in this week's episode where we watched "We'll Always Have Paris." We tackle the tough questions like: What would you do with a holodeck, what future fashion do you want to wear, and how long would we be able to stand each other while crammed into a space capsule. Alex has to explain man-tits, Cameron refuses to give Alex the code to the airlock, and Marcy can't actually remember Paris. Plus an informative and...


022 - Skin of Evil (Trashbag Dementors & Space Corpses)

Pour out some Romulan Ale with the gang as they mourn the loss of Lieutenant Tasha Yar in "Skin of Evil." It's a solemn occasion (well, relatively) as we discuss Yar's legacy as well as the nature of oil slick mud puddles (aka: evil). Alex would like to say a few words, Marcy cries crocodile tears, and Cameron just wants to know why. Thankfully, Marcy brightens things up with a quiz on crystals. All this and more on this week's episode of Green Shirt! Engage!


021 - Symbiosis (D-Bag Data & "That" Scene)

This week, on a very special episode of Green Shirt, the gang receives an incoming PSA on drug awareness in "Symbiosis." Will Captain Picard ever figure out how fast the Enterprise can go? Is Kirk's son actually Norm MacDonald? And will Wesley ever understand drugs? Join us and find out! Marcy imagines eating Bald Eagle for Thanksgiving dinner, Cameron realizes why the Enterprise keeps breaking down, and Alex channels a horny Wil Wheaton. Then Marcy and Alex join forces in a game of...


020 - The Arsenal of Freedom (Weapon Planets & Old-Man Robes)

It's a rollicking episode of Green Shirt as the gang gets infected by space giggles! It's up to stalwart Alex to keep things steady as we attempt to discuss the action-packed episode of "The Arsenal of Freedom." Marcy gets a lesson on finger quotes, Alex explains proper driving etiquette, and Cameron sees butt plugs everywhere! Alex also reveals behind-the-scenes stories, from the actors' mouths themselves.


019 - Heart of Glory (Klingon Nerds & Moist Humor)

The gang finally gets their Worf episode with "Heart of Glory!" They reveal their inner super powers, discuss back-up bullies, and confuse alien names. Cameron teaches Alex Harry Potter terms, Marcy picks up on authentic Klingon, while Alex admits he would not survive in Klingon society. All this and more in an exciting episode of Green Shirt! Make it so!


018 - Coming of Age (Emo Albums & Pip Stomps)

Suitably, the crew discovers a shared trait about their births in "Coming of Age." Wesley makes a friend while taking his Academy acceptance test while the Enterprise gets audited. Marcy reveals a secret about her childhood (it involves cloth chessboards), Cameron thinks he recognizes Remick from the "Busted" pages, and Alex pronounces GIF with a hard 'G'...just to spite Wil Wheaton. Plus a musical round of "High School in Space!" Make it so!


017 - Home Soil (Hard Science & Capital D's)

Hard science meets dick jokes as the gang digs into "Home Soil." Cameron teleports Picard's fish, Alex spots a Nazi, and Marcy falls asleep at a national park. All this, plus a Trek Tek regarding terraforming and colonization. Engage!


016 - When the Bough Breaks (Jam Jams & Space Orphans)

In this action packed episode, the gang manages to discuss "When the Bough Breaks" between learning how to play "slap the bag" and avoiding being hijacked by a strange alien signal. Marcy performs an epic eye roll, Alex doesn't 'F' around with Texas Instruments, and Cameron figures out the plot to LOST! Marcy and Cam also square off in a round of Kid-Movies-Alex-Doesn't-Hate. All this and so much more. Make it so!


015 - Too Short a Season (First Friends & "Earth" Days)

The gang is joined by their first guest host, Rob Michaud, as they examine terrible make-up, male menopause, and stitch & bitches with '"Too Short a Season." Alex reveals he has a taste for anti-freeze, Cameron wonders how millennials make mix-tapes, Marcy keeps tally for Tasha, and Rob reveals a quick cure to chronic back pain. We top things off with a rousing game of "Make-Up and Throw-Up!" Engage!