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Gaming news, reviews and opinions... and a few disagreements along the way!






#136 - Planet of Lana, PlayStation Showcase Recap

Kirk's back and just in time to review the May PlayStation Showcase. This week we've all played Planet of Lana, so let's be positive about that below delving into that presentation! What We've Been Playing: Zelda: TOTK Planet of Lana


#135 - Jeremy Hunt/CMA, Zelda: TOTK, Eddy's Real Deal: Game Pass Edition

Eddy's Real Deal is back... but for Game Pass. A twist on a classic? We chat about what Jeremy Hunt had to say on the CMA's decision over Microsoft/ABK, Zelda news and that there's a new PlayStation showcase very soon! What We've Been Playing: Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Total War: Three Kingdoms Rimworld World of Warcraft


#134 - EU Commission Approves ABK Deal, Zelda: TOTK, Franchises We Need To Try

The European Commission have approved the ABK deal... we live in interesting times! We have a stacked week of new releases from Indie studios and our feature asks which game franchises we should have given more time. What We've Been Playing: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Two Point Campus


#133 - Phil Spencer Kinda Funny Games Interview, Jedi: Survivor, Games That Should Get Sequels

Eddy is hungover, enjoy listening to him stumble over everything! We go over the Phil Spencer interview everyone is talking about, we have more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor chat, and our feature focuses on games that we feel should get sequels! What We've Been Playing: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Clanfolk End Zone: A World Apart


#132 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Redfall, CMA Block Microsoft & Activision/Blizzard Deal

Dony joins us to talk over the worst week for Xbox in recent memory. We talk new games and have played Jedi Survivor as well as Redfall. But the main event is the blocking of the Microsoft/ABK deal by the CMA. Let's talk what it means for Xbox now! What We've Been Playing: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Redfall Surviving the Aftermath


#131 - Hi Fi Rush Controversy, Horizon Review Bombed, Nintendo Indie World Recap

Eddy's back in a 3 person show, as Kirk's busy. Regardless it's action packed with the latest news and recap of the Nintendo Indie World presentation. What We've Been Playing: Total War: Warhammer 3 Narcos: Rise of the Cartels


#130 - Redfall 30 FPS, Warzone: DMZ Season 3, What is it about Nintendo?

Eddy's got a week off this time. Can Pete leads the charge with the new releases section this week with appropriate vim and vigour? We'll find out. We talk all things Redfall and 30 fps, follow up on EA PGA Tour 2023 chatter from last week, and revisit Warzone DMZ in Season 3. Our feature this week asks what is it about Nintendo that makes them so good? What We've Been Playing: Resident Evil 4 Remake EA PGA Tour 2023 Warzone 2.0: DMZ Mighty Doom


#129 - PlayStation Handheld, Super Mario Bros. Movie, EA PGA Tour 2023

Kirk's off but the rest of us power through. The ABK deal edges towards a close and PlayStation have some rumoured new hardware on the way. We chat about the Mario movie, playing the new PGA Tour game in the spirit of the Masters, and Eddy sings the praises of Starbound. Our feature discusses jump on and play games for gamers with limited time at the moment! What We've Been Playing/Watching: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Starbound EA PGA Tour 2023


#128 - E3 Cancelled, Dredge, Eddy's Real Deal (Part 2)

E3 has been cancelled, the PSVR2 isn't doing so well, but there was a Zelda Nintendo Direct... so it's not all bad. Join us for chats on the latest news and new releases. And we've played Dredge, is it as good as everyone's been saying? Our feature is Eddy's Real Deal part 2, where we play the £1 games Eddy picked for us 2 weeks ago. What We've Been Playing: Dredge F1 Manager Resident Evil 4


#127 - Resident Evil 4, Diablo 4, Biggest Games in Q2 2023!

Pete's finally back and order has been resumed. We have a genuine Microsoft ABK deal update, Redfall news and a big new Turtles game is on the horizon. We've played both Resident Evil 4 remake and more Diablo 4. Our feature looks at the biggest games in Q2 2023! What We've Been Playing: Diablo 4 Resident Evil 4 Remake Stalker Anomaly


#126 - PS5 Pro, Diablo 4, Incredible £1 games

Pete makes his absence 4 weeks on the trot, we address some constructive feedback, and discuss all the latest gaming news, including the potential PS5 Pro and the ABK deal latest. Ben's played Diablo 4, be prepared to hear about a great game! Our feature has Eddy pick top draw £1 games for the others to play. What We've Been Playing: Stalker Anomaly Diablo 4


#125 - Starfield Delayed, Suicide Squad in Trouble, Resident Evil 4

No Pete, no guests... it's a 3 man pod, law and order thrown to the wind. We talk about Jim Ryan's latest comments on the ABK deal, all the delays going on, and Xbox's terrible start to a generation. We've played the Resident Evil 4 demo and our feature talks about our favourite developers. What We've Been Playing: Resident Evil 4 LOU2 Sheltered 2


#124 - Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Atomic Heart, Game Pass Hidden Gems

With Pete away for a 2nd week we have DeadbeatPunk, a.k.a. Christopher Love, a.k.a. host of WTFDYW podcast, back as our guest. A lot of insults flying in this one and we do talk about both Wo Long and Atomic Heart. There's a lot to love. Our feature looks at a few current Game Pass games that you may have missed! What We've Been Playing: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Atomic Heart Pharaoh Last of Us: Part 2


#123 - ABK Deal Updates, Hogwarts Legacy Final Thoughts, Sony State of Play Recap

Pete's away for 3 weeks, so our first guest is the returning Dony. We have the standard weekly ABK deal updates along with big news on Nintendo and E3. Dony and Ben have both finished Hogwarts, we get their final thoughts, and Kirk has finally started LOU2! Our feature recaps the Sony State of Play from last week. What We've Been Playing: Hogwarts Legacy Dead Space The Forest Last of Us 2


#122 - Microsoft/Nintendo Deal, Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Space, Worth A Buy

Look no further! We have new Microsoft/Activision/Blizzard news (shock!) and a load of quick news to keep you going this week! Not to mention, a stacking New Releases section. Our feature this week spotlights a creator that 3 of us enjoy, Worth A Buy on YouTube. Check him out, we think you might like him! What We’ve Been Playing: Hogwarts Legacy Dead Space Remake Callisto Protocol Atom RPG Inkulinati


#121 - Hogwarts Legacy, Microsoft Acti/Blizz Deal Going Through? Nintendo Direct Recap

Dony guests again for a missing Pete where we talk the latest news from the CMA and go all in on Hogwarts Legacy! Our feature recaps the Nintendo Direct and discusses the high and low lights. Catch Dony: Twitter: @DonyzTweets Podcast: Pure Dead Gaming - Afterlife What We've Been Playing: Hogwarts Legacy Last of Us: Part 1


#120 - PlayStation Sales, World of Warcraft, Are Live Service Games Sustainable?

Kirk's off this week and no guest but there's new Microsoft Activision/Blizzard news and PlayStation sales numbers to keep us company. There are heavy hitting new releases as Hogwarts Legacy approaches and Pete gives us insight into what's going to keep him busy for a while! Our feature talks about live service games and what's happening to them right now? What We've Been Playing/Watching: Last of Us Remake Last of Us TV Show World of Warcraft


#119 - Forspoken Impressions, The Day Before Controversy, Xbox Developer Direct Thoughts

Dony from Pure Dead Gaming joins us in a stacked 5 person show. We've played Forspoken and give our take on if it's getting a bad rap! We also discuss the Xbox Developer Direct in our feature. What grade would you give it? LINK >>> What We've Been Playing? Forspoken Hi Fi Rush Mahokenshi This Land is My Land


#118 - Microsoft Lay Offs, Halo Problems, Midnight Suns, Gaming Resolutions

3 weeks on the bounce now for Kirk, is he back full time?! Microsoft dominate the headlines this week with lay offs including Halo developer 343. Marvel Midnight Suns is now completed, hear Ben's final thoughts. Our feature focuses on our gaming resolutions for 2023! What We've Been Playing: Marvel Midnight Suns Infectonator: Survivors


#117 - Ubisoft in Trouble, The Last of Us TV Show, Halo Quiz

Kirk's on for 2 weeks in a row... who would have thought! A fair bit of news this week taking about sales numbers with Ubisoft and Callisto Protocol. We actually have some big new releases to talk about and the Last of Us TV show is finally out to discuss. What We've Been Playing: The Last of Us TV show (watching) The Last of Us Part 1 World of Warcraft Wasteland 3