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Guts N' Glory is a podcast about the power of following one's gut.

Guts N' Glory is a podcast about the power of following one's gut.
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Guts N' Glory is a podcast about the power of following one's gut.




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"Chic Freud" with Kate Rosenberg

Today we’re sitting down with Artist and Psychotherapist, Kate Rosenberg. Spoiler alert, Kate’s spirit animal is the deer, and that’s exactly how she comes off as. Undisturbed and gentle in her being, we discuss how her experience with illness might have simultaneously served as the door through which she found an environment in which she was comfortable. Looking to pursue healing in the form of therapy, she applied to Pratt’s Expressive Therapy Program and, today, unites her work in...


"It's An Asset" with Fran Meneses

Today we’re sitting down with Illustrator and Youtuber, Fran Meneses. Our sensitivities and doubts are unrelenting in their claim for our thoughts and time, Fran, during which, acknowledges this all openly. Finding a place on Youtube, her content touches on the varying degrees of being an artist and general human being simply finding their way in the world. And yes, there are sketchbook tours and stationery hauls and PENS - what more could one ask for!? Whether you’re watching Fran’s...


"The Soul of The Sole" with Lauren Brinkers

Today we’re sitting down with Brooklyn based shoe designer, Lauren Brinkers. Conversing with Lauren instilled in me a sense of contentedness towards the unknowing of the future. At one point she references Rebecca Solnit, author of “A Field Guide To Getting Lost”, in that it is within the unplanned that we find our intentions. It is with this mindset that Lauren pursued her zeal for shoemaking, becoming a nurse as a means to support this passion and crossing oceans to further cultivate her...


I Do Abstract, Not Cartoons w Choi Chun Leung

Today we’re sitting down with this presence of a woman, Welsh and Chinese artist, Choi Chun Leung. Rooted in the practice of utilizing her art as an ever-evolving medium, she got her start in Silversmithing, but today you can find her in Brooklyn NY, giving voice to The Young Girl Project. A project centralized around sexual abuse and the silence that all too often goes hand-in-hand with sexual abuse and its victims. With one foot in nature and the other in the hustle and bustle of New...



Grab some headphones and plug in! Guts N’ Glory is back and will be releasing episodes every other Monday starting July 30th. Here’s a little teaser for now💖 Until then, you can give some of our previous episodes a listen. Always appreciate your thoughts and some of that subscription love, or get in touch to be featured on the podcast! Music - "Holy Water" by Denise Casey. You can find her on Soundcloud at


"Go Everywhere, Do Everything" with Fatina Hilal

Scrubbing through Fatina’s recordings, there’s an audible lust to live as she gives voice to her goals and dreams. She gets lost in conversation with herself, has this contagious laugh and is like a self-generator of motivation. When your to do list includes working in intelligence and running an internationally owned groovy jeans company. We’re discussing how to keep up with your own dreams. You’ll need a running tally to keep track of what Fatina Hilal has planned....


Came In Through The Back Door w Beryl Fine

Camera in hand, as well as simultaneously helming the tastebud-enticing Haute Chocolate Brooklyn chocolate company, Beryl Fine deals us a gulp of honesty. Wearing her gut on her sleeve, hear her roll with the punches. I left our conversation with a shift of attitude towards my own challenges and a craving for chocolate…specifically Cinnamon Chipotle. Please share your thoughts and show us some love by...