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A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.

A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.


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A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.






Sting of the (Black) Widow

It’s official! Phase 4 of the GPU (Guys of a certain age Podcast Universe, in case you’ve forgotten or never knew) has begun! Ok, maybe not But Phase 4 of the MCU - a slightly more famous universe - has definitely begun. Finally, another Marvel movie has hit theaters, and The Guys showed up to see Black Widow. Spoiler alerts abound. Though there are definitely Phase 3 carryovers in this kick-off movie, The Guys agree that it was a good overall offering from Feige and Fam: action, ancestry,...


Burdened WIth A Glorious Podcast (And Art)

Another Disney+ Marvel limited series has completed its run, and the only “Thing That Remains” is a full analysis from The Guys. Instead, you get the usual half an hour of bantering. It seems like Loki came and went quicker than a TVA pruning, and it left us with a lot to ponder. In this episode, The Guys wax semi-eloquently on the subject of the identity of the dude at the edge of time and where he’ll show up next, choose their favorite Loki variant (and for once they all agree), and...


Survey Says! The Family Reunion Episode

The Guys have been at this for well over two years now. They’ve become a family with a weekly reunion, though they haven’t decided which one is Cousin Eddie. But when they take a break from each other, they do occasionally go to reunions of the family they are actually related to. In this episode, they talk about the reunion many states away that Robbie is headed for, the one Art just had in his backyard, and the one Jay’s mother will attend in the near future. Family reunions haven’t...


The Thrill of Victory

It was a big week in the Guys’ home city. Not only is it the nerve center of the podcast (and perhaps for some, the get-on-your-nerves center), it’s also the host city for the newly crowned NCAA baseball national champions. And Robbie was there to see history made. In this week’s episode, the Guys take a look at historic sports events - that is, events that they have personally attended, which, of course, in hindsight, made them even more historic. Some were close to home, with personal...


They Want Their MTV

I WANT MY GUYS OF A CERTAIN AGE! Guys and gals of a certain age will … certainly…recognize that riff on a phrase made famous about 40 years ago, when MTV - aka Music Television - was born. MTV has a big birthday coming up, and The Guys get a jump on the celebration. In this episode they relive the theme song, the commercials, the VJ’s, and more - all the things that MTV used to be in their formative years. Plus a nod to the instigator of reality television shows (hello, Real World), and the...


Podcast of Our Fathers

It’s that time of year, when families say, “Oh yeah, it’s Father’s Day!” It’s that kind of tradition that sends The Guys down memory lane, but it turns out to be a short trip. In this episode, these Fathers of a Certain Age reminisce about memorable gifts received over the years - the few they can remember, anyway. The good news is, no neckties were harmed in the recording of this episode. Perhaps the Time Variance Authority can help restore a memory or two. And don’t miss Jay’s audio...


We Have The Podcast!

This week is a Jayless episode, but Robbie and Art find the power to continue with the podcast anyway. During the Geeks section, they discuss the return of two iconic figures, He-Man and a certain Dr. Jones, the passing of a favorite actor, NVIDIA's GPUs, and Krasinski's QP2. After the break, the Guys discuss show cancellation with a look at how things traditionally worked during the days of broadcast, and how things are now when streaming services seem to drop series on a whim. And yes,...


We Don't Need Another Hero (Part 2)

In this episode, The Guys ask the questions, “Are there too many superhero shows right now? Have we reached a point of saturation?” (And by the way, be sure to catch up on last week’s episode about superhero shows and the other 47 installments, give or take, where The Guys mention superhero shows and/or pretend to be superheroes.) Some might say there are too many, others might say there are not enough. Still others might say it’s just right. (And by the way, be sure to watch out for the...


We Don't Need Another Hero (Part 1)

We all recognize the phenomenon whose not-so-secret identity is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And perhaps for others, all things DC Justice League. Even non geeks have heard of them, folks with no nerd qualities at all have watched them, and those roles have become badges of honor (or at least rites of passage) for many actors who might once have feared type-casting. But those are just the most recent and perhaps more famous iterations of a long history of superhero cinema and television....


We all Scream for Ice Cream (Espcially Jay)

This week The Guys take the show on the road, but that hum in the background is not wheels turning on the blacktop, it’s the freezer in the corner keeping gelato at the perfect temperature. What’s gelato, you ask? Or at least, how is that fancy Italian word different from ice cream? That question and many others you never thought of asking are answered in this episode, recorded live at our local gelato shop. With summer approaching as rapidly as a mosquito diving for your neck, The Guys...


Feasting While Traveling on Asphalt

Do you plan vacation meals around sightseeing, beach chillaxing, or mountain hiking? Or do you work that stuff in around the meals? Maybe you’re hardcore and choose your vacay destination based on what restaurants are available. The Guys are not above this. Not long before recording, Robbie went to New Orleans and didn’t invite Jay and Art. But he sent pix of the meals he was eating, which brought momentary delight to the eyes, followed by long-term envy via the taste buds. In this week’s...


Grill Marks

It’s summer time and that means one thing: lightning bugs. No, mosquitos. Wait, surely it’s more positive than that. Oh yeah, it’s time to get your grill on! (While watching lightning bugs and swatting mosquitos, most likely. We won’t talk about the fire ants.) In this fiery episode, Jay and Robbie talk about their favorite grilling techniques. The discussion involves eggs, pork and coffee, but it’s not a breakfast chat. What goes in the ideal rub, what’s the ideal vehicle for smoking vs...


Better Late Than Frozen Like a Winter Soldier

The second of the major Marvel television series to debut on Disney Plus is over, and The Guys are in mourning. Whatever will they watch now? Are there more streaming services out there to keep them busy? (That’s another episode or three: check the archives, good listeners.) It’s a good thing Loki is not far behind. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is complete after a brief six-episode season, and it ended in dramatic fashion, as expected. In this episode, The Guys talk suits with stars,...


The Towering Tech Disaster

It’s been a rough few days for Robbie and his crew at the studio, as they dealt with everybody’s tech nightmare: ransomware. They survived (as you can see), but it inspired The Guys to remember other technology disasters from the past. No, they’re not talking about Y2K. These disasters were real. Art is even more dedicated than ever to doing good backups, and Jay has a firm life rule: no sweet iced tea within a five foot radius of his laptop. And be sure to keep your eye on the family...


Feasting on Asphalt (Road Eats)

These days, if you’re looking for something to eat, you don’t have to go far. But sometimes you do have to go, and maybe not-so-surprisingly, some of the best ready-to-eat hot food may be found in places that are required for “going” (unless you are Elon Musk). That would be gas stations, by the way. Perhaps even truck stops. They don’t just sell fuel for your vehicle, anymore. In fact, some may be more famous for their high octane fuel for the body. And we’re not just talking about...


Who Watches the Avengers? (Superhero teams)

Hooray! The Robbie and Art Guys let the Jay Guy come back to the studio! Why? Because you can’t have a superhero team without a sidekick. (Or is it a side to kick?) Anyway, on this exciting episode, teams are actually the topic. One might say, The Guys are the Team Titans. With the Avengers and Justice League off the proverbial table - because they get plenty of press already - this time the focus is on other supe groups that deserve the attention of an award-winning podcast. Or this one....


Alternate History

What would happen if the Axis powers had won World War II? Or if the Confederacy had won the Civil War? Or if there were only 2 Guys of a Certain Age on this podcast? These things and more are discussed as Robbie and Art look at Alternate History science fiction; stories that imagine how things would have developed if some moment in time had gone differently. The Geeks of the Week segment features new movies that are being made and old projects that are being abandoned, at least in our...


Cue the Synder Cut

After months of chatter and anticipation, the Snyder Cut of DC’s Justice League movie finally debuted on HBO Max in all its glory, angst, and extended scenes. Really extended scenes. Not to worry, though - this podcast episode is a little shorter than the movie. The Guys talk differences between the Whedon and Snyder versions, easter eggs, and the secret life of Lois Lane. Meanwhile, in the Geek of the Week segment, Jay covers a Marvel nod to Star Wars, Art reports news from DC’s casting...


The Cord You Cut

It’s not The Guys’ fault that the world’s screenshape is continually changing, thus requiring yet another discussion about cord-cutting. This time, though, even Jay might be bringing out his scissors - not to cut up his DVD’s like a bad credit card, but to spend those monthly dineros on something else equally watchable. Meanwhile, Robbie seems to have finally come to the point of disconnecting his satellite (and the bill that comes with it). Art, of course, left the world of cable TV many...


Focusing in on WandaVision

So. Many. Questions. The Guys can’t wait for WandaVision to launch! Wait, what? It’s over? Already? It’s true, and while they are happy it happened, like many, they are also sad to see it go. WandaVision was a show unlike any other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and as it honored television shows of a certain age, The Guys were right there reminiscing. And those questions? Well, now there are more. Check out this episode as they summarize, wander, and vision cast for the next MCU events...