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A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.

A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.
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A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.






Episode 18: The Endgame (Episode)

In an episode 10 years in the making, the Guys discuss the cinematic achievement that is Avengers: Endgame. Things start with the Geek of the Week segment: The Guys pay tribute to the late Peter Mayhew, the beloved actor who originated Star Wars' favorite Wookie, Chewbacca. Jay shares an app he discovered that helped him navigate the uncertain waters of a three-hour movie. And in a nod to the upcoming time-travel discussion, Robbie talks about an ad Apple made in 1987, set in 1997, looking...


Episode 17: Guys of a Certain Palate

In this week’s episode, Art joins the Guys from home by way of a can and 25 miles of string, since high-tech methods somehow shut down the studio computer. At the request of our favorite local baker and dedicated listener, this half-ish hour of ear-tickling fun is all about road trip food. Listen as these deep questions are answered (or not): Plus, a short discussion on favorite Easter candy. Art digs the black jelly beans - yes, he’s that guy. Hear Robbie’s quote of the month ever:...


Episode 16: Who's On Second? (Doctor Who part 2)

Yep, it’s the second episode of a two-parter. Or rather, a Who-parter. But first! Geeks of the Week now have their own theme music! The Guys are very excited. Jay brings news of a Brie Larson/Samuel L. Jackson collaboration that is mystical and magical but doesn’t involve Stan Lee. Art watched the Star Wars Celebration live (he was on a coffee break we’re pretty sure), and was also mistaken for “Old Luke” - that’s Skywalker, not Duke. Robbie educates us on the new Disney Plus streaming...


Episode 15: (Doctor) Who Knows?

Who should we talk about this week, Doctor? Yes. Exactly. Robbie finally gets his wish, and the guys discuss (translated: listen to Robbie discuss) the record-breaking phenomenon that is Dr. Who. But first! Geeks of the Week! Jay tried unsuccessfully to Skype in from a car flying through mid-town Atlanta, but his Marvel movie marathon would have been very exciting. Art watched a Sinbad (not the comedian) movie starring Tom Baker (Dr. Who the 4th), and Robbie introduced us to some very cool...


Episode 14: Holy Podcast! It's the non-taxing Batman episode!!!!

Holy 14th episode, Batman! The Guys celebrate 80 years of the Dark Knight. First up, our regular Geek of the Week segment; Art talks about the landmark 1000th issue of Detective Comics. Jay shares the Forbes list of fictional millionaires which features Bruce Wayne (Spoiler alert: that's Batman's secret identity). Robbie shares the incredible story of a group of students that performed Alien as their high school play. Yes. THAT Alien. Next, the, Trio? engage in a lightning...


Episode 13: Donuts, Lattes and SPACE

The Guys start lucky number 13 with a random comment about a "baker's dozen" which completely derails the podcast into a discussion of donuts. Robbie and Jay have strong opinions about where to get the best donuts in our area and beyond, while Art just seems a bit glazed. The Geek of the Week segment honors 80 years of Batman, celebrates a latte artist who makes coffee even more heroic with his foam tribute to Captain Marvel, and shames the social media also-ran, MySpace which recently...


Episode 12: Marvel, (Dot) Matrix and (Blue) Milk

It's a marvel we've gotten this far. Art brings the Gunn, Jay brings the blue milk, and Rob brings the Dot Matrix Music. Imagine "Eye of the Tiger" played by a dot matrix printer? Not really? Listen on. The Guys then hit the Marvel universe and talk Captain Marvel and flerkens. Show Notes: Rocky's Printer - Eye of the tiger on a dot matrix printer


Episode 11: Swedish Fish, Taco Bell and Sous Vide

Who are these Guys again? On epic episode 11 they rehash who they are, then wonder aloud about Rob Reiner’s best movie. (Why? Why not.) Art and Robbie rake Jay over the hot fuzzy coals because he dared to watch a movie the wrong way. The "Geeks of a Certain Week" segment features cartoon camp, Oreo-pinions, and a story of life-saving taco sauce. Then Art exits the studio to eat (and maybe go to work) while Jay and Robbie stay behind and just talk about eating. Listen for Big Green Egg...


Episode 10: Collecting stuff- comics, cards and domainst?

The Guys add to their collection of episodes with, appropriately enough, a look at collectibles. Episode 10 starts with a Geek of a Certain Week segment featuring a look back at old Hanna Barbera cartoons, a memory of the all-but-forgotten Hanna Barbera land, and a recent news story about a young person in Memphis who created a fusion reactor like a real-life Elroy Jetson. In the second half, the Guys discuss the difference between collections and accumulations and what constitutes an...


Episode 9: So What If We Did Watch The Oscars?

Yeah, The Guys made fun of them and asked if they were still relevant to the movie-watching public, but still found a way to spend an entire episode talking about the Oscars. In the spirit of their current favorite game, "6 Degrees from Kevin Bacon", Art, Robbie, and Jay all have stories: an Oscar winner they actually know, a celebrity asked to sign a book he didn’t write, and a perennial nominee (and finally a winner) who may or may not have been spotted in a NYC comic store. Jay's...


Episode 8: Monkees, Comics and Samsung, oh my!

In this episode's Geek of a Certain Week segment the guys mourn a Monkee, go retro with Hasbro on their new OLD Star Wars action figures, get in touch with the movie Tag, and wonder if Samsung's latest announcements mark the death of BluRay and the birth of the practical foldable smartphone. Art and Robbie discuss their favorite graphic novels, citing those that have had the biggest influence on current pop culture and on them personally. Spoiler Alert: not all opinions expressed may be...


Episode 7: The Book Episode Strikes Back

Part the Second of The Guys discussing all things book-related. How do we read: paper, Kindle or audio? And how important is the smell of the book? Art and Robbie introduce Jay to their favorite gateway books for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, including one that involves spice worms (not to be confused with the Girls of a Certain Group). Special guest Jake Jones, GOCA producer/editor/mascot, joins The Guys as they contemplate the age old question: Is it better to see the movie first or...


Episode 6: The Book Episode Part 1

Do guys of a certain age watch or even pay attention to the Grammys? How has streaming changed music awards? Bonus content: Throat bongos to the tune of "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" by Art. The guys then leave electronics behind and jump into the wonderful world of reading. What have they read? What are they reading? Can they even read? All questions will be answered. NERD ALERT: Learn which one of the guys has an exhaustive log of almost EVERY book he has read.


Episode 5: The Valentine's Day Episode (Bugs, Meerkats and Starship Troopers)

It’s close to that special day of candy and cherubs with bows and arrows. No, not Halloween. That other special day. It starts with a V. (No, not the TV show “V”.) In celebration, a zoo in Texas sponsors a strange but inventive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day involving cockroaches and meerkats. Jay, Art and Robbie talk about the finer points of this opportunity, which leads to a revealing discussion on the ups and downs of adulting in the same town where you grew up. Jay gets carded...


Episode 4: The Big Game/The Big Growl

For a number of reasons, the NFL's Big Game may not have been as Super as in previous years, but several of the commercials did make an impact. Jay, Robbie and Art discuss their favorite ads and also the food that scored big not only during the game but over the recent holiday season. As Art's stomach growls with hunger, the guys wrap this episode up with a quick discussion of the difference between a geek and a nerd. Satisfy your craving for old geek rambling, by subscribing to Guys of...


Episode 3: Comic book movies as the Best Picture pick at the Oscars? (Plus, snow days ain't what they used to be!)

Black Panther is the first "comic book" movie to receive an Oscar nomination. This week Art, Jay and Robbie discuss what that might mean for the genre, what earlier movies may have deserved a nomination and the real relevance of the Academy Awards in this age of epic blockbusters and endless sequels. The guys certainly reveal a little more of their age, as they wrap this episode up comparing modern snow days to the way things were back in their day. And no, it did not involve riding a...


Episode 2: Watching TV ain't so simple anymore.

What's your streaming method of choice for TV entertainment? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime? The guys talk about how they watch, what they watch and ALL the problems associated with them... With geek checks on Amazon's Lord of the Rings series and a little bit of "This Is Us" judgement.


Episode 1: Who are these guys of a certain age?

Meet Robbie Coblentz, Art Shirley and Jay Reed. These 40ish-50ish year old guys love movies, sci-fi, football and food. And so much more. This week Robbie, Art, and Jay share their personal geek origin stories. Find out how old each of the guys were when they first saw Star Wars and the impact it had on each of them. Spoiler Alert: there’s a reason they’re still geeks. They also share personal pop culture milestones and their thoughts on upcoming superhero and sci-fi movies. It's a half...