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A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.

A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.
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A podcast for geeks of a certain age. We cover pop culture, sci-fi, movies, food and anything else we think of.






Are You Ready for Some (JP) Football?

It’s football season, and in the South, the mindset changes. Even for guys of a certain age, who may be losing theirs. But while those brain cell are still clicking, the Guys look at the history of experiencing college football through the lens of evolving technology. From leather helmets to the ESPN app, they’ve seen it all and can watch it over over again if they want. Okay, maybe they don’t go quite that far back, but they do remember actually having to watch games in real time - even...


I Don't Want to Grow Up. I'm a GOCA Kid.

They are Guys of a Certain Age, but did they ever really grow up? And what will they do when they get there? That is the question upon which the Guys pontificate this week. Jay reaches way back to his childhood dreams of being an archeologist. (Spoiler: that didn't happen. Not enough air conditioning.) Art had visions of writing his own comic strip, and actually came pretty close. Robbie said: Grow up? Where's the fun in that? Listen as they dream in reverse.


Marvels, Mandalorians and Mickey! News from D23

The Guys break into their regularly scheduled episode release to bring news from D23. Listen as Robbie and Art explain to Jay what D23 actually means, then wonder in amazement with the Guys as they ooh and ahh about all the announcements made at Disney's Expo, the place to be for the ultimate Disney Fans. From the all the new shows debuting on Disney Plus (we'll all be watching The Mandalorian), to cast introductions for The Eternals, to the Galactic Starcruiser docking at Walt Disney...


Getting to the Core of our Apple Fandom

This episode starts with a look at King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. In his Geek of the Week, Jay reviews this 2007 documentary about two men competing to get the highest all-time score in Donkey Kong. You'll come away educated, entertained, and encouraged about how you're spending your spare time. At the "core" of this episode, the Guys share their personal experiences with Apple through the years. In addition to the first products they used, find out which hardware or software...


Superheroes: Infinite Spider-Man with the Boyz

There's nothing like a new superhero flick to get the Guys chatting, and this week was chock full of talking points. If we could only get them to keep to the point... But first, Robbie introduced a Netflix binge-watching contract, created to keep harmony in the home. That might become useful if both husband and wife decide to watch Amazon Prime's new series, The Boyz, which explores the gritty side of superhero life. (And we mean gritty - it's TV-MA.) They also talk the family-friendly...


Concerts: The Point of Know Return

Welcome back my friends, to the ...podcast that never ends. Today the guys are talking concerts; first concerts, favorite concerts, biggest concerts. Acts they've seen multiple times, acts they wished they'd seen, and acts that may or may not have filed a restraining order due to stalking. Jay serves as both Geek of the Week and our opening act, and he starts things off by sharing his collection of ticket stubs from various concerts and sporting events complete with notes on the back to...


The Year of The Bat

It's bat time again...the year of the bat...yet another bat-iversary that The Guys are happy to celebrate. This time it's the 30th anniversary of the Tim Burton/Micheal Keaton Batman movie, and The Guys take the opportunity to discuss an article hailing the multitude of ways this movie ushered in the age of superhero movies that followed. (That's a long bat-sentence, isn't it?) Even Robbie's Geek of the Week is batty. Or is it Robbie that's batty? Listen to find out, and as always... if...


Will the real Captain Marvel please stand up?

While Jay heads to Canada to avoid being called up in the NBA Draft, Robbie and Art are once again left holding the bag. And a mixed bag it is, starting with our Geek of the Week segment. Art shares his thoughts on the Shazam movie, which, because he's a Guy of a Certain Age, he insists on calling Captain Marvel. Robbie mentions the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the guys discuss several of the movies and documentaries both old and new that celebrate the Apollo...


Stranger Things, The 80's, New Coke and Jony Ive.

The Guys fly a missing man formation once again, and this time it’s Jay that’s gone AWOL. With the news that Jony Ive is leaving Apple after years of inspiring product innovation, Robbie and Art take a look at some of the designer's hits and a few of his misses. By the way, the rumors that Ive is in negotiations to replace Jay on the Guys podcast are simply not true. (Alton Brown, maybe, but Jony...) Next, the guys reminisce about the '80s in anticipation of season 3 of Stranger...


Music: When things get eclectic (and electric)

Finally, the Guys talk music. And you just might be surprised to discover what each considers his three most influential albums. Eclectic? Eccentric? Well, they are a certain age. But first, the Geeks of the Week. Art discovered a Spotify/Netflix-type app for comics outside the usual multiverse (Jay wants to know if he can get DVD's instead), Robbie delivers sad news of the original Lorax tree, and Jay brings up earworms. (Leave it to the pharmacist.) Then the discussion turns to tunes....


Is It real? Or is it Memorex? (Reality TV)

Is it real, or is it reality TV? Don’t confuse the two - they are not the same. That’s the subject two of the Guys get into this week. Real-ly. Jay has been an avid watcher of television food competition shows for the last ten years, and has even been involved in coordinating some local competitions. Robbie has seen a couple of shows from the inside out; a son’s-eye view, you might say. So between them, they have a lot of … opinions. Meanwhile, Art was in the air on the way to remember...


Mad Monk Memories (as told in a haunted cabin) with guest Phil Valentine

The Guys gather for a Geek of the Week segment that includes: an enigmatic Spider-Man poster that may foretell the return of the Fantastic Four to the silver screen, a food website that features recipes based on comic books, games, and all things geeky, and a look at Myth Buster Adam Savage's new show which will feature working (yes, that means FLYING) Iron Man 2 Armor. In a special "In the Field" segment Art interviews his brother-in-law, Phil Valentine. In addition to his self-titled...


Breakfast: The Most Important Podcast of the Day

In this episode, the Guys toast the "most important meal of the day." In addition to serving up their thoughts on current favorite breakfast foods and where to find them, Jay, Art, and Robbie look back at childhood breakfast staples including the wide variety of sugary cereals aimed at (and loved by) kids. And because it's "not just for breakfast anymore", the guys weigh in on the idea of breakfast for dinner. Geek of the Week offerings include; a look at the novel success of a...


Do You Come From a A Land Down Under?

Is this special edition of "Guys," Robbie visits with good friend, TV producer and fellow geek Steve Griffiths. Other than being one of Robbie's only friends, Steve is from Down Under and brings an unique perspective to geek culture and how growing up in Australia was different from our the Guy's childhood. There are a lot of Doctor Who, Star Wars and cartoon references. And a pretty cool accent. And Steve's isn't bad either....


Finales: What makes a good TV series finale? (Part 2)

The Guys take a break from Geek of the Week to dive right into this finale of finales. Again…NOT the finale of the podcast (we hope), but the finale of this two-part dramatic mini-series on what makes a good TV series finale. Actually, the primary drama is whether or not Art will be able to dial in to the studio from his commute through rural Mississippi, and that moment when Jay almost spoils Lost for Robbie. Art and Jay agree, however, that Lost spoiled itself. Or soiled itself. Listeners...


Finales: What makes a good TV series finale? (Part 1)

Jay's missing (see below) and Robbie and Art talk about other podcasts and series finales. Could Episode 20 be the last we hear of Guys of a Certain Age!! With Jay out on assignment, this episode's Geek of the Week features two podcasts to listen to when you're not listening to Guys. Art suggests listening to Blockbuster, Matt Schrader's dramatized "biopod" of the early days of Spielberg and Lucas as they create Jaws and Star Wars. Robbie's podcast pick is Malcolm Gladwell's...


Summer is Coming

Summer is coming! This week the Guys take a look back at the summers of their youth and the current traditions the warmer months hold now that they've reached a certain age. Just as it was during school days, anticipation is a key part of summer. You won't mind the wait when you hear the Geek of the Week session: Jay explores the odd connection between Elvis and Captain Marvel, Jr., Art discusses a fan-made update to the original Star Wars lightsaber battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan...


Episode 18: The Endgame (Episode)

In an episode 10 years in the making, the Guys discuss the cinematic achievement that is Avengers: Endgame. Things start with the Geek of the Week segment: The Guys pay tribute to the late Peter Mayhew, the beloved actor who originated Star Wars' favorite Wookie, Chewbacca. Jay shares an app he discovered that helped him navigate the uncertain waters of a three-hour movie. And in a nod to the upcoming time-travel discussion, Robbie talks about an ad Apple made in 1987, set in 1997, looking...


Episode 17: Guys of a Certain Palate

In this week’s episode, Art joins the Guys from home by way of a can and 25 miles of string, since high-tech methods somehow shut down the studio computer. At the request of our favorite local baker and dedicated listener, this half-ish hour of ear-tickling fun is all about road trip food. Listen as these deep questions are answered (or not): Plus, a short discussion on favorite Easter candy. Art digs the black jelly beans - yes, he’s that guy. Hear Robbie’s quote of the month ever:...


Episode 16: Who's On Second? (Doctor Who part 2)

Yep, it’s the second episode of a two-parter. Or rather, a Who-parter. But first! Geeks of the Week now have their own theme music! The Guys are very excited. Jay brings news of a Brie Larson/Samuel L. Jackson collaboration that is mystical and magical but doesn’t involve Stan Lee. Art watched the Star Wars Celebration live (he was on a coffee break we’re pretty sure), and was also mistaken for “Old Luke” - that’s Skywalker, not Duke. Robbie educates us on the new Disney Plus streaming...