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HK Happy Hour 一齊八: 港視講非 is a weekly podcast. Think of us as your friends where we unwind from our daily lives and talk about various shows like primetime TVB series, and variety shows from Hong Kong.


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HK Happy Hour 一齊八: 港視講非 is a weekly podcast. Think of us as your friends where we unwind from our daily lives and talk about various shows like primetime TVB series, and variety shows from Hong Kong.






LAB: Aysa's proposal for a love triangle for Rebecca and Jang Lung 葉碧嘉 x 張龍

Aysa proposes a storyline for one of her favourite LAB couples: Rebecca and Jang Lung 葉碧嘉 x 張龍. Played by Terrence Wong 黃耀煌 and Rebecca Shum 沈可欣, Aysa campaigns for more storylines but she has a specific one that goes on to detail in this episode (hint, a little K-drama meets love triangle that requires Terrence to play another character is involved). Vote in our poll (available on Spotify) and don't forget to check out Instagram to see the picture of this love triangle storyline!


It’s Finally Happening: Tornado Has the Feels for Sam Yoo on LAB愛回家之開心速遞

If all of the Tornado x Sum Yoo stans could meet up and celebrate, it prolly be the most lit party and gets featured on @tvbcomhk Aysa can finally cross off her checklist and be content with this pair coming to light. Aysa would not be Aysa if she didn’t have her own ideas on how they can pair this couple up into the LAB ecosystem for longevity. The million-dollar question do you want their storyline to unfold? Do you see any obstacles coming their way? No episode on the week of...


Initial Thoughts: 美麗戰場 The Beauty of War

Aysa has her two cents on the latest 美麗戰場 The Beauty of War and shares her thoughts on recasting particular characters and overall thoughts about this drama. Why does she mentions GMM25 and @lukevoyage into this anniversary series for TVB? Are you guys into this drama? Who would you like to recast for which characters and why? Who do you think will get nominated for awards this year from this drama? Have you guys started on Get On A Flat 下流上車族 and do you recommend...


Step in the Name of Love: When Bento Lunchbox Intersects Asian Idols and Fandom through the Illusion of Love, and Hi-So Love...Gold Digger to Coal Miner Edition

Aysa is back with episode 11 and she talks about LAB’s 1736 一班女人鬥「愛心便當 (3rd Sis and Tornado finally get screen time together after how many episodes later?), 1738 女兒的新男友竟然係 (Onion Head x Bonnie is now locked and sealed as a couple but...), 1739 假太子與賈名媛 (Fake Socialiate is back and comes with a new storyline and this actually surprised Aysa). We like to send out positive vibes to Chelffy as we send out utmost support to her: add oil and we know will do well at your latest reality...


LAB 開心速遞: It’s a Side Gig Generation. Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing is Nothing New

Aysa is on team MT and approves their cash cow side gigs and gives her take on quiet quitting and firing and the unintended consequences of the side gig generation of perks in this demanding era. Aysa asks a lot of reflective questions today: For those transitioning from school (and the summer break) and now entering the job search market, what are you looking for an employer? Do you guys have a side hustle outside your job/school or have plans to start one? Do you think Money MIke, Elton...

Office romance and its consequences: 愛回家之開心速遞

It’s another LAB #愛回家之開心速遞 milestone with their 1700th episode and counting! Aysa 張天澮 discusses office romance for the thematic 1700th episode and for average Jane’s and Joe’s out there, office romance in professional settings are often risky than advantageous to one’s professional career when the relationship ends. Join in on the discussion to how potentially Max can ruin his own position—though due to his socioeconomic status, nepotism and family privilege—he will always remain unaffected...


回家之 LAB Character Highlight: June (played by Kelly Gu)

Aysa 張天澮 explains how June’s character in LAB 愛回家之開心速遞—played by Kelly Gu—has grown since being first introduced on the show and now Aysa 張天澮 wants June’s character to further develop, but how? Tune in for details! Let us know on IG @hk.happyhour would you have June as Treegun’s fourth daughter or as a grandaughter in law? And which episodes were your favorite ones that featured her? Instagram @hk.happyhour: Facebook:...


Love Matters with Grace Review and What Happened to Gao Gao from LAB?

Aysa talks in-depth about the newest show Love Matters with Grace about why this show means so much to her and how tough topics like bullying, a source of deficit thinking, causes more problems for everyone—especially within the Asian community—as we are rarely ready to deal with bad news, why we need more shows on TVB and be more reflective on these issues in TVB dramas. In LAB world, Aysa wants to know: what happened to Gao Gao (Joe’s girlfriend)? Let us know in the comments below: have...


It’s Ghost Festival: Paranormal activities and ghost stories

Aysa wraps up with her new favourite show Psychic King and why she wants to see more shows like this with host @leung_sze_ho_spencer 梁思浩. Why is Aysa so happy about @ghlchan 's new show: Love with Grace Chan? LAB kicks off with their annual tradition of celebrating Ghost Festival with, of course, GHOST STORIES and Aysa also has to chime in with her own personal ghost story as well. She leaves you guys with what is your ranking of today’s LAB’s mini ghost stories: is it Linda, Terry, Philip...


回家之Family Court: Don’t Mess with My Man and LAB is Back on a Roll Again with Awesome Episodes

Episode 5 has Aysa over the moon for Lo and Behold (LAB) 開心速遞 and goes hard on her favourite episodes: 1671 容儀的誘惑, 1673 想做就去做, 1674 口疏惹的禍 and 1675 只想要一點MeTime. She talks about why you don't want to mess with LAB's Mary, Rebecca and Yung Yi's men, Auntie 3 and Tornado finally have storyline again, Isabella and friends outside of their cleaning hours, no human being in this word would go on a double date with Rebecca and Jeung Lung, and why its awkward when you like the same idol as your...


Generational Trauma: Let’s talk about it and why it’s important for TVB to have more shows to tackle this topic that is rarely discussed about

What do TVB dramas such as Childhood Capsule, Love Come Home: Low and Behold (LAB), Communion and other series have in common? Aysa has a reflection piece for multigenerational trauma and how we continue to see gaps and family patterns in TV shows that often reflect in our lives. Her main question revolves with how and where do we start our journey together to heal from generational trauma when we have limited resources and tools to break away from it? There are more questions than answers...


Tornado Time: He needs his big sis Linda and we all need Sum Yoo and Tornado episodes...TVB, please help us!

Aysa lobbies for her favorite fandom couple: Sum Yoo and Tornado in《開心速遞》第1647集 可愛風暴 AKA Lo and Behold (LAB) episode 1647 and also talks about why LAB should include more sibling bonding episodes for Linda and Tornado. Would you like to see more of Linda and Tornado forming a sibling bond together in future episodes? Are you also like Aysa and literally sick and tired of waiting for more Sum Yoo and Tornado episodes together? Drink that tea (or coffee) and share your thoughts! Instagram:...


Lo and Behold: Shipping Sum Yu and Tornado? 愛回家之開心速遞 1637 Review (B side)

愛回家之開心速遞 Lo and Behold: RichyBB talks talks aboutt episode 1637 starring one of our favorite actresses Andrea So. Aysa is team Tornado played by Andrew Chan and Sum Yu. Today, you hear RichyBB's thoughts on this and he throws out other questions as well! Do you think the TVB writers will let them be together? Holler if you wanna hear Aysa's side or her thoughts on Episode 1647 starring 風少/陳浚霆. Who else do you think is a good match for Sam Yu? Instagram:...


Childhood in a Capsule: Initial thoughts/review 童時愛上你 (A side)

Aysa takes over on episode 2's A side where she talks about her thoughts on the latest TVB Drama: Childhood in a Capsule 童時愛上你. Guess which actor Aysa thinks should get nominated and ultimately winning award for this year's TVB drama award show? Her thoughts on gender and playing non stereotypical roles that can either benefit or hurt an actor based on gender. Aysa also discusses her thoughts on Bowie Wu, Owen Cheung, Rucco Chan and Samantha Ko in 童時愛上你 initial thoughts. Instagram:...


Is Minion Life the Fast Track Way to Climb Up the Corporate Ladder? Mike the Trainee aka 擦鞋仔 from TVB’s Come Home Love: Lo and Behold

Mike the Trainee aka 擦鞋仔 and overly driven worker finds a new way to quickly climb up the corporate ladder through the underling system or in modern times, the minion life. But does he really need to be an underling to get to the top? Aysa explores and dissects Mike the Trainee and offers her insights on this. Catch new episodes every Thursdays at 8pm Pacific Time. Instagram: Facebook: Web:...


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