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BONUS Episode - Live from Cape Con 2018!

Welcome to a very special LIVE edition of Hailing Frequencies! We were invited to Cape Con 2018 at the Sea Isle City Library in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Ensign Harry brought his microphone along to do some interviews with the attendees and talk some Trek! Ensign Harry asks attendees to name their favorite Trek series and THE RESULTS MAY SURPRISE YOU! Plus, Super Hard Trekspert Trivia! Thank you to all the guests who joined me to talk Star Trek, and to the organizers of Cape Con for...


Episode 43 - Up The Long Ladder

Woof. There is good campiness and then there is BAD campiness. This episode definitely falls in the bad campiness...er...camp. But first, Ensign Harry and Look-Who-Has-A-New-Title Gregg cover the latest Star Trek news, including BRAND NEW Picard adventures?! Someone at Star Trek HQ just never wants this podcast to end! So the episode itself - yeah this one was rough. The crew answer a distress signal from some colonists whose planet is in danger of being obliterated by solar flares. The...


Episode 42 - Samaritan Snare

Geordi is held hostage and Picard goes under the knife/laser guns on this episode of Hailing Frequencies! When they encounter an SOS from the aloof Pakleds with a mechanical issue to their ship, the Enterprise sends over their Chief Engineer to deal with the problem. But the Pakleds refuse to give him back! They must listen to our show and realize what wonders he's done for the Engineering Department this season. Meanwhile, Picard and Wesley have some quality bonding time en route to a...


Episode 41 - Q Who (S2, E16)

Q is BACK! But when Picard turns down his offer to join the crew, Q catapults the Enterprise where no one has gone before! At long last, we meet the mysterious, persistent, (and creepy!) Borg! Will the Enterprise escape in time? Will Ensign Harry find any answers to the endless questions surrounding the Borg? What happened to those 18 people sucked up by the Borg!?! Plus more Star Trek Discovery, and The Next Generation pinball talk! Join Ensign Harry, Replicator Gregg, and Transporter...


Episode 39 - The Icarus Factor (S2, E14)

How do we even begin to cover the pure awesomeness that is Anbo-jyutsu? When Riker is offered his own command of a starship, Riker's estranged father, Kyle, pops up on the Enterprise to give him the briefing. Though it seems that Kyle arrives with good intentions, Riker still has some issues to work out over why his father abandoned him so long ago. Meanwhile, Wesley tries to figure out what is eating Worf - and hoodwinks Data and Geordi to help him out. The Worf screams return as Engineer...


Episode 38 - Time Squared (S2, E13)

We're seeing double on this episode of Hailing Frequencies! When the Enterprise encounters a stranded shuttlecraft, they are shocked to find a confused and disoriented Captain Picard inside! They are even more shocked and confused when the original Captain Picard is still on the bridge! The new Picard is from 6 hours in the future, but how did he get here and why are there two Picards?! Plus Riker the Chef!? Join Chief Engineer Mike as he tries to explain Star Trek time travel to Ensign...


Episode 34 - The Measure of a Man (S2, E9)

Data Defense League: ASSEMBLE! When Starfleet decides it wants to reclaim Data as property to mass-manufacture more androids, Data's very existence is put on trial! Luckily Captain Picard is up to the task to serve as Data's defense attorney. But Starfleet has a capable attorney as well...Ryker! Court is in session as Lt Cmdrs. Penelope and Justin join Ensign Harry in "The Measure of a Man" covering Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 2, Episode 9! Enjoy! DON'T MISS the Farpoint Toys...


Episode 33 - A Matter of Honor (S2, E8)

Riker joins the Klingons in this week's Hailing Frequencies! As part of the Federation officer exchange program, Riker volunteers to take on an assignment with a nearby Klingon ship to learn their ways. But when the Klingon Captain wants to go to war with the Enterprise, Riker is caught between honoring his oath to serve his new captain and his oath to Starfleet! Meanwhile, we learn firsthand what it would be like to have Worf as a boss when the Enterprise crew deals with a new young...


Episode 32 - Unnatural Selection (S2, E7)

It's time for everybody's favorite Chief Medical Officer to take center stage this week on Hailing Frequencies! When the Enterprise encounters a Federation ship where everyone on board has died of old age, they investigate at a nearby genetic engineering facility! The facility is in crisis, leading Picard and Dr. Pulaski to butt heads over the proper course of action for evacuating the young children in the lab. But when Dr. Pulaski decides to go to any lengths to figure out the source of...


Episode 31 - The Schizoid Man (S2, E6)

Data meets his Grandpa this week on Hailing Frequencies! Ah, Grandpas. They're always good for chats about life and death, singing songs from the Wizard of Oz, and pouring their consciousness into your body against your will! We also question Starfleet procedures in leaving a young assistant with a very creepy octogenarian. Finally, we learn what happens when you confuse a Klingon with a Romulan - it ain't pretty! So grab your Targ and join Lt Cmdrs. Becca and Brian and Ensign Harry as...


Episode 30 - Loud as a Whisper (S2, E5)

Diplomacy is front and center in this week's Hailing Frequencies! When the Enterprise is tasked with escorting a negotiator to a war-torn planet, everything is going pretty well - until all chaos breaks out when the negotiator's translators are vaporized in the goriest display since Conspiracy! Plus we get the most pointless Pulaski scene yet! And the BEST Picard line of the series so far. We talk a little more Discovery plus Star Trek-esque bridge simulators, and the Wil Wheaton (Not...


Episode 27 - Where Silence Has Lease (S2, E2)

This week, the Enterprise encounters a strange nightmare-fuel pocket in space, however the REAL story this week is all of the great character moments! We get a Worf/Riker buddy cop story, another appearance from podcast-favorite pre-Transporter Chief O'Brien, Pulaski proves once again to be the absolute worst, PLUS Ensign Harry has his first experience with a red-shirt. We mix in a little Star Trek: Discovery talk along with highlights from the musical careers of TOS actors. Set your...


Episode 26 - The Child (S2, E1)

Season 2 begins NOW! It's good to be back and boy did The Next Generation grace us with a roller coaster of an episode. We get new characters, new areas of the Enterprise, new promotions for old characters, a pretty problematic plot involving Troi getting violated by an alien life form...oh yeah and a space plague. Plus a Wesley Crusher Moment of the Week to trump all others. Star Trek is back and Hailing Frequencies are OPEN! Join Ensign Harry and Lt. Cmdr. Jim Y. as they raise "The...


Episode 25 - The Neutral Zone (S1, E26)

We finally reach the end of Season 1 and "Ensign" Harry meets a longtime Star Trek foe for the very first time this week on Hailing Frequencies! The Enterprise revives a few stowaways from the 20th century. With a delicate diplomatic crisis on their hands, this might not be the best time to answer requests to put the Atlanta Braves game on the tube! Plus we get the worst Troi moment of the season! "Ensign" Harry and "Lt. Cmdr." Scott head into the "Neutral Zone" covering Season 1, Episode...


Episode 24 - Conspiracy (S1, E25)

Starfleet is in crisis. After Picard takes a secret meeting with a handful of Captains, he discovers that something has infiltrated Starfleet command. But who can you trust?! Plus find out what Ensign Harry deemed as the biggest laugh in the series so far! And Listener Star Trek Origin Stories! Grab a bowl of Lo mein and join Ensign Harry and Lt. Cmdrs. Mike G. and Matt H. as we talk "Conspiracy" covering Season 1, Episode 25 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Enjoy! "Ensign" Harry -...


Episode 23 REUPLOAD - We'll Always Have Paris (S1, E24)

EDIT: Reuploaded due to a time distortion in the last upload! Ah, Paris. The Eiffel Tower. The Champs-Elysees. The Jetsons-style tubes and flying cars. The Enterprise meets Casablanca this week on Hailing Frequencies. When an old flame reaches out for help, Picard is faced with the repercussions of a decision made in a Paris cafe long ago. Also some time distortion stuff is thrown in that does not make any sense at all. And find out how Facebook will be the backbone of the Holodeck. "We'll...


Episode 22 - Skin of Evil (S1, E23)

Sadness. This week on Hailing Frequencies, we fight through the tears to say goodbye to a podcast-favorite character as the Enterprise crew encounters an unstoppable oil slick. And something about Troi being held captive on a crashed shuttlecraft or something...but WHYYYYY, oh here come the tears again. Ensign Harry is joined by Lt. Cmdrs. Penelope and Justin as they try to shake the "Skin of Evil" covering Season 1, Episode 23 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Enjoy! On a happier note,...


Episode 21 - Symbiosis (S1, E22)

This week on Hailing Frequencies, we get one of the classic staples of 80's television, the after-school "drugs are bad" special! The Enterprise encounters two different civilizations that are co-dependent on one another. The inhabitants of one planet requires the "medicine" created by the other to defeat a plague. But when Dr. Crusher finds that this "plague" is no more than a drug addiction, can the Enterprise intervene to end the cycle? Plus our WESLEY CRUSHER MOMENT OF THE WEEK -...


Episode 20 - The Arsenal of Freedom (S1, E21)

It's not easy sitting in the Captain's Chair this week on Hailing Frequencies! When the Enterprise investigates the disappearance of all life and a Federation ship on a remote planet, Geordi LaForge is left in command. But when an ancient weapons system on the planet switches on, Captain Picard and the away team as well as everyone on the Enterprise are in dire peril! Plus, we get kerosene for Ensign Harry's ongoing Picard/Crusher/Wesley theories! And we meet our third Chief Engineer of...


Episode 18 - Coming of Age (S1, E19)

School may be out for the summer, but exams are just beginning for Wesley Crusher! It's Starfleet Academy entrance testing! Should be a piece of cake for Wesley - who is currently serving as an Acting Ensign on Starfleet's flagship - right? Meanwhile, Picard is under intense investigation for all of the shenanigans on the Enterprise so far this season. "Ensign" Harry and "Lt. Cmdr." Scott are "Coming of Age" covering Season 1, Episode 19 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Enjoy! NOW...