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Episode #176 - Con Days of Summer

Cons, cons, cons. Hardly Heroes loves Cons! This week your Heroes are fresh off California Republic Comic Con, and then they are gearing up for Wizard World Comic Con this weekend. And if you have ever had the dream of being in the Triple HQ and hearing the Hardly Heroes live then come out to Wizard World on Saturday for the very first ever LIVE PODCAST. It's going to be mental! #MichaelScott


Episode #175 - Hashtag Not My Batman

This week your heroes are up to their usual antics. Buddy and Shmee argue (what else is new), Phil brings the news, and Dilly does a great job reading things. You'll learn if Buddy liked IT, you'll hope Dilly runs the 5K, you'll ask why does Shmee hate sparkly vampires, and you'll be left wondering DID IT HIT?


Episode #174 - Norwegian Takeover

This week your Heroes have nothing specific to talk about so they read two long emails from Norway (do we need a NorwayAlarm!!). They also cover some news about Jojo Rabbit, Dark Crystal, and the new Joker movie. And don't forget your favorite Heroes will be out at California Republic Comic Con and Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento.


Episode #173 - D23

How can there be another Disney episode you ask? Well D23 happened and there is a ton of new stuff to talk about, so his week your heroes cover even more Disney news!!! Star Wars, Marvel, Disney+, its all here and more!


Episode #172 - ParmAlarm

This week your heroes welcome back the one, the only ParmAlarm James Navarro. They give you an inside look at their experience at Silicon Valley Comic Con and the amazing organization Project Wish Upon A Star. Buddy and Shmee get heated about the Disney/Sony Spider-man news, and they also sing way too much for anybody's comfort.


Episode #171 - Honey Bunches of Blanny

This week the Heroes invite an old friend back into the studio, Mr. Manny Blanny himself. He talks about the show he left the Hardly Heroes for, his new podcast InPodticular. They cover what's new in the nerd world, Phil Burgundy reads the news, Buddy and Manny fight, and then they have a very heated Top 5 about their favorite cereals.


Episode #170 - The Mad King Returns

This week your Heroes welcome back The King, the 1st mic, the the self proclaimed best host of all time, Buddy. We hear about his trip, and his so called "grips" about the Buddy-Free shows. They talk about Amazon's new show The Boys (spoils free), hear from Correspondent Phil, and they read an unnecessarily long email from The Sidekick With No Nickname. Shout-Out to long shows and don't forget about the bloopers.


Episode #169 - The Double Stuffed Disney Shout-Out Show

This Week the Heroes welcome The Sidekick With No Nickname and Bird into the studio to talk non-stop (for two hours) about nothing but Disney. This double stuffed episode has two Top 5's, and an insane amount of Sidekick Mail (shout-out to the Sidekicks). Its a long ride, but don't forget to wait around for the post credit scene, its a deep cut secret track.


Episode #168 - The Episode With No Nickname.

This week we have the amazing, the talented, the over-prepared Sidekick With No Nickname, James N. James helps us conquer the insanely big heap of news coming out of San Diego Comic Con (you'll be thankful he was so prepared), we try and hit it all but its mainly all about Marvel. Shmee and Dilly also talk about Powerhouse Comic Con, our HH correspondent of course checks in, and we hear some sidekick mail.


Episode #167 - Guess Who's Back...Back Again...

GOAT is back, and you'll have to strap in because it's a long one! It's always a long and winding road when GOAT is in the Triple HQ. This week your Heroes mildly SPOIL Stranger Things, so if you haven't watched it yet (like lame-o Cheese), then you better get to bingeing! They talk new movies and TV shows, they hear from their famed correspondent, and dive into a ton of Sidekick mail. Hopefully you have a long Friday commute. Enjoy!


Episode #166 - HH Music Edition

This week the Heroes try and get on without Buddy, it's hard but they do it. They have a guest host Keith, and they all talk music, The Walking Dead, and scary movies. They also have a music related Top 5, sidekick mail, and they check in with Buddy.


Episode #165 - Bye Buddy, Hope Your Find Your Dad.

Its a sad day this week in the Triple HQ, we must say goodbye to Buddy for four whole weeks. Will the show survive or thrive without the Madking ruling over us all? Either way we will miss his pretty face in the studio. We also give a spoiler review of Spider-Man Far From Home, get tidbits from Shmee's trip to CO, Dilly talks scary movies, we get some Nerd News from our correspondent, and of course some sidekick mail.


Episode #164 - Preliminary Mayo

This week the Heroes get into the massive success of Shmee's BroDown challenge. They cover the fate of The office, give you their thoughts on the new Stranger Things trailer and the new HP game. They also read some interesting SideKick mail which leads into a rant about growing up Nickerson that nobody asked for.


Episode #163 - The One Where Shmee Spoils It.

This week the Heroes go see Toy Story 4 and try to give a spoiler free review but Shmee spoils it anyway (its not completly spoiled, but just kinda sorta!). They discuss some exciting news about Endgame, Shmee drops the ball on a few things, and they read some Sidekick mail.


Episode #162 Doouight (Do It!)

This week the Heroes talk about all the excited new things in the gaming world, you'll get a little too much information about Buddy's eating habits and Shmee gets her very first BroDown challenge. They also are calling all Marvel fans and Sidekicks to report for duty and see Endgame again. #EndgameOnYourLeft


Episode #161- What Did You Do? (Dark Phoenix SPOILER)

This week the Hardly Heroes watch Dark Phoenix and come straight to the Triple HQ to SPOIL it for you. Special quest Clayton is here with his take on the X-Men franchise and to talk about Plantbound. It's late and we have a lot to say, so it might get a little crazy!


Episode #160 - The Birth of Cheeze-Wiz

Tonight we talk about our first Nerd Up Challenge, and about all of the new movies we want to see. We also get some great sidekick mail. Buddy gives Shmee a new nickname that she doesn't like!!!


Episode #159 - Top 5 Comedy Villains

Join the Hardly Heroes this week for the much anticipated return of Top 5 to the tune of our favorite comedy villains! There's also some Game of Thrones talk, but not because we're happy about it. Shmee blesses Dyllrd with his official Nerd Name & stick till the end for the first Nerd-Up/Bro-Down Challenge!


Episode #158 - Behave, Be Brave, Be Heroes

This week on Hardly Heroes come join us to hear about all the fun we had at Meadowlark Comic Con in Oregon, The G.O.T., HBO's Watchmen trailer, Apple TV+, Sidekick mail and a deeper dive into Nerd Up/Bro Down.


Episode #157 - It's Me! Shmee!

This week, the guys welcome a long needed female addition to the show as Sheilah joins the squad as a host. Buckle up for a complete, in depth, SPOILER-FULL review of Endgame and some intense GOT as can only be brought to you by double Nickerson and a Dilly.