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Episode 47: Charles McBee

Comedian Charles McBee stopped by the radio show and had a great time. He told us all about his start in comedy, doing the stand-up on a party bus, and watching other comics bomb their faces off. Chaps and Kate also talk about hurricanes, magic cups, barefoot runners and more. Chaps also tells a story about the day he got his re-enlistment bonus.


Episode 46: Breckin Meyer & Graham Kay

The first edition of a new format features Robot Chicken creator Breckin Meyer, and comedian Graham Kay. Breckin tells us all about the new season of his show SuperMansion, and the one scene from his acting career he doesn't want his kids to see. We ask Graham about what being a Canadian comic is like, and he tells a story about a very short stand-up set in Harlem. We also talk about Chaps not knowing how to say Control-Alt-Delete, and we pull one of our funniest segments from radio this...


Episode 45: Jeff Vibbert

Although most people know him as a Heartland transfer, Jeff Vibbert was actually quite successful as a stand-up comic on his own in Indianapolis. He talked to us about how he started, his biggest bomb, and doing stand-up with the other Heartland guys. He sticks around as Kate tells the story of her day with Gritty.


Episode 44: First Memories + A Dark Turn

Chaps and Kate reflect on what they consider their first memory. Did it play exactly how they remember it in their mind? Things take a dark turn when Chaps relives his first memory and the role that Mitch played in it.


Episode 43: West Coast Recap & Royal Protocol

Kate & Bren finally made it back to NY, so the ZBT Starbuck trip is finally over. The squad reflects on all the cities they went to, and hanging out at Chaps' house with the famsquad. Meghan Markle made the news after closing her own car door, so Chaps and Kate go through royal protocol to see if they would be good royals or not.


Episode 42: The Lone Star Podcast

Chaps and Kate split an episode between a hotel room in Dallas and the Dallas Forth-Worth airport (which STINKS). Chaps starts the episode off by telling a story of an awkward encounter he had on our flight from San Diego to Dallas. Afterwards we talk about how men should admit when they have small dicks, like Chaps admits how he has small legs.


Episode 41: Mark Normand

Mark has done a One-Hour Comedy Central special “Don't Be Yourself” produced by Amy Schumer, a Comedy Central haaf hourspecial, has appeared on TBS's CONAN 6 times, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He joined Chaps and Kate in-studio (6:23) to talk about his worst bomb ever (shoutout Kalamazoo), how comedians earn specials, Mitch Hedberg, and more. Before Mark's interview, the gang gives an update from the first leg of their Zero Blog Thirty trip in...


Episode 40: Sam Morril

Sam Morril is one of the fastest-rising stand-up comics in NYC. His special “Amy Schumer Presents: Sam Morril: Positive Influence,” is premiered on Comedy Central on Friday, September 14th and is now available on Amazon and on CC.com for free. He sat down with Chaps and Kate in studio to talk about drinking at comedy clubs, getting threatened on stage, going back to using condoms, and much more.


Episode 39: Ronny Chieng

With "Crazy Rich Asians" setting the world on fire, we're happy to have Ronny Chieng on the show. Ronny talks about growing up all over the world, the incredible success of Crazy Rich Asians, and working on The Daily Show. Before Chaps and Kate sit down in-studio with Ronny, Chaps tells everyone about his most recent trip to the doctor.


Episode 38: Danny LoPriore (Bonus Breast Cancer Awareness PSA)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we are getting ahead of the game. We brought in internet sensation Danny LoPriore (famous for singin about titties) to help us create a PSA reminding you to get a mammogram. Early detection is the best defense. We also talk to him about blowing up on Vine, expanding his content outside of just singing about titties, and much more.


Episode 37: Dane Baptiste

Dane Baptiste joins the show to talk to Chaps and Kate about British baking shows, and how cooking shows in general are very misleading. Dane is also a twin, but his twin sister is NOT identical to him so stop asking.


Episode 36: Dan Soder

Dan Soder is a New York City based comedian who's best known as ‘Mafee' on the hit Showtime Billions series. He has a new Half Hour Special on Netflix, and his first hour-long stand-up special, 'Not Special' premiered last year on Comedy Central. He joined Chaps and Kate in studio and the conversation flowed everywhere from 'earning a jerk' to smoking weed in his garage as a teenager to the national comedy scene.


Episode 35: Kelsey Cook

Kelsey made her late night debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in March, as well as her Comedy Central debut on This is Not Happening in April. Her other television appearances include AXS TV Presents Gotham Comedy Live, Punchchapline on FOX, Laughs on FOX, Uproarious on FUSE and Greatest Party Story Ever on MTV. Today she told Chaps and Kate about some cupcakes dirtier than the average cupcake and an unfortunate incident involving a manicure tool turned dildo.


Episode 34: Liz Miele

On today's show Liz Miele tells us about how her cat dumped her for her mom, public freakouts, and asking friends to help you move. Speaking of moving, Kate gives an update on her move from Philly to NYC.


Episode 33: Alex Powers

Alex Powers might have a support animal of her own, but that doesn't stop her from making jokes about the people who take it too far. Alex joins Chaps and Kate to talk about some of the backlash she's received about her support animal jokes, and also about how loud her neighbors have sex.


Episode 32: TanyaLee Davis

TanyaLee Davis joins Chaps and Kate to discuss PDA, wedding blowjobs, life as a little person and more. At 3'6, she's probably the smallest comedian you've heard of, but her jokes land big.


Episode 31: Cheating On Your Barber featuring Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore's barber just got out of jail, and he doesn't know how to tell him that he let another man cut his hair while he was locked up. He has needs! Anthony joins Chaps and Kate to talk about the other things in life that are really difficult to separate from like Costco, Apple products, and gummy bears.


Episode 30: Working On Our Impersonations featuring Kyle Dunnigan

From Pooh Bear to Jigsaw to Erkel, Chaps and Kate try to nail down impersonations they've been fooling around with for years. Comedian Kyle Dunnigan joins the show to talk about creating impersonations out of thin air, which ones get stuck in his brain, and writing for shows like 'Inside Amy Schumer' and 'Reno 911.'


Episode 29: Kat Timpf Finally Apologies For Teal Dress

The hi haters crew is joined by Fox News and former Barstool employee Kat Timpf. Kat has some of the most insane mentions on twitter and we call her to the carpet about it.


Episode 28: John Cynn Will Never Win The World Series of Poker

That's what the haters said. Clearly, they were wrong. John Cynn joins us after going on a little bit of a spree following his big win at he world series of poker. 8.8 Million dollars richer, he talks about the highs and lows of winning, nearly getting diarrhea after seeing the stack of cash for the first time, and much much more. Spoiler alert: John is down to play Barstool Nate in a Texas-style straight-up Go Fish or War game. Look for that later this summer.