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Episode 59: PBR & Barstool Chicago

On this edition of Hi Haters, we've got two PBR bull riders, Keyshawn Whitehorse and Tanner Byrne. They tore it up at MSG but talked to us about their passion for bullriding first. Then the Barstool Chicago boys called in and talked some smack to Kate about their Bears/Eagles matchup.


Episode 58: Holiday Break Recap + John Bobbitt

We're baaaccckkk!! We recap our holiday breaks, and Kate celebrates the 25th anniversary of John Bobbitt getting his meat sliced by reading some of her favorite porno titles.


Episode 57: Dakota Meyer // The End of 2018

What a way to end 2018! Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer called in to our show to argue with El Pres, and it was electric. We also recap all our best moments, all of Barstool's best moments, and a ton more,


Episode 56: Christmas Party Shenanigans featuring Pat & Nate

On this edition of Hi Haters Barstool Pat and Barstool Nate hang out and chat. Nate breaks news about an awesome band coming to play in the office. Pat tells all about how he dunked on a Deadspin staffer. We also prepare for the office Christmas Party and a ton more.


Episode 55: Wheeler Walker Jr.

On this edition of Hi Haters we've officially lost control of period Tuesday, and Kate gets down a parental discipline rabbit hole. Wheeler Walker Jr. joins Chaps and Kate and sings a song off his new album.


Episode 54: Jon Dore

Kate has been having a rough time. She got a bad haircut, her eye hurts, and she has a speech she's super nervous about. Fortunately she powers through and makes tremendously funny content out of it. Kate is also joined by Jon Dore to talk about his special, BIG QUESTIONS, HUGE ANSWERS WITH JON DORE, where he tries to solve America's biggest problems.


Episode 53: Jay Mewes & Finesse Mitchell

It's a special double interview episode with two awesome guests. Jay Mewes of Clerks and Finesse Mitchell of SNL join Kate for some exciting and high energy talks about comedy, film, tv, writing and more. Kate also recaps her wild weekend with her old rugby gals.


Episode 52: Jimmy Carr

Chaps and Kate are super stoked about the lineup change, so they did the whole week from NYC. Kate and Vibbs interview the hilarious Jimmy Carr, and Vibbs gets a pretty good roasting. A ton of great segments from our new time slot 6-7pm ET on Barstool Radio SIRIUS XM Channel 85!


Episode 51: Jo Koy

Jo Koy joins Kate and Vibbs to talk about his long career in stand up, doing shows in Hawaii and having a tour bus with his face on it. Chaps had an awesome weekend spending time with McCartney. Chaps and Kate reflect on their video in San Antonio where they got attacked by dogs. Trill Withers joins the show to preview his new radio show.


Episode 50: Cedric Yarbrough

On this week's podcast, Chaps and Kate discuss a ton of stuff ranging from getting triggered online, getting the wind knocked out of you, Eagles babies and more. Cedric Yarbrough sits down with Kate in-studio to talk about all the funny shows he's been on, and the show he's on now, Speechless.


Episode 49: Paul Virzi / Best Halloween Candies

On this week's episode of the Best Of Hi Haters, Kate recaps her weekend in Indy at her cousin's wedding, and Vibbs joins the show to recap the work he did preppign for Rough N Rowdy. Paul joins Chaps and Kate live in studio to talk about his comedy career, working with Bill Burr, and tells an insane story about an Uber driver and a baby. Chaps and Kate also rank all the best Halloween candies.


Episode 48: Danny LoPriore drops Suck Them Titties Part 3

Our good friend Danny LoPriore dropped by the radio show last Wednesday and blessed us with some hot fire flames melodies. First we talked about his come up through Vine and his pivot to Instagram/Twitter. Then we sang songs about dental dams, high school dances and 'Suck Them Titties Part 3. Tune in not just because Danny's on the show, but because Kate reveals her talent for freestyling as well.


Episode 47: Charles McBee

Comedian Charles McBee stopped by the radio show and had a great time. He told us all about his start in comedy, doing the stand-up on a party bus, and watching other comics bomb their faces off. Chaps and Kate also talk about hurricanes, magic cups, barefoot runners and more. Chaps also tells a story about the day he got his re-enlistment bonus.


Episode 46: Breckin Meyer & Graham Kay

The first edition of a new format features Robot Chicken creator Breckin Meyer, and comedian Graham Kay. Breckin tells us all about the new season of his show SuperMansion, and the one scene from his acting career he doesn't want his kids to see. We ask Graham about what being a Canadian comic is like, and he tells a story about a very short stand-up set in Harlem. We also talk about Chaps not knowing how to say Control-Alt-Delete, and we pull one of our funniest segments from radio this...


Episode 45: Jeff Vibbert

Although most people know him as a Heartland transfer, Jeff Vibbert was actually quite successful as a stand-up comic on his own in Indianapolis. He talked to us about how he started, his biggest bomb, and doing stand-up with the other Heartland guys. He sticks around as Kate tells the story of her day with Gritty.


Episode 44: First Memories + A Dark Turn

Chaps and Kate reflect on what they consider their first memory. Did it play exactly how they remember it in their mind? Things take a dark turn when Chaps relives his first memory and the role that Mitch played in it.


Episode 43: West Coast Recap & Royal Protocol

Kate & Bren finally made it back to NY, so the ZBT Starbuck trip is finally over. The squad reflects on all the cities they went to, and hanging out at Chaps' house with the famsquad. Meghan Markle made the news after closing her own car door, so Chaps and Kate go through royal protocol to see if they would be good royals or not.


Episode 42: The Lone Star Podcast

Chaps and Kate split an episode between a hotel room in Dallas and the Dallas Forth-Worth airport (which STINKS). Chaps starts the episode off by telling a story of an awkward encounter he had on our flight from San Diego to Dallas. Afterwards we talk about how men should admit when they have small dicks, like Chaps admits how he has small legs.


Episode 41: Mark Normand

Mark has done a One-Hour Comedy Central special “Don't Be Yourself” produced by Amy Schumer, a Comedy Central haaf hourspecial, has appeared on TBS's CONAN 6 times, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He joined Chaps and Kate in-studio (6:23) to talk about his worst bomb ever (shoutout Kalamazoo), how comedians earn specials, Mitch Hedberg, and more. Before Mark's interview, the gang gives an update from the first leg of their Zero Blog Thirty trip in...


Episode 40: Sam Morril

Sam Morril is one of the fastest-rising stand-up comics in NYC. His special “Amy Schumer Presents: Sam Morril: Positive Influence,” is premiered on Comedy Central on Friday, September 14th and is now available on Amazon and on CC.com for free. He sat down with Chaps and Kate in studio to talk about drinking at comedy clubs, getting threatened on stage, going back to using condoms, and much more.