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This podcast is a weekly show that focuses on talking with guests about subjects that contain a "high strangeness" factor.

This podcast is a weekly show that focuses on talking with guests about subjects that contain a "high strangeness" factor.
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This podcast is a weekly show that focuses on talking with guests about subjects that contain a "high strangeness" factor.




EP 16 - New Chronology with Stephen Sorensen + Live Calls

Hidden Path Podcast Episode 16 - New Chronology Our guest is Stephen Sorensen who joins us to speak about New Chronology. Following the work of Anatoly Fomenko the study of New Chronology sets out to show that history isn't WHEN we think it is. A conspiracy of mega proportions and tonight we dive deep into what it means. Stephen's Website: https://chronologytruth.wordpress.com/ Then we take live calls from the listeners who call in with some very very interesting...


EP 15 - Geo-Political TED TALK

We talk Geo-Political with Renaissance Ted about current whats happenings Also as always if you ever happen to miss a show you can catch them all and more information at our website: http://www.hiddenpathpodcast.com A GOD LIKE PRODUCTION http://www.godlikeproductions.com


EP 14 - Vibratory Universe and Dynasphere Machines w/ Dale Pond

We have been on a holiday break but we are back with a bang! Our guest tonight is Dale Pond. He is a researcher and inventor of the Dynasphere machines which tap into the theorized underlying sympathetic vibrational universe. He runs the Delta Spectrum Research Center in La Junta, CO. His website and much more information can be found here: http://www.svpvril.com/ Books Mentioned in the Podcast: Christ Returns: Speaks his Truth Dale Ponds Book Keely's Laws of Being available on his...


EP 13 - Mary Rose on Catholic Church Abuses

Mary Rose is a whistle blower of sorts that has inside information on Catholic Church abuses. She used to work with an organization called Opus Bono Sacerdotii. She has quite the story to tell! She was also featured on a more popular podcast called The Tinfoil Podcast with comedian Sam Tripoli. Her Twitter https://twitter.com/maryrosemaher maryrosemaher.obs@gmail.com Also as always if you ever happen to miss a show you can catch them all and more information at our website:...


EP 12 - Q Anon with Captain Roy D

We have a very special guest joining us tonight who was referred to us directly from SerialBrain2, an influential member from within the Q following. Captain Roy Davis joins us to discuss all things Q as well as the most current events unfolding. Captain Roy has been involved with the Qanon movement for quite some time now. He is part of the crew of anons/decoders inlcuding SerialBrain2, Praying Medic, and WarDrummer. He has been on many different shows including his most recent with Dustin...


EP 11 - The Open Scroll - The coming "Time Reset"

Tonights Subject: The coming global event the "Time Shift" We have two special guests joining us: Bob Schlenker and Aaron Hermann. They will be joining me to talk about what they have uncovered which is a coming event they call the Time Shift. They will explain how this ties in with the Mandela effect and operations at CERN. They are both students of the Bible who have written many articles and produced many videos on this subject and many more. Their website is...


Episode Ten - Cryptozoology with Aleksander Petakov

Traveling across the United States and the world, Aleksandar has looked into various Cryptozoological creatures such as Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster and the Lake Champlain monster, as well as other phenomenon and mysterious places ranging from the paranormal Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts to the hermit kingdom of North Korea. He has created short documentary films and series on these subjects, among others. Aleksandar has spoken at and attended over a dozen...


Episode Nine - American Policy Center

Tonight's Guest is Kathleen Marquardt Kathleen has been in the freedom movement since before it was called that. She was founder and chairman of Putting People First, a non-profit organization combatting the animal rights movement. Her book, AnimalScam: the Beastly Abuse of Human Rights, was published by Regnery in 1993. Kathleen has been Vice President of American Policy Center since 2000 and is the Agenda 21/Sustainable Development expert for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign. She was a...


Episode Eight - CIA / JFK

Tonight's guest is Robert Knudsen who is a researcher of nefarious activities committed by the CIA. He also has personal contacts with persons who were there in Dallas the day JFK was shot. We will be speaking with him about all things deep state. After our first guest we also go into the conversation with Deep Eddy about missing 411 and mysteries of the moon. We also have a long time GLPer that could use your help: https://www.gofundme.com/vsfgkq-daniels-medical-fund


Episode Seven - Space 1889

Tonight's guest is Mháire Stritter who is one of the writers and the main actress starring in the movie Space: 1889 - The secret of Phobos. "In Space 1889, mankind has discovered how to travel the mysterious ether - and conquered the jungle planet of Venus and the dwindling empire of the Martians." WATCH AND RENT THE MOVIE HERE: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/147219/270... IMDB FOR THE MOVIE HERE: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5138338/ We now have social media! Follow us on Twitter:...


Episode Six - Curvology - Dr David Bainbridge

Our first guest is Dr David Bainbridge who chats with us from Cambridge, UK - from across the pond! He is a Clinical Veterinary Anatomist at St Catherine's College in Cambridge, UK. He is also an author and we will be talking to him about his book: Curvology. Which deals with the origins and power of the female shape. Check out his book here: https://www.amazon.com/Curvology-Orig... On this episode we share the studio with our newest member Deep Eddy who is helping us out with the audio...


Episode 5 Bonus - GeoPolitcal TED TALK

Episode 5.5 Bonus Cast Renaissance Ted joins us for one of his TED TALKS as we dive deep into the current GeoPolitical landscape to try and make sense of things. He takes us into historical comparisons and we start to connect the dots on some pretty odd conspiracies. http://www.hiddenpathpodcast.com http://www.godlikeproductions.com


Episode Five - Dr Deplorable Astromut - All things Astronomy

Our guest is Dr Deplorable Astromut who is a well known figure over at GodLikeProductions.com as a very talented astronomer, astro-photographer, engineer, and future NASA employee! We discuss all things Astronomy and go into some fascinating subjects about Nasa, Outer Space, and the what lies in the future for space travel! He has captured SpaceX launches and planets through his telescope as an avid astro-photographer! His youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/user/messierh... Check...


Episode Four - Mad Science for the Masses / Live Calls

First part of the show we talk with Gabriel Licina the Co-Founder of Scihouse Inc. We talk to him about how they provide open access tools and information for bio remediation. For furthering Education and Research on this topic check them out at: www.scihouse.space Then we speak with Renaissance Ted about how we are all on the wrong frequency and all our musical instruments need to be tuned back to 432HTZ! We talk about Pyramids and what the ancients may have known that we do not. The...


Episode Three - Alien Agenda/Hidden Tech

This week we talk to "The Cynic" about the ever elusive and concealed "Alien Agenda". He dives deep into some of the theories about what we as humanity, might be dealing with. Our second guest was actually our FIRST call in ever to the show who goes by the name "Vader". He is a LONG TIME GLPER and was a fascinating interview! Great guy! Our third guest was the shows VIP Renaissance Ted who talks about Hidden Alien and Exotic Tech! Ted takes us down the rabbit hole as we get close to...


Episode Two - Stryker and Ted go far out

First half of the show we talk to Stryker about some general thoughts on far-out topics and about his odd encounters in Los Angeles. Second half we speak with Renaissance Ted about some deeper thoughts and history of the world that has been hidden.


Episode One - Ted Talks

This episode we talk with Renaissance Ted on a range of topics surrounding the subject of who is "they"? Whether you call them The Powers That Be, Illuminati, Watchers etc. Ted dives into some history as we attempt to uncover Truth.