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Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 33. G Cole talks to Legendary Jamaican Comedian "Christopher Johnny Daley".

Lime Tree Lane was one of the most popular Jamaican TV Shows and introduced us to a tremendous talent, "Mr Christopher Daley" who played Johnny, a character etched in the minds of Jamaicans forever. He's since co-starred in "One Love" with an upcoming Idris Alba and Ky-Mani Marley. His latest works include Kingston Paradise and Yardie, directed by Alba. He Launched "Comedy Buss" Jamaica's premier launch pad for local comedians and is the host of the very successful "The Comedy Bar". He had a...


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 32. G Cole talks to David I. Muir, Photo artist and Author of the Book "Pieces Of Jamaica" About his upcoming event "Reggae Reel" and his adventures behind the Lens.

G Cole talks to Photo-artist, Curator and accomplished Author (Pieces Of Jamaica). David I. Muir, who has been an integral part of events such as "Let There Be Reggae" and "Taste Of The Islands". At his upcoming event "Reggae Reel" he'll be displaying never before shown pieces encapsulating a long relationship with Reggae music, artists and live perfomance. David I Muir 954-200-5110 dmuir@davidiphoto.com Social Media @davidimuir


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 31. Public Relations and Reggae Music. A relationship that needs mending.

One of the most important aspects of any business, brand or artist is their image. Public Relations is something the most successful ones invest in and the struggling ones often ignore. G Cole talks artists, image and PR with founder and CEO of Reggae Public Relations, Music Business and Public Relations Consultant Mr Ralston Barrett.


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 30. A conversation with Legendary Actor Paul Campbell. (Shottas, Dancehall Queen, Third World Cop and more)

Jamaica's film history is robust with talented actors and actresses. G Cole sits for an entertaining and enlightening conversation with one of Jamaica's most acclaimed actors, Mr Paul Campbell who starred in the films; Shottas, Third World Cop, Dancehall Queen and many more. Listen in as they talk about the screen, the stage and the most entertaining of them all, real life. https://www.facebook.com/thereelPaulcampbell


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 29. G Cole and Chef Jones have an honest, candid conversation about overcoming a cognitive disorder and learning disability to earning a Masters Degree in Psychology and becoming Chef Jones.

Tune in for a candid, honest and fun conversation, as G Cole talks to Chef Jones about overcoming her cognitive disorder and learning disabilities, to earning a Masters Degree in Psychology. She's now a Psychosocial Rehabilitative Consultant, a renowned Chef and Culinary Educator, a regular on Channel 6 TV, and is sponsored by Grace Foods, Badia Spices, Sams Club and more. Inspiration can be so appetizing. https://www.facebook.com/michelle.c.jones1 954-368-3864


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 28. G Cole talks to CEO, Designer and Co-Owner of Broadtail Designs, Ms Dania Beckford about her life, her inspirations and Entrepreneurship.

G Cole speaks with Ms Dania Beckford; CEO, Designer and Co-Owner of Broadtail Designs, a company that manufactures and sells fashionable swimwear and carnival wear for full figured women. A business she said was born not from the desire to get into retail, but from a need to find fashionable swimwear for herself as a full figured woman. Dania who is a huge fan of legendary Jamaican Writer, Poet and Folklorist, Mrs Louise Bennett, channels her inner Louise Bennett for a beautiful tribute.


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 27. G Cole talks to Legendary Reggae Singer Mr Glen Washington.

G Cole has a fun conversation with legendary Reggae Singer Glen Washington about life, music and his performance after the Mothers Day show in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, while listening to some of Glen's music.


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 26. G Cole talks with The Queen of Reggae Music. Ms Marcia Griffiths OD, CD

Dreams do come true. After her amazing performance, The Queen of Reggae Music Ms Marcia Griffiths OD, CD sits down with G Cole for an enlightening conversation, to talk life, music and history.


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 25. Launching your business and establishing your brand. (Alex Miranda)

G Cole talks to Brand Strategist, and Ceo of the company "Launch In 2 Days" Mr Alex Miranda. Alex is a passionate entrepreneur who stepped out and joined the world of entrepreneurship 13 years ago. He now heads a company that specializes in getting your business launched without the unnecessary delays and as the company name states in 2 days www.launchin2days.com www.launchin2days.com/passion www.alexmiranda22.com


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 24. G Cole talks candidly to upcoming Reggae Star. Singer/Songwriter/Producer Koriq.

G Cole sits down and talks with Koriq, a fresh voice in Reggae music, but extensively tenured as a musician. He hails from Ocho Rios Jamaica, a musician that grew from a young kid playing in the church to now working with and touring the world with the likes of Tarrus Riley, Tessanne Chin, Alaine, Dean Fraser, Luciano, Queen Ifrica, Judy Mowatt, just to name a few. The son of legendary Irie Fm Broadcaster Bob Clarke now takes center stage with an excellent body of work to call his own.


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 23. Why, despite the plethora of talent here, does success elude South Florida Reggae Artists?

When it comes to Reggae music, South Florida is rich in musical talent, ranging from artists to musicians to producers to engineers. There are many Grammy awards, plaques and certificates adorning walls and mantle pieces here, still we are yet to generate a bonafide Reggae star. To get some clarity on why, and how we can fix this, G Cole sits down with Grammy award winning producer and musician Jason "J-Vibe" Farmer, renowned bassist and producer Zemroy Lewis, Ceo/On air personality/DJ and...


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 22. Immigration laws and how they affect us. (Attorney Aileen Henry)

The questions and concerns regarding immigration, immigration law and immigration reform have been growing, especially since the implementation of the new administration. G Cole sits down with immigration attorney Aileen G. Henry for a candid interview regarding these issues. www.henry.law aileen@henry.law 262-654-5000


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 21. The ties that bind. G Cole talks to longtime friend and fellow Reggae Lover from Amsterdam (Estaselekta)

Kindred spirits and mutual lovers of Reggae Music; G Cole from Jamaica and Estaselekta from Amsterdam met via the internet in 1996 because of their mutual love of Reggae music and have been sharing their gifts of music and culture ever since. Wether he's in Holland or She travels to Miami, they always make the musical connection. In this episode they talk about life, culture, influences and music. Please Subscribe to the show.


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 20. Talking with teenagers. Their life, our future.

Teenagers often feel misunderstood and unheard. G Cole sits with 4 teenagers, ages 14, 15 and 17 to talk about being a teenager in this age of social media, sex and cyber bullying. He also speaks to a Palm Beach Educator to get her view. Three months after this episode we see our teenagers taking their voice to congress and to the White House, demanding change in the wake of the massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Speak up young people, you are the future and...


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 19. G Cole interviews Paul Anthony.

On the "Stars In Our Backyard" segment of his radio show, G Cole talks to South Florida artist on the rise, Mr Paul Anthony about life, legacy and music. Please subscribe to the show www.homegrownwithgcole.com


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 18. Criminal and Juvenile justice. With Attorney Jamie McClendon.

Not knowing the law or not knowing your rights can sometimes be more damning than committing a crime. This affects our families and sometimes our children. G Cole talks in depth with criminal and juvenile law Attorney, Ms Jamie McClendon about the criminal justice system and the juvenile justice system. She shares some very important information and the knowledge she's gathered over her years of fighting for her clients. https://www.facebook.com/Mcclendonlaw...


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 17. Sex Trafficking, Slavery, Survival and Triumph. The story of Shamere McKenzie.

When you think of Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking or slavery of the modern era, you visualize a panel van coming to a screeching halt, two guys jumping out, grabbing someone and kidnapping them, the truth is that’s very rarely the case. As hard as it is to accept, Human trafficking and Sex trafficking are way closer and more real than we realize. G Cole talks to Shamere McKenzie about the almost two years she spent as a tortured, raped, and beaten sex slave. They talk intimately about...


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 16. Sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace is a way bigger and more popular issue than we’d like to admit. G Cole talks to guests about their views on the current wave of accusations, as well as their personal views on this grim subject. The music of Reggae artist Koriq is featured on this episode. Please Subscribe and share the show. Follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/gcolemusic


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 15. G Cole talks to legendary singer/songwriter/producer Singing Melody.

G Cole sits down with legendary singer/songwriter/producer Singing Melody for an in-depth conversation about life, love, L.U.S.T and music. They also chat about new endeavors, upcoming projects and longevity. Tune in and enjoy. Please subscribe to the show.


Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 14. Real Estate, something all successful people have in common. (Sharon Flood)

An accounts professor once told me "Real Estate is the only asset that doesn't depreciate". Based on the economical climate, the accuracy of that is up for question, but one thing that cannot be questioned, is that Real Estate remains one of the safest investment options and one thing all successful people have in common. G Cole sits down with one of Remax South Florida's top realtor and licensed mortgage professional, Ms. Sharon Flood, to discuss how to successfully navigate todays real...