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Check in to Hotel Vicarious, a podcast hosted by Jenny and Daria where they talk about all their favorite tv shows and movies.

Check in to Hotel Vicarious, a podcast hosted by Jenny and Daria where they talk about all their favorite tv shows and movies.


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Check in to Hotel Vicarious, a podcast hosted by Jenny and Daria where they talk about all their favorite tv shows and movies.






Episode #43 - I Want You Back

What makes a rom com? A good balance of comedy and romance, of course. Duh?? But what if you watch an incredible movie that calls itself a rom com but is light on one of the two?? What if by the end of the movie you're yelling at the TV like you're six years old and you're smashing two Barbie dolls together to kiss? Well, Jenny and Daria get into it on I Want You Back - a totally delightful comedy that's a little too light on the romance. We're also both stuck on a few new things this week...


Episode #42 - The Last Kingdom Season Five Part Three

We truly cannot believe we have reached the end of the final season of The Last Kingdom! What an amazing ride it has been to watch Uhtred, the gangly kid from Bebbanburg grow and eventually end up back where he truly belongs! The final push of these three episodes (8,9,10) are really all about getting back to Bebbanburg and there are some harrowing moments, some old friends whose faces we've missed, some fan service in the final hours. As we came to a close on the final episode, we really...


Episode #41 - The Last Kingdom Season Five Part Two

This podcast episode is heavy, folks. Epsiode 5, 6 and 7 of The Last Kingdom Season 5 are not kind to our favorite characters! Each episode has truly traumatic death and our babe Uhtred is dealing with A LOT. We've also got Aelswith and Eadith cavorting around the countryside like the world's oddest couple. And Aethelhelm is still the best worst baddie of all time on this show. We also talk about the horrendous ending to Killing Eve, Daria's love for Sam Raimi's new Dr. Strange movie, how...


Episode #40 - The Last Kingdom Season Five Part One

We have finally arrived at the show that brought Daria and Jenny together! We are so excited to be recapping Season 5 of The Last Kingdom. We really love this show, and that's probably going to be quite evident to you once you actually listen to this episode. Sorry not sorry. The first four episodes start off with a gentle reminder of all the characters and by the time we get to the end of episode four we're distraught and we still have six episodes to go!! It was so great seeing all our...


Episode #39 - The Lost City

We've continued on with our accidental Sandra Bullock marathon after seeing The Lost City on our girls trip last weekend. A silly, punchy action rom-com that plays off of Sandra's incredible chemistry with Channing Tatum and introduces us to yet another unhinged villain turn by Daniel Radcliffe. We really loved this movie- it was laugh out loud funny and had us swooning at all the right moments. An ode to films like Romancing the Stone and showcasing a deep respect for the romance genre,...


Episode #38 - Practical Magic Redux

This week on Hotel Vicarious, Jenny and Daria are bringing back an old favorite! Practical Magic is one of those timeless films and we love, love talking about it. So while we're working on some fresh new content, please listen to us ramble on about everything we love about this witchy, 90s gorgeous romance. We also wanna link out to Alanna Bennett's incredible 20th anniversary post about the film. Click the link to read. Please Subscribe/Rate/Review! If you liked the podcast recommend us...


Episode #37 - Bridgerton Season 2 Part Three

Ahhh is it over already?? We would have enjoyed at least two more episodes along with Episode 7 and 8 but we got so many great scenes, along with some real rage inducing ones! Finally Kate and Anthony allow themselves to feel their feelings! But not before traumatizing us with the most beautiful goodbye dance of all time. There's also a lot of betrayals in these last two episodes in other side plots and while the season wraps up a beautiful story for Kate and Anthony it definitely left us...


Episode #36 - Bridgerton Season 2 Part Two

Does anyone else have a big case of the flutters? The heavy breathings? Is anyone else plagued by the torment that Kate and Anthony are giving us?! This week on Hotel Vicarious we are talking about the three middle episodes (4,5,6) - house parties, hunting parties, Kate and Anthony doing so much heavy breathing in each others faces, Portia Featherington continues her scheming, honestly the list of things that happened in these jam packed episodes is endless. These three episodes have given...


Episode #35 - Bridgerton Season 2 Part One

We've made it, dear readers! We've finally reached the premiere of Bridgerton season 2 and we are more than ready to re-enter society and catch up with our favorite families in Mayfair. This week on Hotel Vicarious we jump in to the first three episodes - society premieres, horseback rides at dawn, a lot of heavy breathing, and gorgeous, gorgeous gowns. We chat about our favorite new characters, our MVPs, and how much we love Kate Sharma (spoiler alert- we're obsessed). There's a ton to...


Episode #34 - Bridgerton Season One

In this week's episode Daria and Jenny have finally arrived at the penultimate episode of A Countdown to Bridgerton! We talk all things Season 1 - our highs (Anthony's bum, Lady Danbury's hats, everything to do with Benedict), our lows (Anthony's sideburns, *that* scene which never should have been filmed, and pretty much anything to do with Simon - but we still love RJP!) and our hopes and dreams for the future - will Benedict join the Granvilles in a Regency throuple? Will Colin shave off...


Episode #33 - Pride & Prejudice 2005

In this week's episode Daria and Jenny are recapping Joe Wright’s 2005 Pride & Prejudice starring Keira Knightly, Matthew Macfadyen, Tom Hollander, Judi Dench and so many more brilliant cast members - including Carrie Mulligan in her first ever movie role To recap this absolute legend in Regency media, we were joined by romance novelist Sara Whitney - who had some truly spectacular takes on Darcy, Donald Sutherland and why everyone should be watching the web series Lizzie Bennet’s Diary....


Episode #32 - The Personal History of David Copperfield

In this week's episode Daria and Jenny are recapping 2019’s The Personal History of David Copperfield starring Dev Patel, Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie, Peter Capaldi and some many more brilliant cast members. While technically not a movie set in Regency England (oops the internet lied to us and we were too lazy to double check), this movie is a joyful romp and a beautiful cinematic experience from director Armando Iannucci. After last week’s recommendation from Bre, we both read The Worst...


Episode #31 - Death Comes To Pemberley

In this week's episode Daria and Jenny are recapping the three part miniseries Death Comes to Pemberley with pod friend HEAapologist aka Bre! DCTP is a murder mystery, Regency style, that takes place in the lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy and his wife, Elizabeth (nee Bennet), six years after the events of Pride and Prejudice. This three part BBC miniseries is not just a murder mystery, but also gives us a look into the many different kinds of relationships and love that exist - like the new love...


Episode #30 - Austenland

This week on Hotel Vicarious, the Countdown to Bridgerton has begun! Daria and Jenny are back from break and we are talking about Jerusha Hess’s 2013 romp, Austenland! Based on the novel by Shannon Hale. Austenland follows the story of single 30-something Jane Hayes, a self confirmed Jane Austen superfan and Mr. Darcy aficionado, who spends her life savings to spend a week in an immersive Austen experience in the English countryside. Austenland is a ridiculous fun romcom with a swoon worthy...


Episode #29 - The Witcher Season 2, Episode 8 - Family

This week on Hotel Vicarious, Daria and Jenny Have finally arrived at the Witcher’s finale episode. And while much of this show brought to fruition the set up from season 1, there has been just as much set up for season 3 and that’s to come! We’ve got found families, sacrifices, surprises and even treason in this final episode. All in all, we were pleased with Witcher Season 2 and it will be interesting to see how everything plays out next season! Jenny and Daria also talk about Emily...


Episode#28 - The Witcher Season 2, Episode 7 - ”Voleth Meir”

This week on Hotel Vicarious, Daria and Jenny unpack the Witcher’s penultimate episode. The show hits us pretty early on with everyone slowly just descending into chaos and despair. Will Yennafer be the teacher Ciri has needed all along despite not being able to get back her power? We finally get the reunion we’ve been waiting for all damn season. Back in Cintra, Fringilla is desperately trying to keep control of her grasp on Nilfgaard. And finally, despite Geralt’s best efforts there’s a...


Episode #27 - The Witcher Season2, Episode 6 - ”Dear Friend”

This week on Hotel Vicarious, Daria and Jenny deal with a doozy of an episode - Witcher season 2 is drawing closer to its conclusion and we're getting hit with all the big moments: deaths, births, betrayals, quirky odd couples who deal in information. There's a lot to take in and not a lot of time left in the season! Will Yennefer really betray Geralt to get her powers back? Will Jaskier pop back up? And honestly, who is funding Rience's hunt because this guy is getting annoying. We also...


Episode #26 - The Witcher Season2, Episode 5 - ”Turn Your Back”

As we head toward the finale, the episodes just seem to get more dense and we are here for it! We're introduced to a new villian named Rience (rhymes with science!) and his accomplice, Lydia. We also get to see Yennefer and Jaskier play out one of Daria's favorite tropes as they continue to be on the run in Oxenfurt. Vesemir and Triss confirm Ciri's blood can make the Witcher mutagen/serum/poison but Ciri has some high demands in order for them to use it. And our boy Geralt finds out that...


Episode #25 - The Witcher Season 2, Episode 4 “Redanian Intelligence.”

Well pals we are officially at the half way point in The Witcher Season 2! In this episode we get to see our girl Triss arrive at Kaer Morhen, having been summoned by Vesemir to help Ciri with her chaos and also to help her because he knows a bunch of unemotional trained monster killers aren’t going to know what to do with a teenage girl. And we are here for it!!! We also get one reunion we’ve been waiting on for ages now: Yennafer and Jaskier finally meet again as he helps her and Cahir...


Episode #24 - The Witcher Season 2, Episode 3 - ”All Is Lost”

Whoa, welcome to 2022 listeners! This week on Hotel Vicarious, Daria and Jenny discuss episode 3 of the second season of The Witcher. In this episode, Geralt and Ciri get down to business on her training and end up meeting one hell of a new monster while Yennefer remains consistent in making sure she always saves her own ass. Choas, abound. We also discuss Wheel of Time's season finale, Daria's progress on catching up on HBO's Succession, and our rocky entries into the new year. As always,...