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What *Not* to Do in the Bedroom; the most beautiful bungalows in the US; more on Marie Kondo

Natalie and Rachel are big fans of "The Bachelor," but they were shocked to learn that the decor of the mansion changes with every new season. With the premiere of Colton Underwood's season on Monday, it felt like high time to discuss the inside of perhaps the most famous mansion on television. Spoiler alert: we're not impressed. We also dive deeper into the first three episodes of "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," and we discuss the little things in your bedroom that may be stressing you out...


'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo'; Why Hasn't Anyone Bought Elvis' Home?; Mark Cuban; 'Shaq-apulco'

In this week's episode, we got right into it with a no-holds-barred discussion about Marie Kondo and her buzzy new Netflix show, "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo." The series follows the Japanese organizing guru as she imparts her wisdom to families who desperately need help decluttering their homes. Natalie and Rachel share their honest feelings about the first two episodes of "Tidying Up," and how they feel about Kondo's methods—inspiring, or ridiculous? We also investigate why no one wants to...


2018's most popular homes, the biggest celeb winners and losers (in real estate, of course)

Before the ball drops on 2018, we wanted to take one last look at the stories that rocked our year on “House Party,”’s pop-culture-infused podcast about real estate, home improvement, and decor. This week, hosts Natalie, Rachel, and Erik recount the buzziest, most talked-about homes, events, and celebrities in real estate over the past year.


Design trends that are in (and out) for 2019, rapper Birdman's messy foreclosure saga

On this episode of House Party we discuss the design trends that’ll be hot in 2019 and the ones that’ll be left in the dust. Word wall art is officially dead, people! Did the Grinch really steal Christmas in this Baltimore home’s listing photos or is this just a tired marketing scheme? Plus, a pinecone-shaped home, the messy saga of rapper Birdman’s Miami foreclosure, and how Shonda Rhimes scored a Park Avenue penthouse for a fraction of the price.


HGTV Dream Home, White Elephant, Hotel California

Is the 2019 HGTV Dream Home a fantasy or a flop? We dissect the decor decisions. Plus, the Hotel California is for sale, and we talk best White Elephant gifts for the home.


White House Christmas Decorations, Meghan and Harry’s New Abode, Germaphobes Swear By These Cleaning Tips

Natalie, Rachel, and Erik share their takes on the White House Christmas decorations—what worked, what didn't, and what inspiration can you take for your home. Also, a unique home with an actual full-size sailboat suspended in the living room. How (and why) did they get that thing inside? We also discuss the best places to focus your cleaning efforts in your home if you're a total germaphobe (guilty!). All this and more on this week's episode!


Thanksgiving Meal Times, Bugs in Your Paprika, Frankie Muniz's Cat, How Suburbs Are Trying to Lure Millennials

How (and why?) did Frankie Muniz's cat cause his brownstone to flood? What time do you start eating Thanksgiving dinner (and what time is too early)? Did you know bugs can get in your spices?! Some cities are rebranding to attract to millennial buyers—is it working? Who are this week's celebrity winners and losers in real estate? We dive into all these topics on the newest episode of House Party.


“The Brady Bunch” house, Lance Bass, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, Chip and Joanna Gaines, housewarming parties

This week, Natalie, Rachel, and Erik sound off on the status of “The Brady Bunch” house renovation and whether or not Lance Bass is still involved; an underwhelming first look at the home “The Bachelorette’s” JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are currently renovating and whether or not they’re trying to be the new Chip and Joanna Gaines; the mirky etiquette of housewarming parties (gift registries are tacky, people!); and this week’s celeb winners and losers in real estate.


Katy Perry’s $7.5M guest house, Kylie Jenner scores again, decluttering regrets, House of the Future

This week we talk about Katy Perry’s $7.5 million dollar guest house, a creepy castle on a private island (aka the ultimate getaway for a buyer who wants their privacy), decluttering and the things people regret getting rid of, and the SoCal house of the future with drone helipad. Plus, our celeb winners and losers of the week.


Murder house rules, the gross truth about wearing shoes indoors, Margaritaville, celeb winners and losers

Would you live in a house where a heinous crime occurred? Should you second-guess wearing your shoes in the house? What popular game show is giving away a home in Margaritaville? Plus, this week's celebrity real estate winners and losers.


Lady Gaga’s 'Gypsy Palace,' the most annoying neighbors in the U.S., design rules to never break

In this episode, we go inside Lady Gaga's "Gypsy Palace," where she and Bradley Cooper first discussed "A Star Is Born”; a double geodesic dome home in Indiana that's seriously nuts (and seriously stuck in the '80s); and a modest home built by Chip and Joanna Gaines in 2011, before they hit fame with "Fixer Upper.” Plus, the interior design rules experts say you should never break (we’re guilty of a few!). And can you guess which city has the most annoying neighbors?