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A Letterkenny Fancast

A Letterkenny Fancast
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A Letterkenny Fancast




009 - Relationships

Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 3 - Relationships Guest host: Victoria Recap of The Election Episode dive Dan's new girlfriend and the "attentions paid" Wayne's birthday pancakes Katy getting Wayne to date Jivin' Pete's nuts Reilly & Jonesy hate practiceWayne and the Three Dates Stewart tells the hicks that he's not talking to Katy - they throw a ball at him Date #1 - Kim the feminist psychologist Glen is waiting tables "This one is too hard" Stewart shows up at the Dollar Store to tell the...


008 - The Election

Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 2 Guest host: Luan Recap of A Fuss at the Ag Hall Episode dive: Charitables Gus' lipstick We learn Barts' name Setting up the new election Katy vs. Devon Great women characters Fartbook reference Dueling campaign videos Devon and "diversity" Learning Roald's first name - Tad Glen's back! Stewart the director The VOTE! "McMurray's a piece of shit" Cock-lookers skip Leg Day Unanswered Questions/Theories/Thoughts: Strong episode Great secondary and tertiary...


007 - A Fuss at the Ag Hall

Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 1Before we get started...we recently found out that our dog, Onyx, has cancer and we can get an operation for her, but it's about $1300.If you can afford to donate, we would be EXTREMELY grateful! host: Rachel SperryRecap of A Fuss in the Back BushEpisode dive:Alliterative and alphabetical open.Wayne's lookin' fer love.Stewart dating Katy.Reilly and Jonesy get their comeuppance on Katy leaving them from...


Episode 006 - A Fuss in the Back Bush

Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 6 Guest host: Grace Sears Recap of Rave Episode dive: New term: "Bumper Dump" New term: "Stump Hump" Weed growing in Wayne's back bush Plan to sell the weed. Tanis dealing with The Skids for smokes for their own personal use. Skids fuck over Tanis Tiara doesn't care for Tanis chewing tobacco New term: "Worm-picker" Meeting Tanis' dad. Dary is sweet on Tanis from just looking at her picture. Shmelt doing meth and R&J deduce that Letterkenny is a "meth town" New...


Episode 005 - Rave

Bit of fuss down at the church the other day... Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 5 - Guest host: Don Roberts, PodScure - Recap of Wingman Wayne Episode dive "I LOVE STEWWWARRRRRTTT!!!!" Feeling sorry for Stewart this episode Lots of character development Glen's aversion to pants...or underweart...or being appropriate Wayne's knowledge of critters/vermin Possum's DO have forked penises Wisecracking STI jokes - like Vaudeville Holding Gus in a Full...


Episode 004 - Wingman Wayne

Here's a tip...Don't fart in a spacesuit. Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 4 - Wingman Wayne Guest host: Bryan McLaughlin - Common Ground Football Podcast & No Subject Podcast Bryan will temporarily like the Eagles to annoy Andrew Hopeful guest appearance by a cast member There's no pay in podcasting The steak scene How to get CraveTV in the US? Cross between Brit and GOOD US comedy Scripted vs improvised? Dry humor Some just don't get it Appeals to different demographics Can trigger some...


Episode 003 - Fartbook

Today we get into everyone MOST FAVORITEST of Letterkenny episodes. Fartbook. (end sarcasm) Not that this episode isn't good. It's really funny, it just is a little...different/off from the rest of the series. But that's okay. Tiara and Dean, along with their good friend Heidi, dig into all the colon bowlin' you'd could ever hope for in this episode. We cover: Wayne's affinity for "kids fallin' off bikes" Squirrely Dan's ability to fart on command How the Hicks don't really know how the...


Episode 002 - Super Soft Birthday

You can't avoid awkward boners in 9th grade... Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 2 - Super Soft Birthday Guest host: Chelsea Ireland - No Subject Podcast Chelsea's introduction to Letterkenny started off annoying Dumb humor done cleverly. "FERDA!!!" Bring Letterkenny Live to Seattle!!! This episode has a special meaning for all of us. Episode 1 recap Schmeltz Jacob Tierney's awards for Letterkenny writting Original YouTube episodes:

Episode 001 - Ain't No Reason to Get Excited

How Are Ya Now? Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 1 - Ain't No Reason to Get Excited Hockey players intro Where to watch: Hulu: CraveTV: Wayne & Daryl (Dary) / Reilly & Jonesy / Katy "How are ya now?" Wayne's ex (Angie) Jonesy's treasure trail. Lots of roasting / rapid-fire riffing Katy & Daryl Early YouTube clips Hicks, Skids, Hockey Players, and...