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The best and worst of everything this week: pop culture, news, #hashtags and interviews with people you need to know. Hosted by Amy Zaroff and Danielle Arlowe

The best and worst of everything this week: pop culture, news, #hashtags and interviews with people you need to know. Hosted by Amy Zaroff and Danielle Arlowe
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The best and worst of everything this week: pop culture, news, #hashtags and interviews with people you need to know. Hosted by Amy Zaroff and Danielle Arlowe






The Best Bee Ever

In this episode: puppies, the magic of poké, guilty pleasures, the scourge of mint wrappers, vented yoga pants, #PalinDivorce, the amazing em dash, Today in Yiddish, RHOD is worth another look, Britney Spears custody drama, new dinosaur news, a hard seltzer crisis, very aggressive bees, and the best quiz show ever.


The Best Banana Ever

Cold kits, fun with Yiddish, awesome concerts, airport lines, Amy’s missing fingerprints, a terrible toenail trend, errant nose blows, BravoCONNED, the elephant in the room, Bethenny’s out and Chrisley most definitely does not know best, terrible banana news, the perils of a french fry diet, local drama, and an interview with the most amazing record label executive ever, Nabil Ayers.


The Best Casanova Ever

In this episode: seltzer hydration, inflatable ice trays, the inside scoop on a Cardi B party, friends with boats, manhattans in roughneck tumblers, mini Dr. Peppers, Warren Buffett twice, the perils of thriftiness, needless acronyms, Today in Yiddish, catching the dine-and-dash dater, flesh-eating bacteria, kind Iowan news, interfacial marriage, cute-agories, and the best Australian Author and Time Magazine Editor Ever, Belinda Luscombe!


The Best Feelings Ever

In this episode: superfans, emojis, VIMs, amazing seafood, valet mishaps, the prettiest place in America and the earthquake that will destroy it, #oldfacechallenge, Emmy noms, Marrying Millions, RHOD, RHOBH, a whole nuther word of the week, Today in Yiddish, a 27 year coma, Berkeley gone mad, marauding orcas, youth sports, the Maple Plain police blotter, and our interview with the best orthopedic specialist and youth sports expert ever, Dr. Heather Bergeson!


The Best Tour d'Ever

In this episode: women in sports, hyperbole.fun, Amy can’t get no satisfaction, competitive eating, restrictive retirement dress codes, the happiest place on earth, disinterested vs. uninterested, a bachelorette who didn’t get the memo, today in Yiddish, a cow break-in, ice cream crime, listeria news, the best quiz show ever, being nice, and local turkey drama.


The Best Grenadines Ever

In this episode: parking squatters, ASMR, a massive #DemDebate, anchovy options, bold faced Wisconsin lies, #TheHills, Beverly Beach althleisure wear, Bean + Ro, Making the Cut, fugacious flowers, Today in Yiddish, the Best Quiz Show Ever, missing Omarosa disclosures, a steal on America’s most expensive home, new stats, and rapscallion juveniles.


The Best Producer Ever

In this episode: Celebrity encounters, death row meals, awkward knocks at @loewsregency, nasty gnats, #crackerbarrel, anyhoo, Today in Yiddish . . . and Greek, verrrrrry popular birth dates, youth vigilanteism, Greenland’s loss, Pelican Rapids’ great response, @teddimellencamp’s moral compass, and the interview with the most genius and hilarious producer ever: Executive Producer of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Chris Cullen!


The Best Mixtape Ever

In this episode: Pushing it real good, the most wonderful time of the year, mixed tapes, the death of hugging, WWC trouncing, Apollo freed, narcissism, the worst chef ever on #BelowDeck, a feel good lunch story, alien reptile cult news, suspicious chicken bones, and the interview with the fittest foodie ever, Fit Foodie Finds founder, Lee Funke!


The Best Punim Ever

In this episode: Rosé season, pride month, don’t small talk with Amy, a feel good mail carrier story, drunk Sonya and nuts Ramona on #rhony, BTS is taking over the world, bottled dressing #BelowDeck, DNA solves another cold case, a tremendous spelling disappointment, suppositions, Today in Yiddish, cartoon quizzery, and in local drama: very aggressive deer


The Best Lungworm Ever

In this episode: lilacs, nosey phones, the worst thing of all time, a toothy bachelorette, #Farrahween, old noses, negligent vs. negligible, bubbala, tea parties, tragic Everest traffic, an international Mars partnership, so many planets, Sanskrit, a bunga bunga update, chicken finger drama, and our interview with the best entrepreneur, chief marketing officer and expert meditator ever, Erin Newkirk of Local Crate and Satya!


The Best Skeleton Ever

In this episode: Nespresso magic, trick gifts, sing song greeters and chronic repeaters, plane discomfort, #sexstrike, anathema, a bad day on Wall Street, the sexiest accents, Today in Yiddish, important space research, high school pranks, local skeleton drama, and an amazing panel of reality tv experts!


The Best Cookiemobile Ever

Charcuterie trays, Amy’s pelvic floor, fantastic tea, fun facts with Branson, speciousness, so so so much awkwardness on #RHONY, flufftown with Raquel on #VanderpumpRules, Today in Yiddish, a verrrry famous witness at a serial killer trial, Bubonic plague news, Kemp pre-trial drama, invasive goldfish, and an interview with the best tiny cookie CEO ever, Thumbs Cookies’ Robyn Frank!


The Best Rat Ever

In this episode: excessive birthday attention, an ugly Marriott conspiracy, the best quiz show ever, “health oriented” food, don’t mess with #fofty, ignoring Instastories, minuscule paparazzi and circus drama on #RHONY, Camille is awful, Today in Yiddish, Bdé Mká Ská, Everest and Denali news, the best draft pick, royal gifts, various Nellies, gifted rats, more birthday love, and a friendly warning from Chisago County.


The Best Catio Ever

In this episode: mime jump-roping, as good as it gets, unspeakable reality drama, the crypts are not safe!, scratching an itch, poor poor Tinsley, you can’t take the Kentucky out of the girl on #vanderpumprules, #DragRace, Today in Yiddish, comedians in high places, important UFO news, absurd dress codes, the least stressed state, NFL draft excitement, slapping-as-sport, catios, and our interview with the best holistic internist and cardiologist ever, Dr. Courtney Jordan Baechler.


The Best Brummagem Ever

In this episode: new-fangled swimwear, baby steps, Australian bullying, shedding, brummagem, RHOA reunion grouchiness, RHOBH follow up, breaking Vanderpump news with guest investigative celebrity reporter @denniskwanphoto, Today in Yiddish, Pepsi Deprivation Syndrome, telenovela drama, Instagram appropriation, thoughtful gift giving, fish frying, and our interview with the best audio visual and sound producer ever, Charles Eide!


The Best Snorkel Ever

Spring break highlights, bunga bunga parties, Latte the puppy’s big adventure, bad accents, poor punctuation, fingerprints, Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, #RHONY taglines, Dorinda & Melinda, a toad vortex, royal Instagram news, a local standoff, and our interview with the most amazing ER doctor / public health advocate ever, Dr. Dziwe Ntaba!


The Best Belt Ever

In this episode: learning mahjong, inspirational sneezing, Winter is coming, #LeavingNeverland, Gucci belt ubiquity, holding your peace, The Best Quiz Show Ever, unsanitary food delivery, Chicago sinking!, heartwarming used car news, weak sharks, scrunchies making a comeback, Caboodles, and local pillow drama!


The Best Malaphor Ever

In this episode: A brush with fame, hockey hair, college admissions, raspiness, nasty dirty seeds, malaphors, the West Village of suburban Minneapolis, sustainable seafood, surprise pregnancies, the Wyoming surge, #theBachelor, Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, no makeup required, local plow drama, Golden Valley shame, world record pacing, #MorningsideAfterDark, easy predictions, and our interview with the best cultural PR promoter & curator ever, Rebecca Sorensen!


The Best Freak Ever

In this episode: Desk zen, twins who are a bit much, jewelry vs. jewlery, Instant Pot magic, The Best Quiz Show Ever, drummer follow up, the worst stars to work with, a turtle miracle, heartwarming news, local lake drama, plus our interview with the amazing Fred Haberman and Phil Mero from Freak Flag Foods.


The Best Nook Ever

In this episode: #Oscars and Gaga drama, the Asian small clawed otter, method tissue acting, inappropriate anxiety responses, I vs. me, the Norske Nook, there's something new about Kroy, #sisterwives, old school rap, new nameless games, renters looking for love in all the wrong (and right!) places, hockey DNA drama, and our interview with the best writer / blogger / advice columnist ever, Nina Badzin!