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We are going through 12 year old movies a year at a time in search of the best movies of the 2010s. Join Ben, Emily, Wes & friends on their journey through the decade as they revisit, review, and creatively revise the movies they come across.


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We are going through 12 year old movies a year at a time in search of the best movies of the 2010s. Join Ben, Emily, Wes & friends on their journey through the decade as they revisit, review, and creatively revise the movies they come across.





The gang RSVPs yes to the greatness that is Bridesmaids. We discuss the evolution of female comedies and the role this played in changing the landscape, our favorite comedic scenes and performances in the movie and the existence of ugly carrots. Plus, dance monologues, getting kicked off of airplanes, and wedding speeches for our chosen movie character brides.


Midnight in Paris

Oh wow, Owen Wilson is in a Woody Allen movie. The IDYP crew takes a dream Parisian vacation that turns into a nightmare in the form of Midnight in Paris. We discuss fantasy vs. sci fi time travel, the lack of fucks that we give about the characters, and whether Owen Wilson is a good actor. Then, dad vs daddy, time travel companions, and Ben and Brandon as your tour guides of famous French landmarks.


A Separation

Another foreign gem finds its' way across our paths as we watch the OSCAR winning Iranian film A Separation. Emily enlightens us about the history of the political strife in Iran and the Green Movement, Ben talks about the pull-the-rug-out-from-under-you storytelling of the movie, and Dylan provides indisputable evidence that he can read. Then, a divorce among friends, Escape From New York slander, and talking our way out of custody of Wesley.


Girl With the Dragon Tattoo w/ Ra'Shawn from When Cinephiles Attack - Special Episode

We invited on Fincher fanatic Ra'Shawn from When Cinephiles Attack this week to discuss The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. We put Ra'Shawn on an island and force him to pick his favorite Fincher movies, mourn this trilogy that never was, and try to schedule which holiday this movie should have been released around. Plus, proper highlighting technique, the newest detective team, and varied references to movie basements.


Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star - Wheel of Trash Episode

The wheel of trash lands on the first, and hopefully worst, movie of 2011 for us with Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star. We chat our favorite Happy Madison movies, where this thing went wrong and if any part of it is salvageable, and our reactions if we discovered our parents were pornstars. Plus, Midwestern porn titles, comedy Stockholm Syndrome, and porn movies built around Wes and Ben. No foolin'.



This was a deeply affecting movie for us here at IDYP as we watched Melancholia. We discuss our personal struggles with depression and the lens this movie provided into that world, seeing former child stars topless, and all of the crazy theories that Ben had of what is beneath the surface of this movie. Plus, surprise diarrhea, a great St. Elsewhere reference, and wacky inventions.


The Muppets - Special Episode

Our first special episode of the season sees IDYP getting nostalgic for the Muppets reboot. We discuss our favorite Muppet properties, how much we love the songs in the movie (most of them), and the deleted scenes and alternate endings that could have changed this movie greatly. Plus, Muppet versions of us, Adam Driver in a Muppet movie, and Muppet Jason Bourne.



Emily watches her second ever fighting sports movie and falls in love with the genre as we discuss the MMA-centric movie Warrior. We break down and try to fix the worried wife trope, talk about what sets this apart from other sports movies, and come up with movies based around our own past athletic experiences. Plus, inventing our own MMA moves, fighting movie brothers, and the best classical music joke you will hear all day.


Crazy Stupid Love w/ Lacy from When Cinephiles Attack

We brought back Lacy from When Cinephiles Attack to discuss this Rom-Com with a twist, Crazy Stupid Love. We fall head over heels for the Gosling-Stone pairing, question the message this movie is trying to send, and one of us nearly loses our mind at the New Balance shoe disrespect within this movie. Plus, first date stories, grand gestures, and horrific dating options for our children.



Two versions of a movie - One is considered a masterpiece and the other is garbage. We went with the latter version and tear it to shreds as we discuss the Kenneth Lonergan directed Margaret. We chronicle the long path this took to get to theaters, how insufferable the teenage aspects of the characters and school were, and why a studio would pick a clearly worse version of a film to release. Plus, a movie with Brandon as the title, showing both butt cheeks equal love, and a groaner of a Matthew Broderick joke.



What a treat this movie was!! We dive into the semi-autobiographical Mike Mills film, Beginners. We do an in-depth comparison to the movie this most reminded us of, 500 Days of Summer, have a very serious discussion about if Hal's life was well lived, and learn about historical consciousness and how it played into the movie. Plus, dog conversations, pick up lines, and bad directions.



We are in need of a shower after watching this deeply unsexy NC-17 movie, Shame. We discuss the beauty of the filmmaking and performances in the movie, the need for more dick in movies, and argue over whether this is a character study or an affliction study. Plus, pickup lines, our addictions, and a preview/plug for Wesley and Ben's potential OnlyFan account.


Hugo - Season 3 Premiere

With a new season comes a rebrand for IDYP as we transition to a new name and slightly altered format, but with that same old IDYP style. For our first foray into 2011, we went back to the origin of film by watching Hugo. We discuss the homages to the early days of cinema, which films signaled the greatest leaps forward in history, and dog acting at it's finest. Plus, happy endings, messages from the grave for our children, and pitching our own Melies films.


I Drink Your 2010 - Season 2 Finale

We have watched over 50 of the movies that 2010 has to offer and now we are coming together to summarize it all, draft our favorites and hand out a few awards. Which top movie pick of one of our co-hosts is deemed to be unworthy of existing by another? What inanimate object gave the best performance of the year? How many awards can Wesley try and give to Inception? Join IDYP as season 2, and 2010, gets corked.


The King's Speech

For our last movie of 2010, we watch the Best Picture winner for that year, The King's Speech. Best Picture winner? Then this movie must be really good. Well if it is, IDYP don't get it. We talk about some questionable filmmaking decisions and the tremendous performances in this. Stay tuned for the end when we do the 2010 Movie Escape Room. This one is even more puzzlier than last year.


Four Lions

In this explosive episode of IDYP, Ben, Wes and Emily dive real deep into a very controversial comedy in Four Lions. We try to figure out if we are bad people for liking this movie as much as we did, argue about whether this movie normalizes terrorism, and giggle about all of our favorite jokes and scenes. At the end, Wes and Emily try to build a team to attack Hogwarts and Helms Deep.


True Grit - Special Episode

We lasso another reboot/prequel/sequel in this special episode in the heavily OSCAR nominated True Grit. We go through the 10 nominations and discuss which were deserved and which were not, we question whether this is a revenge cautionary tale, and then one person who doesn't like this movie challenges all of the defenders to tell him he is wrong.



At last we see the light, as we are in the home stretch of our 2010 movie season, as this week we discuss the Disney animated film, Tangled. We argue over how well this one matches up to the films of the Disney renaissance, talk about the deep cast of supporting characters, and Ben shares how this movie changed his life.



We reunite the original gang for this Christopher Nolan dream heist movie. We try to incept into Emily that the rest of us know what this movie is about, discuss some theories, new and old, about the movie's meaning and ending, learn something truly disturbing about Wesley, and shout from the rooftops our love of the score. Bwwoooonnnnnnnnggggggg.


The Last Airbender - Wheel of Trash Episode

We scrape the bottom of the 2010 barrel and the gunk that manages to come off is M Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. We discuss the whitewashing controversy surrounding the movie, all of the areas that this adaptation failed it's source material, and learn more about how wonderful this world of Avatar really is from a true fan, Emily. My goodness this movie sucks.