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InsideATX is all about the People that make Austin…Austin.

InsideATX is all about the People that make Austin…Austin.
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InsideATX is all about the People that make Austin…Austin.








Episode 46: A Focused Founder | Gordon Logan of Sport Clips

Today we get fun inside look at one of the largest franchises in the world, in our talk with Gordon Logan, Founder and CEO of Sport Clips! He shares with us his impressive education including graduating from MIT, and The Wharton School of Business, at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming a salon owner, Logan served as an Aircraft Commander in the U.S. Air Force, which is where he ended up falling in love with Austin. Gordon owned and operated salons and saw a need for a...


Episode 45: A Story To Tell | Barbara Morgan of the Austin Film Festival

Barbara Morgan, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Austin Film Festival, combined her love of helping people, event planning, and ability to foster writers into one of Austin’s largest annual events. She and co-founder Marsha provide a place for people to connect with each other, no matter whether they are a writer, producer, or not in the industry and just appreciate a great film. We start out the episode hearing how a chance encounter at a dinner party ended up being Barbara’s path...


Episode 44: Tell Me Something Good | Steve Lawton

Today we get to chat with Steve Lawton, author, IT executive, and mover and shaker around the Austin community. Steve relocated to Austin in 1994 and has never looked back since. He is one of the most positive and inspiring people we have had on the podcast, and we are happy he chooses to live in Austin! We talk some friendly sports rivalry, his time at NASA, Motorola, and Dell, and how the tech industry has grown since he moved here. Then, Steve opens up and shares his incredible story...


Episode 43: Official, Awesome and Authentic | Mo Shafeek with Mondo

Today our guest is Mo Shafeek, the record label manager at Mondo. If you have ever been inside the Alamo Drafthouse Theater, chances are you’ve seen his gallery with all the cool T-shirts, posters and collectibles. We hear how Mo transitioned from an unemployed Brooklyn transplant to getting hired full-time at the Alamo Drafthouse, then managing the posters and then record label at Mondo’s and ultimately creating a moving memorabilia empire. We loved hearing Mo’s unique perspective on...


Episode 42: Notable, Limited and Exclusive — Bruce and Ronda Prothro | Prothro Family Wines

Bruce and Ronda Prothro, founders of Prothro Family Wines, have a pretty amazing story of how they met in a cable car in San Francisco, moved to Austin, and took their hobby and passion of winemaking and turned it into a full-time thriving and well-respected family business that recently won two major awards. We talk with the couple about their unique love story, their career backgrounds before winemaking, and how a job relocation to Austin ended up as a great thing for their family’s...


Episode 41: Inspiration, Rebuilding, and Providing Opportunity | Levi Benkert

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Levi Benkert. We are honored to share his cool story with you and hope you feel just as inspired as we did after the episode. Levi shares how the recession affected his successful real estate business and a time where he was hit with an unfortunate amount of setbacks including losses in the family and business. Levi and his wife decided to take a trip to volunteer in Ethiopia, which ended up changing his entire view on businesses, family and the...


Episode 40: Keeping It Digital | Lani Rosales

Today we get to talk with one of our techies in town! Journalist, writer, provocateur, and much more, Lani Rosales. Lani and her husband, Ben, founded the super popular and edgy news site, The American Genius. They also host a monthly networking festival known as “The Big Ass Social Happy Hour,” and founded the Facebook group Austin Digital Jobs. They have scaled them to huge successes and Lani shares the two secret key ingredients for how they turned so big in a relatively short amount of...


Episode 39: A Unique and Natural Perspective to Photography | Laura Kay Saucedo

Today we are talking to a rare find, a true born-and-raised Austinite, Laura Kay Saucedo! Laura and her husband Ben run a thriving wedding photography company in town, Ben and Laura Photography. She has a relaxed, open, and realistic take on the wedding scene, and gives some tips on how to have a great event without breaking the bank. She also shares her experience of starting Inspire Boudoir Austin, an outdoor boudoir studio that helps women get into nature and “push further to accomplish...


Episode 38: Active in Service, Fun and Community | Holly Priestner of Keller Williams Realty

Today we chat with Holly Priestner, Vice President of Keller Williams Realty. In full disclosure, Holly is a good friend of the show, and we already know a lot about her, but definitely uncovered some interesting stories about her time in Texas. From starting as a small town girl, to helping many different organizations raise large amounts of money, Holly has been passionate from the beginning, to a life of service and helping others. She shares her interesting family background and...


Episode 37: Heart Over Pocket | Alan Graham of Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Today we get to chat with Alan Graham, CEO, President & Co-Founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes! Alan is also the visionary behind the MLF’s Community First Village and is certainly a man on a mission. Since founding the nonprofit in 1998, they have served over 5 million meals to the homeless. The Community First Village provides permanent and affordable housing for the chronically homeless. Alan shares his advice and wisdom on founding a non profit and working with some of the struggles. We...


Episode 36: A Motivated and Determined Solo Starter | Kim Overton of SPIbelt

Today we catch up with Kim Overton, Founder of the “small personal item belt,” aka SPIbelt. Kim is an inventor and entrepreneur, and most certainly not the first Overton to make a deep and lasting mark in Austin. Kim got started at the young age of six, with her first business of selling mistletoe, and has been full steam ahead ever since. She moved to New York for a successful dancing career and even landed on MTV as a lead dancer. She returned back to Austin as a personal trainer, where...


Episode 35: Let’s Get Running! | Paul Carroza

Today we get to talk with Paul Carroza: entrepreneur, community leader, and fitness philanthropist. Paul shares his background in running with us, what about the Austin trails spoke to him, even back in the late 1980s, and how the iconic RunTex store led the model of lifestyle and running-based stores. We chat with Paul about his work with Marathon Kids, and how it started off pretty big, with over 5,000 participants, and goes to inspire children, teach them the basics of good running, and...


Episode 34: Connection to the Community and Building the best CrossFit in the World | Michael Winchester and Jess Estrada of CrossFit Jääkarhu Austin

Today our amazing guests are Michael Winchester and Jess Estrada, two of the owners and founders of CrossFit Jääkarhu Austin. We had a great chat with them about their background in fitness, their first thoughts on CrossFit in general, and how they came to own one of the busiest and well-respected gyms in Austin. They also share the meaning behind the gym name, and give a very interesting inside look at the life of a CrossFit competitor. The growing local fitness scene in Austin means good...


Episode 33: Work Hard, Live More | Nicole Jensen of the Austin Tour Company

In this week’s episode we talk to Nicole Jensen, owner and Chief Experience Officer at the Austin Tour Company. From just helping friends and loved ones with their own events, to now doing large scaled outings and experiences for locals and tourists, Nicole certainly knows how to create a fun and fulfilling time for others. She shares some of the well known Austin experiences they offer up, along with some rare and funky behind-the-scenes type things, some even mixing drinking and history....


Episode 32: “The Father of Modern Networking” | Dr. Ivan Misner

Today we are talking with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, Business Networking International, the world’s largest business networking organization. He founded the company to help himself with his own professional networking when he was just 28 years old, and realized he was onto something big. Today BNI has over 8,000 chapters all over the world, and last year alone the members referred over 11 billion dollars in business to each other. Dr. Misner shares how...


Episode 31: Getting real with personal finances | Laura Adams aka the “Money Girl”

In this episode we hear from Laura Adams, who many may already know as the “Money Girl,” who is responsible for helping a large number of people get out of debt and plan for a safer and calmer future. Laura talks about her relocation from California to Austin, and gives tips for everyone, whether you are managing college debt, or thinking about adding a side hustle to your routine. Laura shares her professional insight on the evolving scene downtown in Austin, and ways to invest, increase,...


Episode 30: Artsy, Funky and Feisty: Singer Songwriter Sara Hickman

A true character of Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Sara Hickman joins us for today’s episode. She is one of the most cherished musicians in the Austin Music Scene and someone that has strong opinions, and has made revolutionary moves throughout her career. She talks about how competitive it is and how being “diplomatically obnoxious” and tenacious about what you want can make all the difference in rising up to have a successful career like hers. Key Takeaways: [2:06] Sara grew up in...


Episode 29: A Framework of Successful Leadership

In today’s episode we chat with leadership mentor and business consultant Rob Lynch. Rob has run multiple companies, and we look through his eyes at the local business scene, his favorite conference, and what the obligations of a founder are to start a great company. He coaches and consults on the skills to succeed and survive during challenging times that he carries over as the CEO of multiple start ups. Key Takeaways: [1:11] Rob has been in Austin for 21 years. He is originally from...


Episode 28: Getting Your Hair Wet with Meredith Walker

Meredith Walker is on a mission to create support for the younger generation to be their true authentic self. She is a Peabody award winning journalist and producer who is the founder and co-executive producer of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Online Community and Digital Network. She worked with Amy at SNL, and that is where they came up with the idea to develop a community to support and encourage young women. Meredith and Amy have created a support group online that anyone can tap into, and...


Episode 27: From Virtual Playgrounds to Pioneers | Matt Hullum of Rooster Teeth

Today we talk to Matt Hullum of Rooster Teeth. He shares with us how Burnie Burns and he started as students at UT, and how they took their own ideas and beliefs about video creation and distribution, and used it to change the industry. They are pioneers of online content, and whether it’s their sci-fi comedy, “Red vs. Blue,” anime, “Rwby,” feature film, “Lazer Tag,” (sequel released soon), or RTX convention, they are constantly pushing the boundaries, and expanding what is possible in the...