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7: Jaron Lanier - Our Digital Future and Digital Fate

Interesting People in Interesting Times welcomes technologist, writer and philosopher Jaron Lanier, to discuss his memoir _Dawn of the New Everything_ (Henry Holt & Co.) tracing his childhood in Texas to his work with Microsoft, his exploration of virtual reality and his thoughts on our digital future. Recorded at Soho House in NYC, Jaron began with a short music performance. Jump to three minutes in if you want to skip the music. Interesting People in Interesting Times, hosted by Tom...


6: Is Technology the Enemy of Genius?

Technology promises to make us happier and smarter. It brings us pleasure, friendship, sex, and knowledge, all at our fingertips. It also allows us to remember, and know, less. It has led to a world where algorithms and smartphones have become our cognitive servants: we can burden them, while liberating ourselves. But as we've become skimmers, scanners and scrollers, is technology reshaping our brains and destroying our capacity for deep thinking? Philosopher Jim Holt, author of When...


5: From Technology to Tax Codes: The Facebook Co-Founder Fighting for Fairer Incomes

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes talks income inequality, tech regulation, and the role the Big 4 have in driving societal and economic progress. Hughes, who is the author of Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn and the co-chair of the Economic Security Project, calls for radical reforms to our nation's tax code to rebalance the economy and make it work more fairly for all American workers. He also explains why the gig economy, with its Uber drivers, Taskrabbits and Postmates...


4: Are We Destined for Dictatorship? How Platforms and Presidents Struck a Deal for Power and How to Stop It

From multi-party democracies to one-party states, platforms and presidents are combining to re-write the rules of how we're governed. Henry Timms, co-author of New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World-and How to Make It Work for You, explains how the power of dictatorships to social movements, are defined by their ability to connect across the internet. The consequences of this will decide the fate of us all. Interesting People in Interesting Times, hosted by Tom Goodwin and...


3: Have Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Proven We’re All Just Sheep? Author Maria Konnikova Explains.

When a President's tweets drastically change a country, do we accept it as the new normal? When our social media feeds consist of people who think just like us, how can we expect social change? And why do we always assume the future will be better than the past? Maria Konnikova, author of The Confidence Game, explains what politician's lies do to your brain, why we fall for the same tricks every time, and how humanity is hardwired for hope-and why that's problematic. In this conversation...


2: Repeat & Rewind: Are Humans Just Patterns of Predictability? Author Derek Thompson explains. IPIT. Episode 2

Think you've heard this song before? Were there more Jennifers or Jessicas in your class at school? And what does this have to do with the rise of Donald Trump? Repetition, patterns, and predictability are the essence of human life, according to Derek Thompson, senior editor at the Atlantic and author of Hitmakers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction. In this second episode of Interesting People in Interesting Times, Derek explains what makes a hit song, a successful marketing...


1: Andrew Yang, Future U.S. President? The Tech Entrepreneur Who Wants to Save America From the Robots – Interesting People in Interesting Times. Episode 1

Open, funny, and self-aware, Andrew Yang is not your standard politician. But he plans to run for President in 2020 with a radical policy agenda from Universal Basic Income to what to do about AI and why we need to put humanity first. We also hear what he plans to do about Amazon. Interesting People in Interesting Times, hosted by Tom Goodwin and Adriana Stan, brings together provocative speakers, great ideas and bold new thinking. Music: "Roadrunner" by Dan Tepfer from the album Eleven...