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Episode 90 - ISLA RA SESSIONS - "Malebolgia is my good mate.."

EPISODE 90: FEATURING TOP 4 BOOKS BY THE POWER OF CHAD! It's a Friday night and the Waning Gibbous beckons and taunts us like a petulant child - yes, Loonies, The High Priests return to conduct another ISLA RA Sessions with another beloved Loony, and this time we have one of the coolest cats int he business, The Power of Chad! (Jernigan) as our special guest, to take us through his top 4 desert island books! Apart from the fantastic issues on offer for discussion, as always, we ask Chad...


Episode 89 - Thicker than Liefeld's Captain

EPISODE 89: The Moon turns a First Quarter which sees our High Priests of Khonshu tackle an overview of Moon Knight throughout the years, in toy action figure form! Whether it be action figures, statues or busts, both Connor and Rey highlight them all and compare how they hold up today and with each other. Big thanks to The Rickball Special for supplying us with the information - tune in, Loonies..or be left on the shelf! PHASE OF THE MOON: FIRST QUARTER KHONSHU'S IDOLS - TOY FIGURE...


Episode 88 - Captain Marvel Week! aka Spector's Butt

EPISODE 88: Loonies! It's another one of those magical weeks where a MCU movie is released, and this time, it's CAPTAIN MARVEL! With any MCU film, the High Priests are excited no end, so we can't help but discuss our overall, vague thoughts on the film without getting too spoilery... For those who don't want to hear anything about the film, please note the discussion time stamp on our show: 20:32 - 31:25 If you don't want anything to do with thoughts on the film (because you are...


Episode 87 - BEND(IS)-ing the Rules

EPISODE 87: Khonshu will NOT be happy... The High Priests are back, but this time Rey has made a school boy error and misread the phases of the moon, so although technically it's meant to be a Classic Run for this episode, you'll be treated to a Modern run instead! Bendis is in the limelight for this, due to popular demand (kinda, sorta, maybe) and it's left to the High Priests to discuss with a keen eye the intricacies of Bendis debut issue for what was to be a very divisive run! Let us...


Episode 86 - ISLA RA SESSIONS - Roasting into Oblivion

EPISODE 86: FEATURING TOP 4 BOOKS BY HIGH PRIEST OF KHONSHU REY A very different episode this week, with another one of the High Priests - Rey - giving us his ISLA RA books....this time Rey is in the hot seat! Alongside hosts High Priest Connor(Shu) and Loony 'The Power of' Chad, the trio venture from Grant Mansion, to Gena's Diner...then to the Aussie Outback! How Rey got into comics (in the crazy time, the 90's) ; his introduction into Moon Knight; and what takes up his time outside of...


Episode 85 - We're Just Wilde about Jeff

EPISODE 85: Connor and Rey are treated with a guest co-host in Loony Josh 'Geronimo' Johnson! A regular member of the show, Josh joins the High Priests of Khonshu to discuss the first arc of the on-again-off-again sidekick to Moon Knight, Jeff Wilde (aka Midnight!) - PHASE OF THE MOON: WAXING GIBBOUS OVER THE MOON TRADE/ARC REVIEW, INTRODUCTION TO JEFF WILDE, MIDNIGHT! Things may not be what they seem as the trio pick apart the merits, traits and shortcomings of Midnight, and serve it...


Episode 84 - Trent Needs Help

EPISODE 84: High Priests Connor and Rey return to round out what is undoubtedly one of the more popular runs in Moon Knight's canon. Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey close out their chapter of Moon Knight by putting a spin on one of Moon Knight's greatest foes, Black Spectre. There's a bit of 'idol' chat about what's been going on in the High Preist's lives over the past week, and there's more news on the great fan film by film maker and Moon Knight fan, Caden Butera (who we hope to have...


Episode 83 - Enter The Midnight Man!

EPISODE 83: All three High Priests of Khonshu reconvene for the first time this year to take a look at another classic issue from the 80's Moench and Sienkiewicz run! Enter the Midnight Man! Will Moon Knight stop the spate of crime in and around New York City? Can the likes of Marlene, Samuels and Nedda persevere with Marc's erratic personalities? Just who will save the day in this caped adventure? All this and more in this episode of the Internet's only Moon Knight Podcast! PHASE OF...


Episode 82 - Ctrl + Alt + Delete Vengeance!!

EPISODE 82: The High Priests of Khonshu are joined by special guest, Rick 'The RickBall Special' Gentusa, to chat about Moon Knight's appearance throughout the ages, in video games! It's our first ever episode on video games and we're excited!! We'll cover and discuss broadly all of the big Marvel video games...and ones which you probably didn't know contained our Fist of Khonshu! All this plus a swag of feedback to chat about - time to log in, pick a skin and replenish your energy levels...


Episode 81 - Ultimate Universe, Here We Come!

EPISODE 81: The High Priests of Khonshu Connor and Rey take a very laid back discussion about a very different Moon Knight - this time it's Moony from the Ultimate Universe, and it's another action packed adventure alongside Spidey and the likes of Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Shang Chi and Iron Fist! PHASE OF THE MOON: WAXING GIBBOUS OVER THE MOON TRADE/ARC REVIEW ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, "ULTIMATE KNIGHTS" - #106-111 Released May 2007 writer - Brian Michael Bendis artist - Mark...


Episode 80 - Two Psychos...and No, Not Us!

EPISODE 80: Welcome to the New Year!! The High Priests see in the new year with a double episode of sorts where they cover both the New Moon and the Waning Crescent! Connor and Rey discuss the merits of Randall and his role in Moon Knight's canon with a Spotlight on his character and appearance throughout the various Moon Knight series - PHASE OF THE MOON: NEW MOON SPOTLIGHT REVIEW - RANDALL SPECTOR REFERENCES TO: HULK #17-18; MARC SPECTOR:MOON KNIGHT #35-38; SHADOWLAND - MOON KNIGHT...


ITK Public Service Announcement

ITK PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT A brief word from High Priest of Khonshu Rey, regarding this week's episode.... SHOW NOTES: Randall SpectorMoon Knight Vol. 1 #2Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast WHERE TO HEAR US: Podcast PageApple PodcastGoogle Play MusicSpotifyOvercastSoundCloudStitcherTuneinPodbeanInto the Knight RSS FeedYouTube DROP US A LINE: Blog: www.intotheknightpodcast.wordpress.comPodcast Page: http://intotheknight.libsyn.comEmail: itkmoonknight@gmail.comFB Page: Into...


Episode 79 - Silent Knight, Holy @#$! Knight!

EPISODE 79: Strap onto your holiday hats, it's our Holiday Special! The two High Priests ruminate about the year that was, as well as have one more go at reviewing a Moony comic. There are special messages too, from a wonderful cast of past co-hosts and guests from this year - have a listen to grab some holiday reading recommendations too! PHASE OF THE MOON: FESTIVE MOON LUNAR-PICK REVIEW: MOON KNIGHT ONE-SHOT #1- "SILENT KNIGHT" Released January 2009 (writer) Peter...


Episode 78 - Scarlet's Angel of Mercy

EPISODE 78: High Priest of Khonshu Rey is joined by Loony Alumni, Tommy 'The Man on the Streets' Kawel for an engaging discussion of JM De Matteis' 6-part surreal journey between Moon Knight and his most intriguing foe - PHASE OF THE MOON: WAXING GIBBOUS OVER THE MOON, ARC REVIEW: MARC SPECTOR, MOON KNIGHT #26-31- "SCARLET REDEMPTION" Released May-October 1991 (writer) JM De Matteis (artist) Ron Garney + Tom Palmer (colours) Christie Scheele (letterer) Ken Lopez (editors) Danny...


Episode 77 - Saving Scarlet, the Younger

EPISODE 77: High Priests of Khonshu Connor and Rey return to a comic previously reviewed in an earlier episode! Yes, this episode is just too good to leave alone, so the two High Priests weigh in yet again to discuss more on Ellis' absolutely unforgettable issue during his short tenure on Moon Knight - PHASE OF THE MOON: WAXING CRESCENT LUNAR-PICK, MODERN RUN REVIEW: MOON KNIGHT VOL. 7, ISSUE #5 - 'SCARLET' Published September, 2014 Released July 2, 2014 Writer - Warren...


Episode 76 - Moon Man or Spider Knight??

EPISODE 76: High Priest of Khonshu Rey is joined by very special guest (and Spidey aficionado) Chris Jones from the Defenders TV Podcast! It's another fun review of a current comic, but it's with the fun Infinity Warps series which amalgamates Peter Parker with Moon Knight! A great mix of heroes and villains, penned by Dennis Hopeless ensure this conclusion to the two-part series remains light and fun...! PHASE OF THE MOON: NEW MOON SPOTLIGHT REVIEW: INFINITY WARPS, ARACH-KNIGHT...


Episode 75 - The Moon Knight Mythos Begins!

EPISODE 75: High Priests Connor and Rey return to give you something you probably weren't expecting...but was kinda expecting a while ago... but recently we mentioned it was postponed....confused yet?? Yes, despite previous announcements, we ARE finally reviewing the inaugural issue of the first solo title of Moon Knight, penned by Doug Moench and drawn by equal legend Bill Sienkiewicz! After a run of cameo appearances, we finally get to the very first MK title for review... get ready for...


Episode 74 - Moon Knight Fan Film Review!

EPISODE 74: High Priest of Khonshu, Connor(Shu) makes his long awaited return to the show and as always he injects a waxing spark to Rey's waning crescent! This time around, it's a new type of review, courtesy of a Full Moon: PHASE OF THE MOON: FULL MOON MOON & STARS FILM/TV REVIEW - MOON KNIGHT CHAPTER 1 (A FAN FILM) We are fortunate enough to have scored some time with actor, director, writer, producer Alex Looman - who also happens to be a fellow Loony! It was great to be able to...


Episode 73 - Thank You for Everything, Stan...

EPISODE 73: High Priests of Khonshu Rebecca and Rey are joined by guest Loony, "The Power of..." Chad to pay tribute to the recent passing of Marvel and comic book legend, Stan Lee. Stan Lee changed the face of comics and along with the likes of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Bill Everett and John Romita Snr. gave us some of the most memorable and loved characters we know today. We salute Stan Lee and reflect on the thoughts of the Loony Community - here's to you...we're forever...


Episode 72 - Khonshu, Put Me to Sleep

EPISODE 72: High Priest of Khonshu Rey returns to give you old school ITK reviewing...Connor(Shu) is still MIA, but that may have to do with a couple of burly Mexican wrestlers...! In the meantime, Rey takes you through a Moon Knight review, as decreed by Khonshu's winking Eye in the Sky - PHASE OF THE MOON: WAXING CRESCENT LUNAR-PICK MODERN REVIEW: MOON KNIGHT, VOL. 7 , ISSUE #4 - "SLEEP" Released June 2014 (writer) Warren Ellis (artist) Declan Shalvey (colours) Jordie...