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Is It a Bird is a podcast where a couple watch comic book movies. One of them thinks comic books and the movies based on them are pretty great. The other does not.

Is It a Bird is a podcast where a couple watch comic book movies. One of them thinks comic books and the movies based on them are pretty great. The other does not.
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Is It a Bird is a podcast where a couple watch comic book movies. One of them thinks comic books and the movies based on them are pretty great. The other does not.




Batman and Robin and Why George Clooney Hates This Movie

Batman and Robin! And Batgirl too! It never made sense to me that she doesn't get a namecheck in the title. It's a weird movie this one in that even though it is completely terrible; neither of us actually hated it. It's fun. We think? Plus! George Clooney will give you money from his own pocket if you approach him in the street and tell him you saw it and hated it. True story. Also! Mr Freeze went from one of the dumbest villain in Batman's rogue gallery to being arguably one of the...


Batman Forever and Orgy Buffoonery

Batman Forever! He's not just for Christmas after all. You will hear a fine old breakdown of plot, characters, alternative castings and a bit of history on the various Robins. Plus! Who hates Jim Carey? Basically everyone it turns out. Also! How did Batman and the Riddler spoil an orgy? In pretty much the way you'd expect actually. Thanks for downloading! For any questions or enquiries please email and find us on twitter @isitabirdpod


Avengers Endgame Reaction (Full Spoilers) - Is It A Bonus

The Endgame has been and happened and we're here with a hot hot take! There will be full spoilers in this bonus episode. Seriously. We even pretend spoil Game of Thrones at one point. If you haven't seen Endgame, don't even listen. Save it for the drive home. I can't give you any more warning than that. Plus! A couple bicker over whether this movie is good, enjoyable and if anyone has any right to criticise it if they're not a fan of the series in the first place. Also! The same couple...


Batman Returns and How Ronald McDonald Took Down Tim Burton

Batman returns in 1992's Batman Returns! Listen as we talk plot, characters, costumes and how Bruce Wayne scratches a CD to spread Fake News. Plus! Before your mum started being outraged on Facebook she was writing letters to get stuff banned. Believe it or not, this actually worked! The 90s eh? You could be taken down by a simple letter writing campaign and the bottomless funds of the McDonalds corporation. Also! Who else was in the running to take the whip and be painted into the...


Batman 1989 and The Man Who Stole the Dark Knight

A look back at Tim Burton's Batman from all the way back in 1989! We discuss the plot, the characters and the actors' performances - some are terrible but maybe not the ones you're thinking of. We also question whether this is actually a Batman movie and maybe more of a Joker movie. Plus! The Batman creation story and the tragic tale of Bill Finger and how he was denied credit and money by the man who claimed to have created the Batman character - Bob Kane. Also! How great is the...


Joker Trailer Reaction - Is It A Bonus

All the hot off our brains reaction to the trailer for the Joker movie! We ask all the tough questions like 'Is this stupid?', 'Is it a remake of a better movie?' and 'Is this whole thing being made just to have a dig at Ben Affleck?' Plus! What the hell happened to Jared Leto and his method acting? Also! A couple argue about naming a podcast. This is why we don't have a pet. Thanks for downloading! For all enquiries please email and find us on twitter...


Avengers Assemble, The End of Phase One and The Swordmaster's Paper Kitana

The Avengers Assemble! It's the Phase One movie that doesn't hold up! Listen as we criticise the plot, the treatment of the female characters, Black Widow's new hair and even some of the stuff we did like. Plus! How the Avengers comic book counterparts got together to fight crime and intergalactic threats, Hawkeye's origin and how to make literally anything you can think of into a sword. Also! Lizard people in human suits. Thanks for downloading! For all enquiries please email...


Captain America The First Avenger and How Marvel Fought the Nazis

Its Captain America! Is this one of the best movies ever made (in the MCU) one of us certainly thinks so. We'll be discussing why, how, who and what's the point along with some body shaming and misnaming of characters. Plus! How Marvel in the 40s stood up to the Nazis and won. It's an astounding tale of good's triumph over evil worthy of the pages they were drawing themselves. Thanks for downloading! For all enquiries please email


Thor and a Storm in a Hammer

Thor! What happened, how it happened and how come everyone is so bloody attractive in this movie? Plus! Some Norse myths, comic book background and how Douglas Adams transformed Thor from Shakespearean behemoth into a loveable idiot. Thanks for downloading! For all enquiries please email


Iron Man 2 and The Demon in a Bottle

Iron Man 2! Its the sequel! You'll hear about plot, you'll hear about haircuts, you'll hear about the Demon in a Bottle story from comics, you'll hear about outfits and costumes and how Tony Stark is probably due a sexism lawsuit. Plus! An excellent dog-based-Iron Man pun so listen right until the end because you will not want to miss it. Thanks for downloading!


The Incredible Hulk and Jack Kirby

The Incredible Hulk! Plot, performances and a whole load of cartoons hitting each other for nearly half of the movie. Plus! The Hulk's secret origin, the legendary Jack Kirby and how Marvel Studios are conspiring to keep the Hulk out of Universal's hands. Thanks for downloading! For all enquiries please email


Iron Man and the Dawn of the MCU

Iron Man! Plot, characters, what it leads to, the history of the character and the comics its based upon. Plus! The history of the MCU - How Marvel nearly went out of business but turned it around and created the Hollywood changing behemoth known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks for downloading!