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A weekly podcast about news in the Isle of Man, hosted by Isle of Man Newspapers' Andy Dalrymple and featuring newshounds Jess Ward and Sam Turton, plus distribution and promotions’ very own Katie Kitchener. 'We’re here to deliberate, cogitate and digest this week’s Manx news.'

A weekly podcast about news in the Isle of Man, hosted by Isle of Man Newspapers' Andy Dalrymple and featuring newshounds Jess Ward and Sam Turton, plus distribution and promotions’ very own Katie Kitchener. 'We’re here to deliberate, cogitate and digest this week’s Manx news.'
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A weekly podcast about news in the Isle of Man, hosted by Isle of Man Newspapers' Andy Dalrymple and featuring newshounds Jess Ward and Sam Turton, plus distribution and promotions’ very own Katie Kitchener. 'We’re here to deliberate, cogitate and digest this week’s Manx news.'






18: Thank you for the Manx news, for giving it to me

The latest #IsleofMan Newspapers' Podcast is tangential to say the least. As always we re-cap some of the stories that have been hitting the headlines in our print titles and online at, but we also find out about Katie's love for #Eurovision and Andy's for Aussie super-soap Neighbours. If that wasn't enough excitement for you there's also our usual #ThisWeekinHistory and #KatiesManxWordoftheWeek features. #IsleofMan #podcast


17: 'Who's on the money?'

This week we discuss Arthur 'The Fonz' Fonzarelli and his appearance on something many of us carry around everyday. Jess talks about a woman from the south of the island who reached the ‘Impossible Target’ in Italy and Sam discusses the review into the island's health care system. Katie and Sam give us a review of Spamalot, while insisting they didn't go together. Plus a trip back in time and Katie's Manx word of the week.


16: Isle of Sam

This week, Sam gives us a lesson on the Japanese Constitution after the Manx Independent documented the time when the now Emperor visited Tynwald. The unbelievable story of the firefighter who broke his foot and ran the London Marathon. And the astounding amount of money spent at one high school on plastic bottles per year. Plus - Sam would do anything for us as he looks back at when Samantha Barks was setting BBC1 alight back in 2008. And Katie brings us our Manx word of the week.


15: Wallabies and walloping

Irn Bru-coloured wallabies, school bus fares and forgotten photos of times past. We discuss all in this week's edition of Almost Live From Nigel. After a trip to Douglas-bound business, Morrison Photos, Jess talks about its mission to reunite island residents with their forgotten film photographs that have been stored away in an attic for decades. The school bus fare row continues - Sam covers the story's latest opinion: put up the horse tram prices, not school ones. Andy gives us a run down...


14: Underground, overground, podcasting free

This week's #IsleofMan Newspapers podcast is as eclectic as ever with home schooling, an upcoming fair for graduates and the #LondonUnderground among the topics covered. If that wasn't enough excitement for you, we look at what was making the headlines on April 14, 2009 and Katie has her #Manx word of the week.


13: Circus tales and pale ales

We're back with another week of stories that have hit our headlines. And we're not the only one's back - Gandey's Circus is in town again after years of touring the world. Jess talks to Ringmaster Ryan Brown and Katie gives a review of Thursday's show. Andy had a visit from Matt Cox and Roger Cave to discuss next week's highly anticipated Beer Festival. Sam brings us a story from the west of the island as descendants of World War One internees, who were stationed at Knockaloe, made their way...


12: 'Come fly with me'

Come fly with us as we take to the skies and discuss the return of a direct route to Heathrow. Jess has been to meet Harry Owens, the beekeeper who has been sharing his talents with the people of Burundi . Plus she shares the views of the Manx public and asks 'do you feel safe on Manx roads'? Andy explains why students at Ballakermeen have been organising to send their old football boots to Africa. Plus Sam takes the DeLorean back to 2013 when the island saw a blanket of March snow and we...


11: Winner winner chicken goujon dinner

This week we discuss plans for Jurby to receive a 'container cluster' as part of a £1.8m regeneration scheme. We dust off our blazers and ties as we look back on school meals, Sam explains how disaster was averted when a runaway tram blasted down the mountain at 44mph and Jess has been speaking to a new charity, REACH IOM which seeks to help people suffering from mental health issues. Plus Sam sets his TARDIS back to 1957 for our 'This week in History' feature and as ever Katie is on hand...


10: 'We're all at sea'

Cancelled boats, new fast crafts and cruise ships... it's a nautical special for you this week. We discuss Manx farmer's reactions to the panic-buying at Tesco when the boats don't arrive and reach a unanimous vote that the future fast craft should be christened 'Gary'. Straying from the topic of boats, we also talk about a smithy who's been evicted from his workshop, which he's been based at since 1993. Following this we take a look back at a rather unexpected 2013 headline in the Manx...


9: Third best tosser in Maughold

Take a dive into this week's podcast, Jess explains why a swimming pool in the island was filled with plastic, Sam gets constitutional as he looks at why MPs in the adjacent isle are trying to legislate for the Isle of Man and what the Manx govt has had to say about it. Sam also got very excited this week as plans for Hover Kart City in Ballasalla have been given the green light and Jess has been to Maughold for the annual pancake race showing off her flipping great skills. Plus we jump in...


8: All the Bs - Bonnag, Bros and Bees from Burundi

Keeping up the strong 'B's' theme from last week's podcast, we look at a biker baking the best bonnag plus bees from Burundi. In this week's news pod we also talk about Heather Bridson - a mother who has been told she has five years to live - and why she thinks medicinal cannabis should be legalised. What would your perfect weekend in the Isle of Man be? We ask the same question a top watchmaker in the island was asked by Financial Times. As ever, we bring you another intriguing This Week in...


7: Budgets and Bovine

In this week's episode Jess meets an amazing young rock star who learnt to play Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' for his mum. Ashley Parry pops by from the Treasury to explain how the Budget is created. Sam makes friends with a calf on a visit to a farm. And we explore Julie Blackburn's new Food and Farming weekly feature as she looks at Manx flour and discovers the ultimate tractor playlist. Plus join us with a jump to the left and a step to the right as we do the Time Warp back to 1957 to see...


6: 'No miss-steak I'm your Valentine'

In this week's episode the team looks at a Manx beekeeper who is travelling to East Africa to help locals conserve their bee population and also asks the question "who is prepping ahead of Brexit"? Island charity Live at Home, which helps the elderly facing loneliness, gets a mention as well as news of a copy and paste job to do with the island's health strategy. Don't forget 'This Week in History', which features the island's first ever women MHK who was sworn in on Valentine's Day 86 years...


5: And then there were four...

Get your ears round our latest podcast. This week we have Katie, who's been to the refreshing coffee hills of Colombia, reuniting with anchor Andy and news hounds Jess and Sam with everyone discussing how the scheduled postal strike will affect romantics this Valentine's Day, Nigel Farage’s visit to the island and a crackdown on cyber bullying. As part of our regular features, we look at a 1957 copy of Isle of Man Weekly Times and Manx Word of the Week.


4: 'If you're a bird, I'm a bird'

Have a listen to our fourth Podcast hosted by our news hounds Andy, Sam & Jess. This week they discuss a local primary school’s controversial colouring sheet, mental health and the island resident that used to work for Ronald Reagan. As well as our usual features, Sam's Week in History and our Manx Word of the Week, we also discover Jess's hidden talent for animal impressions.


3: It's no yolk

This week we have an egg-celent selection of Manx news for you to listen to. As part of the egg-travaganza we dip into how Douglas businesses have been hit by the prom redevelopment works, the legacy that a true Manxman has left behind and heaps more. Of course we would never forget our usual features of #holdtheline (which we discover has another, more controversial, meaning), Sam's 'Week in History' that has a link to chickens and the Manx word of the week.


2: Sam's no mug

Plug in to our second ever podcast, which looks at a handy plastic-reducing initiative and other news stories featured in this weeks Isle of Man Examiner, Manx Independent and Courier. The team - Andy, Sam, Jess and Katie - go through a selection of Manx news including why our papers published GoVegan adverts, an update on Ramsey Courthouse's long-term use and more. You can also count on Sam's 'Week In History', our #holdtheline and 'Manx Word of The Week' being part of the show.


1: We're no dinosaurs

Listen to our news hounds Andy, Sam, Jess and Katie discuss this week's Manx News including Nigel Farage's visit to the island, redevelopment of Douglas Quay and the 40th anniversary of the Queen's attendance at Tynwald Day. You can also hear from Julie Matthews, head teacher of the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, the island's only Manx language school. Regular features include Sam's Week In History, #holdtheline and Katie's Manx Word of the Week.