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Three millennial men providing engaging content to educate, motivate, and entertain this generation through discussion of relevant topics affecting society today.

Three millennial men providing engaging content to educate, motivate, and entertain this generation through discussion of relevant topics affecting society today.
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Three millennial men providing engaging content to educate, motivate, and entertain this generation through discussion of relevant topics affecting society today.






E12. Response to STEM School Shooting

Our response to the school shooting in Highlands Ranch, CO. We discuss, guns, our exprience with them, and the laws surrounding them.


E11. Does This Generation Need Religion?

What is old-school Mexican? What did Jesus look like? What does religion do wrong? What is nondenominational? Does this generation need religion? Should you talk about religion at social events? How be know that something can be believed? Go out and find truth. @jndpodcast


E10. What it Means to be a Man

We discuss what it means to be a man in today's society, who is manly, and what manliness really is.


E9. Love and Relationships

What are our current relationship statuses? What keeps our relationships strong? What are our feelings on divorce? How does a relationship get toxic? Is marriage the biggest promise you make in your life? Should you live together sooner rather than later? Are humans meant for monogamy? Thoughts on online dating. Does being single for a long time deter you in dating? Could you date yourself? Do you believe in soulmates? Advice for dating today. What are your favorite Rom...


T8. The Value of Playing Sports

We discuss which sports we played, which sports we like, how sports are affecting culture today, and WTF are participation trophies?


T7. Which Genre of Music is Best?

We met Bone Thugs! Are we getting too old for today's music already? What is mumble rap? How do you feel about Lady Gaga? Would you rather sit close or far at a concert? Would you rather listen to a studio album or a concert? Why is country music the best? Do you listen to one genre or multiple? What is reggaeton? Does music change your mood? How could music get more risque? Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a boat and a truck to pull it. @jndpodcast


E8. Man's Best Friend

What type of dog do you have? How do you train your dog? What kind of do dog do you want? Are there bad dogs or bad owners? @jndpodcast


T6. Rule #32, The Little Things

Join us on this new JND Podcast as we go into Rule #32, what it is and where it came from! The little things is a philosophy inspired by the movie Zombie land. The character Columbus has a rule book on how to survive Zombie Land. When he meets up with Tallahassee in the search of a twinkle, he coins the term "Rule #32, Enjoy the Little Things". This being the key to surviving Zombie Land and life. Without a great mental perspective in a world where so much is dim, you will not survive even...


E7. Zombieland

What would zombies be like? Would zombies have super powers? How would the zombie apocalypse start? What would your survival strategy be? Where do you go? Do you bunker down or get out of town? What is your zombie weapon of choice? @jndpodcast


T5. If Cars Could Talk

What was our first car? You know you've made it when your gas gauge works. What are some common GM issues? What stories would your car tell if it could talk? How did you learn to work on your car? Does having a POS car benefit young drivers? What do you want to know about your car? Do cars have souls? What do you say to your car? @jndpodcast


E6. 100 Years In The Future

What do you think the world will be like in 100 years? Hover cars? Virtual Reality? Will technology integrate with your body? We discuss all this and more on @JNDPodcast


T4. Home Is Where the Heart Is

What does your dream home look like? Brick, stucco, siding, log cabin? Why have a tennis court? What about animals? Every classy man has his own putt-putt. What is in your man cave? Modern or rustic? Do you want a compound? Gotta have a movie theater. Secret rooms? VR? Shooting range, gym, wood shop, oh my! @jndpodcast


E5. Conspiracy Theories

We discuss our favorite conspiracy theores. What is a conspiracy? Is President Trump a puppet? -What is his mental health? -What is his motivation? -Who is behind the presidency? Flat Earth? Seriously? -Who started the Flat Earth theory? -What is a troll? -What is there to gain by starting a conspiracy? What is really going on at Denver International Airport? -Lizard people and concentration camps. -Who are the stonemasons? -A time capsule -What is in the tunnels? -What is...


T3. $100 Million

What would you do with $100 million? What do you buy first? Is a car instant gratification? What would your house look like? Tinted or nah? Would you be philanthropic? How does giving to others hurt them? @JNDPodcast


E4. Monday Motivation

What is motivation? Where does motivation come from? What role do goals have in motivation? How many books have you read in you life? What is your why? How does accountability affect your motivation? Accountabilibuddy??? Why are we afraid to fail? What is the difference between a goal and a resolution? How do you set effective goals? Are you self-aware? Eat your dinner before your dessert. Start today. Reach out to us @jndpodcast and podcastjnd@gmail.com


T2. Childhood Shows and Cartoons

Teaser Episode. What were some of the shows and cartoons that you watched while you were growing up? Were you a fan of Looney Toons? Nickelodeon? Cartoon Network? All of them? Is Tom and Jerry racist? Do you remember the old school Disney Channel Original Movies? Green Ranger or White Ranger? Let us know some of the things that you all watched!


E3. Superhero Movies

Marvel vs DC 2.0 What superhero movies are our favorite? Why isn't Batffleck going to be Batman anymore? Who is David's man crush? Who is the real Batman? Is Tony Stark a real person? Why has there been so many Spidermen? How did we forget about Deadpool?


T1. Marvel vs. DC

Teaser episode 1 Who is your favorite DC character? Is Batman super? Who is Batwing? DC or Marvel universe? Does Marvel succeed because of its marketing? Have Marvel fans ever read a comic book? What if Batman had a podcast? Who is David's man crush? What is black Green Lantern's name? (John Stewart) Where does Superman's power come from? Who would win a death match between Batman and Superman? Did Captain America vote Trump? What makes Deadpool so cool? Are Ironman and Batman...


E2. Advice to Our Younger Selves

What would we tell ourselves if we could go back in time? How do struggles shape us? What is a millenial mindset? How has the nuclear family changed? How has social media changed the world? Nic is Javi's spirit animal. Are you just sharing your flexes? Why is a burger cheaper than a salad? What is a mexican mullet? Have you ever regretted not taking an opportunity? What is the best job ever? Are you a yes man? Just do it. Could you be roommates with your 18 year old self? Set...


E1. Career Lessons

Our first podcast! Javi's day at work and thoughts on having a job. What is corporate? What is Fortune 100 and 500? What is David's background? Nic's background. What are the costs of morals? How we met. People don't leave jobs, they leave managers. Which day of the week is the best and the worst? Beginning of college and career misconceptions. What value are you adding? What value do other people see you adding? Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. A++. A plus...