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What Just Happened?! With Jackson Jones: "Episode 2; Space"

What Just Happened is a podcast that will cover recent events, things you may have missed due to your busy life, they will be viewed thought the eyes of Jackson, so be warned, hes VERY much Jackson. This weeks epsode we have audio from the terrible accident a Auburn University Gymnast had, that resulted in…


What Just Happened With Jackson Jones "Shazam and Cincinnati Man..."

What Just Happened is a podcast that will cover recent events, things you may have missed due to your busy life, they will be viewed thought the eyes of Jackson, so be warned, hes VERY much Jackson. The show will be fun and fast paced, so kick back and enjoy, you can always reach out…


What Just Happened!? With Jackson Jones

If you liked Jackson's American Tales, you might enjoy my new podcast coming very soon, What Just Happened!? It will be w weekly podcast hosted by me Jackson Jones from The Today's Q106 Morning Show. This will be a variety type show, where we will cover what you may have missed in the last week,…


Season 2, Episode 8: "Lawns to Radio with Jackson Jones"

I have had a few folks ask if I was going to tell my story, so I figured I'd end the 2nd season with that. I like to think it's a fun listen and an interesting story. It's a rise from the bottom to slightly above the bottom... But really it's a fun listen and…


Season 2, Episode 7: "Making Memories That Rock with Karen Wheelock"

MAMA Award Winner (Madison Area Music Awards), and Dimentia Care Specialist Karen Wheelock came in studio to tell her very intesting story about how a girl who was so shy she didn't speak much as a child turns into an adult who performs LIVE music! Karen also talks about her work with people suffering from…

Season 2, Episode 6: "Looking For A Challenge With BJ Breecher, Part 2

Bj Breecher, a young man from Wisconsin with some serious drive, he has such a good story it had to be broken in to 2 parts. If you missed part one, well go back and listen, but what you need to know is after a breif stint playing Arena Football and Bass in a rock…


Season 2, Episode 5: "Looking For A Challenge With BJ Breecher"

If you were to ask the boys of a kindergarden class, "what do you want to be when you grow up" youd probably hear "play in a a rock band", "football player", fireman" but BJ was the kid who wanted to be all 3 and he did just that. Driven as a young man that…


Season 2, Episode 4: "Marines Never Retire, With John Kraak"

Born and raised on the west side of Madison, the Marines seemed like a more enjoyabe experience than working on his dads farm, young John Kraak set out for a life of adventure. He spent years traveling the world and serving his country and then was ready to return home to settle into a nice…


Season 2, Episode 3: "Hammerin' Heart With Jason Hafeman"

Jason had dreams of being a broacaster while getting a degree in communications, even had a brief stint on TV and doing color commentary for Baseball games on radio, but that was not to be his calling. He discovered and organization that helps people whose homes are in serious need of repair, and bulit a…


Season 2, Episode 2: "Rippin' Dingers with Coach Jamie Midthun"

Another episode featuring a Waunakee resident, must be something in the water around there... This is a really fun and informative episode, Coach Midthun talks youth sports, what it's like seeing kids develop and grow from your guidance, and dealing with parents. Jamie is much like other Waunakee residents, very community oriented and focused on…


Season 2, Episode 1: "Knocked Down But Not Out With Kay Kratochwill"

Kay was a promising young woman from Waunakee, Wisconsin whose life took a turn off the path she had set for herself. She eventually found her way and settled into a nice routine and started a family, but not all that glitters is gold. Kay is a domestic abuse survivor who got herself and her…


Jackson's American Tales Season 2 Coming Soon...

Jackson's American Tales is back for season 2! Jackson's American Tales is a podcast where Jackson Jones from the Today's Q106 Morning Show sits down with ordinary people and gets their very extraordinary life stories! This season we will be talking to a career Firefighter, a local musician, a domestic abuse survivor and so many…


Season 1, Episode 8: "Getting Hairy With Walter Cnare"

Walter is one of the most interesting and unique individuals you will ever meet, raised in small town with a thirst for adventure. His story involves attening 7 different colleges, scamming his way on to the Jenny Jones Show, surviving homelessness and growing a world class beard.


Season 1, Episode 7: "Hidden Joys with Mark Meinholz"

In high school Marks dad told him he should be a mortician, a thought that always rumbled in the back of his mind, well later in life that thought started to gain more strength. Mark decided to start a business most would think would be day in and day out sadness but in reality helping…


Season 1, Episode 6: "Perspiration And Inspiration With Shana Verstegen"

When tragedy reared it's ugly head in the form of a diagnosis of Huntington's Disease for her mother, and the possiblility it could one day affect her, Shana she never lost her positive vibe. She has always been able to find the silver lining in dark clouds and has lead an incredible life. Personal Trainer,…


Season 1, Episode 5: "On The Altar Of Hilarious with Seth Endres"

Seth was a troubled kid who found his way in the church only to lose it on a mission to find himself as an adult. Everyone has a stuggle and finds different ways to deal with it and Seth certainly has, he wanted to help people and life lead him down a different path but…


Season 1, Episode 4: "Whats Cookin' With Chef Dave Heide"

Chef Dave Heide was born and raised in Madison Wi, and rose to the top as one of the very best chefs in the whole cheese state. His story will show you that sometimes you have to fake it til' you make it and why it's important to give back when you get the chance.


Season 1, Episode 3: "When The Lights Went Out With Matt "Blind" Stein"

Matt "Blind" Stein had a hard scrabble life as a kid in Peoria Ill., but never let that keep him down even with the knowledge that one day he would be blind. Diagnosed with a genetic disorder that affected most of the men in his family wasn't going to stop him from getting the most…


Season 1, Episode 2: "The Building Blocks Of Life With Dan Jacobsohn"

Dan worked in the tech field but discovered he wasn't getting the fulfilment out of life that he desired. In his late 30's he decided to take a leap and open his own Lego store and start building a new life in a new city.


Season 1, Episode 1: "Burning Down The House" With Ally Lindsay

Ally grew up in a small town but had big city dreams. It's the common story of letting fear hold you down for too long but not extinguishing the fire that burns inside.