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007 experts and fans from around the world discuss the latest news and views on the James Bond universe

007 experts and fans from around the world discuss the latest news and views on the James Bond universe
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007 experts and fans from around the world discuss the latest news and views on the James Bond universe






0018: Stepping on Rakes

How much James Bond history is left to be discovered? Bill recounts his recent trip to the Lilly Library in Indiana where he looked at one of Ian Fleming's early Casino Royale manuscripts and shares some of the changes made to the final novel. As Formula 1 celebrated its 1,007th Grand Prix we look back at Bond's motor racing connections over the years and Ben reveals the story of the Aston Martin that probably influenced Ian Fleming's gadget laden car. Rounding out, we explore the state of...


0017: Holographic Roger Moore

How has fandom changed over the years? It's so secret that we neglect to mention the name of the event! Mark and Calvin recount their amazing day at Secret Cinema's Casino Royale show (spoiler-free) and we ponder what other Bond films would make great interactive experiences. We also debate the current state of Bond fandom in 2019 and how things have changed over the past 20 years. At the end, discussion of the latest Bond 25 developments throw up some wild rumours that sound a little too...


0016: Powered By Explodium

Who can defend the indefensible? We experiment with a new format for this episode where each guest takes a turn to 'defend the indefensible' and make their case for an unpopular opinion in the James Bond universe. Will anyone have their minds changed? We tackle changing the shooting order of the early films for better continuity, under-appreciation of a much-maligned Bond girl, exploring just how smart James Bond is, future actor choices, and going with a left-field composer. At the end, we...


0015: Escort Required

Did this ever happen to the other fellas? This week we dive into a retrospective of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service.' As it celebrates its 50th anniversary, we look back on the film that's often dubbed the 'odd-one-out' by the media and assess how it is seen now by fans and the general public. Along the way, we muse on how American television audiences were left confused, restoration mistakes, changes to the final cut, and ponder a new way to judge George Lazenby's performance. At the end,...


0014: The Dirty F Word

Have the recent Daniel Craig films regressed in their representation of women? This week we tackle the topic of diversity, representation of women and minority characters in Bond films, welcoming a new guest Associate Professor Lisa Funnell. We round out by discussing the curious appearance of an Aston Martin in Norway for Bond 25 and answering some listener questions. Along the way we muse on the times when James Bond’s licence to kill was inappropriately used, the fine distinction between...


0013: The Peeing Dog

Has public opinion of the older films changed during the Daniel Craig years? After we round up the latest Bond 25 news and tabloid bumblings, we dive into dissecting how public opinion of every film in the James Bond series has changed over the past 15 years - from 2004 to 2019. Using a semi-scientific method, the results were surprising! Along the way, we stumble upon the next Uncle Bond, psych out John Wayne, ponder Dalton's dark prophecy, freeze frame Judi Dench, and downgrade some...


0012: Cai-Cai-Cairo

How much of a Bond film is recycled from unused scripts? In the first segment, we wrap up some loose ends and dive in to the latest Bond 25 media coverage including Daniel Craig's injury and how Twitter would cover the production of early films. We welcome Ajay Chowdhury to the crew and discuss the reality of screenwriting for big franchises and how unused elements of scripts have popped up years later. Along the way, we trip over divorce Bond films, Connery's time-traveling bookshelf,...


0011: Poor Bill Fairbanks

What's with all the media negativity over Bond 25? In the first segment, we cover the latest Bond 25 developments including the wrap in Jamaica. We reveal a few tidbits about the production (no plot spoilers) and then exclusively announce the end of an era for the James Bond universe. Along the way, we trip over a governor's dinner party, Station J, 7777, a homeless MI6, lack of mobile phones, angry tabloids, and 007's social discomfort. Finally, we ponder what's up with the state of the...


0010: Milk The Cow

Which two Bond films could blend into a new recipe? In the first segment, we experiment with throwing two less-loved Bond films in a blender to come up with something better. We then cover the latest Bond 25 developments and along the way we trip over Monty's millions, not the James Bond theme, counting clapperboards, vindictive tabloids, Pryce's ham, missing memoriams, sunset dining, 2% survival rates, and selling London flats. Like 'Spectre,' just as you think it's wrapping up, there's...


009: Fancy Cappuccino Machine

What can we read into the plot synopsis for Bond 25? With a little more time – and sleep – to reflect, we examine the plot synopsis that was released after the ‘Bond 25’ reveal event, asking questions about the significance and prominence of Jamaica, Italy and Norway, the mystery scientist, and how Malek’s ‘tech villain’ persona will break or conform to the mold of similar villains gone before. Along the way we discover the comedy stylings of Rory Kinnear, Craig’s USP, an absence of muscle...


008: No Socks Please, We're British

Dissecting the Bond 25 reveal event. In this special extended episode, we take apart the Bond 25 live reveal event. How did it all go down? What was expected and was surprising? Along the way we trip over a forgetful producer, the fate of an audio guy, fake tweets, a younger looking cast, why Naomie Harris was in Jamaica, the absence of Blofeld, Rami Malek's stare, Felix Leiter's precarious fate, the meaning of treachery, and why you should wear socks to avoid suspicion. The recording took...


007: Double Bourbons

What were Bond's drinking habits across the books and how do they differ in the films? We discuss aspects of James Bond's drinks and along the way we mull over the loss of local flavour, drinks missing from the films, Bond's salad dressing recipe, chaining carte blanche's, following 007's trail in NYC, substitutions for illusive Kina Lillet (and how they blew a big marketing opportunity), how to mix a perfect Vesper, shaking versus stirring, brandless bourbon, Ian Fleming's gin, and when...


006: A Fish That Winks

What films are most indicative of each actor's run at Bond? This episode of 'James Bond & Friends' is hosted by Paul Atkinson with guests David Leigh, Bill Koenig and James Page. With all quiet on the Bond 25 front, we assemble a panel to discuss a few timeless topics. Along the way we stumble on baby powder blue romper suits, film franchise formulas, MGM's 40-year financial slump, more licenced clothing suggestions, ageing 80s tech, clown suits, dated visual effects, drinking on the job,...


005: Everybody Dies

What's the deal with the 'traditional' Bond production press conference? This episode of 'James Bond & Friends' is hosted by Paul Atkinson with guests Mark O'Connell, David Leigh, Bill Koenig and James Page. We discuss the kind of Bond film we are hoping for from Craig and Fukunaga, and expectations of a kick-off press conference any day now. Along the way we spoil the plot to several classics, uncover 'stealth writers' in our midst, curse local papers' photo editors, highlight the dangers...


004: Thai Boys

What will happen to the series after Daniel Craig departs? This episode of 'James Bond & Friends' is hosted by James Page with guests Calvin Dyson, Mark O'Connell, and David Leigh. We chat about the possible options the series faces after Craig steps down after Bond 25, including the idea of rebooting the series and filming the books in order as period pieces, and the crunch timetable for the 60th anniversary. Along the way, we stumble upon Bond-trainees for baton passing, flirting with...


003: Over The Pinewood Hedges

All the latest Bond 25 news discussion. This episode of 'James Bond & Friends' is hosted by James Page with guests Calvin Dyson, Mark O'Connell, and David Leigh. We chat about the latest Bond 25 news including the new 'working title', Danny Boyle's reasons for departure, Norway, and electric cars. Calvin reports from the Q The Music concert and we also discuss the state of 007 merchandise and the potential for future Bond games. Along the way, we stumble upon fake title ideas, a Bond...


002: Biscuit Boys

Is Bond 25 a make or break film for Daniel Craig's legacy? This episode of 'James Bond & Friends' is hosted by James Page with guests Paul Atkinson, Calvin Dyson, and David Leigh. Originally recorded along with Episode 001, we found ourselves descending into general banter about the franchise and the over-arching aspects of how Daniel Craig’s tenure may end and whether Bond 25 is a make or break film. Along the way, we consider watching the films from a different perspective, leaving...


001: Prime Rib 007

Is this thing on? The debut episode of 'James Bond & Friends' is hosted by James Page with guests Paul Atkinson, Calvin Dyson, and David Leigh. We catch up on the latest Bond 25 news and chat about the delays, script rewrites and how Craig's fifth and final outing may be shaping up. Along the way, we stumble upon the 007 sausage machine, official denials, Shatterhand double-bluffs, a musical, how to break up with a Bond girl, Netflix passwords, Italian overload, animated adventures,...