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Episode 3 - A Nightmare On Elm Street (w/ Diandra Lazor)

Wrap it up like a killer’s murder weapon and stash it inside your furnace - we’re closing out our coverage of the original Nightmare on Elm Street with the help of the Sassy Sledgehammer herself, Diandra Lazor (Elm Street Radio & Fred Heads documentary). Along the way we get procedural with Law & Order: Elm Street, we meet “Chunky Fred” and “Crispy Joyce” and find yet another insane piece of animal-related wall art! All this, plus the return of everyone’s favorite pastime: Choose Your Own...


Episode 2 - A Nightmare On Elm Street (w/ Elissa Wagner)

Thank Freddy It’s Friday! Don’t hit the snooze button just yet - Gena & Patrick are back to talk about the 2nd act of A Nightmare on Elm Street with the help of the delightful actor, burlesque performer & horror enthusiast, Elissa Wagner. Along the way, we wonder if a “wet Freddy” is still scary, change the name of Nancy’s “wine mom” to Joyce and we experience the joys of Rod’s “cocaine sweats.” All this and the entire podcast gets derailed by the craziest pieces of background art since...


Episode 1 - A Nightmare On Elm Street (w/ Mike Vanderbilt)

Welcome to Primetime, Killers! Kill By Kill’s journey into the dark heart of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) begins here with the help of the one and only Mike Vanderbilt ( to help us claw our way through the first 30 minutes! Along the way, we discuss flooded boiler rooms, debate whether or not Freddy wears sweatpants and near mathematical impossibility that high school teens can achieve mutual orgasms at the same time. All this and our plans to geocache loose, rained...


Episode 0 - A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984

Thank Freddy It’s Friday! In this special Episode 0 edition of Kill By Kill, Gena & Patrick share their very first experiences with the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise and mine the depths of their Craven obsessions. We talk Pop collections, high school burnouts, Corey Haim’s “976 line” and using Crystal Pepsi as a receptacle for your tears. We also get personal about our attachments to Freddy and why we love the franchise to this day. So grab your jump rope, full-length nightgown, and a...


Bonus Episode - Black Xmas 2006 (w/ Suzen Kruglnska)

The Most Wonderful Time of the year isn’t over until Billy says so. This week, Gena & Patrick attempt to wrap up Black Xmas (2006) in a bow with the help of Suzen Kruglnska (The Shining 237 podcast). Among the many presents we find under the tree we debate sex tape recognition factors, propose that the film is a secret reboot of The Facts of Life and find out who Gena describes as, “another mysterious a-hole.” Plus our stockings are overstuffed with Choose Your Own Death-venture and a twist...


Bonus Episode - Black Xmas 2006 (w/ Heather Wixson)

Thank Billy it’s Black Xmas! Patrick & Gena have a sack full of questions to lob at the 2006 remake and they brought along the always incredible Heather Wixson (Monster Squad, & Corpse Club pod) to help us decide if it’s naughty, nice or just plain weird. Along the way we discuss the Bob Clark original, wonder if this is a stealth Scrooged reboot, we enjoy the cinematic glory that is watching someone text via 10 digit keypad and observe the least sexy sex tape in a good long...


Episode 58 - Friday the 13th 2009 (w/ Becky Wilson)

Thank Jason… IT’S OVER! That’s right, Killers - we’ve reached the very end of the Friday the 13th franchise. It only took Patrick & Gena two and a half years, but we’re finally going to bury the hatchet into the face of our beloved Jason Voorhees. Before we go, we wrap up coverage of the 2009 reboot by trying to figure out why Jason needs a jacket, we wonder how many farm implements Donnie had sexual relations with, and which character goes full Yosemite Sam on us. Then we’re joined by the...


Bonus Episode - Mandy 2018

Thank Cage It’s Thanksgiving! This is an emergency broadcast of the Kill By Kill system: Patrick royally screwed the schedule by jetting off to New York City like some kind of “Fancy Lad” and that meant we were unable to record our final Friday the 13th 2009 episode on time. Rather than miss our regular launch date, we’re giving everyone access to our very first Patreon episode covering the incredible sword-and-cenobite horror fantasy Mandy, directed by Panos Cosmatos. Along the way, we talk...


Episode 57 - Friday the 13th 2009 (w/ Alisha Lutes)

Thank Jason It’s Friday - it’s time for the return of Kill By Kill to our bread and butter: Friday the 13th. Here to help Gena & Patrick make sense of mayhem is the ever delightful writer and host Alicia Lutes (Fangirling) with some keen observations about the 2009 reboot. We’re in the thick of the body count, which means we have plenty of time to talk about neck fetishes, pitch a new limited series called Tuesdays With Jason, drink a hot cup of class rage and muse about the best parts of...


A Special Message from Patrick & Gena

Thank Jason For The Right To Vote! Patrick & Gena are sliding into your podcast DMs with a special plea this November to use your right to vote and to make it count. While we have been giggling about Jason Voorhees to take our minds off of current events, it is imperative that you use your voice this November 6th to elect a more sane and responsible group of representatives to elected office in your town, state and these Unites States of America. If you need help with finding your polling...


Bonus Episode - Halloween 2018

Thank Michael It’s Halloween! It’s the Night That We Came Home from the new Halloween 2018 and we have plenty to say about the year’s biggest horror release. SPOILER WARNING - plot twists and turns are explored in detail - so make you’ve seen the movie if you want to remain “pure.” We talk about it all, from wacky tonal shifts to an exercise yard full of part-time werewolves. We also dip into our favorite characters (#CopOLantern) and least favorite (Dr. Hummas That Makes You Poop) plus we...


Episode 56 - Friday the 13th 2009 (w/ Preston Fassel)

Thank Jason It’s October and we are back with a scare-filled edition of the Kill By Kill podcast! Patrick & Gena welcome our special guest: writer for the relaunched Fangoria Magazine and author of Our Lady of the Inferno, Preston Fassel. Along the way, we tackle very serious subjects like Jason’s ideal hair look, the pros and cons of water-skiing topless vs. bottomless and the origin of the Voorhees Batcave. All this and very shabby edition of Choose Your Own Death-venture and you’ve got a...


Episode 55 - Friday the 13th 2009 (w/ Omar Najam)

Jump in your giant SUV and gather that group of friends that barely knows one another!! We are all-new as Gena & Patrick welcome the very funny Omar Najam (Thanks For Questing) to the show to help us talk about the least death-filled segment of Friday the 13th (2009). In this episode, we discuss why “Spider Summer” is our least favorite new season, we spitball some Normcore Haunts, we wonder how Crystal Lake is benefiting from the Voorhees economy and consider the possibility that Jason is a...


Episode 54 - Friday the 13th 2009 (w/ Megan Duffy)

Thank Jason It’s Friday yet again! That’s right, we’ve rebooted Kill By Kill to coincide with the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th and brought along the effervescent Megan Duffy [Manic (2012) & Blumhouse’s Fear Initiative podcast) to help us tell the difference between baby oil and bug repellent and so much more! Along the way we debate why “typewriter font” is a bad choice for Jason, we debate the best “murder outfit” for Mrs. Voorhees, we add a little jazzy bass to make things sexier and...


Bonus Episode - Commando (w/ Adam Peacock)

Thank Arnold It’s Friday! Our final assault on Commando happens in this episode as Patrick & Gena welcome the hilarious host of My Neighbors Are Dead, Adam Peacock back onto the program to help us take out a record number of kills - 51 to be exact! Adding to the pile of dead bodies we discuss what a rocket launcher’s instruction manual reads like, we attempt to get into the mindset of a suicidal jeep, we consider why a certain mustache appears in the film numbers times and finally, we watch...


Bonus Episode - Commando (w/ Amy Matsumoto)

Remember when we said we would discuss Sully’s death last? WE LIED! On this second Commando episode, Patrick & Gena kidnap an innocent Amy Matsumoto against her will and force her to try and explain why certain characters aren’t played by cartoon weasels, why Arnold can’t seem to generate sexual chemistry with another human, we debate whether a “fun-eatery” bar inside a mall really is the best place to “hunt slash” and finally, we discover yet another hidden 80s pegging scene! All this and...


Bonus Episode - Commando (w/ Scott Weinberg)

LET’S PARTY! Kill By Kill is going rogue and taking on the 80s action classic Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and every other character actor you love. To help Gena & Patrick with their assault is writer (, film producer (Found Footage 3D) and podcaster (80s All Over) Scott Weinberg! In a desperate race for time, we discuss garbage day war stories, how to literally tear your way out of a commercial airliner, shine a light on an immobilized deer and debate the most...


Episode 53 - Jason X (w/ Andrew Schwartz)

Believe it or not, our crash course into Jason X has come to an explosive end! Patrick & Gena are ready to hit “eject” and escape this fireball of a film, but first, we pick up podcaster Andrew Schwartz (Talkin’ About Turtle) to help us find a way off this floating piece of sheet metal. Up for debate in this episode is the emergence of “Casual Jason,” talk about the Birds and the Robotic Bees, a sneak peek at Monty Python’s Friday the 13th and discover the worst insult in the entire...


Episode 24 redux - Friday the 13th Part 5 (w/ Jackson Stewart & Patrick Bromley)

Thank Jason It’s FRIDAY THE 13TH!! If the fact that Episode 24 disappeared still haunts you, you’re not alone. Patrick & Gena are replacing it with this special edition and bringing along two great guests to help us: leader of the Corpse Club & F This Movie, Patrick Bromley and the co-writer/director of Beyond The Gates, Jackson Stewart! Both of them love Part 5: A New Beginning and they’re here to defend the indefensible as we decide if this movie has an “accidental snuff film” feeling,...


Episode 52 - Jason X (w/ Stephanie Crawford)

STOP THE SPACE MADNESS! Kill By Kill is back and we've reached the point where Jason X has broken your hosts’ minds asunder. Thankfully, the ever-delightful Stephanie Crawford (Screamcast, F This Movie) is on board to help Patrick and Gena disembark their many, many complaints. Action items on deck include discovering which Friday film is considered “Patrick’s Zapruder film?” Why does a medical bay need a jukebox or 3 stick shifts? How young is too young for nipple torture? Is there a Space...