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Lantern is a fortnightly podcast about young people trying to 'change the world' and trying to understand what that actually means. All Season 1 Episodes are now available. Season 2 is currently in development and will drop in the second half of 2018.




Lantern is a fortnightly podcast about young people trying to 'change the world' and trying to understand what that actually means. All Season 1 Episodes are now available. Season 2 is currently in development and will drop in the second half of 2018.




A Space to Connect (S2 - #16)

“It is about cutting through and getting to the heart of what people really want and sometimes people don’t know, but most of the time, I’ve found that people already have some inklings, and they just need the space and the support and the tools to develop it.” For our sixteenth episode, we sit down with Helen Babb, Founder & CEO of Yes Get It, an organisation that empowers and equips women with the self-awareness, confidence and practical tools to be bold and powerful leaders. She is also...


Power of Positive Narratives (S2 - #15)

"Democratising knowledge; how do we do that in a way that transcends geography, how do we do that in a way that transcends pricing." For our fifteenth episode, we sit down with Jeffrey Effendi, Founder and Head of Creativity of DrawHistory, a strategy and design studio built for today's changemakers. Together we discuss the role of storytelling in amplifying the work of impact organisations, the power of positive narratives and the role of responsible business in design. Show Notes: The...


Dismantling Structural Racism (S2 - #14)

“We can have a really inspiring conversation [around racial and economic justice], bring people together around a positive vision. Not just fighting against something, fighting for something, for the world we actually want to live in, that we’ve wanted to live in since we were born, that we want our children to inherit.” For our fourteenth episode, we sit down with Tim Lo Surdo, Founding Director of Democracy in Colour, Australia’s first national racial justice advocacy organisation led by...


Harnessing Super for Good (S2 - #13)

CW: suicide ideation. Disclaimer: Project Lantern is an independent organisation that does not hold any commercial partnerships. This content is not designed to act as financial advice of any kind. Please consult all Product Disclosure Statements and/or expert advice prior to choosing a superannuation fund. “When you look at super and the sheer size of what it can achieve in the world…and the fact that I don’t even have to put aside $1000 because that money is already being put aside for...


A Fearless Generation (S2 - #12)

CW: gender based violence. “For us Jasiri exists for those who cannot wait, it exists for women and survivors of all types, of giving them the skills and support that they need to make it through the nights.” For our twelfth episode, we sit down with Caitlin Figueiredo, Founder and CEO of Jasiri, an organisation promoting gender equity through empowerment-based self-defense and leadership programs for women. Together we discuss the role empowerment-based self-defense plays in gender...


Youth Voices at the UN (S2 - #11)

“Young people are vital actors now, they aren’t just the future, they can be leaders today… they can be empowered to create change if given the opportunities." For our eleventh episode, we sit down with Kareem El-Ansary, the 2019 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations as he embarks on a listening tour across Australia to discover the most important issues to young Australians. Together we discuss his journey into the role, the nuances of providing policy recommendations, the...


Stopping Food Wastage (S2 - #10)

“There is research that says more Australians have access to a phone than food… 1 in 6 Australians actually will experience food insecurity at some point; it’s insane.” For our tenth episode, we sit down with Jane Kou, Founder and CEO of Bring Me Home, an online marketplace connecting people to food retailers to help reduce food wastage. Together we discuss food wastage within Australia, the value that incubators provide, the importance of resilience and being able to pivot, and the...


Promoting Youth Political Engagement (S2 - #9)

“[Don’t] be dissuaded by the reputation of politics because you can change that. You might not change it all… but you being in that is the first step rather than not being in it at all.” For our ninth episode, we sit down with Yasmin Poole, Chair of the Victorian Youth Congress in 2018, an advisory group of people aged between 12-24 formed by the Victorian Government to shape policy affecting young people. Together we discuss reasons why young people are disengaged with politics and how to...


Consciously Including (S2 - #8)

“The phrase that I like to lead people with is if you’re not consciously including, you’re unconsciously excluding.” For our eighth episode, we sit down with Dr. Francesca Maclean, Co-Founder and current Strategic Director of Fifty50, a student led organisation dedicated to promoting gender equity in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Together we discuss the role of language in promoting inclusion, strategies to address inequitable behaviours,...


Preventing Sexual Assault (S2 - #7)

CW: sexual assault. “We always think it is important to work with other people and other organisations … [because] the role that we play is just a tiny piece of the puzzle.” For our seventh episode, we sit down with Rena Ou Yang, co-founder of Empowered Together, a youth-led organisation dedicated to the primary prevention of sexual assault. Together we discuss the role of education and collaboration in the primary prevention of sexual assault, the legal environment surrounding sexual...


Inclusive Filmmaking (S2 - #6)

“Our film industry should be the most inclusive industry; it’s our industry of stories, it’s the way we reflect society… it’s society’s mirror.” For our sixth episode, we sit down with Genevieve Clay-Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Bus Stop Films, an organisation dedicated to inclusive filmmaking through providing opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities and those from marginalised communities. Together we discuss inclusive filmmaking practices, the need for inclusion in...


Creating Opportunities (S2-#5)

“There are different schools of thought when it comes to social enterprise, but the most… important question to ask is what difference are you making and are you measuring it?” For our fifth episode, we sit down with Daizy Maan, Program Manager of SPARK Deakin, an accelerator program supporting startups and social enterprise within Deakin University. Together we discuss the importance of relationship building and mentorship, tips for creating campaigns and her experiences co-founding...


Finding Common Ground (S2 - #4)

“People have a preconceived idea of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but when you get a glimpse of who we are as people in a closer proximity, I think people’s minds can be changed.” For our fourth episode, we sit down with Rona Glynn-McDonald, Founder and CEO of Common Ground, an online space that shares Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and lived experiences. Together we discuss the importance of sharing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...


Amplifying Voices (S2 -#3)

“[Confidence] makes you realise that you are a changemaker and you do have a voice and a platform to be able to share the stories of those who are silenced.” For our third episode, we sit down with Sarah and Maya Ghassali, Syrian-Australian twin sisters and co-founders of Refugees on Air, a podcast dedicated to giving Australian refugees a voice by sharing their stories. Together we discuss how awareness and showcasing stories can lead to impact, the challenges of running a side...


Youth-Led Global Development (S2 - #2)

"If young people aren’t creating the solutions for the problems that they are most affected by, I don’t know who will and I don’t think anyone else is better placed to create the solutions.” For the second episode of our second season of Lantern, we sit down with Sashenka Worsman, CEO of Oaktree, Australia's largest youth-run development agency which is committed to seeing young people leading, demanding and creating a more just world. We discuss the benefits and challenges of volunteering,...


Shifting the Narrative (S2 - #1)

“I don’t think we have the luxury of getting exhausted whether it be the refugee issue or other issues… there’s no time to panic or take a step back or to feel like it’s a defeated cause because it isn’t” For the first episode of our second season of Lantern, we sit down with Fadak Alfayadh, founder of ‘Meet Fadak’, a campaign sharing her story as a refugee to change the current narrative surrounding refugees. Together we discuss the effectiveness and challenges of personal storytelling...


Creating Our Next Entrepreneurs (S1 - #16)

~~~ We’re bringing Season 1 to a close with this episode. It’s been an amazing ride and we have heard from a range of incredible guests but we’re looking forward to bringing you a bigger and better Season 2 of Lantern in the second half of 2018! In the meantime, we would love to hear from you about how we can improve, what you liked about Season 1 and what you didn’t. We’ve got a Fair Trade Gift pack to give away courtesy of our wonderful partners and all you need to do is complete the...


Building Strategies For Change (S1 - #15)

“There are some causes that really [by] having more information and generating more awareness is impact in itself…sometimes marketing really is a form of impact, other times it can be too much.” For our fifteenth episode, Asanga Seneviratne and Reegan Quick sit down with Marie Pederson, Senior Strategist at TMI Strategy, a strategy consulting group specialising in young people and social impact working alongside some of the world’s largest not-for-profits and corporate firms. Together they...


Activating Youth-Led Change (S1 - #14)

“You don’t have to grow up to be a full agent of change, you can push for social change regardless of your age, your background… because that’s the only thing that’s achieved change in the past” For our fourteenth episode, Asanga Seneviratne and Yaz Naji sit down with Michaela Bethune, Head of Campaigns at, an organisation dedicated to activating young people to create social change by engaging them in online campaigns to spur offline action. Together they discuss how to...


Strength Through Community (S1 - #13)

“How do we both be peaceful on the inside but also take agency and create change in the world?” For our thirteenth episode, Yaz Naji and Reegan Quick sit down with Al Jeffery, Founder and a Lead Facilitator of Realise Flow, an organisation dedicated to the development of individuals and the building of community and cultural change. Together they discuss how Al found his passion, the importance of community in unlocking human potential, mindfulness and mediation, promoting and facilitating...