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Episode 152: Feds

We weren't sure if many people were aware of this gem from 1988, but I hope we'll be pleasantly surprised that many LMSU fans are also fans of the movie F.E.D.S.! Following the success of the Police Academy movies, the buddy cop genre blew up and F.E.D.S. was the amazing, feminist version! Starring Rebecca De Mornay and Mary Gross as FBI trainees and unlikely bff's - one is a Marine, the other a "pecker head" - but together they make an amazing team and try to dismantle the patriarchy...


Episode 151: Footloose

Guys, kick off your Sunday shoes! Oooo weee. We did Footloose, yippee! Despite this being a giant movie in terms of 80s awesomeness, neither Sweetie or Sweety has seen this movie all the way through. Whoopsie. But we feel like we have because it's that epic of a film! Starring Kevin Bacon as Ren McCormick, amateur gymnast and new kid in a small suffocating town that has outlawed music, dancing, and really anything fun, Footloose proves that when you ban something, it's a really bad idea...


Episode 150: Save the Last Dance

Today we're bringing you guys another dance centric flick on Large Marge Sent Us, none other than Save the Last Dance, everyone's second favorite Julia Stiles film! From 2001, STLD tells the story of Sarah, a senior in high school from a small town in Illinois. She's auditioning for Julliard when her mother dies in a tragic car accident. So she's forced to move to the mean streets of Chicago and live with her Jazz Dad, Roy and she swears off ballet forever, convinced it was her fault her...


Episode 149: Sixteen Candles

John Hughes directorial debut from 1984, 16 Candles, is a hell of a controversial film! With offensive Asian stereotypes and a laissez faire attitude about sexual harassment and consent, it's hard to love this film through the lens of 2018, but it has its moments. I mean what person hasn't fantasized about a person seemingly out of their reach, only to have them show up at your sister's wedding, buy you a belated birthday cake, and make out with you atop a glass table!?? The Sweeties are a...


Episode 148: Beaches

It's Operation Waterworks here on the Large Marge Sent Us Podcast this week and BONUS we've brought along our friends Sean and Dan from The Writer's Bone Podcast to help us delve into this epic tale of female friendship! Directed by Garry Marshall and starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, Beaches tells the tale of childhood chums Cece Bloom and Hilary Whitney, who meet on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, become pen pals, and then find themselves in and out of each other's live for the...


Episode 147: What Lies Beneath

Here's to the last of our spooky picks for October! What Lies Beneath, directed by our boy Robert Zemeckis came out in 2000 and marked probably the first time ever that .... SPOILER ALERT, Harrison Ford plays a villain! It's packed full of creepy ghost imagery and garbage bag husbands, our two favorite things! Sweetie saw this in the movie theater back in high school and has seen it 80 times since then and was still jumping out of her seat during all the bathtub scenes. I mean is there...


Episode 146: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

We're keeping it spooky here on Large Marge Sent Us, so that means time to roll out KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, everyone's favorite B horror movie that traumatized you as a child and made you swear off cotton candy for a decade! Let's face it, clowns are scary no matter what. But clowns from outer space that put people into cotton candy pods and then suck your blood out? Terrifying! In the early 90s, they played this gem on TV all the time, and it freaked us out but in a really good...


Episode 145: The Warriors

CAN YOU DIG IT?! It's Sweety's birthday! And as a special gift, Sweetie has finally allowed the viewing of one of Sweety's very favorite movies...The Warriors! Released in 1979, The Warriors is a cult classic, that the Sweetie's didn't grow up with but whatever it's Sweety's birthday and she can do what she wants. Join us as we discuss all the amazing gangs and their outfits, talk about which gang we would want to join and what our gang name would be AND bonus: we talk about everyone's...


Episode 144: Scream

Happy October guys! We're starting off this month with a dash of spooky .... with 1996's Scream! Starring Neve Campbell and our favorite typecast raper, Skeet Ulrich, Sweety has been obsessed with this meta horror film since she was a wee one. Sweetie on the other hand, has only seen it once, but still totally respects it and mainly is just happy that she can watch it without hiding behind a pillow now! We'll talk about how the first scene with Drew Barrymore in the blonde wig and white...


Episode 143: Jerry Maguire

We forgot how much we love 1996's Jerry Maguire! Starring Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger in a love story that really should just be deleted from this film as we hate it, but gosh is this movie laugh out loud funny! We were way too young to see this film when it came out, but we eventually memorized the whole thing and decided that really Jerry Maguire is a platonic love story between Jerry and Rod, two guys who just needed a friendship to make them better men! This movie has a great...


Episode 142: Forrest Gump

For the Sweeties, Forrest Gump is the perfect film! It hits all the notes - we've got some tears, we got laughter, we got a somewhat scary Vietnam war sequence, we got SHRIMP and fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, a shrimp sandwich, shrimp salad, lemon shrimp, shrimp bisque ... and we got TOM HANKS and ROBERT ZEMECKIS, who could ask for anything more! Let's face it, Forrest Gump is a classic from our childhood that we'll never forget! Tune in as we chat about what Jenny is our favorite (disco...


Episode 141: Pretty in Pink

It's time for the Sweeties to tackle another John Hughes film. This week, Pretty in Pink or as we like to call it Pretty in a Really Ugly Pink Dress! Pretty in Pink written by John Hughes yet directed by some other fella stars 80s teen movie muse Molly Ringwald as Andie, a girl too cool for her lame high school that's run by yuppies who wear linen suits and drive BMWs. Her and her bff Duckie constantly make fun of the yuppies, until one such yuppie Blaine (yuppiest name EVER) asks her out...


Episode 140: Joe Versus the Volcano

The Sweeties are back from Ireland, we just bought a new car, and BONUS we decided to watch probably your 22nd favorite Tom Hanks movie .... Joe Versus The Volcano! From 1990 and starring Meg Ryan, times three, this is an oddball of a film that is hopelessly quirky yet funny and romantic in an off beat sort of way. Joe Banks is a hypochondriac with a shittay job until he finds out he has a brain cloud and only five months to live so he quits! Some rich old man cons him into jumping into a...


Episode 139: Ghost

The Sweeties can't get enough of ghosts! Or more specifically ghosts that look like Pat Swayze! We love 1990's Ghost - it's a triple threat. Part romance, part comedy, part thriller. As kids, this movie scared the bleep out of us, and honestly as 30 year old ladies, it's still pretty freaky! Whoopie Goldberg steals this movie (and won an Oscar to boot!) for her portrayal of psychic Oda Mae Brown. Pat and Demi have great chemistry! And Carl aka Tony Goldwyn is the the creepiest third...


Episode 138: Top Gun

We're going to the DANGER ZONE guys! This week we watched Top Gun and bottom line ... we are CONFUSED about this plot! However, we're not confused that this movie made Tom Cruise even more of a giant mega star and includes some really awesome soundtrack jams, shirtless sweaty men playing volleyball, and a ton of really exciting shots of fighter jets going really, really fast! We'll choose our own call signs (Duchess and Spitfire!), play a really fun game where we try to guess some military...


Episode 137: The Sixth Sense

Who's ready to get spooooky? 1999 brought us M. Night Shyamalan or more importantly The Six Sense and the world of movies with a twist was never the same again! Featuring Bruce Willis, Toni Colette and cute as a button Haley Joel Osment in a scary movie about a little boy who sees ghosts - and one of those ghosts - SPOILER ALERT - is Bruce Willis but GET THIS, he doesn't know he's dead! IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT? Okay, so at the time this movie was the twistiest (is this a word?) thing since...


Episode 136: Pretty Woman

The hooker with the heart of gold movies NEVER GET OLD. Tale as old as time guys! Just because you're selling yourself on Hollywood Boulevard doesn't mean you're some cracked out 'ho! It probably just means you followed some busted ass boyfriend from Georgia and got sick of frying up burgers at McDonald's so you decided to turn tricks instead! Yes, this is the plot of Pretty Woman, the Gary Marshall classic from 1990 that catapulted Julia Roberts into a gigantic mega star, and you know what?...


Episode 135: Coyote Ugly

In the early aughts, it was super popular to want to be a faux slut and then in the year 2000 along came the movie Coyote Ugly and a whole generation of women dreamed of becoming songwriters. JUST KIDDING. They dreamed of wearing slutty crop tops and dancing on a bar. DUH. Coyote tells the story of Violet Sanford, an inspiring songwriter with bad stage fright who moves from her small NJ town to live on the mean streets of NYC. After a burglary leaves her without any cash and her song writing...


Episode 134: Stand By Me

Who wants to see a dead body? We do! Stand by Me, a Rob Reiner classic from 1986 and based on the the novella by Stephen King called "The Body", follows four 12 year old boys during the summer of 1959 as they go on a hunt for the body of missing classmate Ray Brower but more importantly go searching for the meaning of male friendship! And they find it! But they also find leeches! Spoooooky. Sweety couldn't remember seeing this film, but Sweetie has fond memories of watching a movie that she...


Episode 133: 10 Things I Hate About You

Happy Tuesday! We thought it was about time to tackle a 90's teenage rom com because let's be honest, they have made us ALL who we are today and started with one of our favorites, 10 Things I Hate About You! From 1999 and starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, this movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, a comedy that has clear problems in a world where we're starting to celebrate the "nasty" woman, but 10 Things does some good work in making it less about clipping an...