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Episode 136: Pretty Woman

The hooker with the heart of gold movies NEVER GET OLD. Tale as old as time guys! Just because you're selling yourself on Hollywood Boulevard doesn't mean you're some cracked out 'ho! It probably just means you followed some busted ass boyfriend from Georgia and got sick of frying up burgers at McDonald's so you decided to turn tricks instead! Yes, this is the plot of Pretty Woman, the Gary Marshall classic from 1990 that catapulted Julia Roberts into a gigantic mega star, and you know what?...


Episode 135: Coyote Ugly

In the early aughts, it was super popular to want to be a faux slut and then in the year 2000 along came the movie Coyote Ugly and a whole generation of women dreamed of becoming songwriters. JUST KIDDING. They dreamed of wearing slutty crop tops and dancing on a bar. DUH. Coyote tells the story of Violet Sanford, an inspiring songwriter with bad stage fright who moves from her small NJ town to live on the mean streets of NYC. After a burglary leaves her without any cash and her song...


Episode 134: Stand By Me

Who wants to see a dead body? We do! Stand by Me, a Rob Reiner classic from 1986 and based on the the novella by Stephen King called "The Body", follows four 12 year old boys during the summer of 1959 as they go on a hunt for the body of missing classmate Ray Brower but more importantly go searching for the meaning of male friendship! And they find it! But they also find leeches! Spoooooky. Sweety couldn't remember seeing this film, but Sweetie has fond memories of watching a movie that...


Episode 133: 10 Things I Hate About You

Happy Tuesday! We thought it was about time to tackle a 90's teenage rom com because let's be honest, they have made us ALL who we are today and started with one of our favorites, 10 Things I Hate About You! From 1999 and starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, this movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, a comedy that has clear problems in a world where we're starting to celebrate the "nasty" woman, but 10 Things does some good work in making it less about clipping an...


Episode 132: Arachnophobia

Continuing on with our trend of covering movies that scare the bleep out of Sweety, tonight we watched Arachnophobia and realized that animals run amok movies may be our favorite genre. Starring Jeff Daniels, some other people plus John Goodman, Arachnophobia tells the story of a spider from Venezuela who needs to spread his wings and hops aboard a corpse bound for a small town in Northern California. There, he meets Doctor Jeff Daniels (also new to the area) and decides he wants to take...


Bonus Episode: Double Dare!

Bonus ep time! Who can forget the classic Nickelodeon game show (and it's longest running) Double Dare or it's other iteration Family Double Dare? Part trivia, part whacky physical challenges, Double Dare was like crack to kids because it involved literal hot messes in the forms of pies, slime, and all this other crud PLUS an obstacle course where you picked noses or rifled through oversized pancakes or ran around a giant hamster wheel! We watched a couple episodes, and it did not...


Episode 131: Jaws

Happy summer guys! Since it's summer, we thought it would be apropos to do the first summer blockbuster of all time----1975's JAWS! Directed by our pal (and yours!) Stevie Spiels, Jaws tells the story of a killer fish run amok in the small seaside community of Amity Island. Chief Brody, city-slicker/land lubber threatens to close the beaches after a horrendous shark attack, but mayor Larry Vaughn wants to keep them open to reap all that tourist money. Unfortunately a lot of people die and...


Episode 130: Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July from The Sweeties! With the holiday upon us, we decided it was the exact right time to trot out Independence Day, the pinnacle 90s film about aliens (in our not so humble opinion) AND the coolness that was Will Smith before he started doing "real" movies. So there are parts of this movie that are very cheesy and bad buttttt our general consensus was it's still pretty cool and stokes our patriotism fire even if our country is a hell of a hot mess right now. Though it...


Episode 129: Homeward Bound

SWEETIE'S BACK FROM VACATION!! And we're kicking off the true start of summer with the best animal movie there is---Homeward Bound! Released in 1993, Homeward Bound tells the story of Shadow, Chance and Sassy and let's face it, massive family miscommunication! Their family moves to San Francisco temporarily and they get left on a farm, yet mistake it for abandonment. But they say fuck it, you ain't getting rid of us and decide to make an arduous journey across Northern California to find...


Episode 128: National Lampoon's European Vacation

In honor of Sweetie's real life European vacation, we watched National Lampoon's European Vacation, which is actually our first Chevy Chase film of the bunch! From 1985 and directed by one of our favs Amy Heckerling, European Vacation takes the notorious Griswold's on a Euro adventure after they accidentally win the grand prize on The Pig and the Poke game show! That grand prize turns out to be an all expenses paid trip to London, Paris, Germany and Rome! This movie is whacky with a...


Episode 127: Speed

Welp Sweetie is officially on vacation but we're still bringing you alllll the hits including 1994's bomb on the bus masterpiece, Speed! Starring a hotter than average Keanu Reeves and the always spit fire Sandra Bullock, Speed scared the bleep out of us as little kids and made us terrified of elevators for the rest of our lives! Now that we're adults and slaves to the public transportation of Boston, we relate even more to this movie! I mean if I have to go on one more MBTA bus that has a...


Episode 126: The Mask

Time for another Jim Carrey masterpiece! The Mask, from 1994, was one of Sweety's favorite movie as a wee lass! After Jim Carrey's successful turn in Ace Ventura, they guy was in demand, and let's be real, The Mask is a movie that was written basically for him with a plot that can basically be summed up as nice guy loser turns into cartoon faced zany man! The Mask was a great movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon and honestly was a lot more funnier than both of us remembered! Sure,...


Episode 125: Now and Then

With Memorial Day Weekend now behind us, it's the unofficial start of summer and what better way to cap it off than with a watch of Now and Then! It took us forever to get to this one, because it's not streaming or available to rent anywhere! What gives? Sweety very sweetly bought a DVD copy so we can finally bring this favorite to you all, and it did not disappoint! For the "then", it's 1970 and four close friends have a magical summer riding bikes, drinking Black Cows, and conducting...


Episode 124: Rookie of the Year

Sweetie's second pick for her birthday week is Rookie of the Year, her favorite baseball movie from the 90s with her number one crush in it .... that guy who she doesn't know his name. But man is he cute! Released in 1993, Rookie of the Year follows a year in the life of Henry Rowengartner, a 12 year old who is pretty horrible at baseball, despite giving it all he's got. He has a horrible fall one day, breaks his arm, and when it heals back up a couple weeks later, the ligaments have...


Episode 123: My Cousin Vinny

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!! Lil Ole Sweetie turned the big 3-5 this weekend, and while she celebrated all week the piece de resistance is definitely getting to watch her favorite court room comedy of all time, My Cousin Vinny! Holy hella this movie is funny and perhaps is most known for Marisa Tomei's star turn and OSCAR win for playing Miss Mona Lisa Vito, a wearer of tight dresses but also a whiz at car mechanics! We love her and this movie about two recent NYU grads (one is Ralph Maccio...


Episode 122: Center Stage

Dance Movie! Dance Movie! We did a dance movie! Center Stage, from the year 2000, was all about the world of ballet and how with perseverance, hard work and conveniently sleeping with the choreographer of a piece you want to be in, can really get you far! Join Jodie, Charlie, Eva, Maureen, Sergei, and Eric as they do their senior year at The American Ballet Academy in hopes of getting one of six slots that will guarantee them a spot in the world renowned ballet company. But there's some...


Episode 121: The Brave Little Toaster

Who's ready for the darkest cartoon of all time? From 1987, The Brave Little Toaster is considered by some to be Disney's first attempt at the child/adult hybrid cartoon ala Pixar, but despite a happy ending for all the appliances, it's kind of the saddest movie in the world. But we all remember the story right? A slew of antique appliances get left in a summer house and are determined not be left to the dustbin - so go in search of their master in the Big City. You have Toaster, Blanket,...


Episode 120: The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking coming into your world! A freckle faced red hair girl you ought to know .... this movie is really terrible but we love it. Whoa-o! Pippi Longstocking was a children's book from the Norwegian writer Astrid Lindgren and in 1988, a movie studio thought the world was ready for an American film version and boy were we ever! This movie is a total garbage bag but in a really good way. The acting and script is horrible. The plot is dumb. And the 80s mall soundtrack, well frankly...


Episode 119: Moonstruck

Best day ever guys! Carol was in town and we thought it apropos to do her favorite romantic comedy of all time, Moonstruck! A lot of you may not be familiar with this flick from 1987 but Cher won the Oscar for the this role - where she plays a widower who is all ready to settle for some sad sack mama's boy, until she goes to invite his brother to the wedding and gets swept off her feet by .... Nicholas Cage a very intense bread baker with a wooden hand! Okay, crazy plot but it's a really...


Episode 118: The Little Mermaid

Look at this podcast. Isn't it neat? We're doing The Little Mermaid, so please take a seat. Wouldn't you think we're the girls, the girls who really love this much sooooo much! Despite some skipping struggles with our Boston Public Library DVDs, we happily watched The Little Mermaid this weekend. Released in 1989, this is first movie that came out during what people are now calling The Disney Renaissance and also the last Disney movie to use traditional cell animation but more importantly...