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Ep 13 - Education and Progress w/ Amber

This week Sabine is joined by fast-talking Amber to discuss cross country moves, growing up with same sex parents, embarrassing movie crushes, the importance of education, and trying to make a difference in the world. Also, the girls try to figure out wtf is happening in Coyote Ugly. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe! If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast email leschatpod@gmail.com! Follow us on instagram @leschatpod.


Ep 12 - We Get Silly, We Get Real w/ Hollie

In this episode Sabine is joined by her long-time friend, Hollie, to chat about growing up in strict religious environments, mental health, the politics of teenage friendship, MSN messenger crushes, gay books, and the deeply, deeply weird sh*t they got up to. Plus, Alexa Vega is bae. Be sure to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and follow leschatpod on instagram. If you’d like to be a guest on the show, send an email to leschatpod@gmail.com .


Ep 11 - When Home Becomes A Person w/ Cat

In the premiere episode of season two, Sabine is joined by Cat!! They discuss lesbian f*ckboys and the perils of internet dating, short engagements, newlywed bliss, cheese-related breakups, and gender as a magic eye poster. Also, tune in for our reboot of Grease! If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast email leschatpod@gmail.com. Follow us on instagram at leschatpod. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe!


Ep 10 - Be Your Own Gay Icon w/ Maya

On the season finale of LesChat, Sabine is joined by Maya. The girls discuss Maya’s experience of gay culture in China, struggling in the absence of community, finding dates via chat rooms, bike rides and heartbreak, the beauty of young Leo Dicaprio, emotionally abusive relationships, the male gaze, and why you should treat yourself like your own girlfriend. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in and listened to season one! Be sure to come back for more during season two. If you’d...


Ep 09 - Gay Clown Camp w/ Sarah

On the penultimate episode of season one, Sabine is joined by Sarah. They discuss being an awful teenager, hiding from your sexuality in Catholic school, the magic of queer connection, gay icons Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, the midwestern gay accent, tips on surviving long distance relationships, and board games. Plus, Sarah has a very sassy message for the world. The final episode of season one airs next week! If you’d like to be involved in season two send an email to...


Ep 08 - Nothing To Hide w/ Karen

This week on the podcast, Sabine is joined by Aussie Karen! Together they discuss running, standing up for yourself, being proud of who you are, coming to terms with a family that won’t accept your sexuality, gay marriage being legalised in Australia, dealing with emotionally abusive partners, and the indomitable power of women! Be sure to rate review and subscribe! If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, send me an email at leschatpod@gmail.com


Ep 07 - Tricia is a BAMF

Happy pride month! This week on the podcast, Achylla is joined by Tricia to discuss finding love when you least expect it, being gay at an all girls school, losing faith and then finding it again, webcomics, gay pride and what life looks like when your sexuality is against the law, and using your privilege to help others. Also, the girls tackle the idea of being a minority mouthpiece and bust down some stereotypes. Be sure to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends! Get in touch...


Ep 06 - The Pied Piper of Lesbians w/ Miles

This week Sabine is joined by Miles for the second part of this special two-part episode. The ladies discuss Miles’ unique childhood, Clarice the Reindeer, the magic of healthy lesbian relationships, then delve into gender, sexuality and have a long chat about the impossibility of defining womanhood. Miles gives her theory on how social conditioning leads to better communication between women and tells her perfect indie movie love story with Christine. Also, listen in to hear our new TV show...


Ep 05 - Girls Are Good w/ Christine

In the first of this special two part episode, Sabine is joined by trans musician Christine. The girls get right into it with discussions of transphobia, the difficulty of coming out and transitioning while in a relationship, growing up in bigoted environments, confronting the casual homophobia of our youth, and the vicious cycle of othering and queer guilt. But it’s not all doom and gloom, things get silly later with chats about the differences between gay and straight relationships and...


Ep 04 - Laser Focus w/ Kayla

Today on the podcast, Sabine is joined by Kayla to discuss leaving home at sixteen to pursue her tennis dreams, internalised homophobia, family fallouts, male celebrity crushes, falling in love with lesbians on TV, and the blessing that is lesbian youtube compilations. Also the girls tackle queer media representation and ask: can a gay gal get a happy ending? Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes. Tune in FRIDAY for another episode!


Ep 03 - Sara Is a Fighter

This week things get serious as Sabine is joined by Swedish blogger and gaymer, Sara. The girls dive into activism, the allure of Dana Scully, mental health, the differences between self care and selfishness, recovering from bad relationships, and why everything is politics. Also, what do the #MeToo and Times Up movements look like when your perpetrator is female? TW: Discussions of domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicidal ideation from 29:26 – 49:00 Support Sara’s work at:...


Ep 01 - Lesbian Is Not a Dirty Word w/ Aimee

In the first ever episode of LesChat Sabine is joined by her tiny wife, Aimee, to discuss athletics, love, crazy exes, doggedly pursuing a dream, and just how hot Portia de Rossi is. There's also a lesbian comedy speedy round and many breaks for wine! If you like what you hear be sure to rate, review, and subscribe on ITunes! And stay tuned for episode two which is available right now!


Ep 02 - Tiny Gay Retrospective w/ Laura

In our second episode, Sabine is joined by Laura! The girls take a trip down memory lane and tackle topics like growing up religious, sobriety, the animal magnetism of Eliza Dushku and Sigourney Weaver, resisting the patriarchy, and reasons not to kiss boys. Plus, Laura has a special message for the world! Discussion of addiction and suicide until about 10:00.