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A podcast about Living Freely in a World Given Back to Us

A podcast about Living Freely in a World Given Back to Us
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A podcast about Living Freely in a World Given Back to Us




Episode 63: Let the Bird Fly!

00:00 - Introduction 03:10 - Scripture Narrative (Galatians 2:17-21) 05:48 - Free-for-All (Name Peter's Son) 17:23 - Main Topic (Let the Bird Fly!) On episode SIXTY-THREE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys sit down in Wade's backyard to discuss the podcast. Yep, that's right another self-indulgent episode, but we hope you'll tolerate it. We've picked up a number of new listeners since joining the 1517 Podcast Network, so we thought this might be a good time to discuss what we hope to be doing...


Episode 62: Every Sunday Communion – Part 2

00:00 - Introduction 37:43 - Main Topic (Every Sunday Communion - Part 2) On episode SIXTY-TWO of Let the Bird Fly! the guys continue their discussion about every Sunday Communion with Pastor Brian Doebler. If you haven't listened to the first part of the discussion, you may want to do so before listening to this one, as this is the second half of that conversation. You can find the first part on episode 61. Since we didn't have a clean ending from the last episode, this one begins with a...


Episode 61: Every Sunday Communion – Part 1

00:00 - Introduction 11:17 - Scripture Narrative (1 Corinthians 11:24-26) 16:35 - Free-for-All (Sophia's Questions) 37:43 - Main Topic (Every Sunday Communion - Part 1) On episode SIXTY-ONE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys sit down in Wade's backyard to discuss the practice of celebrating the Lord's Supper every Sunday. They are joined by Rev. Brian Doebler (who you may remember from episode 53 and episode 56), who has a fair amount of experience implementing the practice of every Sunday...


Episode 60: Communicating with Dr. Paustian

00:00 - Introduction 05:18 - Scripture Narrative (John 1:1-2) 09:04 - Free-for-All (Grad School Experiences) 29:09 - Main Topic () On episode SIXTY of Let the Bird Fly! Wade and Mike welcome Rev. Dr. Mark Paustian from Martin Luther College in (wonderful) New Ulm, MN to discuss communications, theology, apologetics, preaching, and even story-telling. Before getting to the main topic, Mike discusses the prologue to the Gospel according to St. John, which ends with Mike having to cut-off...


Episode 59: God Is Not One

00:00 - Introduction 02:22 - Free-for-All (Summer Plans) 14:26 - Main Topic (God Is Not One) On episode FIFTY-NINE of Let the Bird Fly! we welcome back Rev. Dr. Mark Braun, this time to talk about why all religions are not the same. The guys use Stephen Prothero's book God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World a springboard for their conversation. But before discussing world religions, they briefly discuss their plans for the summer (evidently recording during finals...


Episode 58: Preaching as a Means of Grace

00:00 - Introduction 05:04 - Free-for-All (Animal Fights) 21:51 - Main Topic (Preaching as a Means of Grace) On episode FIFTY-EIGHT of Let the Bird Fly! all four of the guys sit down to discuss Preaching as a Means of Grace. In the May 2018 issue of Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology, Wade published an article on this topic, which serves as the basis for their discussion. So if the discussion piques your interest, make sure to get your hands on a copy of that issue of Logia (or better...


Episode 57: Names of Jesus

00:00 - Introduction 01:51 - Free-for-All (Going to New York City) 12:50 - Main Topic (Names of Jesus) On episode FIFTY-SEVEN of Let the Bird Fly! Wade and Mike sit down for a somewhat off-the-cuff episode. Wade and Mike were recently in New York, which gave them the idea to discuss New York City (because nothing sounds like a better idea than two guys who have been to New York a total of three times talking about NYC). After providing a comprehensive review of New York City, Mike and Wade...


Bird’s Eye View 56.1: Everybody Needs a Reason for Easter – Good News Lutheran, Mount Horeb, WI

In this Bird's Eye View episode we bring you a talk that Mike gave in March 2018 at Good News Lutheran Church in Mount Horeb, WI. The talk was given shortly before Easter and is entitled Everybody Needs a Reason for Easter. As you might have guessed, Mike talks apologetics in this lecture. We hope you enjoy the talk! Also, we would like to thank Good News Lutheran Church for asking Mike to come and speak, as well as for allowing him to record his talk so that we could share it with our...


Episode 56: The Divine Call

00:00 - Introduction 09:46 - Scripture Narrative (Romans 10:13-17) 11:14 - Free-for-All (Best and Worst Ad Campaigns) 24:22 - Main Topic (The Divine Call) On episode FIFTY-SIX of Let the Bird Fly! the guys have a full house, with all four of them present, plus three guests. Fortunately, Wade invented them over to Rev. John Bortulin’s house (one of their guests) to record. Before getting going on this episode, Wade discusses the exciting news that Let the Bird Fly! has joined the 1517...


Wingin’ It 55.1: Apologetics in the Local Parish

In March of 2018 Mike was invited to speak at Good News Lutheran Church in Mount Horeb, WI. We will be releasing that talk soon as a Bird's Eye View episode, but while he was there Mike was able to bamboozle Pastors Jonathan Bauer and John Stelter into recording this Wingin' It on Apologetics in the Local Parish. Rev. Bauer is the pastor at Good News Lutheran Church, where Mike's talk was held, and Rev. Stelter is the pastor at St. John's Lutheran Church in Princeton, WI. We are grateful...


Episode 55: Urban Education with Ben Clemons

00:00 - Introduction 04:05 - Free-for-All (Something no one agrees with you on, but you know you're right about.) 14:34 - Main Topic (Urban Education with Ben Clemons) On episode FIFTY-FIVE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys are pleased to welcome Prof. Benjamin Clemons into the studio to discuss urban educational ministry, something the Prof. Clemons has been thinking about and doing for many years. Prof. Clemons is currently a professor of Urban Ministry at Martin Luther College, in New Ulm,...


Wingin’ It 54.1: The Divine Service (Part 15) – Nunc dimittis & Benediction

This Wingin' It is the fifteenth and final part in our series on the Divine Service. Mike and Wade get together one last time to discuss the Nunc dimittis and the Benediction. We hope that you have enjoyed this Wingin' It series as much as we've enjoyed producing them. If you have any ideas for series like this for us to tackle in the future, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at podcast@LetTheBirdFly.com, or find us on Facebook right here. And as a reminder, this is the final...


Episode 54: The Epistle to the Galatians

00:00 - Introduction 02:00 - Free-for-All (What one language do you wish you knew?) 10:22 - Main Topic (The Epistle to the Galatians) On episode FIFTY-FOUR of Let the Bird Fly! Wade, Mike, and Peter sit down to discuss Paul’s epistle to the faithful in Galatia. Since the main topic is something of an extended Scripture Narrative, the guys decide to skip that in the Scripture Narrative on this episode. Of course, they’d never skip the Free-for-All….who else is going to wrestle with all of...


Wingin’ It 53.1: The Divine Service (Part 14) – Distribution

This Wingin' It is the fourteenth part in our series on the Divine Service. We're getting to the end of this series, and you may be wondering how Mike and Wade are going to spend 40 minutes talking about distributing the Lord's Supper....but that probably means you haven't heard Mike and Wade talk before. If you have heard them, though, you might be wondering how they kept it to around 40 minutes. Either way, we hope you enjoy! And as a reminder, this is the thirteenth part in the series...


Episode 53: Teaching Theology to High Schoolers

00:00 - Introduction 02:44 - Scripture Narrative (Matthew 7) 17:44 - Free-for-All (Favorite Sports Uniforms) 25:32 - Main Topic (Teaching Theology to High Schoolers) On episode FIFTY-THREE of Let the Bird Fly! Mike and Wade welcome into the studio two theology teachers to discuss teaching theology to high schoolers. Mr. Josh Seeger and Rev. Brian Doebler both teach theology at Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee, WI, and they join the guys to discuss what it’s like to teach high...


Wingin’ It 52.1: The Divine Service (Part 13) – Lord’s Prayer, Pax Domini, Agnus Dei

In this Wingin' It, the thirteenth part in our series on the Divine Service, Mike and Wade discuss the Lord's Prayer, the Pax Domini, and the Agnus Dei. The talk the placement of these elements, the difficulty of praying various petitions of the Lord's Prayer, and even hypothetical paintings of the angel of death as a chubby cherub. Alright, they discuss more than just that, but you'll have to listen to find out what they say! And as a reminder, this is the thirteenth part in the series...


Episode 52: Holy Week…(and Easter 2)

00:00 - Introduction 03:16 - Scripture Narrative (Matthew 21:1-11) 22:39 - Free-for-All (When Medical Professionals Fail You) 36:03 - Main Topic (Holy Week...(and Easter 2)) On episode FIFTY-TWO of Let the Bird Fly! Rev. John Bortulin joins the guys to discuss Holy Week...and Easter 2. Rev. Bortulin is an associate pastor at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mukwonago, WI, and was the first (adult) guest on Let the Bird Fly! That’s right, Pastor Bortulin was the first person to...


Wingin’ It 51.1: The Divine Service (Part 12) – The Words of Institution

This is the twelfth part in our Wingin' It series on the Divine Service, and Mike and Wade have finally reached the Words of Institution! We're getting close to wrapping up this series, but just as with the Divine Service, sometimes the best parts are saved until last. We hope you enjoy this installment, and if you do, make sure to share with your friends and family! And as a reminder, this is the twelfth part in the series promised by Mike on Episode 33, which will cover various parts of...


Wingin’ It 50.1: The Divine Service (Part 11) – The Eucharistic Prayer

In this the eleventh part in our Wingin' It series on the Divine Service. Mike and Wade are joined in the studio by Rev. Dr. Paul Lehninger to discuss the much ballyhooed showdown over the Eucharistic Prayer. The guys have some slight technical difficulties toward the end of the episode, but nothing that causes too much of a problem. A big thanks to Dr. Lehninger for joining us on this Wingin' It. We hope to have him back again for a full episode on one of his areas of expertise. And as a...


Episode 50: Bo Giertz, In Translation

00:00 - Introduction 01:58 - Scripture Narrative (Reading from Then Fell the Lord’s Fire) 09:59 - Free-for-All (Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes) 26:16 - Main Topic (Bo Giertz, In Translation) On episode FIFTY of Let the Bird Fly! Wade and Peter welcome Rev. Bror Erickson via Skype to discuss the Swedish Bishop Bo Giertz. Pastor Erickson is the pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Farmington, NM and has been translating works of Bo Giertz (as well as others) for a number of years and sat down with...