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Let's Talk 30: A Podcast About Life in Your 30s

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A Podcast About Life in Your 30s. Covering relationships, work, travel, finances, pop-culture, and politics.

A Podcast About Life in Your 30s. Covering relationships, work, travel, finances, pop-culture, and politics.


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A Podcast About Life in Your 30s. Covering relationships, work, travel, finances, pop-culture, and politics.








What Are You Afraid Of?

When you're younger you think you're just going to be afraid of the usual--dark, spiders, your parents finding out you got bad grades. As we hit our 30s our fears have more to do with perceived inadequacies--fear of failure, fear of inability to get pregnant--not that a few of the usual spider and dark fears haven't crept into our 30s as well. Listen to this episode where Latesha and Tiana talk openly about all of our fears, both ridiculous and realistic.


The Evolution of Love

In this episode, Tiana and Latesha talk about how the love you have for your family, friends, and your mate really evolves as you enter your 30s when life really knocks you down to your lowest of lows and lifts you up to the highest of highs.


My Time is Precious

Whether you’re wasting time at a job you hate, in an unhappy relationship, or going to places you don’t want to be, once you hit 30 you realize how truly precious time is. At the age where parents or parents of friends start to pass away, health scares come a dime a dozen, and the…


Back For Season 2

We can't believe it's already been a full year since we started the Let's Talk 30 podcast!!! So much happened last season including a wedding, lots of girls trips, some dating, some money advice, a male panel, a lost job, and a lot of advice for the 20-somethings and 30-somethings. This episode welcomes you back and tells you all about what's coming up in Season 2.


Didn’t See That Coming

Latesha and Tiana are back after a short podcast hiatus to talk about how to deal with the unexpected. Life can throw so many things your way like losing your job, car problems, health issues, and surprise pregnancies that you should prepare as best as you can. Join them for this episode of the podcast…


A Walk Down Memory Lane

Take a little trip with Tiana and Latesha as they walk down memory lane in this episode of the podcast. Since Latesha is 5 days away from her wedding date, the ladies relived some of their funniest memories involving driveby stalking, a few celebrity encounters, some crazy behavior, and more. They were a little too…


Breakups Suck

Latesha and Tiana are back from celebrating Latesha’s bachelorette in Miami and thinking all about past failed relationships. Breakups really do suck and Latesha and Tiana realize that they haven’t changed much since high school. The ladies still act like everything is ok, but now that they’re in our 30s they see their part in the…


Women Ask Men

In this week’s podcast episode, Tiana and Latesha ask all the questions women want to ask me to a panel of eligible male, 30-something bachelors. They ask the men everything from what makes them swipe right, whether or not they show their emotions, and do men call each other out for messing up a good…


Questions: Men Ask Women, Would You Rather, & The Deep Ones

In the latest episode of the podcast, Latesha and Tiana answers all the questions that men want to ask women, do a round of would you rather, and answer some deep questions. This was a fun episode because we are giving 100% honest answers to the questions that guy wants to ask women. You’ve seen…


Get Your Money Right

Now that we’re in our 30s we have learned how to save money and budget, but we made a lot of financial mistakes along the way. In this episode, we talk all about how we budget, some of the apps that keep us on the right financial track, and tips we wish we had known…


When Did We Get So Old?

There are so many times when old-ness just hits you out of nowhere. You could be in the middle of a club complaining about noise levels, or going to bed at 8 pm and that’s when you realize, you’re old. We don’t know exactly when it happened to us, but the more slang terms we…


How Do You Cope?

In light of the sad news about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s passing, we couldn’t think of a better time to talk about how to cope with stress. It’s natural to get overwhelmed by the constant pressures that life throws our way, we just need a natural way to deal with the feelings that result…


What Happened to My Metabolism?

In this episode, Latesha and Tiana are discussing the slow-down of metabolism, and why it seems so much harder to lose weight in your 30’s. Commenting on their own fitness routines and diet changes, they also talk about the body positivity movement and how they believe it affects how they feel about themselves, and how…


Where Do You Meet People?

This episode is for the 30-something singles that are looking for ways outside of online dating to meet other singles. While we briefly touch on some tips in weeding out the temporary flings through the online apps, most of the episode includes suggestions from our listeners on places to go to meet other singles. From…


If We Knew Then What We Know Now

In this episode, Latesha and Tiana reminisce on stories that happened to them between the ages of 18-25, and how they would react knowing what they know now in their 30’s. From losing a whole ponytail on the basketball court to accidentally ending up at a XXX club, the girls laugh their way through memory…


Wedding Planning in Your 30s

In this episode of Let’s Talk 30, Latesha is talking all about planning a wedding as a 30-something. Even though your pockets are fatter in your 30s, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to save money while planning your wedding. She’s talking all about what to expect when planning your wedding, best practices, money-saving tips,…


Working Girl in Her 30s

First, it’s all ballerinas and actresses, but as we got older it was TV show hosts and creative directors. Yes, we’re talking career aspirations when you finally hit your 30s. In this episode of the podcast, we’re reminiscing about our first jobs and internships, sharing what it feels like to ask for a raise, and…


Before 40 Bucket List

In this episode, we talk about our bucket list things that we want to accomplish before we turn 40. With less than 8 years before we get to that age, we’re really feeling the pressure to get started on our lists. We both remember having a “before I turn 30” bucket list and honestly, we…


Amicable Divorces & Breakups: Celebrity Edition

In this episode, Tiana and Latesha discuss “30-something hot topics” focusing on Hollywood couples in their 30’s that have been recently been in the media with cheating rumors, “amicable” divorces, breaking up and making up and rebound relationships.


How We Social Media in Our 30s

In this episode, Latesha and Tiana share exactly what it’s like to use social media in your 30s and let’s just say, a lot has changed in the past decade! We went from being petty and deleting old relationship photos and blocking exes to being mature and being more selective with our content. If you…