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Lives of Adventure: Stories of those who choose to live a life less common

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#7: Iain Miller – Climbing alone in northwestern Ireland

Iain Miller is a marine engineer turned guide that lives in County Donegal, Ireland. Iain is responsible for establishing routes on nearly every sea stack in Donegal (and doing most of them free solo). Iain spends most of his days guiding clients in the hills, mountains, seas, and on the crags in and around Donegal, one of Ireland's most wild and remote counties. We chat about how he landed in Donegal as a Scotsman, how he got into climbing sea stacks, his views on soloing, and why he gets...


#6: Harald Zundel – Seeking the path of most resistance

Harald Zundel is a renowned adventure racer, ultra-runner, and all-around endurance junkie. Born in Germany, Harald came to the US for university and then joined the Navy. Early in his naval career he somewhat accidentally decided to become a navy seal. As if it’s easy, right? Harald did his first adventure race on a team with several other Navy Seals. They won that race and Harald was hooked on adventure racing. He became a professional adventure racer shortly after and spent nearly 8...


005: Damian Browne – Commit to it and give it a go

Damian Browne spent 16 years as a professional rugby player. That's more than twice the length of the average professional rugby career. Based on that fact alone it should be clear that he has both physical and mental resiliency in spades. Since retiring from Rugby, Damian has poured his non-trivial amount of energy into traveling, photographing, and pushing himself–both physically and mentally–in far flung regions of the world. Everything from 6 day, 250km ultra marathons in the Sahara,...


#4: Elaina Arenz – A climbing life

Elaina Arenz is a professional climbing guide and is the owner or co-owner of several businesses including New River Mountain Guides and Chick with Picks. She’s spent most of her adult life living on the road, climbing nearly every day, and has been responsible for numerous first ascents all over the world, including being an early pioneer at El Potrero Chico in Mexico. It was great to catch up with Elaina. We talked about everything from getting to reinvent herself every few years as a...


#3: Kevin Tobin

Kevin Tobin is the Director of Passages Adventure camp in Richmond Virginia and over the last 25 years has introduced thousands of kids to adventure. He's an ultrarunner, adventure racer, and an all around hard core guy. In our wide-ranging discussion we talk about what motivates him to push his body and mind so hard, how he has the best day job in the world, and why a little fear is good for kids.


Mini-episode 1: What is adventure?

What is adventure to you? And how do you even recognize it when it comes your way? It goes back to what you want out of life and what your own values are. We take a few minutes in this mini-episode to talk about these questions and leave you with a challenge.


#2: Joan Mulloy

Joan Mulloy has spent most of her life on the water. From her first memory of sailing–which is absolutely hilarious–to her decision to give up a good job and a relationship to become a professional sailor, Joan's story is one of constantly taking the path less traveled. Joan is currently the fleet captain at The Offshore Academy in Cowes on the Isle of Wight and is preparing for a solo sailing campaign which she hopes leads her to sailing in the solo, nonstop, race around the world that is...


#1: Common Jack

John Gardner, better known as Common Jack these days, is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, composer, dancer, and all around nice guy. John graduated from Ithaca College and immediately landed a coveted spot on the Off Broadway production of Once and spent the next 2 years on the road across the US, Canada, and Japan. More recently John's sometimes solo sometimes band Common Jack has released two albums, Bowl, Holland and Strange New State. In this wide-ranging discussion...