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Welcome to LOVE THIS, the podcast where we discuss the business of creativity, culture and innovation with some of the best and brightest people on the planet. With your hosts, Beth O'Brien and Joe Carter.

Welcome to LOVE THIS, the podcast where we discuss the business of creativity, culture and innovation with some of the best and brightest people on the planet. With your hosts, Beth O'Brien and Joe Carter.
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Welcome to LOVE THIS, the podcast where we discuss the business of creativity, culture and innovation with some of the best and brightest people on the planet. With your hosts, Beth O'Brien and Joe Carter.








E33 - Nicole Livingstone - Head of Women's Football, AFL

Nicole Livingstone is Head of Women's Football at The Australian Football League. The former competitive swimmer and olympic athlete joined us to talk about how we're shaping a new community of women in sports, why she believes that the word woman should be removed from sporting events, and how to establish and grow a winning mindset. A little different to our usual episodes, the learnings from Nicole are simply astounding.


E32 - James McGrath - Creative Chairman, Clemenger BBDO

If you're an agency, brand or marketing leader, this is probably the episode with the most practical tips. James shares with us the psychology of leadership and how he manages staff, clients and partners from a position of empathy. We delve deeper into how we should take the collective responsibility to position creativity as part of the total customer experience - to champion that it's still our last unfair legal competitive advantage. And we look closer at the marriage between the use of...


E31 - Tiffany Rolfe - EVP/US Chief Creative Officer, R/GA

Tiff Rolfe is the US Chief Creative Officer of R/GA. In 22 minutes, we discussed what some of the best creative agencies in the world are doing to remain relevant and keep ahead, leading through optimism and empowering her teams, and how to design for the unknown.


E30 - Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop is the Michael Bay of business...she likes to blow shit up. In this episode of the Love This podcast, Cindy talks about how to stumble into a career by always following your values & heart, not giving a shit about what anyone thinks you should be doing, and making a shit ton of money whilst doing what you want to be doing. Cindy is famed for inventing her own future rather than receiving it - she details why we should all take greater micro actions to champion diversity,...


E29 - Andrés Ordóñez - Chief Creative Officer, Energy BBDO

Andrés Ordonez is Chief Creative Officer at Energy BBDO (Chicago). Featuring on the AdWeek Creative 100 List in 2019, Andrés is one of the most fascinating and creative people in the advertising industry. We talked to Andrés about the importance of balancing creative leadership with creative doing, how the advertising industry has changed for both clients AND agencies over the last decade or two, why data (as a creative) isn't a word to be feared (but embraced), and how he likes to work with...


E28 - Ari Weiss - Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America

Ari Weiss is DDB's Chief Creative Officer of North America. In 2018, Weiss was named one of the top 5 most award winning CCOs in the world by the Drum’s Big Won Rankings.


E27 - Fernando Machado - Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King

Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King, is on every Top Creative Marketer list you'll read, most recently with Fast Company and AdWeek. We discussed the changing nature of the fast-food industry and how Burger King are combatting specific business challenges, how he likes to work with his agency partners and empower his team to make brave decisions, the purpose of being vulnerable as a marketer, creating global work through the lens of local culture and customer...


E26 - Susan Credle - Global Chief Creative Officer at FCB

Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer at FCB, believes that tenacious strategic thinking expressed through unforgettable creative with scale leads to long-term success for businesses and brands. Susan is one of the industry’s leading creatives and an important voice representing women. Parallels are often drawn between the fictional Peggy Olson from Mad Men and Susan Credle, who started out as an intern at BBDO and moved up the ranks to become EVP, Executive Creative Director. In this...


E25 - Mark Pollard - Strategy CEO at Mighty Jungle

Mark Pollard is Strategy CEO at Mighty Jungle. This episode is full of practical tips for leaders, marketers, and agencies. We discussed the fear, doubt and courages that arises when breaking free from your comfort zone to start your own thing, the creative act of account planning and how its changed in the last few years, the role & requirements of a brand planner and a modern day client, why data will continue to influence what we do and how we show up, and how we can collectively...


E24 - Maura Tuohy Di Muro - Global Director of Marketing, Mozilla

Maura Tuohy di Muro was Global Director of Marketing at Mozilla. A tech optimist who believes that digital connectivity can make us more human, Maura is an agile marketer with a phenomenal viewpoint on the world of digital, data and privacy.


E23 - Patrick Collister - Editor, Directory & The Caples Awards

Patrick Collister is the Editor at Directory & The Caples Awards. In this episode, the industry legend shares his learnings from four decades in the business of advertising - from BMP DDB to Ogilvy to Google, there isn't much that Patrick hasn't seen. What are the biggest problems staring agencies and clients in the face right now? How do we overcome the need for more storytellers rather than business people? What advice would Patrick give to marketers that are 20 years in, and interns that...


E22 - Tara Ford - Executive Creative Director, DDB Sydney

Tara Ford is Executive Creative Director at DDB Sydney. In this episode, we talked to Tara about diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry, how to balance the craft of what we do with the constant demand for efficiency, her incredible work with Cannes on the "See It, Be It" programme, and some actionable tips on how to make more creative and commercially effective work.


E21 - Clive Ormerod - Chief Marketing Officer, Les Mills International

Clive Ormerod is Chief Marketing Officer at Les Mills International. Clive and Les Mills are on a mission to create a fitter planet, not by making people work out, but by helping people fall in love with fitness so that they want to work out. In this episode, we documented Clive's journey from South Africa to Nike to Les Mills, how he has seen the role and responsibilities of the CMO change over the last half decade, and his viewpoint on positive social change in the world - both personally...


E20 - David Lubars - Chairman/Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide

David Lubars is Chairman/Chief Creative Officer of BBDO. During his tenure, BBDO has been named Agency of the Year by various industry publications more than 15 times. Most recently, David was inducted into The One Club Creative Hall of Fame, and was honoured with a Clio Lifetime Achievement Award. He was also named one of the top ten creative directors of all time by Forbes. David has personally won over 150 One Show pencils and 160 Cannes Lions. His BMW Films was the first ever Titanium...


E19 - Wendy Clark - CEO, DDB Worldwide

Wendy Clark is CEO at DDB Worldwide, one of the leading creative agency networks in the world. We talked to Wendy about her humble beginnings, where she thinks the industry is heading in the next few years, and how DDB plan to keep with change. The discussion around the Glass Lion and how creativity is linked to business growth - it's thinking like this that makes us all do what we do.


E18 - Jonathan Nelson - CEO, Omnicom Digital at Omnicom Group

Jonathan Nelson is the CEO of Omnicom Digital (Omnicom Group), a global leader in marketing communications with over 5,000 clients in 100+ countries. In this episode, we talk to Jonathan about his learnings from running Organic - one of the first digital & interactive agencies from the 90's, how to navigate data with the right people and a brief explanation of Omni and how AI is enabling marketers to create more effective experiences for their customers. Jonathan is one of the most curious...


E17 - Tiffany R Warren - Senior VP, Chief Diversity Officer, Omnicom Group

Tiffany R Warren is the SVP Chief Diversity Officer at Omnicom Group, a global leader in marketing communications with over 5,000 clients in 100+ countries. In this episode, Tiffany explained more about her journey from client servicing the insurance and retail categories, to defying cultural conditioning and becoming a Diversity Manager at The American Association of Advertising Agencies. Globally recognised as a pioneer in the field of diversity and inclusion, Tiffany details how we can go...


E16 - Paul Mellor - Owner & Design Director, Mellor & Smith

Paul Mellor is the Owner & Design Director of Mellor & Smith, an independent design agency based in London. Fuck digital marketing. Fuck data. Fuck white male creative directors. Fuck focus groups. Fuck content. Fuck millennials. Fuck disruption. Fuck AI. Fuck the London bubble. Let’s make this contextually relevant. Fuck the Auckland bubble. These are his 9 commandments for Marketing Directors, and gives you an idea about what we discussed in this episode. There's some clever stuff....


E15 - Leila Fataar - Founder, Platform13

Leila Fataar is the Founder of Platform13, a new generation business that creates and maintains cultural relevance for big brands to their target audience. In this episode, Leila details her learnings from leading PR & Social at Adidas and Culture & Entertainment at Diageo. Her first two decades in South Africa have shaped the phenomenal human she is today, surrounded by creativity from an early age. In addition to key advertising take aways and an unprecedented understanding of people, it's...


E14 - Justin Gignac - Co-Founder & CEO, Working Not Working

Justin Gignac is the Co-Founder & CEO at Working Not Working. 35,000 creatives around the world use his platform for work, so we learned more about how his experience at some of the best global agencies informed his business, the process of creativity and what he does to reach pique curiosity, and the incredible projects that Justin has undertaken - including NYC Garbage and