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In each episode of Making The Sausage, host Nick Rheinwald-Jones interviews the people who make television happen. From production assistants to show runners and every role in-between, Nick and his guests give you an inside glimpse of the television industry.

In each episode of Making The Sausage, host Nick Rheinwald-Jones interviews the people who make television happen. From production assistants to show runners and every role in-between, Nick and his guests give you an inside glimpse of the television industry.
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In each episode of Making The Sausage, host Nick Rheinwald-Jones interviews the people who make television happen. From production assistants to show runners and every role in-between, Nick and his guests give you an inside glimpse of the television industry.






Food Styling And Culinary Production: Superglued Burritos

As a food stylist and producer of cooking shows, Tricia Clark knows what it takes to get perfect-looking food in front of a camera. Listen as she shares some of the tricks of her delicious trade, explains what a "stand-and-stir" is, and reveals which celebrity chef intimidated her the most. We don't make any actual sausage in this episode, but it's the closest we've come! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Managers: The Shame Call

As the TV world continues to expand, writers -- both newbies and veterans -- are relying more and more on managers to help them navigate it. But what does a manager do, exactly, and how are they different from agents? Garrett Greer of Rain Management Group and Daniela Garcia-Brcek of Circle of Confusion are here to answer these questions and many more. SHOW NOTES Rain Management Group on Facebook @RainManagement Circle Of Confusion on Facebook @ofconfusion Learn more about...


Directing: Can I Have An HOUR?!

As a long-time script supervisor for TV and film, Aprill Winney spent several years sitting right next to the director… until, while working on The Fosters, she got the call to slide over a seat and take the reins. Join us as Aprill shares the challenges of supervising every single department on and off the set, and find out why directing kids can be delightful and nail-biting at the same time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Voice Acting: The Other Side Of The Glass

You’ve heard Marieve Herington and Phil LaMarr’s talented voices on literally hundreds of shows, from Futurama to Doc McStuffins, and now they’re here to tell us what it takes to step into the recording booth and create all that magic… on a tight schedule, and often without a scene partner. How did Marieve find her Valley Girl accent? What does Phil mean when he talks about “pitch pipe lines”? There’s so much to learn, so put on your headphones and listen! SHOW NOTES Phil LaMarr's...


Writing And (Hopefully) Selling Pilots: Your Position In The Pile

We've talked about pilots before on Making the Sausage, but we haven't really talked about what it's like to be someone who's still trying to get your first one off the ground. Nick is one of those people, and he's enlisted his friend and fellow writer Josh Chesler to join him for a candid conversation about doing the real work of writing and marketing yourself, getting meetings, celebrating the successes and weathering the frustrations, and staying motivated through all of it. SHOW...


Winning An Emmy: It's Vintage, Darling

You heard Rossanna talk about music supervision and song licensing in the second-ever episode of Making the Sausage, and now she’s back to talk about the Daytime Emmy she just won for Amazon’s The Snowy Day, on which she collaborated with none other than Boyz II Men. You’ll hear about her path to victory, the process of choosing an Emmy dress, and how a years-ago encounter with Paul F. Tompkins caused her to piss off the TSA on the way home. SHOW NOTES The Snowy Day on...


Visual Effects: Look At All That Gak

As an in-house VFX artist for Bad Robot, Craig Kuehne is sworn to secrecy on a great many topics…but we still got him to open up about the decades he’s spent creating memorable effects for many of your favorite shows. Find out how technology has changed his job (and audience expectations), learn about the “invisible” visual effects that most viewers will never notice, and become an expert in spotting “gak” (don’t worry; it’s much less gross than it sounds)! SHOW NOTES Craig’s IMDB...


Composing: The Music Will Save It

We go note by note with You’re The Worst’s Adam Blau. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Reality Story Editing: That's A Button, Not A Hook

Before Heather Cocks was a Fug Girl, she was sifting through footage to craft storylines for the contestants on America’s Next Top Model. She’s joined by Grant Rickard, a reality TV veteran who’s worked his way up the producing ladder on everything from Top Chef to Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Listen as they share all their behind-the-craziness stories, and find out what it takes to turn a giant stack of tapes (or digital files, these days) into a compelling hour of television! SHOW...


Locations: Don't Make The Seals Mad

How did Alias get Sydney Bristow onto a functioning oil tanker? How did Entourage beat every other show to the punch in finding the hottest new bars and restaurants? And how do over a hundred shows and movies film in Los Angeles every day without causing the residents to revolt? These questions are best left up to location professionals, and luckily for us, we have two of them on hand this week to explain how all the moving parts fit together. Jodi Strong is the Production Planning Director...


Staff Writing: Don't Screw It Up

Riverdale’s Britta Lundin makes the transition from fan to writer. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Designing Reality Challenges: Game Of Throw-Ins

Have you ever wondered who comes up with all those immunity challenges on Survivor? Wonder no more, because we have one such person on the show this week: actor/comedian/puzzle guru Myles Nye. Find out how Myles parlayed his scavenger-hunt business (and his Survivor ultra-fandom) into a spot on the show’s challenge design team, hear his thoughts on what makes a game great, and allow him to debunk some of your Survivor conspiracy theories. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


TV Web Content: From Netscape 1.0 to VR Mr. Robot

As Director of Production for NBC Universal’s digital media team, Joya Balfour supervised the creation of all sorts of web content — from blogs to webisodes — for shows like The Office and Parks & Recreation. We talk about her career at the intersection of TV and the internet, and get her predictions for how these worlds might change (or merge) in the years to come. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Editing: That Scene Didn’t Need To Be There

Editing is an amazingly complex and precise job, yet the work of an editor is often invisible in the final product. We talk with Micky Blythe, veteran of shows like Law & Order and Chicago Fire, about what it’s like to assemble a compelling story out of a mountain of raw footage. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Writing For Late Night: Sorry, We Don’t Have A Stuffed Owl

Our guests this week have the pleasure of working for one of the best comedic minds in TV history, but with all that fun comes a lot of responsibility: generating great ideas every day, producing and directing their own filmed comedy shorts at lightning speed, and sometimes following Conan across the globe. Find out how they pull it off week after week and still have a great time at their jobs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Post-Production: Ooh, That Was A Loop Line

Shooting an episode of TV is a complex and grueling process, and it’s only the beginning. Everything that happens once that footage gets turned in falls under the massive umbrella of post-production, and it takes a team of technical wizards to shape those raw materials into the slick, polished TV that appears on your screen. This week, we dive right into that process with Law & Order: SVU producer Mark Dragin. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Writing Partners: Focus On Hating Outside People

Ever see a TV show where two writers are listed with an ampersand between their names? That means they’re a team, working scripts together from start to finish. This setup is a great deal for the networks (since writing partners split a paycheck), but there are also a lot of upsides for the writers. We talk with Megan Lynn of The Fosters and Wendy Molyneux of Bob’s Burgers about how they work (and in Megan’s case, live!) with their respective writing partners. Learn more about your ad...


1st Assistant Directors: When You’re On, You’re On

No, they’re not the assistant to the director! Assistant directors are the first and last line of defense on a busy production: the unflappable heroes keeping everything from descending into chaos. Find out what kind of personality it takes to handle this level of responsibility day after day for years on end, how to defuse tension between the creative side and the business side, and which parts of this immensely taxing job are actually fun. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Promos: Jessica Alba In A Room Full Of Pancakes

Even in the DVR and Hulu age, network promos are crucial to keeping audiences informed — and excited — about new and ongoing shows. Creating a great thirty-second spot requires a precise combination of skills, knowledge, and often a great sense of humor — all of which our guests have in spades. Listen to Jeff and Jenna share the tricks of their trade, along with some great behind-the-scenes stories (like the one in the title)! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Game Show Writing: Four Little Ponies Of The Apocalypse

Being a successful quiz show writer demands both an encyclopedic brain and a Howard Hughes-level focus on the fine details. You’ve got an audience to please, contestants to challenge, and most importantly, hefty legal penalties to avoid (thanks, 1950s game show scandals!). Our guests this week tell us how they work within those difficult confines, coming up with questions that are novel, fair, and just difficult enough to keep the target audience on its toes. Find out what it means for a...