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Everything Board Games! Join Doug, Amber, Kevin, and Tom as they discuss all things board games, including: first impressions, digital board game apps, and even interviews with members of the Board Game community!


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Everything Board Games! Join Doug, Amber, Kevin, and Tom as they discuss all things board games, including: first impressions, digital board game apps, and even interviews with members of the Board Game community!




#135 - Knight School - Area Control

We're resetting the game board on Meeple Knights and delving deep into the intricate world of area control. This knight school session promises to turbocharge your understanding of area control mechanisms and how they function in games, both classic and contemporary. Using examples from chess, Risk, Onitama, and Small World, we dissect the eight different types of area control. The discussion ignites a lively debate on each mechanism's definition and application, and it's sure to spark some revelations for you too. As we round off the session, we engross ourselves in an enlightening discourse about the battle mechanics in area control games. Yes, we're going there - to that controversial assertion that the defender always loses in a fight. We debate over the definition of a battle, its outcome, and how area control can be broken down into various subcategories. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of a discussion. And rest assured, we'll be back next week with a top 10 list of our favorite area control games. Make sure you're tuned in for that one! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#134 - "Y" Games

Curious to unearth the mysterious Y-game trove? Join the Meeple Knights as we venture into the world of games starting with the elusive letter Y! Starting off with the intriguing Yellow and Yangtze, we get strategic with hand management and grid placement. We marvel at the five different leaders and their unique abilities that play a crucial role in this game. We'll also discuss the game's scoring system, the power of the Pagodas, and how lady luck can turn the game on its head! Shifting gears, we roll into Yahtzee, the dice game that has won the hearts of many, and uncover the layers of Yokai, a cooperative memory game where teamwork is key. We uncover the strategies that up the ante and find surprising links to other popular games. Ever wondered about the different versions of Yahtzee games? We've got you covered! From Triple Yahtzee and Challenge Yahtzee to Word Yahtzee, Jackpot Yahtzee, Casino Yahtzee, and Showdown Yahtzee. An episode that promises a wild ride through the world of Y-games awaits you! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#133 - Top 10 Board Games We Hate

You think you know board games? Well, we've got news for you. Even the most seasoned gamers among you will cringe when we drop the names of our top 10 most despised games. Yes, you heard it right. We're rocking the boat, Doug and Amber, in this outrageously candid episode of Meeple Knights where we lay bare our criticisms on the games that have driven us up the wall. Mental Blocks, Sheriff of Nottingham, we're calling you out! Brace yourselves, folks, as we take you through a whirlwind of games that missed the mark for us. We've got Hashtag It, Floor Plan, and Forbidden Sky on our radar, and boy do we have a lot to say! But before you dismiss us as mere critics, let us assure you - we love board games! But we also believe in a good debate. Whether it's Talisman or Piraten Kapern, we're here to tell our stories and share our experiences, no matter how controversial they might be. And oh, did we mention we are just getting started? Next week, we're taking on the Y games, and trust us when we say it's going to be a discussion you won't want to miss. Games might come and go, but our love for a good debate is here to stay. So buckle up and join us on this rollicking roller coaster ride through the wild world of board games. Because at the end of the day, all's fair in love, war, and... board games! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#132 - GenCon 2023 Recap: Tales and Game Reviews with Amber and Doug

Ever wish you could experience the exhilaration of GenCon without leaving your home? Strap in as we, Amber and Doug, journey through GenCon 2023, recounting tales of badge blunders, hotel hassles, and games that gripped our hearts. We talk about the astounding growth of the event, spilling over with 70,000 unique attendees, and its economic impact on local businesses. Get an inside scoop on our personal experiences and our top tips for surviving the chaos, from badge collection to deciding where to eat. Games, games, and more games! We delve into the details of our gaming exploits, from the addictive worker placement game, War of the Woods, to the captivating Quest Kids. Hear us lament our parking problems, share our shopping spree at Stronghold Games. Offering a peek into our favorites like Number Drop, we'll make you feel like you're in the thick of GenCon, playing alongside us. As we wind down our GenCon journey, join us as we chew over our last night at the event, reminiscing about late-night strategic games and our quest for a burger bar. We shed light on an unexpected act of kindness towards a colorblind player during a game of Arnak and the critical role feedback plays when designing a game. So, whether you're a seasoned GenCon attendee or a curious newcomer, you'll find a treasure trove of stories, tips, and game recommendations in our GenCon 2023 recap. Join us, game on! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#131 - X Games

Ever wish you could predict your opponent's every move? Strap in for a thrilling journey as we strategize through the captivating universes of the cooperative board game Xeno Shyft and Star Wars X Wing. We'll take you on a roller-coaster ride of setting up defenses, outsmarting enemies, and above all, having a blast! We'll also compare the intriguing intricacies of pieces in Star Wars X-Wing and Xingqi, before shifting gears to the fascinating realm of Wings of War miniatures game. Warning: this one might make you break your piggy bank, but who can resist these collectibles? We're wrapping up our game-filled adventure with a peek into the future: the upcoming Marvel United Spider-Geddon expansion set and its potential to turn your Marvel United X-Men game on its head. And stay tuned - we can hardly contain our excitement as we gear up to share Doug and Amber's tales from Gem Con. Adventure awaits, so game on! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#130 - Top 10 Gen Con 2023's Most Anticipated Games

Ready to unlock the secrets of the most anticipated games at GenCon 2023? Strap in, because we're taking you on an exhilarating tour of our top 10 picks. With our lively banter, you'll get more than just the names; we'll reveal the unique mechanisms and gameplay that make each game an experience worth waiting for. From the deck-building marvel "Queen by Midnight", the quirky grid movement game "Boop", and the intriguing "Clandestine", we've got a smorgasbord of tabletop delights coming your way. Just when you thought we're done, we're back with more jaw-dropping games in the second half. We're talking about the likes of "Forge of Ravenshire", "Charcuterie", "Halloween", "Race to the Raft", and "The Stifling Dark". And, hold on to your seats because our number four pick will definitely surprise you. So plug in those earphones and get ready for an engaging conversation about the games we can't wait to play at GenCon 2023! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#129 - "W" Games

Do you know why the letter W is called W and not double V? Settle into this enchanting discussion as we unravel mysteries of a different kind - the kind found in the magical realm of Wandering Towers. Alongside your hosts Doug, Amber, and Kevin, you'll discover strategies to outsmart your rivals, fill your potions, and lead your wizards into the Ravens Keep. We'll even spill some secrets about the quirky rulebook, and impart our overall impressions of this fantastical game. But our mystical journey doesn’t end there! Hold onto your wands as we transport you into the captivating world of Welcome to the Dungeon and its sequel, Welcome Back to the Dungeon. Grab your hero and weave through the dungeons as we reveal the clever art of bidding, bluffing, and betting. Explore how monsters with special abilities can turn the tide of your heroic journey, and why these thrilling short games deserve more credit than they receive. Trust us, this episode is a critical hit for any gaming aficionado! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#128 - Top 10 Set Collection Games

Ready to ride the thrilling roller coaster of set collection board games that put your strategic skills to the test? We're pulling back the curtain on some of our top favorites and sharing insider tips on how to dominate the game board. From the unique drafting mechanic of Quadropolis to the fiery heat of Dragon's Gold, we unravel the complexities and nuances that make these games a hit for all age groups. Our adventure doesn't stop there; we put Draftosaurus under the microscope, exploring how the expansion has added a fresh yet challenging twist to this quick and easy game. Buckle up as we journey into the captivating world of Jaipur here and Sobek, two-player games that showcase the exciting world of goods collection and point scoring. We lay bare the strategies, the tactics and that 'aha' moment when you outmaneuver your opponent, leaving them staring at a game board in disbelief. We then switch gears to Flux, Canvas, and Quartz, comparing their different versions and the exhilaration that comes with crafting paintings, collecting tokens, or drawing gems out of a bag. We're not afraid to get our hands sticky as we dissect these games, bringing you the good, the bad, and the unexpected. In our final act, we toast to the delightfully addictive Calico, where making quilts has never been more rewarding, and introduce you to our all-time favorites, Red Rising, Potion Explosion, and Distilled. From unique card swapping mechanics to the thrill of creating sets of alcohol and selling them off, these games are a testament to the joy of board games. Let the games begin! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#127 - Knight School - Set Collections

Ready to level up your board game strategy? Join us, Meeple Knights, as we traverse the captivating world of set collection games. From well-loved classics like Rummy, to intricate titles like Quadropolis, Suburbia, and Magic The Gathering, we're unpacking how to master the art of collecting sets in different ways. But it's not just about gathering sets, we're also taking a deep dive into combo abilities, which take games like Distilled and Evolution to a whole new level of complexity and fun. In the second half, things get even more interesting as we dissect the nuances between set collection games. If you've ever wondered how games like Wingspan and Catan require players to collect and leverage resources in order to meet their objectives, or how recipe gathering and building in games like Destinies and Tile Laying games like Kingdomino can be considered a type of set collection, then this episode is for you. We also throw in a good debate about whether Sagrada falls under the set collection genre. Believe us, it gets as heated as a game of Risk at family Christmas! So pull up a chair, roll the dice, and let's get started. S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#126 - Origins Game Fair 2023

Ever found yourself in the middle of a hilarious misadventure en route to the board gaming convention of the year, Origins 2023? Buckle up as Amber and I bring you a laugh-a-minute recount of our first-ever trip, from the unexpected thrill of being selected to work at AEG's Big Game Night at Gen Con to the uproarious mishaps driving to the convention center. We also share our experiences of our first night at Columbus Area Boardgaming Society, borrowing and playing board games. It's not all about games, though. We also take your taste buds on a delightful journey through our intriguing dining escapades. From a steakhouse that served us questionable well-done meat, to a unique Airbnb experience that provided more than just a place to sleep, we've got stories that'll make you chuckle and cringe. We also share our reviews of several board games we added to our collection, including the Echidna Shuffle, Last Call, and a new one - Tapestry. As we wrap up our trip, we dive into our experiences with Carolina Game Tables and an intriguing food fight programming game called Cafe Chaos. From heartwarming stories to side-splitting anecdotes, we unpack a whirlwind of experiences in our Origins 2023 trip and game reviews. Whether you're a gamer or just along for the ride, you're in for an entertaining journey you won't soon forget. So tune in, kick back, and let's reminisce about the good, the bad, and the hilariously unforgettable. S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#125 - Mechanics Showdown: Test Your Knowledge and Play Along!

Ready for a wild ride in the world of board game mechanics? Join us as Tom tests our knowledge in an exhilarating game show episode! As our host, he'll be reading off board game definitions, challenging Doug, Amber, and Eggplant to correctly identify the games. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned to find out! Jump in with us as we laugh, learn, and explore the fascinating realm of board game mechanics. Will Doug be able to steal the win with one hundred points, or will Amber shine as the true champion? Listen now to find out! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#124 - "V" Games

Ever wondered what it takes to build a successful vineyard or become a notorious Disney villain? Join us in this fun-filled episode as we unravel the strategies behind some of our favorite board games that start with the letter V. Brace yourselves as we venture into the different phases of Viticulture by Stonemaier Games, exploring the intricacies of worker placement and discovering the power of the grande worker. The excitement doesn't end there - we're also sharing our first-hand experience playing this game on Board Game Arena and why we can't wait to have it in our collection. But that's just the beginning! We dive into the world of Viral, an area control game by Arcane Wonders that takes strategy to a whole new level. Learn how mutation and zone cards can help you create crises and gain points, and how to master the use of shield, move, infect, and magnet cards to dominate the game. Plus, we'll discuss the game's expansion, The Hive, and our eagerness to test it out. Finally, we immerse ourselves in the enchanting realms of Disney and Marvel with Villainous and Marvel Villainous, two captivating games by Ravensburger. We'll unveil the different fate decks, reveal the challenges of playing with more players, and discuss the thematic elements that make turning cards sideways all the more exciting. So, pull up a chair and indulge in this entertaining episode where we celebrate our love for all things board games! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#123 - Top 10 Auction Games: Which one you bidding on?

Get ready to discover your next favorite auction game as we share our top 10 picks and explore the unique mechanics and strategies of each one. You'll be amazed by our number 10 choice, Vault Wars, a thrilling turn-based game where players bid on the contents of a vault, reminiscent of the popular TV show Storage Wars. But the surprises don't stop there. Join us as we dive further into the world of auction mechanics, discussing the fascinating bidding systems found in games like Raccoon Tycoon, Small World, and Libertalia. Hear our tales from Gen Con and learn how Amber manages to snag the best deals. And don't forget to listen in as we reveal our surprise at Vault Wars making it onto our top 10 list! Finally, we'll delve into our all-time favorite auction games, including Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Downforce, Ship Shape, and Lock Up. Listen as we compare each game and the strategies involved, ultimately revealing our top picks. So, what are you waiting for? Join us for this exciting episode and find out which auction game will become your new obsession! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#122 - Knight School - Auctions

Ever wondered how auction mechanics impact the gameplay experience in board games? Get ready to explore various types of auctions – from open and English auctions to turn order auctions - and learn how they shape your gaming strategies. Join us as we compare the auction mechanics of Monopoly and Skull, and discuss the differences of other board game auctions. In this episode, we also take an in-depth look at different bidding styles, such as once around auction, Dutch auctions, and second bid auctions found in various board games. Discover the mechanics and strategies that define games like Castles of Mad King Ludwig and its Collector's Edition, which we recently got our hands on. Finally, join us as we delve into the enthralling realm of bidding vs. betting in board games, and debate the distinctions between games like Crokinole and sports. With a challenge to create a game that combines all types of auctions, we invite you to embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery in the fascinating universe of board game auctions! So, gear up and tune in for an unmissable conversation on auction mechanics and strategies! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#121 - "U" Games

Have you ever dreamt of running off into the magical world of unicorns? Well, look no further! We bring you an enchanting episode that will sweep you off your feet as we discuss the spellbinding world of unicorn-themed board games. Let us be your guides as we gallop through the delightful betting and racing game, Unicorn Fever, and how it stands up against other racing games like Downforce, Ready Set Bet, and Gladius. Imagine hosting a betting night with all these games combined - pure unicorn magic! But wait, there's more! We can't resist sharing our thoughts on Unstable Unicorns, a captivating card game where you build your very own tableau of mystical creatures. With numerous expansions and game variations to explore, we'll compare it to its llama-themed cousin, Llamas Unleashed, and have a spirited debate about the connection between unicorns, rainbows, and the infamous double rainbow video. So saddle up and join us for a unicorn-filled adventure that you won't want to miss! •Unicorn Fever •Unusual Suspects •Unstable Unicorns S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#120 - Amber's Game Show

Ready for an action-packed board game bonanza? Who will emerge victorious as Doug seeks to dethrone the undefeated Tom in this thrilling episode of Meeple Knights? Host Amber puts them to the test with 30 mind-boggling questions, covering game mechanisms, player counts, and essential skills like hand management and pattern building. You won't want to miss a minute of this friendly but fierce competition! But wait, there's more! We also dive into a board game guessing game, exploring titles for two to seven players, including Coral Reef, Downforce, Mysterium, Unicorn Fever, Red Rising, and many more. Can Doug and Tom stump each other with their vast board game knowledge? Join us on this laughter-filled episode as we celebrate the diverse world of tabletop gaming and ignite your passion for play! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#119 - Top 10 Worker Placement Board Games: Discover Your Next Favorite!

Ever struggled to find the perfect worker placement board game? Look no further, as Amber, Doug, and Kevin are here to share their top 10 worker placement games! We kick off our discussion by exploring the mechanics of this popular genre, detailing the differences between worker placement and action drafting. We dive into Doug's list, beginning with the charming Creature Comforts. Along the way, we touch on iconic games like Caverna and Counterfeiters, as well as unique titles like The Pursuit of Happiness. Curious about the debate around Dice Hospital? We've got you covered! We also delve into the mechanics of Castle of Burgundy and Quadropolis, ensuring you'll leave this episode with a wealth of knowledge about this exciting genre. Lastly, we highlight some standout games like Dwellings of Eldervale, Vikings on Board, and Pursuit of Happiness, discussing what truly sets them apart from the rest. Join us in this engaging conversation and discover which worker placement board games should make it to your collection! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#118 - "T" Games

Get ready to rev your engines and fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey exploring the exhilarating racing game, Thunder Alley! Discover the game's unique mechanics, such as drafting and moving multiple cars, that set it apart from other racing games. Plus, we take a detour into the fascinating history behind the origin of the word 't-shirt.' But that's not all! We also hop aboard Traintopia, a tile placement game that will have you building railway networks and scoring points in just 30 minutes. Learn about the game's mechanics, including drafting tiles and creating a complete route with stations at the beginning and end. We'll also compare Traintopia to Thunder Alley and discuss bonus types that can be earned at the end of the game. Don't forget to join us next week as we explore the top 10 worker placement games. •Thunder Alley 🏎️ •Traintopia 🚂 •That's Pretty Clever 🎲 S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#117 - Knight School - Press Your Luck

Are you ready to roll the dice and take some risks? Discover the thrilling world of push-your-luck board game mechanisms with us as we kick off our new series on game mechanisms. From classics like Yahtzee to recent favorites like Dice Throne and Bang the Dice Game, learn how different games utilize this exciting mechanic and how similar mechanics like forced dice selection and dice drafting add to the fun. Plus, we'll share our own experiences playing push-your-luck games like Rollers for some real-life examples of this engaging gameplay. We'll also dive into how games such as Celestia, Quacks, and TEN create a fun, competitive experience using the push-your-luck mechanic. Find out how the intricacies of this mechanism can reward players for taking risks, or punish them for going too far. Additionally, we'll discuss the balance between luck and strategy in these games and how the pressure to push one's luck can make for an exhilarating gaming night. Rounding out our conversation, we'll explore the various strategies, rewards, and risks involved in playing a wide range of push-your-luck games, from Mystic Vale to Cubitos and even Sheepy Time. Join us as we discuss how these games keep players on the edge of their seats and how the push-your-luck mechanic can create an unforgettable atmosphere of suspense and excitement. Take a chance and join us for this electrifying discussion on push-your-luck board game mechanisms! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email:


#116 - Chronology: Guess the Board Game Release Years with Meeple Knights Crew

Ready to test your knowledge of award-winning board games? Join us in this fun-filled episode of Meeple Knights Podcast as we play Chronology, the game where we have to guess the correct year of release for popular board games. Listen in and play along with Amber, Tom, and Kevin as we challenge each other and build our timelines with games like Zuloreto, Broom Service, Marvel United, King Domino, and Ghost Fighting Treasure Hunters. We're using our collective knowledge to figure out if the games were released before or after specific years, building a timeline with each correct guess. You don't want to miss out on the laughs and competitiveness as we dive into the world of board games. From Amber's Broom Service to Tom's Marvel United, we cover a wide range of games and designers, making this a must-listen episode for any board game enthusiast. Tune in now and see if you can outguess our Meeple Knights crew! S O C I A L M E D I A ➡️Website: ( ) ➡️YouTube: ( ) ➡️Instagram: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Page: ( ) ➡️FaceBook Group: ( ) ➡️Discord: ( ) C O N T A C T U S 📧email: