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11: MARIA HINOJOSA | Reporting with Heart & Authenticity

For 25 years, MARIA HINOJOSA has helped tell America’s untold stories and brought to light unsung heroes in America and abroad. She was the first Latina ever hired by CNN and NPR in the 1980s, and she’s been blazing a trail of authentic humanizing storytelling about the most vulnerable communities in our country throughout her...


10: BRIE LOSKOTA | We Decided to be Builders

The immediate years after 9/11 were profoundly challenging for American Muslims, who struggled to find their voice while being targeted for suspicion by law enforcement, media and the public alike. Meanwhile, their community institutions were in their foundational stages and largely unconnected. That pressure cooker environment is part of what sparked a groundbreaking and transformative...


9: GLENETTA POPE | Moms Against Guns

Every day, 96 Americans are shot and killed and for every one person killed with a gun, two more are injured. More children have been killed by guns since the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 than U.S. soldiers in combat since 9/11. In this episode, Edina talks to another mom who has had direct...


8: MANAR WAHEED | People, Power & People Power

MANAR WAHEED has spent her adult life fighting for the most vulnerable among us – survivors of violence, immigrants, Muslims, undocumented Americans, and now she’s fighting for ALL of us. As Legislative & Advocacy Counsel of ACLU National, Manar is literally on the front lines of challenging Donald Trump’s ongoing destruction of our federal government,...


7: REV. JEN BAILEY | Sacredness & Healing the Movement

REV. JENNIFER BAILEY is one of a growing number of millennial faith leaders at the forefront of helping strangers come together to explore their social and spiritual identities, and visible differences. Growing up in the small, mostly white town of Quincy, IL led Jen to find her sense of self in the black church, which led...


6: HASAN MINHAJ | Comedy = Medicine for Thinking

HASAN MINHAJ is one of the biggest Muslim pioneers of American pop culture in the past decade. From his scathing sketches on “The Daily Show” to his biting, on-point critiques of media and Hollywood at the 2016 Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner & 2017 the White House Correspondents Dinner to his upcoming weekly Netflix late...


5: AMANDA LITMAN | Run for Something, Do it Local

As the head of email marketing director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, AMANDA LITMAN had every right to shut down and unplug after her candidate’s shocking loss to Donald Trump. But instead, just three months later on Inauguration Day, she helped launch an organization called Run for Something, to encourage and support millennials to run for state...


4: REV. GARY MASON | Amnesia is the Enemy of Reconciliation

For the latest episode, Edina speaks with a peacemaker who became one of the key “persuaders” in the Northern Ireland conflict, leveraging his faith and relationships to bring armed fighters to the table with politicians, where they were ultimately able to create the historic Belfast Agreement that officially ended the conflict. Since getting ordained in...


3: AZIZA HASAN | Choosing Curiosity Over Assumptions

Host Edina Lekovic talks to one of her original co-conspirators in community transformation, about their powerful “meeting the moment” experience over the past decade. AZIZA HASAN is Executive Director and co-founder of NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change, which has been transforming L.A.’s Muslim and Jewish communities through the power of relationships among broad political...


2: LENNON FLOWERS | Turning Loss into Discovery

Do you stumble and sweat when you try to show up for someone who has just lost a loved one? Have you lost someone dear and felt like you’re stumbling around alone and in the dark as you navigate your grief? The truth is, loss is an experience most of us share and feel ill-equipped...


1: KRISTA TIPPETT | Hope is a Choice

In 2003, journalist KRISTA TIPPETT sparked a national conversation about faith, spirituality and life’s big questions with her one-of-a-kind public radio program and hit podcast “On Being,” which airs on hundreds of NPR stations around the U.S. and was downloaded more than 50 million times last year alone. The show has won a Peabody Award,...


Introducing Meeting the Moment with Edina Lekovic

Check out this preview to get a taste of the podcast, and subscribe now to get our new episodes every other Thursday. We’ve all been through challenges, moments in our lives that have tested us to our core. After 15 years of work carving out space for American Muslims in public life and pop culture,...