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MetaPod unpacks the web's most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them. Presented by Wendy Morrill and Kevin May, each episode of MetaPod features an in-depth interview with a different podcast host or creator.

MetaPod unpacks the web's most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them. Presented by Wendy Morrill and Kevin May, each episode of MetaPod features an in-depth interview with a different podcast host or creator.


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MetaPod unpacks the web's most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them. Presented by Wendy Morrill and Kevin May, each episode of MetaPod features an in-depth interview with a different podcast host or creator.




Episode 22. Nina Gilden Seavey of My Fugitive

“Nina Gilden Seavey was twelve in May 1970, when an Air Force building in St. Louis burned to the ground. Her dad represented a young man arrested in connection with the fire: Howard Mechanic. Facing serious federal time, Howard fled and became one of the longest-running fugitives in U.S. history. As an adult, Nina picked up the trail. My Fugitive asks: Whatever happened to Howard Mechanic?” Just the story of the disappearance of Vietnam War protester Howard Mechanic is an intriguing one,...


Episode 21. Marissa Bridge of The Apology Line

The Apology Line podcast tells the unsettling stories of a secular confessional telephone line. The Apology Line project invited the public to call a telephone line and leave anonymous apologies for wrongdoings on an answering machine. The project was started by artist Allan Bridge, anonymously, in the early 1980s in New York City. Allan ran the project for more than a decade and also published a magazine companion to the telephone line. Questions about morality and the criminal mind...


Episode 20. Dallas Taylor of Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz tells “the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.” Are you conscious of sound – especially sounds that you hear all the time? “Our brains are very good at filtering out – especially things we hear a lot,” explains Dallas Taylor, sound designer and host of the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast. “Sound is something that generally we have a hard time making conscious – but it’s very easy to.” The Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast is an enjoyable...


Episode 19. Willa Paskin of Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring “takes a cultural question, object, or habit; examines its history; and tries to figure out what it means and why it matters.” The mullet isn’t just a peculiar haircut from the 1980s, (strangely) loved by hipsters in the 2020s – it has a backstory all of its own, from sports stars to soft metal bands. The same goes for why clowns are feared more often than they’re enjoyed, or why some television shows have a “laugh track”. Cultural phenomenon don’t just get thrust into the...


Episode 18. Laura Palmer of Island Crime

“On a long weekend in the summer of 2002, Lisa Marie Young went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. That night Lisa got into a red Jaguar with a young man from a prominent local family and was never seen again.” A mysterious and hardly straightforward case, Island Crime tells the story of a young woman who went missing on a celebratory evening surrounded by friends. Lisa Marie Young was an energetic and bright 21-year-old from Vancouver Island. Her disappearance on June 30, 2002 was...


Episode 17. Chris Molanphy of Hit Parade

How do songs and albums achieve success on the charts and become lasting memories, for better or worse, in popular culture? Chris Molanphy, a pop-chart analyst, looks at both culture and commerce to arrive at answers. The answers, along with plenty of trivia, song clips, unexpected stories and entertaining cultural analysis form the Hit Parade podcast. “I’m always looking for the best stories,” explained Chris. “For ways to make the audience go, ‘oh yeah… I’ve experienced that… that’s the...


Episode 16. Tara Boyle of Hidden Brain

Imagine years of academic research distilled down to a 45-minute conversation. The conversation is easy to understand and offers new ways to look at things. It’s unimposing, yet applicable to your own life. It’s also calming to listen to. That is roughly what you can expect from a podcast called Hidden Brain. Hosted by Shankar Vedantam, a social science correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR) in the USA, Hidden Brain draws on social science and storytelling to examine everyday social...


Episode 15. Danny Robins of The Battersea Poltergeist

Danny Robins doesn’t believe in ghosts, however, he thinks that we need them. The Battersea Poltergeist is the story of a haunting in south London that started in 1956. At the centre of the decades-long drama is the Hitchings family, its teenage daughter Shirley and a noisy ghost known as “Donald”. At first the family is spooked by loud sounds and moving household objects. Then more threatening acts start to occur. Scrawled messages on the wall, flying pots and pans and a fire – all of it...


Episode 14. Dan Maudsley of Paradise

Murder cases that take nearly four decades to solve are rare and usually reserved for when there is no idea as to the identity of the perpetrator. The brutal killings of Peta Frampton and Chris Farmer in Latin America in 1978 should have seen the suspect Silas Duane Boston arrested and convicted quickly – especially as there were two witnesses: his sons. But a case such as this doesn’t get a podcast – the BBC’s Paradise – devoted to the tale if things are straightforward. Far from it, in...


Episode 13. Paul Hanford of Lost and Sound

When did music first come into your life? Who was there and how did you feel? Where did that moment or period of time lead to? These are some of the questions answered by guests of the Lost And Sound podcast, hosted by Paul Hanford. The podcast features a far-flung list of guests yet hones in on innovation and creative process. Listeners will discover personal conversations with well and lesser-known artists from various genres of music, all of whom speak to their individual influences and...


Episode 12. Ryan Anderson of Sonixcursions

If you were into the spacey fringes of 90s alternative music that only got played on college radio stations, you’ll probably know a band or two mentioned in this week’s episode. If you’re wondering what happened to those bands, there’s a good chance that our guest Ryan Anderson knows. Ryan was part of the psychedelic synth pop/rock band Füxa which hailed from Michigan’s space rock scene of the mid-1990s. During that time, Ryan also compiled the zine Masstransfer. The DIY publication covered...


Episode 11. Daniel Stern of Radio Spätkauf

Most people can name a famous attraction or historical event in Berlin. Many can tell you a musician or artist that spent time in the city. When it comes to city politics, local business and garbage in Berlin, Radio Spätkauf picks up where the others left off. Hosted by four international residents of Berlin, Radio Spaetkauf presents facts and opinions on local issues with entertaining cultural insight. The show is produced for podcast and live audience and calls listeners to action on...


Episode 10. Emily Strasser of The Bomb

The Bomb explores the scientific and political events that led to the development of the atomic bomb. The story focusses on scientist Leo Szilard and his role in the discovery of nuclear fission. The Bomb follows Szilard, a Hungarian exile, to his work in Berlin, London, New York and Chicago. The story also highlights his attempts to stop the use of nuclear energy in warfare. Emily Strasser is the narrator of The Bomb. Her personal connection to the development of the atomic bomb if...


Episode 9. Jason Moon of Bear Brook

The Bear Brook story begins in the mid-80s with a startling discovery. Two unidentified bodies, stuffed inside of barrels in the woods of a small town in New Hampshire. Not far off in the woods, known as Bear Brook State Park, another disturbing discovery is made fifteen years later. Two more unidentified bodies in a barrel. By 2017, advances in DNA testing together with genetic genealogy bring a serial killer and a number of victims into view. Produced by New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR),...


Episode 8. Mark Thomas of Mark Thomas's Lockdown Check-up

Mark Thomas, during normal times, is a stand-up comedian, activist and writer. But 2020 changed everything for him (as it did the rest of us). He returned home, to live with his mum again, during the first lockdown of the pandemic in the UK. Such a set of circumstances would be like gold dust to a joke-hungry comic but Mark took the opportunity to do something more. In Mark Thomas’s Lockdown Check-up he charts the experiences of his mum and NHS healthcare workers on the frontline of the...


Episode 7. Halina Rifai of A Sonic Hug

“A Sonic Hug is a thought-provoking podcast series where you’ll hear from people from different walks of life who deal, experience and battle mental health issues. “ Halina Rifai founded A Sonic Hug as a “mental health safe space” – a project with various initiatives, including a podcast that sheds light on mental health issues as people experience them. A Sonic Hug the podcast is presented and produced by Halina. Halina’s interview style gives the guest full space to present and reflect...


Episode 6. Atze de Vrieze of Weird Hit Wonder

A co-production of Dutch broadcasters VPRO and Radio 2, Weird Hit Wonder is a podcast featuring unusual Dutch hit songs from the 1990s. Music journalist and presenter Atze de Vrieze speaks with the artists and industry influencers associated with each song to uncover the cultural context and secrets behind each hit. The podcast features five songs that achieved some level of commercial success in The Netherlands during the 1990s. Weird Hit Wonder demonstrates that weirdness has no...


Episode 5. Amory Sivertson and Ben Brock Johnson of Endless Thread

Endless Thread is a show for “Reddit connoisseurs, skeptics, and the rest of us“. Endless Thread is a podcast produced by WBUR in Boston, Massachusetts and Reddit. Co-hosts Amory Sivertson and Ben Brock Johnson explore the online communities of Reddit, searching for mysteries to solve and stories to tell. Started in 2018, Amory and Ben sift through “the weird, the wonderful, and even the scary stuff” on Reddit “the front page of the internet”. They connect with guests, listeners and each...


Episode 4. Nick Hilton of The Town That Didn't Stare

“The Town That Didn’t Stare is a podcast documentary about Britain’s Twin Peaks: East Grinstead, the home of alternative religions and spirituality in the UK.” Over six episodes, writer and producer Nick Hilton explores how East Grinstead became a “figure of national curiosity” in England. The culprits? The Mormons, Scientologists, Guinea Pigs, prime meridian and maybe even Led Zeppelin. Located in the South East of England, East Grinstead has an unusual history for a small town. It is...


Episode 3. Marit Higraff of Death In Ice Valley

"Death In Ice Valley is about an investigation into one of the world's most intriguing true crime stories - the mystery of the Isdal woman." The Isdal woman is the name given to the severely burned body of a woman found in the Isdalen Valley near Bergen, Norway in November 1970. To this day, the identity of the Isdal woman remains unknown. Many questions about the case, which was investigated by the Bergen police, remain unanswered. Theories lean toward stories of international espionage...