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MetaPod unpacks the web's most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them. Presented by Wendy Morrill and Kevin May, each episode of MetaPod features an in-depth interview with a different podcast host or creator.

MetaPod unpacks the web's most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them. Presented by Wendy Morrill and Kevin May, each episode of MetaPod features an in-depth interview with a different podcast host or creator.


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MetaPod unpacks the web's most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them. Presented by Wendy Morrill and Kevin May, each episode of MetaPod features an in-depth interview with a different podcast host or creator.




Episode 52. David Peterkofsky of For Keeps

"For Keeps spotlights interesting, unusual or unexpected collections of things and the people who keep them." This episode of MetaPod turns the spotlight around on David Peterkofsky and his podcast For Keeps, which explores the world of collecting. As you might expect, you'll discover that people collect some fairly unusual things. However, For Keeps is more than a show about stuff. "Really the idea of how these people relate to the things they have collected is what drew me to the idea,"...


Episode 51. Reverend Billy and Savitri D of EARTH RIOT

"EARTH RIOT is a comedy-infused, music-filled exploration of humanity’s most urgent issue - the planet’s sixth extinction." In this episode of MetaPod, Wendy talks to radical performance artists Reverend Billy Talen and Savitri D about the EARTH RIOT podcast and their activism. The pair are known in New York City for their art combining performance and protest to raise issues about capitalism, corporate greed, consumerism, the environment and other social issues. Reverend Billy and Savitri...


Episode 50. Annalisa Enrile of Goodniks

"Goodniks is a podcast series exploring the journey and meaning of doing good in the world — for people who do good or are just thinking about it." How do people do good in the world and why do they do it? Goodniks shares first-hand accounts of "doing good" from the ground. Stories of doing good come from social service providers, nurses, movement organisers, police officers, and activists. The podcast responds to a "very real and tangible need" of people wanting to do good, but not...


Episode 49. Isobel Anderson of Girls Twiddling Knobs

"Women making music with technology" Girls Twiddling Knobs is a "feminist tech podcast" filling the gap between conversations about music gear and the human experience of creating music with that gear. Produced by Isobel Anderson, a UK-based musician, recording artist and producer, the podcast developed as an extension to music tech resources that Anderson was sharing with other women. It's also part of Anderson's Female DIY Musician platform, an online educational community for women...


Episode 48. Robert Rodriguez of Something About The Beatles

“Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles’ music and career. Smart, funny and surprising – just like the Fab Four.“ Robert Rodriguez can tell you something about The Beatles. In fact, he knows and can tell so much about Liverpool’s greatest export that his podcast is fast approaching 250 episodes. That’s a lot of information, discussion and analysis about one subject! But Rodriguez has managed to slice and dice elements of The Beatles’...


Episode 47. Meg Marco of The Extortion Economy

The Extortion Economy examines "the money, people and technology behind the explosion of ransomware that is delivering hundreds of millions of dollars to cybercriminals around the world." Cybercrime is a growth market with a variety of tools, services and practices. It is an industry that is quickly professionalising to become a systemic threat to society. In this episode of MetaPod we talk to Meg Marco about the growth and professionalisation of cybercrime. Meg explains how the business...


Episode 46. Heather Li of It's Nice to Hear You

“Can the power of voice lead to a deeper connection?” It's Nice to Hear You is parts experiment, memoir, dating show, self-help, science, and analysis, all thoughtfully combined into an entertaining and insightful podcast. Underpinning It's Nice to Hear You is an audio-only matchmaking experiment, designed by Heather Li, creator and presenter of the podcast. Imagine pen-pals, but instead of letters, people exchange voice memos. Now imagine that you have a pile of audio material with which...


Episode 45. Zachary Karabell and Emma Varvaloucas of What Could Go Right?

“What if instead of being on the brink of disaster, we’re on the cusp of a better world?” What Could Go Right? is the podcast of The Progress Network, an "idea movement for a better future. The Progress Network examines issues like population growth, the environment, public health, the future of work, international relations, and the economy - all through the lens of global progress. Without succumbing to Pollyanna-ism, Zachary Karabell and Emma Varvaloucas, co-hosts of What Could Go...


Episode 44. Rob Harvilla of 60 Songs That Explain The 90s

“The 1990s were a turning point in music: with the increasingly connected world enabling an unprecedented coalescence of various styles and genres, the decade featured the rapid evolution of sonic artistry — and subsequently shaped the soundscape of eras that followed.“ The 1990s were a bit of a strange decade. The post-Cold War landscape gave us attempts at looser forms of politics (does anyone still remember “The Third Way”?) and a cultural explosion to match. Music that started finding...


Episode 43. Alexi Mostrous of Sweet Bobby

“Sweet Bobby is a live, multi-part investigation in search of one of the world’s most sophisticated catfishers. It’s a story about who we are online, and how social media can be weaponised as a tool of abuse and coercion.“ If you didn’t know what “catfishing” is, Sweet Bobby will be an extremely strange introduction to the world of online deception and fake identities. Kirat is the victim of catfishing in this real-life story from Tortoise Media’s Alexi Mostrous, with her cousin Simran...


Episode 42. Danny Robins of Uncanny

“From ghostly phantoms to UFOs, Uncanny host Danny Robins investigates real-life stories of paranormal encounters.” How do you follow up on the tremendous impact of The Battersea Poltergeist – the hit podcast from Danny Robins in 2021? You create a new series of ghostly stories from its listeners. This is what Robins did in late 2021 (at the same time as his award-winning play, 2:22 A Ghost Story, was playing in London’s West End), producing the chilling and equally unsettling...


Episode 41. Jennifer Strong of In Machines We Trust

“In Machines We Trust is a podcast about the automation of everything.” The automation of everything sounds impossibly extensive, but automation is everywhere. The artificial intelligence (AI) that drives automation is increasingly part of how individuals live and work, do business, spend leisure time, and consume news and entertainment. AI is also behind systems that process and make decisions about large amounts of data. Decision-making technology enables the automation of processes...


Episode 40. John Kennedy of Tape Notes

Tape Notes is a “podcast about the art and craft of music production.” What makes a music producer “good”? What does it mean when critics deem a song or album “overproduced”? And does any of this matter if long-play albums are on the demise? “What’s interesting is how interested in the album people still are,” says John Kennedy, host of Tape Notes, our guest on MetaPod this week. “It’s not just older artists, but new artists as well.” Aside from hosting Tape Notes, John Kennedy is a radio...


Episode 39. Ciaran Tracey & Chris Warburton of End Of Days

"The story of David Koresh: the prophet whose cult in Waco, Texas preached an apocalypse — and the 30 Britons taken in by his message.” End Of Days tells the story of the British victims of the deadly standoff between the US government and David Koresh in Waco, Texas in 1993. Published by the BBC in 2018, journalists Ciaran Tracey and Chris Warburton shine light on untold stories and under-appreciated details of events that lured a number of British citizens to leave the UK to join Koresh...


Episode 38. Simon Barber & Brian O'Connor of Sodajerker On Songwriting

"Sodajerker is a songwriting team from Liverpool, founded by Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor. The podcast Sodajerker On Songwriting features interviews with the world’s most successful songwriters." A "soda jerk" isn't normally associated with songs, unless of course, you ask Simon Barber and Brian O'Connor. It all started with something that Sydney Pollack said, which then led them to an academic article titled "Linguist Concoctions of the Soda Jerker". "They'd come up with all these...


Episode 37. SPECIAL EDITION: Wendy Morrill & Kevin May of MetaPod

“MetaPod unpacks the web’s most interesting podcasts and the stories behind them.” “We made it!” – well, just about. After 36 shows featuring the finest podcasters in all the land, we decided to not take a breather to celebrate our first year, but produce a bonus episode of MetaPod. Maybe it’s a slightly vain idea that listeners might want to hear about us, but we also wanted to catch up with each other about our packed calendar of episodes from 2021 – this time IN-PERSON (the shock, the...


Episode 36. Juliette and Theo of Apologies Accepted

“An entertaining look at some of the big issues in history by examining public apologies of the famous and infamous. Apologies Accepted looks at politicians, serial killers, actors, and you!” Apologies Accepted is a place to examine and debate the controversies that develop around public apologies, as well as the expressions of remorse, regret and reparation – or failures thereof – that come along with them. Listeners who appreciate firm opinions and critique of cultural and political...


Episode 35. Peter Jukes of Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

“The story of Daniel Morgan’s killing moves from back streets of London, through the highest echelons of Scotland Yard, to the offices of Rupert Murdoch’s best selling newspapers, to the doors of Number Ten Downing Street. If you haven’t heard this story, ask yourself, why?” Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder is not a podcast to reassure a listener who has lost faith in their country’s institutions. It doesn’t have any kind of happy ending, either. There is no closure for the victim’s...


Episode 34. Jean Lee and Geoff White of The Lazarus Heist

“Almost a perfect crime. The hacking ring and an attempt to steal a billion dollars. Investigators blame North Korea. Pyongyang denies involvement. The story begins in Hollywood.” The Lazarus Heist is a BBC World Service podcast examining cybercrime and how modern nation-states are utilising such tactics. The story starts with the 2014 hack into Sony Pictures’ information systems. The operation led to a shutdown of the company’s computer networks, seizure of its digital files and leak of...


Episode 33. Dr Yami of Veggie Doctor Radio

“Your weekly infusion of plant-based nutrition, lifestyle habits and mindset to live your best life possible!“ How many of your lifestyle habits are optimised for good health and wellness? Your sleep? Your physical activity? What you eat? All of the above? One? None? Dr Yami Carzorla-Lancaster is a podcasting paediatrician, lifestyle medicine physician and health & wellness coach based in the state of Washington in the USA. As you’ll hear, she’s very passionate about plant-based nutrition...