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Ep 233 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Lousy office politics

Episode 233 of the Mic’d Up Free For All. Topics on this week’s show include: -Not all things are made equal: Immigrant Vince is not very happy about the fact that some countries get inferior products while being told that they are equal. Some consumer goods companies produce their products with cheaper ingredients in certain countries to save costs. Is it fair that some countries get screwed over like this? -Office politics: We examine various issues that arise in the workplace to see how...


Ep 232 - Mic'd Up Toronto - An angry return

Episode 232 of Mic’d Up Toronto. After a very long hiatus, Angry Bill has made his return to the podcast! Topics include: -Faith in humanity: A ‘pay what you can’ grocery store has opened up in Toronto where customers can pay whatever they can afford or they can pay nothing at all. Is this business model a brilliant way of helping those in need or is it doomed to fail due to people abusing the system? -Foo Fighters: The popular rock band toured in Toronto recently and Angry Bill was there...


Ep 231 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Name that tune

Episode 231 of the Mic’d Up Free For All. Illegal immigrant Murray is back and he’s ready to do what he does best; host game shows! This time he has a game of ‘Name That Tune’ lined up where contestants must guess the name of the song based on the lyrics. Contestants on today’s episode include Hipster Mitch, Immigrant Vince, Ashley (aka Smashley) and Liv (aka Liv’in La Vida Loca). Come play along with the gang as they take turns guessing the names of famous songs. And to top it off, Murray...


Ep 230 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Misbehaving @ work

Episode 230 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Ashley and Liv join Immigrant Vince and Hipster Mitch for a roundtable discussion focussing on workplace harassment. The girls (and the boys) share personal stories where they encountered various types of harassment while at work. Lots of hot button issues are covered during this special edition of Mic’d Up Toronto so sit back and enjoy! Credit for intro music: Fireworks by Jahzzar From the free music archive CC - BY – SA


Ep 229 - Mic'd Up Free For All - 8 items or less

Episode 229 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Topics include: -Reading the signals: Hipster Mitch tells us all about the subtle signals that help show if someone is interested in you. You may think you are good at reading these signs but the game is so much more complex than you could possibly imagine. -Life wisdom: It’s time for some wise elderly individuals to share their life wisdom with us. Find out what life changing advice they have for the younger generations out there. -Grocery store...


Ep 228 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Offseason chaos

Episode 228 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Today’s episode is all about the sporting world as we catch up on the wild offseason. Topics include: -Free agent splash: Leafs nation is buzzing after signing John Tavares to a 7 year deal. We discuss this monster signing and take a look at fans reaction to the deal. We also speculate whether or not we would ever take a hometown discount to play for a Toronto team. -Lebron James: In another huge free agent move, Lebron James has signed with the Los Angeles...


Ep 227 - Mic'd Up Free For All - World Cup fever

Episode 227 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Topics include: -Uncollected taxes: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has accumulated over $44 billion in uncollected taxes. How are so many people able to avoid paying their taxes and what can and should be done about this? -Jersey pride: The World Cup brings out the fan in so many people. We take a look at the idea of wearing your team's jersey in public. When is it acceptable to show off our team's colours and when is it best to just keep it to...


Ep 226 - Mic'd Up Toronto - The crazy ex

Episode 226 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Topics on today's episode include: -Crazy ex gf: We chat about a loving/vindictive girlfriend who sabotaged her boyfriend so he wouldn't get into the school he wanted to attend. All in the name of love. Now the poor guy is suing his ex for $350,000 in damages. We share all the details in this bizarre story and then we reach our verdict on who is to blame. -Videogames and mental health: It was recently decided by the World Health Organization that videogame...


Ep 225 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Chatting with Nisreen - Part 2

Episode 225 of Mic’d Up Toronto. It’s time for Part 2 of our fascinating conversation with Nisreen! Things get very juicy as we discuss controversial subjects such as the #MeToo movement, feminism, sexual harassment in the workplace and so much more. We also discuss the World Cup, dating, Drake and so much more. Enjoy the show! Credit for intro music: Fireworks by Jahzzar From the free music archive CC - BY – SA


Ep 224 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Chatting with Nisreen - Part 1

Episode 224 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Today’s special episode features a fascinating chat with Nisreen. Nisreen is a Torontonian who is an entrepreneur, a blogger, an activist and so much more. We cover a wide range of topics including: social media, politics, blogging, the hip hop scene, conspiracy theories, being politically correct, hot button issues around the world and so much more! The interview is so jam packed that we had to split it into 2 parts. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!...


Ep 223 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Prepping for retirement

Episode 223 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Special guest host Ashley is back for another anything-goes edition of the Mic’d Up Free For All. Topics include: -Competitive fire: Nobody likes to lose but how much of a warning sign is it when your significant other takes sports a little too seriously? Is this temper a sign of anger management issues or is it just some healthy competitive spirit? -Bridezilla: What do you do when your best friend turns into a bridezilla? How understanding should...


Ep 222 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Naked distractions

Episode 222 of Mic’d Up Toronto. The word of the day is distractions. Join Nice Guy Lou, Hipster Mitch and guest host Ashley (aka Smashley) as they discuss all the different ways people are getting distracted in the city. Topics include: -What time is it: One Ontario student was charged with distracted driving for checking the time on their Apple Watch. Is this worthy of a fine or has the whole distracted driving thing gone too far? -Bras optional: Some girls in a Montreal private school...


Ep 221 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Cooking troubles

Episode 221 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Topics include: -No refunds allowed: Immigrant Vince takes a look at store policies surrounding refunds, exchanges and price matching guarantees. Should consumers have the ability to receive a discount if the product goes on sale after the purchase is made? -Cooking drama: How do you tell a bad cook that their cooking stinks? Is there a right way to do it or is it best to just let it slide? We examine the interesting dynamic involving cooking in...


Ep 220 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Electrifying Election

Episode 220 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Topics on today’s episode include: -Election frenzy: The Ontario provincial election is upon us and we provide our last-minute preview. Who will prevail? The Liberal’s Kathleen Wynne, the Progressive Conservative’s Doug Ford or NDP’s Andrea Horwath? We analyze their policies, their campaigns and all of their surrounding controversies. -Real estate spiral: The Toronto real estate market has been cooling off for several months now. It’s time to take a closer...


Ep 219 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Lazy Millennials

Episode 219 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Topics include: -Millennial stereotypes: It’s no secret that millennials get a really bad wrap these days. From being called lazy to entitled, there’s a very negative perception of this age group. We take a look at each of these stereotypes to see just how many of them are true and how many are simply myths. -Xtremely dangerous: Should thrill seekers change their lifestyles once they start a family? We discuss how one man who has always loved to...


Ep 218 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Ma, the meatloaf!

Episode 218 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Topics on today’s episode include: -Failure to launch: It’s only fitting that the Mic’d Up crew share their two cents on the 30 year old man that was evicted from his house after his parents sued him and forced him to move out. Who is to blame for this drama? The son? The parents? Millennials? -Spying technology: After an Amazon Echo recorded a family’s conversation and sent it to a random contact, we discuss the overall state of technology. Are we really...


Ep 217 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Poop'd myself

Episode 217 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Topics include: -The show about nothing: We give some much-needed advice to Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer and the rest of the Seinfeld crew. Throughout the 9 seasons of Seinfeld, Jerry and friends have had many relationships end for the most outlandish reasons. We try to see how we would react in many of these classic Seinfeld moments. -Poop’d myself: We examine a viral video which shows a woman pooping herself at a Tim Hortons and then throwing...


Ep 216 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Keep the noise down

Episode 216 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Topics on today’s episode include: -Cottage noise: One popular cottage region has just passed a bylaw banning “human noise”. Yelling, whistling and singing will not be allowed at any time of day. Is this law going to ruin the cottage experience or maybe it’s being done for good reason? -Emergency overreaction: Canada’s new emergency alert system was tested last week and many people were not happy about how it unfolded. A loud siren went off on many people’s...


Ep 215 - Mic'd Up Free For All - The perfect wingman

Episode 215 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Topics include: -Tween sensations: There is a growing amount of very young children becoming celebrities and social media superstars for the most obscure reasons. Why are people so fascinated with these child stars and how in the world did they become so popular? -Sour grapes: Immigrant Vince is very unhappy about the treatment of the Toronto Raptors after they got swept by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA playoffs. From media...


Ep 214 - Mic'd Up Toronto - The blame game

Episode 214 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Topics on today’s episode include: -Student walkout: A bunch of Toronto high school students decided to plan an organized walkout to protest the lack of discipline when dealing with teachers and sexual harassment allegations. We take a look at whether or not this growing trend of student walkouts is a good and effective strategy. -Open door policy: Starbucks has been dealing with a lot of controversy lately which has resulted in a recent...