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Your hosts Adrian, Jeff, and Zach discuss a wide variety of board gaming topics including what we've been playing recently, what games we're excited about, current kickstarter projects on our radar, important industry news, and anything else that crosses our minds!

Your hosts Adrian, Jeff, and Zach discuss a wide variety of board gaming topics including what we've been playing recently, what games we're excited about, current kickstarter projects on our radar, important industry news, and anything else that crosses our minds!


Denver, CO


Your hosts Adrian, Jeff, and Zach discuss a wide variety of board gaming topics including what we've been playing recently, what games we're excited about, current kickstarter projects on our radar, important industry news, and anything else that crosses our minds!








Episode 205 - Way Too Much

In This episode, Zach hangs around a school, Jeff curses some barbarians, and Adrian enjoys the power in rage quitting an app. 00:00:40 - 20% off - MHSPOOKY00:01:47 - What have we been playing?: Spirit Island, Arkham Horror 3rd, Civilization A New Dawn: Terra Incognita, Root App00:48:38 - Banter Break!: WoW, Painting, Tapestry expansion, Football, Ryan George and Julie Nolke01:03:58 - Bloody Minute 01:05:20 - KS: High Rise Ultraplastic Edition01:13:22 - KS: Frostpunk...


Episode 204 - You're a Hero

00:00:36 - Grey Fox Store 20% off Coupon - MHSPOOKY (Non-exclusives)00:01:47 - What have we been playing?: Root App, Forgotten Waters, Forgotten Waters, Arkham Horror 3rd Under Dark Waves00:24:28 - Bloody Minute!00:25:47 - Banter Break! Featuring: Broncos, smoky weather, Star Wars Squadrons00:39:51 - News: Asmodee Art Series00:43:20 - News: First Monday in October00:49:43 - KS: The Thing the Board Game01:00:35 - KS: Argopolis01:05:41 - KS:Blabel01:15:22 - Emails!01:20:26 - Grey Fox Games...


Episode 203 - Full Slumlord

This episode, Jeff laughs at a naked man in Forgotten Waters, Zach avoids early discoveries in Pandemic Legacy Season 2, and Adrian 4d chess’s himself in Root. Grey fox 20% off coupon (non-exclusive items) on their website - MHSPOOKY 00:00:37 - What have we been playing?: Forgotten Waters, Pandemic Legacy Season 2, Root, Project L 00:32:37 - Banter Break! Featuring: Weather, Sports, Among Us, 40k painting, Hades, 00:46:15 - Bloody Minute!00:53:35 - News: Last of Us Board game from...


Episode 202 - Bear Maximum

00:01:22 - What have you been playing?: purchased games, Forgotten Waters, Pandemic Legacy, Boardgame Apps 00:23:22 - Banter Break! featuring: Weather, Sports, Amoung Us, Hades, PS5 and Nvidia madness00:52:49 - Bloody Minute!01:00:04 - Kingdom Death Hour01:17:15 - News: Hasbro takes over Avalon Hill Management01:20:13 - News: Pinball Roll & Write01:26:30 - News: HeroQuest Countdown01:31:20 - KS: Reckless Deck: Psyche01:38:34 - KS: Embarcadero01:44:46 - KS: Cascadia01:53:24 - Emails!02:08:01...


Episode 201 - Common Knowledge

Adrian gets frustrated at his Ancestors, Jeff talks about stuff that everyone knows in Warhammer 40k, and Zach played an App 00:00:52 - Morning recording00:01:26 - What have we been playing?: Cartographers App, Meteorfall Journeys, 40k Painting00:12:20 - Banter Break! featuring: Weather, Ancestors, Astroneers, Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps, New Video Cards00:26:13 - Bloody Minute!00:35:41 - News: Eric Lang Leaves CMON00:39:02 - News: BGG Monthly releases00:45:53 - News:...


Episode 200 - Grizzled While We Drizzled

00:00:36 - 200th episode!00:05:24 - What have we been playing?: Wordsy, Monikers, Terraforming Mars, Compounded, Now Boarding, The Grizzled, Pendulum, Stick 'Em00:47:03 - Mid-show banter! Featuring: New Mutants, Engagement00:55:24 - The Bloody Minute01:06:54 - The Kingdom Death Hour01:35:39 - Emails!01:42:07 - Grey Fox games Arcana Rising MHGG Twitch Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 199 - Just Joshing

Zach gloats in Fall Guys, Jeff builds some 40k Minis, and Adrian barely avoids disaster in Pandemic. 00:00:38 - What have we been playing? The Grizzled, Forbidden Stars, Arkham Horror 3rd, Pandemic Legacy Season 200:37:31 - Banter break! Featuring: Michigan, Space Legos, Fall Guys, Carrion, Warhammer 40k minis00:54:44 - The Bloody Minute!01:06:49 - News: Ashes 1.501:13:01 - News: Tapestry: Plans and Ploys01:08:22 - KS: Sniper Elite01:24:10 - KS: Arkwright the Card Game01:30:07 - Paulo's...


Episode 198 - Not Today

Zach ruins a Parade in Mansions of Madness, Jeff looks for replicants in Blade Runner 2049, and Adrian Eats some spicy ramen. 00:00:36 - Releasing the episode00:01:38 - What have we been playing? Pandemic Legacy Season 1, Catan Cities and Knights, Twilight Struggle, Microscope, Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, Blade Runner 2049 Nexus Protocol, Cabo, Scythe Rise of Fenris00:31:08 - Jeff's Gencon Talk part 2: Thunderworks Games(Cartographer, Roller Player Adventures)00:44:43 - Mid-show...


Episode 197 - The Devourer

Jeff does some online Gencon, Adrian buys a turtle enclosure, Zach screams at a ghost. 00:00:39 - What have we been playing?: Pandemic Legacy Season One, Marvel Champions, The Crew, Taverns of Tiefendal00:28:48 - Jeff's Gencon Online Experience: Gil Hova, The Rival Networks, Weird Stories, Leder Games, Fort, Oath 01:00:48 - Midshow Banter Break! Featuring: Grounded, Turtle, In Death, Warhammer 40k01:36:27 - Bloody Minute01:50:53 - News: Marvel Champions new decks and Campaign01:58:36 -...


Episode 196 - Bold Proclamation

Adrian, Jeff, and Zach talk about games and news. No KS this time. I mean look at the length, we did not want to add anymore to that. 00:01:34 - What have we been playing?: Pandemic Legacy Season One, Scythe, Legendary Encounters: Alien - Alien Covenant, Marvel Champions00:31:26 - Banter Break! Featuring: Frostpunk, Carrion, Can Shortage, 4-runners01:00:58 - Bloody Minute!01:07:13 - Kingdom Death Hour01:32:33 - News: Inclusivity in Boardgaming article01:41:45 - News: Civilization A New...


Episode 195 - Bone Cannon

Jeff comes back with games and Hours of Kingdom death. Adrian attempts to relive the glory of Pandemic Legacy Season 1. 00:01:25 - What have we been playing?: Cabo, Scythe, Undaunted, Pandemic Legacy Season 1 TTS00:15:33 - Banter Break: featuring: Marvel Champions, Game buying, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Half Life Alyx 00:37:56 - The Bloody Minute!00:48:06 - Kingdom Death Hour01:05:49 - News: Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Details01:13:30 - News: Lord of the Rings Anniversary Edition01:17:13 -...


Episode 194 - The Glue

Adrian and Zach press on sans Jeff and try and keep it all together. 00:00:29 - Sans Jeff00:02:01 - What have we been playing?: Slide Quest, Orleans: Invasion, Mansions of Madness00:22:49 - Banter Break: Satisfactory, Half-Life Alyx00:37:39 - News: Pandemic Legacy Season 000:43:04 - News: Marvel Champions The Once and Future Kang00:48:50 - News: Tammany Hall and Spartacus reprints00:55:07 - KS: Dead Reckoning01:03:06 - KS: Catapult Kingdoms01:10:49 - KS: Perseverance01:19:49 - Paulo's...


Episode 193 - From Time and Space

An unreleased episode with super timely information! 00:01:42 - What have we been playing?: Gloomhaven, TFM, Pax Pamir00:13:14 - Midshow Banter! featuring: DRG, Terraria00:36:13 - Bloody Minute!00:44:27 - News: 40k 9th edition - lost the link :(00:52:42 - Big Con Cancels - lost the link :(00:56:48 - Spiel Awards Nominations01:00:13 - Paulo's Youtube Corner01:07:53 -Grey Fox Games MHGG Twitch Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 192 - A Tribute

Discussions about jobs, marbles, and 3d tiles. 00:00:35 - uptick in snark00:03:48 - What have you been playing?: Hero Realms, Gloomhaven, Exit The Game: Theft on the Mississippi, Cribbage00:15:30 - Mid-show Banter! Featuring: Jelle's Marble Runs, Extended Weekends, Jobs00:35:18 - Bloody Minute!00:50:55 - Kingdom Death Hour01:07:12 - News: Unlock Star Wars01:13:28 - News: D&D Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden01:19:36 - News: D&D race backstories starting to change01:27:48 - KS:...


Episode 191 - The Trend Continues

Check out these links below or other similar charities and help if you can. Times are tough, and people need to know they matter. 00:00:30 - return to air with something to say00:10:19 - What have we been playing?: JamSumo, The Crew, Stay Cool, Pax Pamir 2nd Edition solo, Legendary Aliens, Mansions of Madness, Men at Work, Riff Raff00:47:18 - Mid-show banter! Featuring: Quinntiki, Satisfactory, Sea of Thieves01:07:08 - Bloody...


Episode 190 - Slightly Damp

This week, Adrian gets his patience tested, Jeff tries some gloomhaven solo, and Zach builds some paintings. 00:01:05 - What have we been playing? A Feast for Odin with Norwegians, Terraforming Mars, Mystic Vale, Canvas, Azul Summer Pavilion, Gloomhaven solo 00:48:00 - Mid-show Banter Break! featuring: Assassin's Creed Origins, Zoom meetup, Work, picross, Alien, Solar Opposites01:14:25 - The Bloody Minute! 01:21:39 - News: Mercado De Lisboa01:28:30 - News: Pandemic Hot Zone01:31:41 -...


Episode 189 - Vitamin S

This week, Adrian gets a double dose of TFM, digital edition, Jeff gets his comeuppance in Blood Bowl, and Zach gets pulled back to the dark side. 00:00:27 - Jeff turned up?00:02:11 - What have we been playing?: Terraforming Mars TTS and Heroku App, Quacks of Quedlinberg, Azul, MHDD 00:31:28 - Mid-show Banter Break! Featuring: Weather, Avery, Adrian Drinking Again, WoW, Divison 2, Star Wars00:56:08 - Bloody Minute!01:03:47 - News: Frosthaven #1 Kickstarter01:11:33 - News: Z-man...


Episode 188 - Super Cruise

The separation slowly steals sanity away from us, as Adrian gets addicted to a Video Game, Jeff took a solo adventure to Mars, and Zach moved some tiles around. 00:00:28 - Heat lamentations00:02:16 - What have we been playing?: Checking out TTS mods(Feast for Odin, Excavation Earth, Tales from the Loop), Terraforming Mars, Quacks of Quedlinberg, Cabo, cartographers, azul 00:21:53 - Mid-show Banter Break! featuring: Elite Dangerous, The Division 2, Alien Isolation, Hook, SNL 00:45:57 -...


Episode 187 - Orbital Bugs

The remote sessions continue as Adrian finally gets on TTS, Jeff continues to fill all his time with Blood Bowl, and Zach floated through space. 00:00:35 - Adrian gets lonely00:01:10 - What have we been playing?: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, MHGG, Root, Marvel Champions00:13:54 - The Bloody Minute!00:33:13 - Mid-show Banter Break! Featuring: Legos, Cars, Space Sims, Astroneer00:55:08 - News: Asmodee pushes all releases a month00:57:30 - News: Carcassonne Solo Rules01:02:02 -...


Episode 186 - Time Unit Cubes

This week, Adrian finally plays a game, Jeff checks out more online solo games, and Zach crumbles in Between two Castles. 00:00:59 - Social Isolation Continues00:03:49 - What have we been playing?: Ginkgopolis, Marvel Champions Solo, WH 40k, Cartographers, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, DnD 00:34:19 - Mid-show Banter break! Featuring: Second Winter, Social Distance, New Job 00:46:33 - The Bloody Minute!00:49:21 - News: Origins Postponed00:51:43 - News: CMON Stock Market...